Four-show @DavidArchie recap: THIS is Christmas!

Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show: "Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies!" (Photo: Tumblr/ilovechudavidarchie)

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to do this recap, but every time I pick up my pencil (yes, I still use a pencil), my eyes well up and I can’t see the paper. Archuleta, you are causing serious dehydration here.

I’m also still pinching myself that I got to attend the first four shows on this tour. Man, I must’ve done something pretty nice for someone special in a previous life.


Source: Tumblr

I’ve never been to the first show of a David Archuleta tour and I can’t describe how edge-of-your-seat exciting Westbury was. Not knowing the set list or what’s coming next was thrilling beyond words. It was like the whole Westbury venue still held the magic from that last CFTH show – the air was electric.

The wild cheering started before David even came out. David’s often said he wonders if anyone’s even going to turn out to see him, but that screaming, roaring crowd left no doubt about how excited everyone was to see him. When the band started to play and David jauntily stroll-swaggered out for Sleigh Ride, a tidal wave of love poured onto that stage and over those BOOTS!

I don’t know if it was pre-tour anticipation or feeding off our excitement, but David exploded onto that stage like I’d never seen him. Ever. As Kizzi later overheard in the ladies room, he was “a beast!”

Commanding – even cocky at times – more than just the exquisite vocalist we know – he was a true showman.

I’m a huge jazz fan and when David grooved into the slowed down, sultry rhythm of “This Christmas,” I took up permanent residence in that song and need to send out change of address cards.

And the deafening ROAR when David said he was going to do some pop songs and everyone leaped to their feet to chant “Down, Down, Down, Down” made my heart swell.

You’ve now seen the videos for Fa La La and CEM and Little Drummer boy, but the shock and awe of so much amazingness was almost too much too handle. In the break and at the end, fans were literally walking around the lobby with glazed eyes and jaws hanging open, speechless. And the crowd was all ages, all genders – there was even a lineup for the men’s room… at a David Archuleta concert!!!!

Over all, I felt David was making a statement with this show. The same one he’s made in interviews. “You know what, no one can tell me who I am. THIS is who I am.”

Even introducing “and here is Mr. Jeff Archuleta” as the conductor of the youth orchestra seemed to be declaring, “This is my dad – he’s in my life and career as long as I want him to be so suck it up, people.” (He didn’t actually introduce him like that, btw. 🙂 )

One common denominator for all four shows for me was the outpouring of love for David – standing O’s (well-deserved) after almost every song. Spontaneous whoops and cheers after runs and glory notes. And David BEAMED! He lapped it up, flirted, cavorted, salsa’d, mistletoed and parumpapumpummed his way into every heart there. Joy, pure joy.

After the show, a bunch of us sat around stupified, trying to name even one other performer who could excel at so many different genres in one live show … jazz, pop, classical, country (Amy Grant), Broadway (CEM) and rock (LDB)? We couldn’t come up with a single name. I know some fans would like him to pick one genre and run with it but I like Renaissance Man David.

My biggest impression of this show was that everyone there “got” David and he knows and appreciates that. At one point in HYAMLC when he sang the line, “Through the years we all will be together, if the fates allow” he gazed slowly, from left to right, across the crowd, as if to say “we’re in this together, folks.” Chills rippled up my arms.

If I had to explain the difference between this show and the next three, I’d say Westbury was spectacular in its “Welcome back, David, we have MISSED you!” outpouring of love and David was explosive in his no-holds-barred fierce attack of each song. All that love and acceptance seemed to lift him onto our collective shoulders and give him the freedom to spread his wings and fly, baby, flyyyyyyy.

Irving Plaza

Source: Tumblr/ArchieHigh

Irving Plaza had a younger, hipper vibe overall – lots of 20something guys and girls in the mosh – all hanging on his every word, roaring with laughter at every Davidism and he was totally loving every minute of it. He was the most flirty, playful for this show, I’d say … and his twinkly grin told me he knew that the crowd loved every “hint” of dancing he did and he worked those modest/hottest mooooves despite himself!

I loved the energy of the mosh. And “This Christmas” … I can’t even. This is my lame iPod video of that song… I took it because I knew I could. not. wait. to hear it again…and again…and again. It does give you a mosh-eye-view of how amazing that crowd was.

When he opened the gift boxes on stage with a sly “What have we here?” then tossed tour T-shirts into the mosh, saying “Ya, I’m cheesy,” again the crowd roared.

For Fa La La, I hope someone caught on video the girl who glomped David at the very end. HiLARious. He was barely off-stage when the DA-VID! DA-VID! DA-VID! chanting began to bring him back. And the wild man unleashed at the drums was the best. encore. ever. To be honest, I still can’t believe what I witnessed there. Epiphany? Primal warrior? Beating back the shackles people try to place on him? Or just plain old wild, crazy fun? Whatever it was, the crowd went absolutely WILD.


“That’s mistletoe! … I don’t know if it’s active while we’re on stage here though.” (Screencap from @Suttygal vid, click 2 watch)

For me, this show had the best acoustics, audio, lighting – and with so many Canadians there, the best crowd, obviously. 🙂

There was something else too. Call it “spirit” … but of all the four shows, this one gave me the most “MoTab” moments of feeling during FN, SN, OHN and of course Ave Maria.

Again, with the standing Os and spontaneous mid-song hoots and cheers for change-ups and big notes. Playful crowd too. One deep voiced fan screamed out, “I love you, David!” and another from the opposite side yelled, “I love him more!” and everybody laughed, including David.

And when “snow” fell from the ceiling, the winter wonderland ambience was complete. (Random memorable moment: When the chant for an encore started, KT told me she saw guys pounding their beer bottles on the table chanting for David to come back out.  🙂 ) And seeing so many wonderful fan-friends was the icing on an incredible cake.


Pic: @PaulaFOD

Chatty David FTW! I don’t know if he was on a high from the three spectacular nights before, or if someone put extra sugar in his Cascadian Farms cereal that morning, but you could not shut him up. (Thank goodness, lol.)

“How many people here speak Latin? … That many?? That’s more than I thought! Wait, that’s Latin, not Spanish, right?)

Before the show I recognized an usher who’d “discovered” David at the CFTH show (and Miss Trish kindly gave her a CD!) and she said when she heard he was coming back to the Sherman Theater, she made sure she was working that night so she could see him perform again.

Oh, and the GP/LIB mashup in VIP…  he dedicated it to the fans and said that’s why he wrote it… so powerful, piano glitches and all, I almost keeled over from the beauty of it. I had a vision of David performing that on a stark awards-show stage someday, televised around the globe.

Overall, what these four shows left me with was the confidence that David now knows without a doubt that we get him and are behind him every step of the way.

Idol’s long over, Jive’s gone, but he’s still here making music … on his own terms … and we’re still here cheering him on … and we’re not going anywhere. I think this tour is his way of acknowledging and thanking us for that. But also to declare to the world (as Refnaf so beautifully put it in the last thread:

“When David took the drum sticks, held them high above his head and belted out the ‘Me and my drummmmm’ It was like he had a message for the world: This is me and this is what I do and I do it for Him, my WAY!!!”

You find it
You hold it
You feel its grace

These are words I wanna say
Every hour of every day
These are words that say how good it feels
To be here with you today

p.s. And I got to tell David in person how much I love Elevator. Life complete. 🙂

p.p.s. I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSS!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays! Joyeux Noél!!!!!!

Photo: @emily4archie

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53 Responses to Four-show @DavidArchie recap: THIS is Christmas!

  1. TOfan says:

    From end of last thread, from Kizzi:

    David on a Grand Piano = Musical Majesty
    I am really liking David making errors and then not apologizing—-a lot of love and protection, whether I’m right or wrong—-forcing himself to push through the fear of making mistakes—-I know that life won’t break me—-of trying to appear perfect.
    On the other side of all that is an ease and joy of performing that comes through—-he has a wellspring of that in his singing—and is making quite a visible effort in his piano/keyboard playing…impressive growth that is magnified by knowing (and getting to not being influenced by that) that critics will lambaste him for not being perfect.
    Link to live blog by Janey at ArchuletaFanScene for Boise last night – all kinds of wonderful —–>
    Here is link to a live blog for Boise on Twitter last night ——>!/AllThingsArchie/boise-id
    Couple of highlights:
    From @Archugeezer: OK, my lovely friends. I have to get ready to leave town. I will need therapy if Blackfoot is any better than Boise. G’nite!… I have seen videos, but this… Who unleashed this kid? Unreal!

  2. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – you are such a powerful observer who gleans the core, the nougats, of the human elements of David concerts and then puts pencil to paper and creates art about art – just WOW! Thanks for the gift of the concerts through your eyes.

    BTW the “Beast” comment was from a big burly guy at Stroudsburg after the concert in the auditorium – don’t want ppl to think I was in the men’s restroom when I overhead that – lol. It was the ladies restroom in Verona at intermission where one older teen said “David Archuleta is an Angel” and her companion countered that “David Archuleta was a GOD!.”

    Beast, Angel, God, well I can’t argue with any of those descriptors when it comes to David’s artistry, it keeps getting better and better. 😀

  3. Oh, TOfan, I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks. Partially because what you wrote and how you wrote it is so beautiful. Partially because I’ve seen videos of the MKOC concert and I know what you mean because David is so beautiful physically and spiritually and vocally. Partially I’m crying because I can’t go see this live and I’m very jealous. Partially I’m crying because I’m so thankful there are so many wonderful David fans out there who support him so mightily and share their experiences through blogs and videos with the rest of us who also support him mightily, but couldn’t be there this time. Mainly I’m crying because I love our community of incredible David Archuleta and his very special fans.

    Thank you so much for your lovely recap. It really is beautiful and I love how you contrasted the four different shows. Still crying.

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  5. betsy says:

    Ditto, Bluebird. Only I can’t even comment yet. Crying.
    Deb, <3333333333333333

  6. djafan says:

    Great recap! I love how express your observations. It sure seems that David’s performances are influenced by the venue and audience. So smart doing it his way. I’ve cut myself off watching any videos until my shows next week, I can’t wait!


  7. Lorna says:

    TOfan, could you please be a bit more considerate next time and give us some form of heads up that your post was one that warranted many *sniffs* and a tissue handy would be useful!

    LOVE LOVE this post, it truly captures everything I’ve been feeling.

    Everything about David since the start of the tour seems different – confidence, just enough “what me swagger” – it’s like this is the beginning of HIS career and he’s fully in control of it. It’s like his “Freedom Tour”

    Hoping David continues the twitter frenzy as there’s nothing like a tweet from him that just puts a smile in my heart…. how does he do that!

  8. Maureen_abms says:

    Coming out of lurkdom lol to comment on this wonderful post. It has been so great to see the love and adulation David has received on this Christmas tour. I think he recently said that the East Coast shows lifted his spirit! The crowds have been wild for him…standing ovations, chanting his name…DAVID, DAVID, DAVID…at every stop along the way! He deserves this and so much more. I was one of those fans who walked around with my mouth ajar after the show ended in Westbury. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. I just had seen a “new” David on stage…uninhibited, confident, willing to take risks (i.e. Little Drummer Boy). And this is only the beginning, the best is yet to come. BRAVO DAVID! 😀

  9. refnaf says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, TOfan!!! Being on this #MKOC tour has been other wordly >> sharing it with you> THE BEST. So thankful that you have the gift of putting into words exactly how each concert felt!!! Now we can relive it or experience it through your words……..
    I keep hanging on to what I saw David do…. and he did it perfectly>>>he told a story about what his kind of Christmas is….
    and adding an eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep for good measure

  10. PandasMama says:

    Thank you for this recap. I’m not sure which has given me more tears, those first videos I saw from Westbury (when I realized I would be missing out on the most epic tour ever) or your recap. Thanks to you and all of the other fans writing these incredible heartfelt words. Ya’ll are making it possible for those of us unable to attend the concerts to experience, if even just a morsel, the awesomeness of these epic performances.

    I’m so glad to hear confirmation from those in attendance that I was not imagining things when I wrote my last blog entry/ poem after watching those Westbury videos. David is all grown up and taking the world by storm. Here are the first couple of stanzas of my latest. You can read the rest on my blog:

    Awake: Ode to the Critics

    Awake all you naysayers and cynics, Awake!
    Feel the mighty tremble as the ground does shake!
    Hear the roar of the Voice you’ve tried to ignore,
    He’s grown in power and is knocking down your door.

    For years you have doubted the worth of this one,
    By laughing and taunting and saying he’s young.
    While mocking his values and goals for his future,
    You critics have failed to view the whole picture.

  11. awestruck says:

    AWWW TOfan – I can’t see the computer screen through the tears. It’s unlikely that I will be able to attend a show this tour so a HEARTFELT THANK YOU for so captivatingly capturing and eloquently putting into words all those moments. So happy for David too – happy and doing things his way – just that way that it is supposed to be.

  12. abanana77 says:

    {{{TOfan}}} Beautiful. I’m with Refnaf here>>> “So thankful that you have the gift of putting into words exactly how each concert felt!!! Now we can relive it or experience it through your words…”

    I had been waiting for this recap. Love it to pieces <3333

  13. TOfan says:

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone and I’m so sorry if anyone cried, but I certainly was while remembering everything. Overwhelming. No wonder I’ve been going to bed about 9:30 every night since, sheesh.

    …and this tour just keeps getting better and better… I. can’t. even.
    Potato Museum

    ooo, also, acc. to the lovely @Archugeezer, David was invited to Borah High School by a student at the signing and she received a handwritten thankyou note & 6 tix to the show! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Marylee_DAangel says:

    “Beating back the shackles people try to place on him?” <– Tofan~this stood out to me~enjoyed your recap so much…truly wonderful that you attended the first 4 shows ~so sorry I missed you in Stroudsburg!

  15. TOfan says:

    Finally, a Boise vid! “You like to move, huh?” 😆

    Acc. to @Archugeezer, David sang GP/LIB in VIP today with Mark on keyboard ( 😯 ).

  16. DaffyforDavid says:

    Only our David would take a picture posing with a giant spud.. Truly one of a kind.
    Please don’t apologize for making us cry! Tofan, your recap was wonderful, every tear inducing image you create with your words. Thanks

  17. SandyBeaches says:

    Oh {{{TOfan}}} I am so pleased that you wrote every word that belongs to him…
    It was extraordinary and I beat you I have had to go to bed by “8” to recover.
    You have hit on every feeling, every emotion and who else in this earthly world creates such emotions in us the people, the fans. Refnaf and Kizzi you have added so nicely to the feelings of the moments.

    This recap is priceless and thank you for remembering every emotion that he brought out in us the lowly fans!!

    ‘The Little Drummer Boy’..he is just that person and he told us so it seemed. He did his best for him, oh my so beautiful and he did do just that.


  18. peppertara says:

    TOfan….Such an amazing recap! Wrapped itself right around my David loving heart! I am going to guess that you write (in some capacity) for a living? If not, you should be. It has everything that David’s fans love to read about and your observations, descriptive heartfelt writing and insight are wonderful! I’m happy that the fans who cannot attend a show at least get to read fabulous reports like yours in addition to all the incredible pics, videos, etc. I know that’s what kept me going for the last 2 1/2 years! Thanks for letting us all have a delicious taste of these heavenly, out of this world experiences. Gee, would have loved to been at a VIP and hear David sing GP and LIB, oh my.
    Love David’s ‘declaration’ to the world, his and no one else’s and what a declaration it is. ❤
    Counting down the days now….5 to go until I see David in concert!!

    PandasMama… your poem, spot on and really well done!

    Cannot stop smiling at David and that giant potato. 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      5 days??? Soooo excited for you, pepp!!!

    • emmegirl says:

      Immerse yourself. 🙂
      (I have tickets for Beaver Creek and am still not sure if I will actually be able to go. Torturous. If you are so inclined, would you mind giving a little scream and squee for me just in case?)

  19. TOfan – you mad me cry. Love, love, love your recap. I could TASTE the anticipation, the pure joy, the wackadoos & gobsmacked emotions of those who attended through your stories.

    Wish I could have been there. SIGH.

    But thank you for making me feel a part of the experience even in a limited virtual sense.

  20. Heidijoy says:

    Tofan, Thanks for the wonderful recap!! It only increases my excitement for upcoming concerts!
    I love your respect for David and not only his talent but his right to make his own decisions. It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I appreciate you sharing with us.

  21. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Heidi! Back atcha!! 🙂

    Love this, from the Blackfoot Performing Arts Center FB page (thx. @suttygal!):
    Blackfoot PAC FB

    … and love this little story from @myheartsong on Twitter:
    “I sat with 3 ladies in Verona who hadn’t seen @DavidArchie since Idol. They were blown away… They were surprised at how tiny he and I saw them wipe away tears a few times. Wrote down CD info & fansites /Emailed/texted them more info and vids, etc. At least one is really a fan now.”

  22. emmegirl says:

    Tofan – I am stricken as everyone else with how your recap has moved me.
    Goodness, you have a way. I feel like I could burst.

    “After the show, a bunch of us sat around stupified, trying to name even one other performer who could excel at so many different genres in one live show … jazz, pop, classical, country (Amy Grant), Broadway (CEM) and rock (LDB)? We couldn’t come up with a single name. I know some fans would like him to pick one genre and run with it but I like Renaissance Man David.”
    ….there are alot of good vocalists out there, but this creates a distance that can’t be overcome. Then add in his innate ability to make you understand the words to a song like never before, his amazing tone, constant brilliant changeups, he has no equal – not to mention the fact that he is so absolutely beautiful when he sings (not every one looks good singing – mouths open, faces scrunched up – like me for instance.)

    This Christmas – is there room in that house cause I’m unpacked and staying. Gonna have to carry me out on a stretcher.

    A line to the men’s room…….a beast……men pounding tables with beer bottles chanting David’s name….. hehe, I’m giddy!

    Still giggling – “How many people here speak Latin? … That many?? That’s more than I thought! Wait, that’s Latin, not Spanish, right?”

    Blackfoot Performing Arts “the best concert we have ever had”….nuff said.

  23. emmegirl says:

    tofan, he is just getting warmed up.

  24. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – I wanted to say this earlier, but your amazing recap totally distracted me. Seriously love that first picture!

  25. Kizzi says:

    Blackfoot: Fa-la-la-la, a.k.a. “…and get your groove on a little bit” 😀 😀 😀

  26. archugeezer says:

    I’ve been away, y’know, and I am late to read a lot of things. Just want to say that I love this recap and the way you respect and honor David’s talent with your words. I think I even appreciate it more after having seen the two Idaho shows. The MKOC withdrawl is already difficult and I vascillate between wishing I were in Cedar and watching videos. What a blessing to see David grow, doing what he wants to do, being what he wants to be.

  27. TOfan says:

    emmegirl, “add in his innate ability to make you understand the words to a song like never before” … you mean like this?:

    {{{archugeezer}}}} how on earth did you survive that??? *grabs tissues*

    (this reminded me that in Stroudsburg, two little girls in front of us who’d been fidgeting earlier in the show, sat completely transfixed when David sang OHN… I’d have taken their picture but I was pretty transfixed myself 🙂 )

  28. emmegirl says:

    Thanks for the link to that suttygal Fal-la-la-la! so glad I didn’t miss that one!

  29. peppertara says:

    Love Fa La La La La, pure joy! Can’t watch OHN yet, want to so badly but am waiting for that one live when I see the concert. Note: bring tissues with me. This is a laugh, smile til your cheeks hurt, cry, rejoice, get your groove on, jazz it out kind of concert by the sound of it! And yes…who does all that and does it with perfection….no one else.

  30. TOfan says:

    And the lovely Abrra has made mp3s of most of the MKOCT songs! <333 Download HERE.

  31. canarchaudry says:

    My dear Tofan: First of, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Refnaf and Kizzi for the
    wonderful mini-road trip to Verona. you guys are terrific bunch and made me feel so welcome in your company. It was such a fun experience to meet a lot of Archiefans on both sides of the border, I can finally put pictures on names I see on twitters lol…I always thought David has the most awesomest fans in the whole wide world. That notion was confirmed the night after the Westbury show and the rest of the New York venues (Irving and Verona). I would like to think that David is the link that binds everyone like family almost…’s the greatest thing!:)

    K, how can anyone top this amzing recap??…echoing Refnaf and Abanana77…“So thankful that you have the gift of putting into words exactly how each concert felt!!! Now we can relive it or experience it through your words…” David was beyond aamzing if there is such a thing, may I add…David singing “Silent Night” in Verona took my breath away…truly a magical moment when the snowflakes fell from above into my hand!!…I thought the whole setlists was lovingly thought
    out….it is truly David’s My Kind of Christmas Tour:))

    Enjoyed reading all the comments….sorry if I rambled too long lol..

  32. TOfan says:

    {{{{{canarchaudry}}}}} ramble away!!! *waves to Thunder Bay* it was so awesome to share that epic road trip with youI felt the same about SN in Verona… magical, glad you caught some snowflakes! 🙂

    … and speaking of SN … and Northern Ontario 🙂 … MasterclassLady (in Timmins) has posted this glowing review of David’s GCT SN HERE — fave bit:
    “Watch how his demeanor changes for each verse. It is very evident in the third verse, where his facial expression and body language mirrors the text so very well. He wears his joy and happiness on his sleeve. It really is remarkable.”

    … Also …the OS has posted special mashups of LDB, Falala, and Wait from the 1st East Coast Shows… make sure to check out LDB with some great shots of David’s face as he bangs that drum. 😆

    …oh, and one more thing 🙂 some photos on Heather Frable Photography’s FB page of the Stroudsburg show HERE, like this one:

  33. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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