Hockey night in Archuletaville

Hey, is that Priscilla Presley under there??? (Photo:

So many things to love here (plus, I’m a list person), so here goes:

  • David singing (what’s not to love?)
  • David + hockey (ditto)
  • He’s introduced as “recording artist David Archuleta” … Idol & Jive, don’t let the door hit you on the way out! 🙂
  • Cheesy polyester hockey jerseys have never looked so stylin’
  • “And the rockets red glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare” *chills* baby *chills*
  • That he took a chance and changed it up slightly from his NASCAR rendition (always risky with any anthem)
  • David’s ever-so-slight smile when he nails a run and the crowd roars, and then again at the end when he knows he did the song proud
  • The announcer’s “Thank you, David” at the end
  • David got to see his first NHL game — and it was an awesome edge-of-your-seat, fast, furious, battle to the finish sudden-death overtime match that showed all the reasons we in the Great White North love the game.
  • The game was sold out so more than 17,000 peeps got to hear that Voice … and we know every single time David sings, he wins over new fans.
  • The YouTube vid is up to 2,105 2,458 3,584 views already and these stats:
  • #76 #56 – Most Discussed (Today) – Sports
  • #41 #38 – Top Favorited (Today) – Sports
  • #57 #53 – Top Rated (Today) – Sports
  • Screencap: Absolute Archies

    And last, but not least, the great buzz. “Ducks” was trending for a while last night and David had the Top Tweet!

  • And here’s a post from (LOLing that they linked to “Senseless” like it’s David’s big hit!):

David Archuleta may not have won American Idol, but a young idol couldn’t get much more American than singing the national anthem alongside a bunch of Marines at a hockey game. (Okay, maybe if it was baseball.) And that’s just what the “Senseless” singer did at the Honda Center in Anaheim yesterday. Alas, “The Star Spangled Banner” may not be the new music Archie recently promised via his video blog, but hey — at least he knows all the words. Oh say, can you see the video of this performance? Why, yes — just head below.

David Archuleta sang the national anthem before Friday’s Anaheim Ducks/Nashville Predators hockey game in Anaheim (which the Preds won 4-3 in overtime). Though David had attended a James Taylor/Carole King concert at the Honda Center, it was his first professional hockey game. “Hockey was a completely different experience,” he said. “It was great to see the action up close.”

Bringing this over from the last thread, from the story on Absolute Archies:

“When David sings live, (or even when he’s recording) it sounds like it’s the last minute of the world and he’s got one minute to show it all. “

Photo: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images via

Photo: Debora Robinson, NHLI via Getty Images (

And to everyone who celebrates Easter, Joyeux Pâques ! Happy Easter blessings to one and all!

P.S. According to this tweet from drummer Steven J. Rob, we will get our first glimpse of the new band in action on Monday! 🙂

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30 Responses to Hockey night in Archuletaville

  1. refnaf says:

    Awesome list TOfan!!! We watched the game and it was fun knowing David was in the crowd, hope he had a blast. The little change ups he did were perfect! I will hold on to my dream of him singing our anthem someday….. it could happen.

    Monday will be awesome, to hear the band ***squee***

    Happy Easter all!!!

  2. emmegirl says:

    I’m a list person too TOfan, and I think you have checked every box with yours!
    (I even have lists to remember to check all my lists.)

    ref, I can’t help but believe that someday he will!

  3. Archugeezer says:

    The list: YES!

    I was just waiting for something about the David-Hockey combo event from my lovely Canadian friends. No question David belongs on the ice—coolest rendition ever.

    Happy Easter everyone!

  4. Utahmom says:

    Great National Anthem!!! Great list!! And great comment about Priscilla Presley–literally burst out laughing when I read that.

  5. abanana77 says:

    Awesome list TOfan! 🙂

    David Hockey = love <333333

    I believe one day he'll sing O Canada and all us snowangelzz will die a beautiful death.

    Happy Easter everyone! 😀

    PS love the title of this post! Hockey night in Archuletaville indeed.

  6. TOfan says:

    (from @Teddybearr):


    David Archuleta just came into my work!!! :)) Seriously one of the nicest guys ever! 🙂

    off-topic & late, lol, I think this was taken on the 21st, more tweets:

    Please don’t mind how silly I look in that picture! Haha

    I also have to add… He said he liked my name :))) aww I’m such a dork 🙂 Hahah!

    he told me he lived here and in Utah! He was seriously the nicest most down to earth kid ever! 🙂

    He was so cute he like shook my hand and asked my name! He said he liked it :)) Haha! He said he would come back!

  7. awestruck says:

    Oh, ah David putting his voice on the Canadian Anthem… yes abanana we canucks will all die a beautiful, happy death

    Happy Easter to all

  8. emmegirl says:

    One more listen. He makes this singing this difficult song look effortless.

  9. desertrat says:

    “And the rockets red glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaare”

    I had to go back and listen a zillion more times! 🙂 Thanks for the list! I believe Monday’s IC performance will be just as memorable if not more.

    Stealing from Charlie Sheen, being Jive-less is #winning!

  10. TOfan says:

    desertrat, “being Jive-less is #winning!” bahahahaha

    ArchieFanDoc from FanScene was at the game last night & took this awesome vid… you can’t see David but boy can you hear him (& the crowd erupting into spontaneous cheers 🙂 ):

    and love this comment on the 1st vid:
    “I came late to the game and missed the national anthem (which is something that always pisses me off) and I heard he gave the most beautiful rendition of the national anthem the Honda Center had ever seen. Thanks for posting this video, so sad I missed it live, still amazing on video.”

  11. TOfan says:

    aww, the Ducks just tweeted this TwidVid of David:

    @AnaheimDucks Shout-out and thanks to @DavidArchie for giving @HondaCenter a great anthem last night! A new #NHLDucks fan?!

  12. peppertara says:

    Great list TOfan and great post! Somehow I can picture David on the ice with a hockey stick in hand (without the blue ice skates). If he ever did sing our anthem one day, would be exceptionally wonderful!
    Made me laugh at the photo caption…”Hey, is that Priscilla Presley under there???” Haha, no probably not, just another new fan!

    Love the little Twitvid with David, very sweet. Lots of great responses to David’s NA performance and I’m still loving every moment of watching that video (again and again). He is THE National Anthem singer. I always take a certain amount of pleasure in imagining the effect he has on people hearing him sing that for the first time or those non fans who are taken by surprise. The cheers from the crowd are always a good indication. 🙂
    Oh and love the Stanley cup picture in the sidebar by the way…David + hockey….yeah!

    A very Happy Easter to all if you do celebrate it. Just had my rather large family get together today with a group of 24 people from 11 months old to 94 yrs old. Twas very nice, with too much food, haha…but never too much fellowship. Not so unlike the kind of fellowship among the many David fans out there.
    Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend.

  13. emmegirl says:

    HaPpY EaStEr Snowangelz!

  14. archangel48 says:

    Family ROCKS! We will be enjoying Easter dinner with my family at Mom’s house. We always eat too much too! The greatness of getting together is a feeling like no other. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and Happy Easter!

  15. betsy says:

    Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

    I love your list.
    I saw that Idolator article linking Senseless the other day and cracked up.
    Am hoping that David will become a huge hockey fan and will be asked to go to Canada and sing for you guys.
    (My crush on Stevie Yzerman will never die) (random and out of place. Oh well)
    I am a list maker as well. Only – not so much important lists. As a child I spent hours making up lists of top 10 things.
    Ok, I may still do it once in a while. 🙂
    Ask me again, what are the things I adore about Mr. Archuleta?
    p.s. (and terribly off topic, but still funny, lol) When my daughter was 16, there was a boy with a huge crush on her. He made a list of the top ten reasons he loved her.
    I found it after she went off to college, and kept it. ♥ I was just reading it the other day.
    Some of the things:
    She sticks up for others, she has beautiful pale skin, she would look great in my band, she is good to dogs and babies. I always lol over the band part.
    Anyway – I don’t think this comment get much odder, so off I go.

  16. TOfan says:

    hope everyone had a glorious Easter … my bro-in-law decided to go upstairs & shave his beard off mid-meal… never a dull moment! 😆

    Cool to see the RITS vlog is up to almost 26,000 views already! Loved this comment in particular:
    oh my freaking gosh…i got goosebumps just listening to you sing this…are you for real? I mean REALLY?! Wow Archie, just wow. I can listen to this over and over again if i want, in fact I will. ❤

    … why did I love this comment? Maybe because it’s posted under the screenname “davidcookfangirl” 🙂

    And I was intrigued to see that 766 of the vlog views came from a website in Poland ( … thanks to Google translate, here are some of the comments: 🙂

    most of them I like its smooth and gentle voice. It cudoowny: * Despite the fact that it is the star knows how to behave naturally. He is so normal and I admire him for it. I ♥ David!

    omg! have thought that you forgot about him! 🙂 nice cover of the song:) David for me is THE BEST singer USA. I’m his biggest fan and I watch his every videoblogi the and this is the first in which he sang and it came SUPER ❤ I ♥ David Archie forever! , *, 3

    I do not know him, but even even =D

    He has a nice voice;]

    I do not know him but I know that he was in one episode of Hannah Montana;)


    It is wonderful 😀


    nice voice

    I do not know him, a nice voice but the song too.

    voice is nice and clean is a big plus:)) many of today's stars cannot sing live (the glory of today's technology)


    • refnaf says:

      Wut???? Beard shaving mid dinner FTW, I guess???

      Thanks for bringing comments over TOfan, neat to see what “other” peeps are saying “many of today’s stars cannot sing live” Bingo!

  17. TOfan says:

    Livestream link for Invisible Children “25” event (David scheduled to appear between 8-9 p.m. CDT):

  18. refnaf says:

    Pumped to hear the voice today!!!!

  19. TOfan says:

    Stadium of Fire Freedom Festival wants to know what we’d like to hear David (oh, & Brad Paisley 🙂 ) sing on July 2nd!


    Tell them on their FB page HERE.

  20. TOfan says:

    David on in about 5 minutes!


    There are bongos on stage!

    <a href="; title="

    Twitpic from @John_AF:
    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

    Snippets of all songs on Twitvid from PaulaFOD!!!

  21. TOfan says:

    And an mp3 of David’s ENTIRE SET, courtesy of the amazing Abrra, download HERE.

  22. refnaf says:

    KKKKK That livestream was epic>>>> David is incredible….

  23. peppertara says:

    OMgosh……bluuueeesssy, soulllfulll, matured, awesome, incredible and yes epic performance! Loved it all and loved it some more. Adore the acoustic David, loved the song “Gotta Get Through This”, not sure if it is new or old but first time I’ve heard it. It was amazing, wow, as was every song he did. POTC so heartfelt again, oh my, as was the duet he did.
    Love his band members too (and the bongos)! The whole set was wonderful and David….so good to see him perform again!
    What a beautiful and awesome cause too, enwraps the heart as David always manages to do (and did).
    Am listening to the MP3 I just downloaded, courtesy of the wonderful Abrra.
    Thank you Abrra!

  24. archangel48 says:

    Abrra The Amazing! GAH! Thanks so much for the download. And so speedy too! 😉

  25. awestruck says:

    Thank you Abrra

  26. TOfan says:

    new post/thread! with new vid!


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