@DavidArchie vlog tags revisited

In honour of abanana77’s birthday, I was planning to repost her amazing David vlog tags blog (especially since those beloved tags have mysteriously disappeared from his vlogs 😦 ), but major fail, I missed her actual b-day (which is the same as Google’s, so I have no excuse). So please join me in wishing Agent Banana a belated happy birthday, and enjoy rereading her tag blog below. —TOfan

Photos/collage: Miss Bianca

In this Archu-drought, I know a lot of people have been rewatching David’s old vlogs (I know I have). It’s great because you can watch his smiley face talk about how excited he is for stuff that is “coming up,” and we know how it all ultimately turns out. It helps remind me of all the amazingness that David and the fans have been through in the last couple of years.

I love every part of the vlogs: The “Hey guys, it’s David here,” his giggles and random smiles, his “more info” section and his “I’ll talk to you guys later!” But one of my favourite parts of the vlog (which, in my opinion, is super-underrated) is the tags. I find they give a teeny tiny bit of insight into David’s quirky self. So let’s take a quick look at some of my favourite YouTube tags:

Blog in Canada“:

More info: So I’m not sure why these take so long to get up and going after uploading them. If you have suggestions on what I should do so they are uploaded sooner I’d love to know haha – I did this early in the morning haha, so I’m a little tired but I guess I wouldn’t make too much more sense if I was awake either. I’ll try to make another one as soon as possible!

Tags: David Archuleta Canada video blog Toronto

I love this vlog, and I’m sure it’s also very close to a lot of your hearts. But I got a little bit more excited about it when I discovered that the first tag David ever typed that wasn’t his name was “Canada”! How awesome is that? I know technically this isn’t his first vlog (he had those Q&A ones before), but the tags on that one are: david archuleta american idol season archie archuletta james simon cowell radny jackson paula abdul id, which I think we can safely say is not David himself just purely based on the lack of capital letters and the misspelling of “randy”. The Toronto vlog tags are his first tags, and they are quite short and to the point. We’ll see him get further away from that in later vlogs.

New York” vlog:

More info: FINALLY got another blog up giving an update on what went on this weekend. Sorry it took so long, I just avoid making them since I have such major issues making anything that involved me talking. I should probably find a way to take blog-making classes or something.

Tags: and Archuleta at blogging Break concert David Matt Method Nathanson New Repair Suck The York.

At first when I saw this, I was really confused about the lack of order of his tags. Then I realized (I am a little slow sometimes) that youtube, for some reason, put his tags in alphabetical order. So I took it upon myself to solve the puzzle and figure out what he was saying: Obviously “David Archuleta” goes together, “The Break and Repair Method” was a band he was talking about at the “Matt Nathanson conert”, and “New” obviously goes with “York”. This leaves us with “Suck at blogging”. Haha, oh David.

Atlanta Airport” vlog:

More info: At the airport wandering around with Kendra, the keyboardist on tour, during a layover. Sorry, I know my voice is excruciatingly gaspy and more hoarse-sounding than it already usually sounds. But it’s because my voice really dries out on airplane rides haha. Just thought I’d share our interesting finds in one of the stores there. I was late uploading it because it took me forever to find a cable to hook up the camera to my computer.

Tags: David Archuleta Kendra Atlanta Airport Wind-up snake animals doo

The “doo” speaks for itself.

Days off. Rising Star Outreach.” vlog:

More info: Just talking about what has gone on this week. I know it’s not that exciting haha. But just thought I’d share what’s been going on. Also if you want to learn more about Rising Star Outreach go to Risingstaroutreach.org. Thanks!

Tags: David Archuleta Arizona Rising Star Outreach orange pen tired Oklahoma Mom Kendra Coraline Texas Albuquerque New Mexico

I think this is the first vlog where I really noticed his hilarious tags. I guess I’d never really looked at them before that, but when I read “orange pen”, it really struck me as funny. And ever since then I became an avid tag reader.

May Day” vlog:

More info: I apologize for the lighting. Had a good week of writing! I have the weekend off in LA so I’ll be spending time with some friends. Back to work on Monday. Took a cab drive which was pretty expensive, left my suitcase in the trunk, and took the Metro for my first time to go back. Fun week 🙂

Tags: David Archuleta May Day Cinco De Mayo Metro Cab

I find this one amusing because he went a little bit Capital Letter Crazy. Haha

Here are a couple more that I find hilarious:

Allentown Blog“:

More info: I made a video quick backstage at the Crocodile Rock venue in Allentown, Pennsylvania. You can hear Lesley performing a little in the background haha. But I just talk a little about what’s been going on, and how I’ve been trying to stay healthy haha. I’ve been eating a lot more vegetables and fruits lately, thanks to Kendra haha. She’s keeping me in line. I’m trying to stay away from a lot of chocolate and unhealthy stuff to keep my health up, which kills me sometimes because I love that stuff so much! 😦 . But it’ll be worth it if I can keep it up! Thanks for coming to the show you guys! Can’t wait for the rest of the tour!

Tags: David Archuleta Allentown Pennsylvania Backstage Crocodile Rock Lesley Roy Treats unfortunately are unhealthy for you he

Empty Airport Hall” vlog:

More info: Back in the states for a bit. Notice how the hall I’m in never ends!! I was wondering if I was going the right way or not. I apologize again for how scary-looking I am. I had been traveling for like 20 hours, with the last flight being for a straight 16 hours. It was a fun flight though. Singapore Airline flight attendants are really nice. haha.

Tags: David Archuleta Airport creepy empty hall echo Malaysia Singapore Manila Philippines McFly UK

My voice is back!” vlog:

More info: I’ve been on voice rest for the last little while since I lost my voice, and it’s been pretty rough. But it’s back! I’m glad for that. My buddy Ashlee has been on tour so I have a friend, and so everyone else does too because everyone gets along with her pretty well haha. I’m sorry that this is so long without much meaning to it. I’ve been kind of out of it for the last few days. Maybe it’s because of my allergy medicine I was taking lol. Anyway if you end up watching it all I hope you were at least somewhat entertained.

Tags: David Archuleta Demi Lovato Tour Jordan Pruitt KSM Michigan Clarkston Ashlee Lame long boring makes no sense

Bye bye wisdom teeth” vlog:

More info: So today is the day that my wisdom teeth will be getting pulled out. Oh joy. It’s an exciting time guys lol. But I’ve been enjoying running this week and getting some exercise in! Today might be my last day of running for a while though since Idk how long I’ll need to recover… But I’m just anxious to get this all over with!

Tags: David Archuleta wisdom teeth pulled running dentist medication

Haircut?” vlog:

More info:Should I listen to my mom and wait for a haircut? Or no? ha..

Tags: David Archuleta Duke Haircut beach

Puffy Cheeks-B-Gone” vlog:

More info: I gave up on the last blog, so I just made a new one. My cheeks are finally back to normal! I’ve had a nice time recovering though and relaxing. Went to the Colbie Caillat concert! Was awesome getting to see her again. She’s one of the nicest, casually cool people you could meet. Been exercising and getting back in shape! Going to Nashville for the week to start working on some writing and new projects. Christmas album comes out October 13th! Next week! woot woot

Tags: David Archuleta Colbie Caillat Nashville P90X Benton Paul wisdom teeth cheeks puffy

Happy Late Mother’s Day!” vlog:

More info: Sorry this is so late! I really did try hard to get a video blog up on Saturday but it just wouldn’t work. Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day though! What did you guys do for the weekend?? “Chords of Strength” comes out in a few weeks! Going on the book tour soon too.

Tags: David Archuleta Mother’s Day mothers madres mom mama sisters Chords of Strength

Random facts you probably did not know about David’s tags:

1. The fewest number of tags used in one vlog: 5 (in the Haircut vlog and the Claudia’s birthday vlog).

2. The greatest number of tags used in one vlog: 18 (in the vlog about his sister’s new cats).

3. There’s a total of 331 tags in over 30 videos. That’s an average of about 11 tags per video.

4. 70% of the tags are capitalized (either because they are names of people or places or he just felt like putting in capital letters).

5. David made no spelling mistakes in his tags.

6. Surprisingly, “haha” never made the list of tags.

7. The Detroit Airport vlog is the only one where words should have been capitalized but weren’t: indianapolis, detroit, david, cook all should have been capitalized (he did capitalize his own name though). Oh, and in the Christmas tour vlog he had “Christmas from the heart” which could have been capitalized since it’s the name of his album.

8. Only in two of the vlogs does his name not appear in the tags (the Invisible Children and the Christmas tour vlog).

9. Three of his family members made the list of tags: Claudia, his mom and Jazzy. Three of his family pets also made the lists of tags: Katsu, Tsuki and Duke.

Well, there you have it! A teeny tiny peek into the weird and wonderful brain of David Archuleta through his choice of vlog tags 😀

P.S. Download Miss Bianca‘s full “postage stamp” Twitter background HERE.

P.P.S. If you’d like to download any of David’s vlogs, the lovely Sarah at Absolute Archies has all the links HERE.

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19 Responses to @DavidArchie vlog tags revisited

  1. abanana77 says:

    *spits out drink*

    Bahahaha totally refuse to reread this. Like actually I’m not gonna reread it. I don’t ever reread things I wrote years ago because I am always sure they are going to be cringeworthy, lol. But I hope someone else can enjoy it! haha

    And I so miss the vlog tags 😦

    (also being on vacation out of the country totally is a legit excuse. lol)

  2. sunny says:

    Love those funny vlog tags!!! Oh how we miss those fun, rambly vlogs with the tags! Wonder if he ever knew how entertaining they were & still are?!

  3. cassie says:

    No one is as naturally funny as David!! Miss the vlogs, tags & David so much!! Abanana77 thanks for this!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Abanana77 and love the tags/Vlogs. Oh Boy! do I wish David could do an occasional Vlog:) Happy Six Months of Service 🙂

  5. jackryan4da says:

    Belated happy birthday abanana!

  6. Archugeezer says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Abanana77!

    “Treats unfortunately are unhealthy for you”—still don’t know how I missed that the first time around. David’s wit just has a certain charm. He is wry but not cynical, droll but not sarcastic—not that I would ever attempt to define such details about him. Ahem.

    Abanana, I loved reading your vlog tag blog! (Thanks, TOfan) I have noted David’s tags before, but not in one place, nor in such entertaining totality.

  7. peppertara says:

    stopping by……
    abanana…..love this blog you did, certainly nothing ‘cringe worthy’ about it (or any that you do). Love the research you did, accumulating little statistics about David’s Vlog tags, haha. Think it’s great and yes, sure do miss those Vlogs along with David’s wonderful, natural wit.
    Oh and a very happy belated Birthday to you, hope you had a great day!
    Hope you had (or are having) a nice vacation too TOfan.

    (lost a beloved cat recently) Paws for a hug for my sweet {{Kodi}}

  8. Kizzi says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Abanana! Hope you had a fantastic celebration…knowing you and your wonderful family, I’m pretty sure you did. 😀

    Too bad about the tags…glad they were saved in other data repositories.

    Drove through Westbury last week on Long Island and was reminded of that wonderful show and meeting all who attended plus the M&G last year…seems like yesterday. Super fun, great memories, so heart warming….dang, I love you guys and miss seeing you with some sort of regularity. May get to Canada this winter for skiing but no where near Toronto or Guelph or Ottawa or even Thunder Bay (*waves like crazy*.)

    David’s first vlog is one of my favorites, right out AI. And it is great to see his progression as he records subsequent blogs…such a fun thing to see someone grow and mature through his career….

    Love ya!

  9. abanana77 says:

    Thanks you guys! (((((hugs))))) to you all! My birthday was fabulous, and I almost feel like I’ve had a second bday with all the belated wishes <3333 you guys are awesome!!

  10. betsy says:

    This was one of the finest posts ever. Thanks for writing it, Anna. 🙂
    p.s. I wrote a gigantic comment last night, choosing all of my fave parts, lots of copying and pasting, then I accidentally deleted it.
    Sorry was to tired to go back and redo.
    Please know how much I appreciated it. 🙂

  11. refnaf says:

    Awww Anna, this is sooo great u really should reread!!!!!
    Glad your birthday was good!!!!

  12. TOfan says:

    Ref’s right, Anna, you must re-read this!!! It’s so great, thesis-worthy in fact, for a master’s degree in Archieology: “We’ll see him get further away from that in later vlogs.” 😆

    It’s also made me wanted to get a T-shirt printed with “Suck the York” hahahahaha

  13. emmegirl14 says:

    Thank you abanana so very much for this wonderful, much needed, life affirming post. He just does that to you. And that is just reading the tags. Looking forward to the videos tonight. And a very Happy Belated Birthday to you!

    “weird and wonderful” ♥

    archugeezer. “not that I would ever attempt to define such details about him” ♥♥

    peppertara, ref ♥♥♥

  14. peppertara says:

    refnaf….{{hugs}} too. Sorry about your dog, pets are very special. Thanks folks for the kind words.
    I agree, this is a great blog….abanana you have a knack…a Master’s degree in Archieology for sure as TOfan said!

  15. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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