Happy Sunday! Can you spot the one I added? :)


Just curious, what would you add? 🙂

The lovely Jonerz brought my attention to this comment on one of her amazing MOA videos:

“I was lucky enough to be at this, and for my 25th birthday as well. Around the time the crowd thinned out, a friend and I went up to meet him, only to have mall security tell us that if we didn’t pay for his book, we couldn’t meet him. As we were walking away, a woman came up, introduced herself as David’s aunt, and told us to come with her, saying that David wouldn’t like it if someone who wanted to meet him, couldn’t. David was so sweet, and gave me a high. Definitely a memorable birthday.”

(I’m thinking she meant “high-five”… but then again…. 🙂 .)


Late-bloomer that I am, only really “discovered” this song this week… it’s like getting a whole new leaked song for me, lol… can’t. stop. listening.

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6 Responses to Happy Sunday! Can you spot the one I added? :)

  1. peppertara says:

    Another sweet post. Aw, love the ABC’s…..”Replay David Archuleta’s CDs”…haha,.yep good one (and a necessary one for complete happiness).
    I think I could add “Drink plenty of water. Dance”…..to Zero Gravity.
    Very nice little story relayed by Jonerz, that would probably only happen with a David scenario, so sweet! Love that sidebar gif…has got to be David singing Elevator…..on Regis and Kelly (I think) he was so good on that show!
    Day After Tomorrow, love hearing that again, haven’t listened n a while. Love the way he sings it.
    Oh…and Happy Sunday. 🙂

  2. It’s interesting that you brought this up today. We live next door to a widow. She is well into her 80’s but continues to amaze me with how self-sufficient she is. She still mows her lawn and maintains her property. Lately she’s been having trouble with her mower. The electric start is hit or miss. She’s a little frail and I saw her struggling to get it started so I went over and got it going for her. She was thrilled. After she mowed her lawn she appeared at my fence with a bag of homemade cookies she had baked that morning. She said, “You are my angel. You and your husband help me out so much! I hope you never move!” I actually got a little teary-eyed as I told her, “You didn’t have to do that, I was happy to give you a hand” as I took her cookies. *sniff*

    Now, I realize that my hubby and I are not the only people on the planet that help out the elderly, people do it every day, but this particular exchange made me remember something that David had said. I can’t remember when or what or how, but what he said is that what makes you feel good is when you do something nice for someone else and it really hit me how true that is. This one little gesture of kindness had such a ripple effect. It was a minute of my time, but in that minute I helped her to continue to be independent and to realize that she never needed to fear being alone. This made her happy which in turn made me happy.

    I would add to the list, “LEND a helping hand to someone who needs it.”


  3. missbianca says:

    Great graphic! I loved the two you shared in your last post, too. You must have either some awesome sources or unparallelled Googling abilities *doffs mouse ears*. I have something to add, which is an album of scrapbook pages I made celebrating the David. Perhaps it will be new to one of your readers: Fans Eyes Only, remember… http://www.shutterfly.com/photobook/slideshow.sfly?fid=9324a19705d0b9910031ecd658bfd733 Watch…that link won’t work and I’ll look like a doofus two days in a row. Or is it #Idonotwanttodothemath days in a row?

  4. TOfan says:

    Dang, wanted to see your pages, Miss B.! (And the graphics I post are usually ones I’ve just stumbled upon or “collected” ’cause I liked them … the ones from last post are from a children’s book illustrator. If you click the image, you’ll link to her blog, which is cool.)

  5. TOfan says:

    new post/thread!


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