It’s a good place: Verona VIP and concert recap!

Calling all angels in the snow!!!! (photo:, click pic 4 more)

I am attempting to recap one of the best weekends of my life here, so forgive me if this is all over the place.

Let’s start with the fact that while driving to Verona early Saturday afternoon, David Archuleta responded to my tweet! First time ever! This was just the best way to start my David-filled day! 🙂

After we got to Verona and met up with awesome David fans, it was time to go to the VIP. I’d never been to a VIP before, and I was realllllly nervous. To distract myself from the anticipation I started talking to people around me in line (why is it so much easier to talk to strangers that are David fans than it is to talk to other strangers?).

I start talking to this really awesome girl, Rosalinda, who was there with her mom. We start talking about how many times we’ve seen David (she had never seen David live before ever!) and where we’re from (she’s also from Canada!) and then after a couple minutes of this, she says to me “Was I talking to you on twitter a couple days ago?”. And I realize we had randomly been talking on twitter just like two days before that! So weird! And we were basically having the exact same conversation in person that we had had on twitter, lol.

Anyways, Rosalinda was maybe even more nervous than I was. And so excited. And I was almost as excited for her as I was for myself. Nothing like seeing the Archuleta in the flesh for the very first time! And she had been waiting a really long time for this!

Lots of standing in line and waiting later, it was finally time! We were all in the VIP room, and David just walked in the doors. You know, like he’s any other person. Which I guess he is, but I will never get over seeing him in person. It’s so unbelievable that he is standing right there in the same room as us! (from here on in, my memories are a little blurry, for obvious reasons haha).

Picture taking time was first and Rosalinda snagged us a good spot near the front of the line (probably like the 8th person to get to meet him). I had been planning on telling David 2 things: that my name is Anna, and that I’m from Canada. Simple enough, right? So when it was my turn, I walked up to him and said “Hi, I’m Anna from Canada” Hahahaha, what a dumb sentence! Am still embarrassed about that, lol.

Anyways this is basically our conversation:

Me: Hi, I’m Anna from Canada (because cool people talk like that)

David: Hi! (ridiculously amazingly adorable smile)

Me: Can I have a hug?

*Hug* (Anna dies)

David: What part of Canada are you from?

Me: Ottawa. It’s the capital (lol giving him a little Canadian education there hahaha)

David: Oh yeah! (said in a way that sounded like he knew at one point that Ottawa was the capital of Canada. Could have imagined that completely though)

*Pose for picture*

Me:(while walking away) Thanks for having a show so close to Canada, wouldn’t have been able to come otherwise!

David: *Some kind of “aww” or “ohh” or “no problem”. Can’t remember haha*

Kari: How close to Canada are we here?

Me: Only like a couple hours

Kari: Cool

David: Thanks for coming! (did I mention the ridiculously adorable smile?)

And then I sat down. And the best part (well, other than the hug) is that for next like half an hour, I got to just sit there and watch him talk to everyone and pose for all the pictures. It was so cool to just watch him. And he seriously NEVER stops smiling.

Anyways after everyone got their pictures taken, he came over to the keyboard and microphone (which were like 5 feet from where I was sitting on the ground!) and talked for a bit before he sang for us. First thing he said was that there were a lot of Canadians! And he asked everyone from Canada to raise their hands and there were a ton of us! David estimated about 1/3 of us were Canadians 🙂 Then he answered some questions and sang Good Place / Let it Be.

I have always LOVED the lyrics to Good Place. But for no real reason, the album track of it isn’t my favourite. But when he sang it, just him and the keyboard, man it was amazing. His little flubs on the keyboard didn’t even almost take away from the beauty of the song. It was soooo good! And I’m pretty sure Rosalinda liked it too 😛

Photo: @rhiminee (click pic 4 more)

Okay on to the concert now! The venue was great, the sound quality was awesome, David’s voice just soared. We had awesome seats. And David performed his little heart out! After the concert, I was trying to name major highlights of the show, and I ended up naming almost every single song! This Christmas was the first one that totally blew me away! The jazzy/soulful vibe was killing me. He totally rocked those vocals!

I was super excited to see Zero Gravity live! One of my favourite of his pop songs and the last time I had seen it was at the beginning of his solo tour. That is one song that the live performance has definitely evolved a lot since then! I was also majorly excited to see him perform HYAMLC and Pat-a-Pan, both songs I had watched tons of videos of from the CFTH tour. And both lived up to my expectations 🙂

Climb Every Mountain & Oh Holy Night were major highlights for me. Chills on both of these songs. I am very happy I finally got to see Oh Holy Night live, have really wanted to see that for a long time, and it was as moving as I thought it would be.

My specific memories of concerts are often a little hazy, but I have one extremely vivid mental image from the concert: When David took the drum sticks, held them high above his head and belted out the “Me and my drummmmm”. I was totally shocked (had not watched any videos and obviously did not read TOfan’s recap of the first concert close enough, because I had no idea that was going to happen) and blown away by David’s rock-star-ness. Like seriously who is this kid? That he’s so awkward and giggles for a minute when someone asks him “why are you so cute?”, but then comes back and does THAT?

Overall, concert was amazing, but one of my favourite parts of the whole weekend is that I got to share it with my mom ❤

I remember coming home during reading week of my first year of University and showing my mom videos of “this kid I saw on American Idol”. I sat her down and showed her youtubes all 3 videos that existed at that time (Audition, Hollywood week & Shop Around). Obviously neither of us knew at that point what this whole thing would turn into, but even then I felt the need to share David. And my mom was high up on the list of people I wanted to share him with. So when the MCOC Tour dates were released and there was a date that was actually possible for us to go to, I decided this would be a good time for my mom to experience the Archuleta live.

And I think she really enjoyed it! She kept saying things like “He really doesn’t hold anything back on stage” and “How does he perform like this night after night?”. And she even squealed a little when he went to sing Pat-a-Pan (her fav from CFTH) 🙂 And she definitely got a better sense of what the David fan community is like – I don’t think she thinks we’re all completely insane anymore, maybe just more like extremely hardcore 🙂

So there you go. Pretty good for one weekend.


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27 Responses to It’s a good place: Verona VIP and concert recap!

  1. Kizzi says:

    Anna!!!! Big hugs and smiles to you and your Mom. Awesome post. 😀

  2. TOfan says:

    {{{{Agent Banana}}}}
    Best post ever!!!! Thanks for representin’ our home and native land! 😆 “David: Oh yeah! (said in a way that sounded like he knew at one point that Ottawa was the capital of Canada. Could have imagined that completely though)” *dying*

    off-topic, interview this a.m. on LiteFM (thx. JR!!!):

    …and a short additional one (adorbs @ the end):

  3. refnaf says:

    “First thing he said was that there were a lot of Canadians! And he asked everyone from Canada to raise their hands and there were a ton of us! ” Woooooot, abanana,That is way cool.

    Adore your recap….I totally experienced the same thing when David took the drum sticks, held them high above his head and belted out the “Me and my drummmmm” It was like he had a message for the world> this is me and this is what I do and I do it for Him, my WAY!!!

    I was so glad to meet your Mom…. and see you again> Amazing that it all worked out that you could get to a show with her! So happy for that and for your tweet from the man…. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  4. Harold Weinstein says:

    Sat next tofan & refna at the westbury concert
    And was also amazed at how David has grown as an artist. Was also amazed at how many Canadian and Asian fans were there. The fact of surprise made the concert even more incredible. When David read the poem to the kids my eyes started to water and when he sang silent and oholy night my heart skipped two beats . Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us fans! ( Hard core) now Mama understands Lol !!!!!!!!!!! David can bang any thing he want after that preformance of me and my drumssssssssss!

  5. awestruck says:


    Tis the season to give and to share – with your MOM. Hearing the joy you had doing this with her is as wonderful as reading your recap! LOVE your paragraph about David and his drumsticks. My jaw dropped to the floor the first time I watched and I couldn’t believe what was I watching. Who was that and what did he do with David???

    Yeah REFNAF – “when David took the drum sticks, held them high above his head and belted out the “Me and my drummmmm” It was like he had a message for the world> this is me and this is what I do and I do it for Him, my WAY!!!”

  6. peppertara says:

    abanana…….just reading through your fantastic recap. So happy for you! From your sweet tweet response from David (how special is that)! to your amazing VIP experience and the incredible, extremely special concert experience, to sharing with other awesome fans and sharing it with your Mom (love that!) what a fabulous time for you! Memories you will cherish always and experiences that have added something pretty wonderful to your life.

    I still am ‘blown away’ by David’s LDB (from just watching videos). May we all never underestimate David, he will continue to surprise us and can honestly do anything. O Holy Night will be a very special experience for me too….hearing that live is on my list. Everything else will be extra magic!
    Heck, I am somewhat ‘gobsmacked’ once again by all of the videos I have watched. Oh my heck.

    Thanks for your great recap abanana, so glad you had those unforgettable experiences!
    Such great little interviews popping up everywhere, so glad that David had a few days off and is enjoying the sights in Idaho (and eating some awesome food). 🙂
    oh…and love his new twitter avi! Good one David!

  7. betsy says:

    Abanana, it was so much fun meeting you and your mom. Great recap!
    I loved that he first mentioned you guys at the VIP. “Raise your hands if you’re from Canada”
    Awwww. Loved Good Place. Love how he trudged on playing the keyboard when he faltered. He’s no quitter. Loved watching people interact with him while getting their time with him. Loved every second of the show. Especially loved David making a huge declaration with his drum. 🙂 Loved sitting at a table later on with a huge group of new friends. Loved the accents all around. The laughs. The mozzarella sticks.
    Our Woodstock, lol.

  8. It truly was un unforgettable weekend! I’m glad I was able to be a part of your David Archuleta experience! It was so awesome to have the opportunity to meet you and so many other fans! I agree that it’s easier to talk to David strangers than regular strangers! I feel like it’s being around family that you haven’t met yet. Haha, I hope that makes sense! 🙂 Thank you for the mention and I’m glad you had an amazing time! 😀

    • TOfan says:

      Rosalinda, it was so great to meet you! … I’d still like to hear more from you & abanana, betsy and anyone else at the Verona VIP about how David reacted to the question, “Why are you so cute?” Did he really giggle for a full minute?? 😆

  9. emmegirl says:

    abanana, thanks for the recap. What a wonderful memory for you and your Mom. And she squealed, lol. They are irrespressible, and they betray you in your most vulnerable moments. 😉

    Good Place/Let It Be, aaaahhhh his voice. What I wouldn’t give to hear him sing all of Let It Be.

    Kizzi, omgoodness, loooved your recap and this….”It was a feast for the senses in every facet. In fact, it took four shows to notice all the various nuances a maturing virtuoso performer has added to his artistic repertoire, of an obviously focused effort of an up-and-coming raconteur — a magical storyteller, a growing ease beyond the singing — balancing song not only with message but also real entertainment, and so much more.”
    He is really coming into his own. I just don’t know how someone his age puts together and performs a show like that, that level, that artistry, that professionalism. He truly is somethin’ somethin’.

    Did I hear mention of a live DVD! I was thinking after the Westbury videos started popping up if he ever is gonna film and/or record a live concert, this tour would be the perfect time to get started! Woohoo, I pray it comes to pass!

    Tofan, avi..Christmas miracle, lol! I got way more excited than I should have when I saw he finally changed it!

    Sounds like you all had so much fun. And thanks to everyone “reportin” in after the shows. 😉

  10. ABANANA – love reading your recap. David never stops smiling when among fans? Yeah, that’s what Archies who read fan recaps are prone to do as well. Perma-grin all the way while reading your story

    I didn’t realize that NY is close to Canada. My daughter mentioned that cos her BF just moved to Canada and she sent something for him (through the kindness of Naree). But it didn’t register w/ me. Reading this… aahhh.. I wanted to send some stuff too to some peeps…

    I’ll remember it for next time

    Again thanks for your recap. I’ve just begun to go around fan sites to read the reactions – although twitter is a good sorce for it!

    But nothing beats reading stories upon stories of being slayed, dying, stunned, gobsmacked, left on the floor sprawled — that’s what we sign up for as an Archie, right? LMAO

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  11. Hey, Anna! I’ve been a bit busy the last couple of days, but was hoping for a recap of the MKOC concert from you. Since you’re one of my twitter peeps who is closest in age to David, I wanted to hear what it was like for you. So glad you wanted to share the experience with your mom and that she enjoyed that bonding with you, too. Hope one day I’ll make it up to Canada or to a David concert where we’ll both be and hope to meet your mom, too. Kindred spirits! Thanks for your recap!

  12. TOfan says:

    Awesome vid of Stroudsburg Little Drummer Boy … reminded me of Refnaf’s comment above:
    “when David took the drum sticks, held them high above his head and belted out the “Me and my drummmmm” It was like he had a message for the world> this is me and this is what I do and I do it for Him, my WAY!!!” YES!!!!!

    And love this pic & tweet from the lovely @Archugeezer, who was at the Boise signing yesterday:
    “Boise DBook report: Manager says over 1,000 people showed up . David stayed almost 3.5 hours to sign for every single person who came.”
    David Archuleta Boise

    • awestruck says:

      This is a comment on the above video – “When I heard David perform this at the Sherman, not only was that the first time i ever saw him live, but I recognized the true meaning of Christmas like never before when he beat that drum. Singing is his god-given talent, and he was using it to praise the Lord. He beat his drum for Jesus. 🙂 He’s inspired us all to do the same, to beat OUR drums for God. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  13. refnaf says:

    Let me say>>> Who the heck is this dude??? I have been away from the computer and only get his tweets to my phone, and lol, it has been twittering non stop the last few days!!

    That Little Drummer Boy vid is crazy good!! Come January when I actually have some time I am going to watch David vids for a WHOLE DAY!!!

    JR I am happy that following David has been a geography lesson too…. lol

    • TOfan says:

      hahahaha, ya, we were speculating on twitter on where this new uber-tweeting, nature-location-vlogging, #31-Twitter-following, book reading, choir-visiting David was… I said it was Basque David. 😆

      …speaking of Twitter, Agent Banana will appreciate this exchange today:

      Random tweeter:
      I like classes with people who are a few years older because they are just so much nicer (like David Archuletta)

      he’s @DavidArchie on twitter btw 🙂

      Random tweeter:
      haha thanks but i was referring to the David lookalike in my class 🙂

      oh, haha, lucky you! 🙂

  14. refnaf says:

    ack Basque David FTW!!!!!! He is killing me….

  15. refnaf says:

    and the sidebar pic TOfan>> “MY angels in the snow” killing me again

  16. TOfan says:

    Twitpic from @DonaOchoa at the Borah High School (I sure hope David didn’t play Good Place/Let It Be … no fair to kill them all before they have a chance to graduate! 😆 ) UPDATE: Apparently he sang Angels, and there will be video! 🙂
    David Archuleta Boise

    • Kizzi says:

      Borah HS video:

      David on a Grand Piano = Musical Majesty

      …and when he goes into his power singing, major chills….

      ♫ ♪ ….And through it all, she offers me protection,
      A lot of love and protection, whether I’m right or wrong,
      And down the waterfall, where ever it may take me,
      I know that life won’t break me,
      When I come to call she won’t forsake me,
      I’m loving Angels instead….♫ ♪ ♫

      I am really liking David making errors and then not apologizing—-a lot of love and protection, whether I’m right or wrong—-forcing himself to push through the fear of making mistakes—-I know that life won’t break me—-of trying to appear perfect.

      On the other side of all that is an ease and joy of performing that comes through—-he has a wellspring of that in his singing—and is making quite a visible effort in his piano/keyboard playing…impressive growth that is magnified by knowing (and getting to not being influenced by that) that critics will lambaste him for not being perfect.

      • awestruck says:

        I’ve noticed too that he does not apologize.

        You said it well Kizzi “I am really liking David making errors and then not apologizing—-a lot of love and protection, whether I’m right or wrong—-forcing himself to push through the fear of making mistakes—-I know that life won’t break me—-of trying to appear perfect.”

  17. Kizzi says:

    Link to live blog by Janey at ArchuletaFanScene for Boise last night – all kinds of wonderful —–>

    Here is link to a live blog for Boise on Twitter last night ——>!/AllThingsArchie/boise-id

    Couple of highlights:

    From Archugeezer:
    OK, my lovely friends. I have to get ready to leave town. I will need therapy if Blackfoot is any better than Boise. G’nite!

    I have seen videos, but this… Who unleashed this kid? Unreal!

    From amy_inVA
    @Archugeezer He unleashed HIMSELF! Got rid of the “chains” that were inhibiting his creativity. LOVE IT! Go D!

    From momJulee:
    @PrincessArchie Just remember, at the appropriate moment, yell “Jean, Jean the Dancing Machine!” He LOVES that!
    Me: hmmmm….anyone know what that means???

  18. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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