Review of @DavidArchie’s Don’t Run Away… sort of

Can I just say how much I love Google translate? Because I do. Not only do you get to find out what peeps are saying in languages you could never dream to speak (except random Tagalog words from Nandito Ako), but the quirky poetry of the translations themselves often crack me up… like this one, for instance… I’ve taken the liberty to bold my favourite parts πŸ™‚ … enjoy!


tumblr_mbqfp433qZ1qg0bgio1_1349965196_cover.pngRecord sales achievements including David Archuleta is not the best, but he was superior in terms of productivity. Since finishing the fight American Idol in 2008, David has recorded six solo albums, including a Christmas album he released in 2009 and his latest album “No Matter How Far” that releases this year. Now, with the new album, there is definitely a mainstay single released as a marker of taste album. Is ‘Do not Run Away’ is more mature in terms of music and vocals at the same time thanks to the hook meremaja contained therein.

There was a feeling he had always played it safe with his music? He was acting less out of the box, almost never make reforms to the music. So ‘Do not Run Away’ answer to such concerns because here David melt a little rock flavor into the pop makeup habit. Identification of the most telling phrase is “do not run away” were repeated several times in the chorus as a hook climax ornate rock aromas that are highlights of the single. Loudness stomping music in this section originally swallowing vocals David, but finally achieved balance each other in the next few seconds.

Do it wrong yourself if you have a feeling familiar with ‘Do not Run Away’. Dynamics such as ‘Crush’ is. It’s just ‘Crush’ mixed with pop and R & B, the ‘Do not Run Away’ is the marriage of pop and rock. Thanks to The Nexus (David Sneddon and James Bauer-Mein) who manage it, make it fresh song to be heard from David emotive vocals. It would be have a sense of its own if we enjoyed while watching the music video for “Do not Run Away ‘. Passable different and memorable.


p.s. btw, nice tags on eOne Music’s DRA SoundCloud page:

eOne soundcloud tags

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6 Responses to Review of @DavidArchie’s Don’t Run Away… sort of

  1. Archugeezer says:

    Hee. That was fun.

    Seriously though, I just can’t get enough of those ornate rock aromas.

  2. Sunny says:


  3. Kizzi says:

    The “meremaja” contains me therein too!


    Too funny TOfan!

  4. fenfan says:

    You are too funny TOfan! I don’t comment here much though I read regularly but I just have to say I love the “hook meremaja” in DRA. About that gif in the sidebar – has anyone noticed the arms????

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