Everybody Hurts approaches 100,000 views

As I post this, David Archuleta’s “Everybody Hurts” video has 96,699 99,100 views … 100,000, here we come!!!

Here are some of my favourite comments on it:

I am a guy and I cried lol.

he is magical<3

I was never a David Archuleta fan but after listening to this I was feeling it. I was loving this and now I’m a fan of his. It is true that everybody hurts. Sometimes we have to hide it but inside it’s how a lot of us feel.

i start listen your music in 2009 .your music is very nice … now i am 12 year old….but i love your music….you have amazing voice. i listen your music in2009

I will aways be your fun!!!!

OH HAYL YA! he’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAVVVVVVVVVVVIID! I RUV YOU

So did he leave yet? I keep seeing updates on his YouTube channel and his twitter so idk whens it over

I miss him too much 😥

I miss him but I’m glad he took the time to go on his mission. Proud of him!
omg i cry so loud

I just lost my sister .. this song really touched me.. :’)

OMG- damn you David for slicing onions. This video made me smile laugh cry.

I love that his vocals are never thin sounding but full and rich. He is always present when he sings; like he is talking to me and telling me something he wants to share. He is so very unique!

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4 Responses to Everybody Hurts approaches 100,000 views

  1. Loving it!! The Comments are special!!

  2. peppertara says:

    Yes and that incredibly beautiful video now has over 98,000 views and climbing! Oh just love all the comments….so many expressive, touching and heartfelt comments for this video and of course there would be. It is such a ‘wow’ video and David’s voice always has the ‘wow’ factor, goes perfectly with this song (and perfectly with a few tears). Yep, David’s fault for slicing onions!

    I also love this comment:
    “When David was on American Idol and the next few years following, I was obsessed. I must admit, the last year or so I stoped and didnt really listen to his music too much anymore. I seriously had no idea he came out with this new album. I came across this video, and the whole time I was watching I was crying. I have been going through a tough time, and David did it once again, he helped me though something. I cant thank him enough, and I cant believe I ever stopped listening to him.<3"

  3. Kizzi says:

    Music that heals! Magic!

  4. Also saw a recent comment from someone who has two Marine siblings that found the Video/song helpful. Also recommended Somebody Out There to them (Rascal’s version for Military Families)

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