Everybody just wants to rule the world sometimes


Credit: the famous @cherry08mariano

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last Thursday. The day we got the unexpected (to me, anyway) news that David would be releasing a new album in March… and a single… A SINGLE … in February. Blew me away.

I knew from Lady V’s tweets that we could maybe, possibly hope for one single song, but a whole album?? Wow.

And for maybe that one single day it was like the old days. When everyone was seeing the David cup half full. We even all seemed to agree (for once) that the album cover was awesome. We had the Matt Clayton we all know and love, we had the lovely Lady V in the mix, and an indie record label to boot.

At least 24 hours of bliss.

Probably about 12 more than I expected, to be honest. And let me tell you, I treasured those 24 hours because I knew that once the initial high wore off, we’d get back to what fans the world over do best … see the sky falling (me included sometimes).

You know what I mean… “Why doesn’t he give us more [new songs/tweets/vlogs]???” … “Why doesn’t he give us less, he’s compromising his artistry???” … “Why doesn’t he stick to ballads???” … “Why doesn’t he stick to pop????” … “Fans need to do more of this: ……….” … “Fans need to stop doing this: …………”

No worries, I’m not judging… seriously, I’m not… I’m fully aware that armchair quarterbacking isn’t reserved for just football… And hey, I love a good debate.

But for now, I’m just really glad I’ve learned to savour that small window of time when David joy prevails … when we get a “haha” that tells us he’s happy … and when we know we’ll soon hear his voice singing something we’ve never heard before… for now, that’s all I need to make me cry tears of sweet joy.

P.S. Just watched Jennifer Hudson sing America the Beautiful before the Super Bowl… love Jennifer but still prefer this version.

Thought Alicia Keys on piano for the anthem was brilliantly understated tho’:

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15 Responses to Everybody just wants to rule the world sometimes

  1. MUNK_MA says:

    😀 That is all … it is sweet… in every sense of the word! And I am holding onto it for the long haul!

  2. goldenjane says:

    Love the cover….Great job, Matt. Great article. Miss David but will love the new music. This year, I think, will go by faster now. God Bless you David and can’t wait for 2014..

  3. tawna21 says:

    Perfect TOfan!! I can relate.
    I’m ready to listen to that new music!!


  4. Amen Tofan!! I’m going with the Flow and was not just surprised to get a Whole Album but Pleasantly Shocked. Try to ignore the Negativity 🙂 What does David say “Don’t Run Away” 🙂

  5. dojo says:

    Oh that was an excellent post TOfan.
    I for one feel so glad that he is where he is and that we don’t have as much from him. I just let my heart connect to what he is doing and how much he is loving his journey.
    I appreciate fans WANTING to say “why not this…., why not that……, he needs to ….. and all that blah blag blah brain barf. Again I say that I appreciate their WANTING to say it, because they feel the need to say it. I am not at all into telling them what they should or should not say and do and demand.
    When other fans make demanding comments and requests all I need to do is remember to do David does with difficulties, – smile and calmly and not engage with their demands –
    Then tell myself quietly in my own thoughts “ok whatever gets ya through the night”.

    I have no demands from David and I offer my joy, appreciation, love and prayers. And feel so much joy that he gives us so much.

  6. davidarchiefan4life says:

    Ha, totally agree, we fans do go in circles sometimes with all the second-guessing. Gets to feel like deja vu all over again. 🙂 I too was surprised that we are getting an entire album. I’d be lying though if I didn’t admit that I was hoping they would do more with Broken. Such a beautiful song. And so so David. I secretly had my fingers crossed for a video of him singing it in the studio on the piano. 🙂

  7. betsy says:

    (even though you’re not)
    We are dang lucky. DANG lucky. <33333

  8. refnaf says:

    “Why doesn’t he give us more [new songs/tweets/vlogs]???” … “Why doesn’t he give us less, he’s compromising his artistry???” … “Why doesn’t he stick to ballads???” … “Why doesn’t he stick to pop????” … “Fans need to do more of this: ……….” … “Fans need to stop doing this: …………”

    Bingo TOfan….. lets just let him do what he does cause he DOES IT SOOOO WELL!!!
    And let fellow fans do what ever they need to do ….. no need to get all judgemental and ornery… just sayin’ ….
    It is impossible for me to love this kid any more that I do now…..

  9. refnaf says:

    ps The new banner and sidebar!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeep Very nice!!!

  10. jackryan4da says:

    You betcha, I want David to rule the world via this silly EL poll!

    1. Minimize your screen (click “ALT” & “-” keys simultaneously) just so you can see the whole length of the voting area up until the line that says “Return to Poll”
    2. Since DA’s name is 1st on the list this makes it easy to click on his box
    3. Once done, click on the “Return to Poll” link so you could easily go back to the voting boxes in minimized format.

    Minimizing takes out the tedious task of scrolling up and down (why don;t they just take out the other candidates from the list!) and just leaves you with just 3 clicks to sent in a vote.

    Sorry, aside from my work, yes am being single-minded right now. Oh the things we do for that dude in Chile!

    ps: I like the understated performance of Alicia. Reminds me of David. Don’t like the stylized version that much that other singers indulge in.. Even the epic version of Whitney – which I still regard as the best so far – I would characterize it as more of joyful celebration of the song. Not a show of windpipes.

  11. TOfan says:

    Thanks, JR!!!

    Did you guys see this????

  12. ray says:

    great post ,i am with you,just love this site

  13. emmegirl14 says:

    -TOfan, sing it!

    -D’s versions of NA and America The Beautiful rank among the best, bar none.

    -Heart Falls Out, been waiting for this one!!

    -Is the album release date, March 26, exactly one year to the day?

  14. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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