Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

For me, it will be tough to top last Thanksgiving … ever. Looking back, I can hardly believe what I got to do last year:

This….. Joannie Rochette + David Archuleta = MKOP (esp. their hug at the end 🙂 … vid: Archiedorable )

Then, a short drive away, this… (chatty extra-credit David FTW!!! … was this the very first “audience participation” Elevator?) (vid: pastelpastelpastel)

… and this (to lady in window overhead: “What are you eating btw?… but you’re chewing something … you’re making me hungry” *dies* … “Would it be rude to ask who’s the oldest person here?” (Mike K. raises hand) *dies again*) (vid: pastelpastelpastel)

I am beyond grateful for that whole weekend, for David and his amazing music and spirit and for all you lovely people. *group hug*

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend, everyone!

p.s. and thankful for vloooooooooooooooooogggggggsssssssssss … new writing sessions FTW!!!!!!

More info:
A little friend of mine Berkley wanted to sing for all of you. haha. Also just wanted to talk about a road trip I took this week which was pretty fun. Going to Okinawa, Japan next week which will be way cool!

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33 Responses to Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  1. refnaf says:

    Best Thansgiving indeed TOfan!!!! What great memories….Which I am thankful for and treasure! Chatty David that day was awesome……hope on the MKOCT that he will be able to randomly ramble between songs. I bet he will seeing as it is his very own show!1

    The vlog>>>> writing sessions, YAY!!!!!
    And road tripping ….
    And tha adorbs friend of his 🙂
    All is well and I AM THANKFUL
    Have a great Thanksgving peeps…. enjoy the summer weather!!!!

  2. abanana77 says:

    Hard to believe that was a whole year ago! Yeah, that Thanksfiving would be hard to top, would need to be a reallllllllllly good turkey! 😛

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Starting my long weekend with some hockey watching, excited for the new season! 🙂

  3. Amy (inVA) says:

    Hey! Love this post – great vids! Just for the record, I think David’s first audience participation on “Elevator” was on Sept 30, 2010 in Roanoke. I was there and we were floored! haha I wonder if he even surprised Mike? If he did, Mike was awesome at “going with the flow.” LOVE the song! 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      thanks, Amy! I don’t think I saw any vids from that show *uTubes*

      • TOfan says:

        wow, totally missed the Roanoke vids … adorbs the way he sings to the two girls onstage (points to them at “you’ll never know, what you’re gonna get” lol & his “run & hide” actions at 3:30, priceless!) and how he originally came up with the audience participation part on the fly! wow

  4. peppertara says:

    TOfan, you have attended some wonderful events and yes, best Thanksgiving for sure!
    Love watching those vids again. Also loved that sweet surprlse video blog from David and his little friend was very adorable! Songwriting is a great thing! David’s trip to Japan is coming up soon, so happy for him, he will have a wonderful time and of course they will love him.
    I really need to tell David if he wants more ocean and mountains he must come to BC and while he’s here……may as well throw in a concert while passing through Vancouver. 🙂

    A very happy Thanksgiving weekend SnowAngelz!

    • TOfan says:

      peppertara, “if he wants more ocean and mountains he must come to BC” hahaha, I was thinking that too, pep, lol … he should’ve just kept driving! 😆

  5. betsy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Snowangelz!
    “I was always looking for extra credit opportunities”

  6. emmegirl says:

    Oh tofan, thanks for bringing us these videos again…charming, warm, witty, genuine. ♥
    (I enjoy watching Mike’s affection for him too.)

    Enjoying the new and improved lighting in his recent vlogs.

    LadyV is a swell gal.

    Happy thanksgiving SA!

    • TOfan says:

      me too, emme, and the songs David & Mike have written together (ZG, ALTNOY, SOT, Elevator) are some of my absolute faves, so I hope they get to collaborate again in future. (Love LadyV too, she seems quirky & fun and “gets” D., love “Look Around”!)

      Here’s David’s intro to the “Winning Edge” episode … way to get “put one foot in front of the other” in there! 🙂

  7. silverfox says:

    TOfan, refnaf and all David’s Canadian Fans..


    Note: Looks like I may see you, Renaf & Kizzi in NY after all for David’s MKOC Tour! SandyBeaches twisted my arm (didn’t have to twist too hard) & made me an offer I couldn’t refuse! Going to Westbury, Irving Plaza, then driving up to Turning Stone Casino, then down to Stroudsburg WHEW! Then, to Newark airport & home! Not sure if I’ll survive, but Whatta way ta go!!!

  8. TOfan says:

    This will be the last of my vid spam before I head outside on this beautiful day! LOL … betsy tweeted this link & it’s probs my fave MH ever so just had to share … “hello Mr. Sun!” 😆 :

  9. Kizzi says:

    Happy (belated) Thanksgiving to all at SAz!

    Emmegirl *waves* (((HUGS)))

    SF: So happy you are on the NorthEast MKOC tour!

    TOfan: Great MH at PA

    My fav in USA:


    My fav in Scotland:

  10. emmegirl says:

    ((kizzi)) **waving back**

    Impeccable taste in MH’s. 🙂

  11. Heidijoy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving gals! What great memories you shared.

    I’ll be heading to Salt Lake City and Beaver, Colorado where David wraps up his Christmas tour.
    Met another Iowa fan last year at Fan dinner during Motab. She and I will venture there and will take in Motab concert on Sunday morning if we get tickets. Ah! such memories. My nephew who lives in Colorado is praying for more snow in Vail and I’ll be hoping for less!!

  12. emmegirl says:

    Keep wondering about the “experimenting” going on in that writing session today.

    • TOfan says:

      From this pic posted by @LisaMurray, looks like they were having fuuuun! 🙂
      David Archuleta with LadyV and Dapo

      • emmegirl says:

        Disclaimer – this is from Wikipedia, but if this is even semi-accurate, she is a very busy lady.

        “As of the summer of 2011, Ms. Horn is currently involved with projects with the following artists: Deadmau5, Mary J. Blige, Delta Goodrem, Cher, Kelly Clarkson, Avery, Charice, Natasha Bedingfield, Adam Lambert, Arianna Grande, Nick Jonas, Richard Vission, The Freemasons, Ferry Corsten, Doman and Gooding, Demi Lovato, David Archuleta, Big Time Rush, Leona Lewis, Westlife, Kelly Rowland, Kaskade, Kylie Minogue, Michael Bublé Cherie, Nikki Williams, Willow Smith, Jessica Jarrell, Mann, Laza Morgan, Clement Malfoy, Scorcher, Kayla Kai, Monarchy, Ignug, and Bette Midler.”

  13. Katheryn says:

    Dear Canadian fans of David:

    If you haven’t voted on the IdolHeadEd Top 3 poll, please do so pronto! The poll ends on Sunday evening, and David is currently in last place.



  14. Katheryn says:

    The Dam Nation Idol Tournament – Round 5 (David vs. Carrie Underwood)

    This poll started Saturday evening, and it runs till 10:00 p.m. ET on Monday, October 10th.


  15. TOfan says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Canada! 🙂 About to head off on a 7-hour drive home… listening to the Nashville “Break the Silence” show this trip. “Freebird?? … I’ve played it on GuitarHero, that’s about it.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Loved this story of a Verona fan’s promo efforts for the MKOC Tour on Fanscene:

  16. abanana77 says:

    Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! (one last time, lol)

    Among other things, I am thankful for this website, and all the work you put into it, TOfan. I have found my David “home” here, so thank you!! <3333

  17. djafan says:

    Hello Canadians!
    Happy belated Thanksgiving!
    I love those videos Tofan. David sure was chatty that day. I have playlists on my ipod that are named “David speaks” lol.

  18. peppertara says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! So many things I am thankful for, truly is good to reflect.
    Thanks for all the great videos and interesting info and comments. Hope all Canadian fans have or have had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend and thanks to all the ‘non Canadian’ fans for their wishes. I’ve been celebrating since Saturday with family and friends and thinking of those not so fortunate, all makes for a meaningful weekend. Of course David’s music just adds to the special time!
    Saw this blog written by a young fan and it sooo….touched me. Another testament to David’s inspiration in so many lives. Big hugs to this young fan:

    “i can go the distance: i don’t know if anyone was curious as to why i really want to meet David Archuleta, but i’m going to tell you anyway”……..

    • abanana77 says:

      Thanks for linking that blog peppertara, TAGGB is such a beautifully uplifting song and it has also helped me out along the way (as I’m sure it has helped many). I kinda really want him to sing it on the MCOC Tour, but I don’t know if he will. Big {{{hugs}}} to this fan, I hope she gets to share her story with David <3333

    • TOfan says:

      peppertara, wow, thanks for that link, such a touching story… that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? I too hope she gets to tell David her story someday (& would love to hear TAGGB live, esp. with a choir! 🙂 )

  19. peppertara says:

    abanana, TAGGB has helped me out along the way too, so glad that it has inspired this young fan. Have always found it to be such a beautiful song, especially the way David sings it. Would love for him to sing it at a concert.
    Well, David can be full of nice surprises, so you never know!

  20. refnaf says:

    Thanks for all the wishes. Hope everyone had a great weekend….
    The weather!!!!!! oh my heck!! I was able to have my sitdown turkey dinner for 17 outside on my deck!! It was so awesome!!!

  21. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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