Message in a bottle: Jonerz’ @DavidArchie story


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I have a lovely business associate who has become a dear friend of mine. She remembers David from Idol and knows that I’m a fan.  She has marveled at all of the new friends I’ve made because of him and has listened with envy (her word, not mine) about all the escapades we’ve shared while traveling around the country to see him in concert.

tumblr_mfd02krSGJ1s0l3bjo1_400I know she’s a very busy lady. She’s a single Mom who helps run a family business and just sent her first son off to college. I sensed that her interest possibly had more to do with the concept of “getting away with the girls” than the music itself.

I’m not one to push David’s music on anyone. I will enthusiastically let people know when he has a new album available and will encourage them to check it out but I don’t press his CD into their hands. I guess I’m more of a “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” kind of gal.

Recently my friend mentioned that she was looking for David’s latest CDs at the store but couldn’t find them. 🙂  I took this as a “sign” and decided to take a chance and give her “Forevermore” and “BEGIN.” for Christmas. 🙂 She gave me a GINOURMOUS hug when I presented her with the gift (which isn’t surprising…she’s ITALIAN!  LOL).

After taking a day off of work I returned to the office to a voicemail message from her. I could try and explain what she said but it wouldn’t do it justice. She has graciously given me permission to share this with you guys. I dare any fan of David’s not to smile while listening to it. 🙂 It’s not a long message but it says soooo much! [Click the play button below to hear it.]

The only thing that could make me happier is if David himself could listen to this message and realize how his voice captivates people and speaks to their heart … how he has such an amazing gift and such a connection to music that when he sings with such heartfelt emotion it leaves the listener wondering, “Who is he singing about and what happened to make him feel this way?”

I want him to know that all of his hard work and effort to leave these “gifts” behind for his fans is also creating new ones even though he is miles away.  *sniff*

I archived the voicemail message on my phone. I wanna tie it up with a big bright red ribbon and tuck it under my tree. It’s one of the best Christmas presents I could ever get … another fan who sees what we see.



There's a song in my heart :)
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25 Responses to Message in a bottle: Jonerz’ @DavidArchie story

  1. Mandaberry says:

    That was a very sweet little Christmas gift :). Thnks for sharing!

  2. frio says:

    Wow…loved reading this and had a goofy smile on my face listening to that lovely voice message. David’s music will speak to you, as long as you’re willing to listen 🙂

  3. tawna21 says:

    It doesn’t get any better does it? A new fan, and she sounds like a very sweet person to know! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  4. TOfan says:

    {{{{Jonerz}}}} LOVED your story, and I confess I’ve played your friend’s message a few times, lol, especially love her enthusiasm when she says “ohmygosh, I am SO falling in love with him” hahaha … can we relate, or what? 😆

    I think her reaction is pretty much what we all dream of happening when we gift David’s music … I think of it like planting seeds, and taking a chance they’ll blossom, lol … so glad yours did with your friend … I’m looking forward to meeting her on tour in 2014 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. dangitdavid says:

    What a great story!! I want a new friend like that!! Lol…all of my friends are duds when it comes to David (excluding my Archie friends of course!!!). I loved her message…thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

  6. abanana77 says:

    Jonerz >>> Love this story! Wow wish I could convert some of my friends to have reactions like that!!! That voicemail message seriously made me smile 😀

  7. Archugeezer says:

    Jonerz, thank you! I LOVE this story! And since TOfan confessed, I will say that I have also listened to that message a few times. Each time I hear myself give an audible response (“Awww.” “Wow!” “Awesome!” “Yay!” etc.)

    OK, I’m a dork. But this is just a lovely example of the rewards of friendship, both in the giving and the receiving. Nothing better!

  8. angelofdja says:

    I join the dorks with pride! I’ve laughed and awwwwwed (more than twice, I dare say) to that terrific message. I can’t tell you how my heart swells hearing another one who “gets” him!
    I’m not so sure there’s a particular one he is singing to. IMHO, I believe he wants to always do the best with what God gave him!

  9. Haroldcpim says:

    You put a smile on my faces free hearing her voice mail message! If only my wife would get it!!! But then again I am an Archie foreevermore ! Thanks for this Christmas gift
    Merry Christmas!!
    Love ya !!!

  10. peppertara says:

    Loved reading this Jonerz! It definitely puts a smile on your face and in your heart when a new fan emerges. Such a fun message to listen to. Would love that response from all the people I have gifted David’s music to. Have had some nice responses but nothing quite like that!
    Just goes to show you that “those willing to listen” and those that take the time to listen and have the ears to hear, are out there. 🙂

  11. Joni, I just love this story! Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas, err, I mean Merry Archmas! ♥

  12. Anonymous says:

    THANK YOU all for your comments! I’m telling you, this girl is a “keeper”. She is soooo energetic and fun! When I asked her if it was OK to share her voicemail she said, “I don’t care if you put it up on Twitter! I love this guy! When he comes back from his mission we are SOOOOOOOO going to a concert together!” LOL Yep….my kind of gal! 🙂

    A fellow fan *cough* Janey79 *cough* suggested that I send her links to videos of David’s performances but we don’t want to do it too soon. After all, it’s the holidays, we don’t need to send the paramedics out for the poor girl during Christmas! LOLz I think we need to break her in slowly but I’m up for any suggestions you guys have of good videos to send to her! 🙂

  13. JONERZ says:

    I don’t know why that last comment didn’t show it was from me, “JONERZ”, but WHATEVS!!


  14. Jonerz, What a great response. Brought a smile to my face. He told the Interviewers in the Phillipines he was thinking of his Fans when he sang those songs. 🙂 There is audio evidence 🙂
    I love it when those I gift the music to, respond with their thoughts. A recording of it is Priceless. Thanks for sharing it with us. Nice seeing you at the Online concert last night.

  15. pastelpastel says:

    Love this story!!!!! Isn’t it great that through David’s music, he converts people one listen at a time? I have two ‘converts’ at work that I can’t wait to take to a concert one day. Thanks for sharing Joni and thanks Deb for posting this.

  16. emmegirl14 says:

    Jonerz, looove your friend, she sounds sweet and sincere and I think she may be headed for the cliff – atleast she won’t be alone. Video suggestions…..too risky, no time right now to get stuck in the vortex (but will gladly dive in after Christmas!)

    TOfan, that is one of my top 2 Crazy performances, I have it burned onto a CD but had not seen a video, omg…..a great place for her to start!

  17. refnaf says:

    Jonerz!!! This is awesome!!! Thank your friend for letting you share. I received an email from my cuz in Holland to whom I gifted BEGIN ……. she said she is really BEGINing to enjoy it enjoying it!!
    About time IMO, lol

    That Crazy …………… eeep

  18. TOfan says:

    aww, nice review of CFTH:

  19. jackryan4DA says:

    Jonerzz – thanks for sharing. Goofy smile indeed. Like, yes! yes! yes! LOL

    Even from afar, he brings joy 🙂 (niff, sniff)

    Dang! That kid better be ready for major archu-lovin’ when he gets back. Sometimes. when I think about it… I get scared for him, ahahahahahahahahahaha


  20. emmegirl14 says:

    JR, LOL!!!!!!!

  21. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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