What kind of @DavidArchie fan are you?

tmhSo I know we talk about David fans as one big happy bunch but I got thinking about how we really have only one big thing in common: our love for David, his voice and his music.

This struck me when I came across a recent top comment on one of D’s youTube’s that was clearly from a brand new fan. So I clicked on their username and could tell from their channel the tell-tale signs of a fresh case of ODD.


Zero mention of anything David until about a month ago.

One “Like” for the Crush video a few weeks ago.

Then non-stop “Liking” of nothing but David vlogs and videos for the rest of the month.

stock-photo-3310589-check-mark-sketch Followed by comments like these: “Every…single…thing…he does is amazingly adorable. Somebody please explain to me how a person can be this perfect?
Doesn’t this defy like some kind of physics law?”

Classic case, right?

It was cool to see that not just new fans, but uber-fans, are jumping on board even while David’s away.

But then I checked out what videos this person was into BD (Before David) … yes, I am that nosy … and I was really surprised. NOTHING I would ever watch, let alone like. And political views completely opposite to my own.

I find it fascinating how we can have the same response to David and his music and yet be so so different in other ways. And even express our fandom in so many different ways.

So here’s my poll (you can choose more than one) … and please share your thoughts in the comments, would love to hear how you see yourself as a David fan.


… the suitcases… *sobs*

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8 Responses to What kind of @DavidArchie fan are you?

  1. Firstly Deb…I ADORE the lead picture of David..has been a favorite of mine for SO long. It’s the perfect example of how he is loved & he shows love in return. I chose “I love being a part of this fandom” BUT..not gonna lie ..his ‘hawtness’ has not gone unnoticed ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. ncgirlmarylee says:

    P.S. …and but of course…his talent & music!

  3. Wow Deb, very insightful list! I think we’re missing a category for โ€œThe Craziesโ€ as in:

    CRAZY: barmy, bats in the belfry, batty, berserk, bonkers, cracked, crazed, cuckoo, daft, delirious, demented, deranged, dingy, dippy, erratic, flaky, flipped, flipped out, freaked out, fruity, idiotic, insane, kooky, lunatic, mad, mad as a March hare, mad as a hatter, maniacal, mental, moonstruck, nuts, nutty, nutty as fruitcake, of unsound mind, out of one’s mind, out of one’s tree, out to lunch, potty, psycho, round the bend, schizo, screw loose, screwball, screwy, silly, touched, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unzipped, wacky

    Put a checkmark in that box for me! ๐Ÿ˜†

    • Anonymous says:

      me too! LOL There needs to be one that says “I’m going with the flow wherever that goes” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ncgirlmarylee says:

      lolol ~cracking me up Joni! I must admit…I belong in “The Crazies” …been there for 5 years!

  4. Anon says:

    interesting poll. I picked a few of them including liking David in spite of some of his fans. I am commenting anonymously because if I ever dare to say that in a comment people call me too negative but it gets to me sometimes.

  5. Shanny in Australia says:

    I don’t feel comfortable checking any of those boxes. I guess I lean towards different ones on different days. Mostly as Anonymous said, I feel I just ‘go with the flow wherever that goes’ cos that’s how I feel about David’s decisions, career and my participation in the fandom.

    But what Anon and Joni said too. lol

    I love that fan tribute vid that is set to the song ‘I knew you were trouble when you walked in’. That phrase explains EVERYTHING about my experience as a fan, the good, the bad and the ugly. lol

    • TOfan says:

      Shanny, I think I actually checked all the boxes, lol… also lean towards diff. ones on diff. days. ๐Ÿ™‚

      “I knew you were trouble…” LOL perfect!

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