Looking back at @DavidArchie’s Smoky Mountain Memories

This video has 1,111,545 views, people! (It probably actually had more, but youTube does very odd things with David’s AI videos, not sure what is going on there.)

In any case, not only does it have over a million views, but people are still watching and commenting on it. tbh, this wasn’t one of my favourite of D’s Idol performances but that week did feature my favourite mentor. Love love LOOOVE Dolly Parton and to see her “get” and appreciate David’s talent was a beautiful thing to watch.

I follow her on Twitter and had to laugh when I saw this tweet pop up the other day:

I usually don’t like to rewatch the judges comments but I’m glad I did for this one. Paula (as she often did in her wacked-out fashion) was spot on: “You have a wonderful aura about you… you’re glorious.” 🙂

Check out some of the recent comments on the vid (esp. the third one from the bottom):

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 10.27.36 PM

As much as I can’t see David going country at any point, I do believe he’d be appreciated more in that genre. Country music folk seem to value (and reward) stellar voices, not to mention down-to-earth, genuine character.

And, call me crazy, but when I first heard “Heart Falls Out” (especially the chorus), it sounded very country to me… I can totally hear it with Lady Antebellum style harmonies (and twang) and a few mandolins or fiddles thrown into the arrangement.

Just me? mkay 😆

p.s. eOne Music has set up a Spotify page for David (sadly, not avail. here… you know, the usual).

Screen shot 2013-04-06 at 10.56.57 PM

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13 Responses to Looking back at @DavidArchie’s Smoky Mountain Memories

  1. betsy says:

    I still listen to it. It’s absolutely beautiful and sincere. ❤
    (love the comments, I know one of those people lol)
    But c'mon, I wanna know you? Okay eOne Spotify. hahahahaha

  2. Nice trip down memory lane. Have always loved this performance. David could definitely sing Country/Crossover.:) I see Kelly and John Mayer are going to be on ACM award show.

  3. VeeBee123 says:

    Smoky mountain memories is one of my favourite idol performances of his <3.
    It would be cool if David dabbled in he country genre once in a while. He has the perfect voice for everything!

  4. peppertara says:

    Always loved Davids’ SMM, gorgeous vocals, so sweet and heartfelt. I’m not really much of a country music fan but anything that David sings in that genre is fabulous….i.e. SMM and GBTBR, wowsa. Don’t see David going the country route though but he sure can master any song he wants to.
    Yep, that 3rd comment from the bottom sure says a lot. Good to see that so many of his songs are getting lots of views, no denying that voice!
    ….and this “Ya, I’m awesome… just can’t help it” Haha, love that caption on the sidebar pic.

  5. river992 says:

    That particular performance showed me what happens when David really feels an identity with a song. I routinely go back and watch all of David’s performances (my personal fave is Love Me Tender which blew all my circuits) and I frequently listen to them on a CD that an uber fan kindly gave me.

  6. awestruck says:

    SMM one of my favorites – connection and more with the song. I do listen to the songs/comments once in a while.

    river “blew all my circuits” big time for me too, lol. How does he do that?

  7. refnaf says:

    Amen River!!! This is soooo beautiful…. his delivery on each word is perfect> *snowflakes* gets me EVERY TIME. What I also love about watching these older vids is his placement of his mic> he doesn’t cover his mouth so you can SEE his diction perfectly
    As for country…. one of my least fave genre after lol, but he can make me listen anything…. depends what type of country, love what he did with GBTBR and I do like bluegrass and folk…
    if that is where he goes I will follow, hahha

  8. refnaf says:

    TOfan’s sidebar pics = love

  9. TOfan says:

    new post/thread!


  10. collegemom says:

    Love rewatching this vid. Also, I know what you mean about david’s idol youtube vids. It annoyed me a LOT when a couple multi-million Imagine vids disappeared. Also true of Apologize with One Republc vids and the original finale vids. People kept putting new ones up when the over-1million-ones disappeared. Now I just always notice how all his idol vids except for Imagine and the audition are really buried especially for the new David fan who has no idea how many really excellent vids are there hiding.

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