La vie en rose : A David Archuleta fan in Paris tells her story

I was a free man in Paris: The City of Lights responds to a David Archuleta tour announcement.

Mon histoire
Hi, I’m Zami and I love music. All kind of music. R&B/Soul (my favorite), pop, pop/rock, classic, etc… I even like some rap songs (but only those with meaningful messages, not the bling-bling ones lol). I’m 31 or 32, I stopped counting when I was 25. I never thought I was old until I was categorized as an “older fan” of David Archuleta! I live in Paris, France, and I’m a former teacher. I’m now a social worker and I (still) teach French as a second language.

Au début
The first time I heard about David was in a French blog. The journalist wrote something like “watch this kid! He’s amazing! American Idol has already found its winner!” I clicked on the link and it was a video of David’s performance of “Imagine.” It was the first time (since a long time) that I had being touched by a song and a superb voice. And when you think that I was never a fan of “Imagine,” you can tell that I was shocked, lol. After listening to the video like 1 million times, I decided to search other videos about him, just to see if what I was feeling was just about that particular performance or if it was about the singer. I’m just going to say that I spent a lot of time watching all the YouTube videos of David and I realized that he was special. Not only his amazing voice but something really touching and endearing about his personality.

David Archuleta ready for his closeup.

If I’m honest, I didn’t want to be a “fan.” I never was a fan of someone before and the word fan in my mind always had a pejorative connotation. But with David, I felt invested since the beginning. I didn’t know why, there was just something different about him. Now, I’m happy to call myself a fan for life of David Archuleta. He has enormous talent and he’s also a good person. He has a lot of charisma and for me he’s a leader, maybe a humble one but still. He inspires me by his positive attitude and his great (and uncommon) personality makes me forget, sometimes, that I’m first a fan of his voice (and his music)!

Also, I confess, I’m really addicted to his voice, I listen to his songs everytime for every occasions ! I know that can seem crazy but I like how I feel when I hear him sing, lol.

‘D’Arch’ de Triomphe
What’s it like being a David fan in France? Well, I thank God every day for the Internet, lol, and for the amazing fans who share their experiences, their videos, etc. … I feel less isolated.

I know other fans of David here (there’s a French forum about him, I think, and I saw one or two blogs). Some know him from AI (AI is not aired here, you can only watch it on the Internet), others thanks to the McFly tour and the Demi tour (Demi has a lot of teen fans here).

All my family and my friends know who David is and they like him too (my nephew even said once that he’d like to be David Archuleta when he grows up. He thought for a long time that he was a fictional character because he only saw him on YouTube, lol).

Also, being a fan in France can have its “advantage” (yes, I’ve found one. lol). I think it’s easier to promote him here. You just have to make people listen to his music and they like him. No AI stigma, no “he’s only for little girls,” no JB comparisons, etc. … It’s just about his voice!

McFly Tour, Portsmouth, U.K. (Photo: Dan Smyth)

“There is nothing that compares to David Archuleta live”: I can’t count how many times I heard (read) that. So the minute I knew David was going to tour with McFly in the U.K., I couldn’t not go. It was my first chance to hear him sing live and I didn’t know if there would be another opportunity so the decision to go was made in a heartbeat!

I went to the show with my brother and two friends. My brother already liked him. He lives in The Netherlands so I emailed him regularly all D’s performances on AI while I was watching the program. My bro is more of an R&B/Soul fan and he thought that David did the best cover of “Stand by Me” he ever heard, so it was easy for me to convince him to come with me. My friends were really and positively surprised at how good he was live and couldn’t believe he didn’t win AI (I never told them before that David was a former AI contestant because they are music snobs, lol — they think the reality shows can’t produce real artists).

Now I can say it too: There is absolutely nothing that compares to David Archuleta live! He was amazing and the audience response to him was great. My only regret is that I didn’t meet him. I’m shy and I didn’t want to sound stupid with my bad English!

Doesn't it look like he's about to speak French? "hmm, j'ai faim ..."


I was so excited the first time I heard David would be singing in French for Pat-A-Pan! It took me a week to listen to the entire song, I was repeating the first words in French again and again and again. I love his accent in French, it’s so cool. I ‘d love to hear more from him, like a French version of Crush. And for the first time, my nephew didn’t ask me to translate the lyrics for him (he sings all David’s songs phonetically, his current favorite is Elevator. Oh, and he can do a great impersonation of David, lol).

My hope as a European fan
I’d love to see David in France. He’d love Paris (not really for the people, lol, but there are a lot of museum and monuments to visit here !).

He really should come back to Europe to tour or just to promote his album. He already has fans everywhere here without any exposure (Italy, Spain, Holland, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Romania, Bulgary, Portugal …) ! I hope that when he talked about an international tour in his last blog, it will include a visit to the “old continent”!

For now, I’ll keep on supporting him and listening to his albums, waiting for a second chance to see him live. I have great hopes for 2011 !


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  1. Janel Woodbury says:

    I am compiling a book for David of fan stories, inspirational and testimonials on how his voice, soul and heart has changed our lives. I love the stories here and would love to use them and add them to my book. It might take several months to gather stories then compile them. I am working with Shell_eeeyyy in Colorado (I’m in Utah). My twitter is Nellie1983 if anyone is interested in contributing to the book.

  2. awestruck says:

    Janel, what a wonderful thing for you to do! I would be honored if you so chose to use something of mine. Are you thinking of making it available to all fans once completed? I would be most interested.

  3. awestruck says:

    zami – your written English is superb! I hope you overcome your shyness to be able to meet David one day. Thank you for sharing your story, it is most endearing! For you to find a positive in being an overseas fan is wonderful… most David-like I must say.

    • zami says:

      Thank you ! I admit I really wasn’t sure about my English. I used to be a lurker here and in other David fan sites (like the Voice) and the posts are always great and amazingly well written. So I’m a little ashamed because I write in English like a five year old kid lol !

      I really hope I’ll have a second chance to meet David ! The thing is I understand English well but I’m not sure I’ll be able to talk with him …

  4. suttygal/Joanie MN says:

    Hi Zami!
    Thank you very much for sharing your “David” story with all of us! 🙂 I’ve been a fan since “Waiting on the World to Change” and as I tweeted him the other night on his 3rd yr anniversary of walking into that AI WOTWTC audition room and into my heart, I told him that I was no longer waiting; 3 years ago he DID change my world as I knew it!!
    The day David 1st aired Crush on Z100,Aug. 1, 2008, I was leaving with my family (I’m from Minnesota) to fly oversees to join my 17 yr old son who had left a week earlier to play in a soccer tournament. As soon as Crush was played, I put it on my iPod (including the mid song announcement and all) There was NO WAY I would leave on that jet plane without David singing his very first single “to me” as I flew over the pond! By the time we landed in London, the song was already memorized and forever burned into my brain. After my son’s tournament ended a few days later, we continued on to Paris to spend the rest of our vacation. I LOVED Paris! We all did! On our final day of touring and shopping, I brought along my iPod. When I visited with the small shop vendors (who spoke English) I had them listen to David Archuleta singing his new single “Crush” on my iPod! I told them that if they didn’t recognize him yet, they need not worry~ one day, France would embrace David, and he’d be singing his music in their beautiful country…and they could consider themselves “lucky” to have been some of the 1st to have heard him! :)) I loved Paris, and wanted David to know about this beautiful country, too!
    I first met David at the AI tour about a month later at home in Minnesota. In his gift bag, along with a few other items, I included a black T shirt with a graphic sketch of the Eiffel Tower and “Paris” sketched in a very cool font in red that I had brought back to give him. In my letter, I explained how and when I had bought this T shirt for him, and that I wanted him to know how much I hoped he, too, would be able to visit France someday. I told him I thought he’d LOVE Paris, and that the people of France would love him and his music too. :)) And here you are! So very cool! Although I never saw him wear the T, I know he received it along with my letter.
    I love the way David continues to bring the borders of our world closer together. His influence by “just being David” never ceases to amaze me! I know he’ll perform in your beautiful country one day, and I believe you’ll not only see him, but this time you’ll meet him. :)) Thanks again for your story.

    • zami says:

      Wow ! I love your story !
      Imagine is the first song I heard by David but I completly felt in love with Shop Around and Heaven !

      “I told them that if they didn’t recognize him yet, they need not worry~ one day, France would embrace David, and he’d be singing his music in their beautiful country…and they could consider themselves “lucky” to have been some of the 1st to have heard him!”
      It’s funny because it’s what I told my friends when I gifted them David’s first album ! I said something like : you are among the first persons to know who this musical genius is, you should feel priveliged !

      When Crush was released, I was listening to Z100 on a livestream. I was so nervous ! I had it on repeat in my Ipod too and the chorus was stuck in my mind after the first listen.

      It’s so cool that you visited Paris and that you gave David the T shirt with the Eiffel Tower. I’d love to see him here, I’m even willing to propose myself as a guide lol. One thing is sure, if he comes back to Europe, I’ll be the first in line to attend his concerts ! and of course, I’d love to meet him but I’m as awkward as he is so our encounter would be really funny (or totaly surreal lol).

      (One of my dream is to visit your beautiful country but I have to overcome my fear of travelling by plane first lol)

  5. TOfan says:

    zami, love, love, LOVED reading your story! awestruck is right, your English is aMAZing! I find it so interesting that people from so many far-away places, from all walks of life can have such similar reactions and feel the same joy from listening to David sing. Incroyable ! 🙂

    I hope David does do a concert in Paris someday, if only so I can go back, lol, one of my favourite cities in the world. Or maybe he could perform in the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Nîmes *swoons* …

    How old is your nephew? So cool that his favourite song is Elevator/l’ascenseur hahaha

    off-topic, @AnnieDAFG pointed out that this pic of David made it into Billboard’s slideshow of Photos of the Year: 2010 (#54 out of 74), rest HERE:

    “OCT. 5: Sometimes being a teen idol is hard work! David Archuleta was mobbed by fans who stalked him out as he left the Billboard HQ after his Live Q&A.”

    Billboard top 2010 photos

    • emmegirl says:

      Billboard likes him too I think.

      • zami says:

        Thank you TOfan for giving me the opportunity to share my story ! I love your site and all the great fans who share their stories here !

        Nîmes would be a great place for a concert (and the weather is always fine there lol). My nephew is 7 but he acts and talks like a teen. He’s what we call a “precoce” kid. Music is a great thing to canalise his energy ..

        BTW, I love the pics you chose !

  6. abanana77 says:

    Warning – I am going to attempt some french here just for the heck of it:

    Bienvenue Zami! Merci pour partager ton histoire avec nous 🙂 Je suis très impressionné que ton frère aime David aussi! Mes frères ne vont pas lui donné une chance. J’espère aussi que David va visiter l’Europe. Je suis certain qu’il l’adore!

    Hahahahahaha sorry for completely butchering your language 😀 Thought I would try (since you wrote the whole post out in English). Haven’t really spoken french in like 7 years so I’m a little rusty, haha. And those 4 sentences took waayyyyy too long to write because I was texting my friend (who’s a french major) every 2 words to ask her something!

    But seriously I love to hear stories from people all over the world who’ve been touched by David! Also awesome that you got to see him in concert! Hopefully he’ll go back to your neighbourhood soon. I know I always say I want David to come to Canada (and I do) but we’re incredibly lucky to be so close to the US we can still make it to concerts. So I hope he visits the other international fans again in 2011.

    Also your nephew sounds adorable! 🙂

    • zami says:

      Your French is so good ! No warning needed !
      Ton français est génial ! Mon frère a plusieurs chansons de David dans son Ipod. On a souvent les même goûts en ce qui concerne la musique donc j’étais à peu près sure qu’il aimerait David.

      Seeing David with McFly was a great memory ! My nephew was really sad when he knew that my bro and I saw David live, he said that I was a traitor because I chose to go with someone who wasn’t as fan as him lol… It was really funny ! But I promised him that I’ll go with him when David will come back to the UK !

  7. emmegirl says:

    zami, adore adore adore your article. Imagine was the clincher for me too. I thought he was the best of the bunch after Shop Around, but Imagine showed he was among the best of the best anywhere, already, at the tender age of 17.

    “it’s easier to promote him here…it’s just about his voice.” Do you show them his picture, lol?

    “It took me a week to listen to the entire song, I was repeating the first words in French again and again and again” .. lol, great hearing that from a bona fide French woman.

    Would love to see your nephew’s impression! How does he feel about being on youtube?

    David in Paris, ooh lala. Hope you have the opportunity to see him again in the foreseeable future! Love the spectacular Eiffel Tower pic and caption!

    tofan, the snow angels, absolument parfait!

    • zami says:

      Thank you ! I totally agree with you, “Imagine showed he was among the best of the best anywhere, already, at the tender age of 17

      “Do you show them his picture, lol?” Well, it really depends. Sometimes I just make them listen to the songs I have on my Ipod and I let them do the research about David if they want to. Other times I send them youtube vids of live performances or of interviews that show David’s personality. They just can’t deny that he is a great singer even if some of them thought he was 25 (at least !). But they know that I’m a music lover and I think that they just trust my taste when they ask me to share new music with them.

  8. peppertara says:

    Zami, loved reading your story. Wonderful to hear from fans around the world and I hope most (if not all) of his worldwide fans have the opportunity to see David in concert. I’m very glad that you did get to see David perform in the UK! I’m sure David would love to do a European tour sometime.
    I loved how you referred to David as a leader (albeit a very humble one). Indeed he is a leader….in so many ways.
    Thanks for sharing your great fan story with us, it’s very easy to become a true fan of David’s after hearing his incredible voice and and seeing what he is about as an individual, one pretty amazing young artist and human being.
    Oh….by the way, you are not an old fan at all. I am an old fan, haha (much older than you) but fortunately David has many fans of all ages and it’s all good. 🙂

    • zami says:

      Yes, one of the great thing about this fan base is its diversity !

      I really think that David is a leader (even if he doesn’t seem to be aware of it). He has the courage (at his age) to just be who he is, he’s not going to act differently to be “mainstream”. And just for that, he is cool ! He’s an inspiration by how he chooses to live his life (always trying to see the positive aspects in everything) and by his willing to give back.

  9. vermeer/penciltopaper says:

    Zami, I thoroughly enjoyed your story!! I am tickled pink to learn about a fan from none other than Paris, France! Vive la France! LOL. I have an extra soft spot for the French as I went to a Lycée in Tokyo as a kid (my French is very rusty though at this point). It is really quite amazing that without any exposure, people from so many corners of the world still find him as you have, and become a big fan. I am glad too for the internet. It makes it possible for a fan community no matter where you are on the planet.

    TOfan, I know it’s you who paired up that David photo with the caption “Doesn’t it look like he’s about to speak French? “hmm, j’ai faim …” BWAHAHAHA!

    • zami says:

      Hi Vermeer !
      “It is really quite amazing that without any exposure, people from so many corners of the world still find him as you have, and become a big fan”. I agree with you ! It’s his amazing voice, if you had the chance to hear him sing you can just love it. And then, when you learn more about him it’s hard to not become a big fan !
      I don’t know why he wasn’t promoted here after (or during) the McFly tour. What a missed opportunity!

      My English improved a lot since I became a fan of David lol. I learnt (learned ?) a lot just reading all the fansites, it’s easier when the subject is David Archuleta lol ! But I’m still not sure if I can have a conversation with an English speaker.

    • TOfan says:

      hey, Vermeer! *waves* haha, I imagine that’s what David’s thinking during most of his photoshoots! lolol

      I hope he saw your “drawing task” avi!!!

  10. emmegirl says:

    Morning, just had to pop in and reread Zami’s article.

    Love the bb tweet.
    It’s been said he is a “wild man” on the bb court… guess he gets it from Lupe, lol!

    • TOfan says:

      haha, emme, that tweet cracked me up too! I have “favourited” so many, I’ve lost count! 😆

      So I guess it’s official now, David’s going to India with RSO for World Leprosy day … and beyond the wonderful inspiration he’ll be there (and here!), and the incredible experience it’s bound to be for David personally, I am also thrilled there’s a Canadian connection! 😆 A judge for So You Think You Can Dance Canada will be helping to choreograph some special dances for David and the children there … I’ve always dreamed he’d get to perform live on SYTYCD Canada… it’s a HUGE show here (both of them are) and would introduce so many new fans to his music. So maybe now he will. 🙂

      Read all about the trip here:

      UPDATE: Vlooooog!!!!

      More info:
      Sorry for my appearance but wanted to get a video blog before I went on getting ready for the day and the activities that await the rest of today haha. Just wanted to talk about my sisters and spending time with family. Want to challenge you guys to spend time with you sisters or brothers sometime this week, and/or talk to or hang with your cousins. Try to get some exercise in too! Won’t be on twitter for a while over the next week or so but I will try and update you guys when I’m back.

      David Archuleta Jack LaLanne exercise exercising sisters cousins India haircut hair friends pasando tiempo con sus herma

      • zami says:

        I’m so proud to be his fan ! What he’s doing, at only 20, is amazing. I’d love to volunteer and go to a third world country to help. David doesn’t just talk about helping others, as soon as he gets the chance he does not hesitate to act !,
        I can’t wait to hear about his experience when he gets back !

        The task of the week is an easy one for me. I’m the second oldest of a family of six children and I’m really close to my sisters and brothers. We grew up in a small village (only 2000 inhabitants), so we used to do everything together because they were not many kids our age.

  11. Kizzi says:



    What a great story. Merci

    Imagine was the first time I heard David sing too. I remember vividly hearing it that first time (and I resisted being a fan too). And now I’m at the TNTC (too numerous to count) listens of that performance. 😀

    Amazing how the admiration of the music and man grabs us and sparks such connection and camaraderie world round.

    The “La Vie en Rose” reference is quite wonderful.

    • zami says:

      Hi Kizzi !
      I was humming “La vie en rose” by Edith Piaf during all the day ! it’s been a long time since I haven’t listened to this song, it used to put me in a great mood.

      “Amazing how the admiration of the music and man grabs us and sparks such connection and camaraderie world round”. Yes ! it’s great to be a part of this fan base and it’s worth it to follow and support this great guy !

  12. bluebird19 says:

    Wow, Zami, this is a great write-up! Votre anglais est excellent. If you do have the chance to meet David, please don’t let that opportunity slip away. I have seen him up close, twice, and even though English IS my language, I could barely mumble out a couple of sentences. So, don’t let the fact that English isn’t your first language prevent you from speaking to him! He would love to hear that beautiful French accent. I hope you have the opportunity to see David again, soon and I hope maybe someday you’ll be able to come here and meet some of the U.S. fans, too. Thank you for promoting David to the people of France and Europe. I do find it very interesting that people there can just hear that voice and talent of David because they don’t have preconceptions from a cynical press. How refreshing that is!

    Sutty, that’s a great story you have, too! Maybe he’ll wear that t-shirt in France one day. 🙂

    abanana77 Your French is great. If you think you’re rusty, I can’t/won’t tell you how many years it’s been for me. I could read yours fairly well. I could not read Zami’s reply back to you as well. Her vocabulary is too advanced for me ;).

    Hope you all have a great day!

    • zami says:

      Thanks bluebird19 !
      I’d love to attend a show in the US and to meet some of the US fans too ! The only problem is that I only travel by car, train or boat lol. Maybe I should start to plan a cruise to the US …

      “Thank you for promoting David to the people of France and Europe. I do find it very interesting that people there can just hear that voice and talent of David because they don’t have preconceptions from a cynical press..”
      It’s a pleasure to share his music with those who wants to listen. There aren’t preconcieved opinions about him because almost nobody knows about American Idol and David is not popular here (yet).

  13. abanana77 says:

    Zami – I forgot to say this: I hope you one day get to meet David! I know you say that you’re nervous your English is not good enough, but since the only things I said were “hi” and “good” when I met him, I’m pretty sure you could do better than me 😛

    I love how you wrote that being a fan of David’s has improved your English! That is awesome! I’ve learned American geography because of being a fan, hahaha. I now know where a decent number of cities/states are that I had no idea about before.

    • zami says:

      It’s so true ! I learned American geography too because of being a fan of David. Now I can locate most of the states where he toured and the cities he visited.

      The series in English are also a great way to learn the language, I always watch the original version (sometimes with subtitles if they are avalaible). The french versions of the US series are not that good, it’s like something is lost in the translation. When I was younger, I loved to watch “Le Caméléon” (I think it’s “The Pretender” in English) and I was shocked when I heard his real voice and I couldn’t watch it in French anymore lol. Now, it’s the same for all the series I like and watch.

  14. MunkFOD says:

    Zami, Thanks so much for your great story! You did an awesome job! I too didn’t want to be a “fan”….I had never followed anyone in my life. But I have felt drawn to David and his voice. He not only is a gifted musician but he is a gifted individual. I am so proud to support him in all that he does and will strive to do in his life. Thank you again! I hope you get to meet David someday and tell him your story face to face. 😀

    • zami says:

      Thank you ! I wasn’t sure about sharing my story in English but TOfan helped me a lot !

      “I had never followed anyone in my life. But I have felt drawn to David and his voice”. I know the feeling … it’s as if I had no choice, I was captivated by his voice.

      And I agree with you, this place is a “good place” !

  15. MunkFOD says:

    PS. I love this place…it is a “Good Place” 😀

  16. Cathy says:

    Zami! Wonderful, wonderful story! Merci beaucoup!

    • zami says:

      Il n’y a pas de quoi ! Je suis très contente d’avoir eu l’occasion de partager mon histoire avec vous !

      You’re welcome ! I’m very glad I had the opportunity to share my story with you ! Thanks to you for the appreciation, I’m happy you liked it !

  17. djafan says:

    Hello Snowangelz!


    Great to read about a French fan! I really like to hear that the AI label is not a hindrance to David in France. I have a feeling that in most countries it isn’t or won’t be when he gets there.

    “If I’m honest, I didn’t want to be a “fan.” I never was a fan of someone before and the word fan in my mind always had a pejorative connotation.”

    Oh I know exactly what you mean, this was me and I get teased by family because I’m now a “huge” fan, but it’s ok, I’ve learned to embrace it.

    • zami says:

      Hi Djafan !

      “I have a feeling that in most countries it isn’t or won’t be when he gets there”. Yes, I hope they’ll promote him as a new artist without refering to AI.
      I think it’s time for David to distance himself from American Idol. After all, the show is doing everything to ignore him, they never (or rarely) mention him.

      I used to tease my little sister about her past obsession of the boys bands. I still tease her occasionaly but it’s just for fun lol.
      My family doesn’t really tease me because they like him too but not as much as me ! (I converted them one by one, they didn’t have the choice but to listen to his CDs lol).
      You know, I always make the paralel with sport when someone doesn’t understand my support to David. I’m just rooting for the best young artist and I want him to top the world (of course, it’s deeper than that but they don’t have to know, they wouldn’t understand lol).

  18. KathyH says:

    Great article, Zami! I am always tickled to hear the ‘how I found him’ tales from any fan, and it’s always great to hear that he reaches people across the globe. I hope he’s also able to tour soon, extensively enough that many of the International fans can hear him sing live.

    • zami says:

      Thanks KathyH !

      Me too ! I love to hear the “how I found him”tales and all the inspirational stories David’s fans share about the positive effects he has on their lives.

  19. refnaf says:

    (((Zami))) Huge hugs to you for sharing your story with us….. it is incredible to me that David can bring people from all over the world so close together in cyber space…. here in our little corner of the Archuverse (which is a “good place” as Munk says) !!! Thinking back to when I first heard David, I remember being shocked at how his voice affected me… and like you I became “addicted” to the very tone and timbre of his voice. Resisting fandom is something I have heard many people share because seems like so many of us are new at this. It really is a “what just happened” experience!!

    Love everyones stories and comments, and thank you Zami….. FYI seeing David in Europe is on the bucket list! (the long one, lol)

    • zami says:

      Thanks for your kind words Refnaf !

      “FYI seeing David in Europe is on the bucket list!”. I didn’t know what was the meaning of “bucket list”, thanks for improving my vocabulary (I’ll use it at the very first occasion given lol) ! Maybe we’ll see him in Europe at the same time, it would be so cool !

  20. MunkFOD says:

    Oh my gosh you guys! Look! This is awesome! See what we can do with David’s help?

    @wendynjAFAC Oh my heck, just got an email from RSO, FORTY bricks were purchased today !!! That’s $2000 !! Amazing!

    • awestruck says:

      Yes Munk, truly amazing… and David was so timid to say much about going to India in his vlog.

  21. peppertara says:

    Munk….”@wendynjAFAC Oh my heck, just got an email from RSO, FORTY bricks were purchased today !!! That’s $2000 !! Amazing!”
    How wonderful! Truly a blessing to be inspired by David…and his fans are pretty special too. Feel very proud of David and very proud and honored to be a fan. Just makes your heart beam with joy. Safe travels for David and crew and I can only imagine what a very special experience it will be for him.
    awestruck….yes, David was hesitant to say too much about going to India, it’s always about others first <3. He was very thoughtful and selfless, as usual…..and family, siblings, yes…I have many of them. Will be seeing a few of them this week in fact. David has now prompted me to exercise more this week too. In fact when I do…I just put on TOSOD and it puts me in a great mood for getting the old bod moving, lol.

    Zami….very nice that you are so close to your brothers and sisters, always a special bond!

    And Janel…..I think it's a wonderful thing that you are doing too, a compilation of fan stories and testimonials. I know there are so many out there. I think we all have our own story of how David has impacted our lives…for the better. For a lot of us David seemed to come along at a time when we needed that little breath of heaven to help us along. I may put together something myself. 🙂

  22. jackryan4DA says:

    Another fly-by from me as I have to run back to the hospital — it’s my parents GOLDEN ANNIV! Gotta love folks who stay together 🙂

    I leave you with this – MusicChoice uploaded DA’s Q4 of the Naked Interview Series


    Is anyone surprised w/ his reply? LOL

    And ZAMI – don’t worry. David will someday tour Europe 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, JR, 50 years is golden, golden, golden! 😆 Funny to hear him answer that question, since I now associate road trips with touuuurrrrr!!!!!! 🙂

      Munk, wow, 40 bricks in one day… David fans are incredible… I’ve put a link to the RSO Pathway of Hope info in the sidebar (bricks are $50 each) for anyone who’s interested.

      peppertara, good for you for keeping up with David’s tasks… you’re so right about TOSOD, I find the title track helps me keep the perfect pace for power walking but anyone in my way’s gotta watch out, lol, “nothin’s gonna break my stride!” 😆

      zami, speaking of Pat-a-Pan, this is my all-time favourite version, esp. that ending, ooo là là !!! 🙂

      • zami says:

        I love this version ! This performance was aired in France the day after it was aired in the US, it was so cool to see David on my TV for the first time.
        One of my recent favorite is the duet with Orla (and his French is very very good in it) :

        JR, I knew what his reply would be before even watching the video lol. David sees the positive side of everything, even of the worst road trip ever. (if David wasn’t a singer, he should consider a career in politics. He’d be a great diplomat lol).

  23. betsy says:

    I love your article, Zami. Every time I read something from an international fan, I think this: It doesn’t matter if someone is 5 miles away or 5000 miles away. Speaks a different language or the same one. (btw, your English is very good)
    We all feel the same. The exact same! Isn’t it a good feeling?

    • zami says:

      Thank you Betsy !

      Yes, it’s a very good feeling !
      Music has a universal message (like David wrote in the liner notes of CFTH) and he conveys it amazingly well. No other singer can sing with so much emotion and passion.
      David’s music has no boundaries. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, you can still feel and understand what the song is about. That’s (for me) what sets him apart from other singers. David is a true talent, a real artist.

      • TOfan says:

        Zami, maybe a European tour will be sooner than you think … check out D’s horoscope for today (tweeted by @Jonerz):

        “Do you have a desire to go away on a trip? Would you like to live in Europe or Asia? These are desires that you may well have at the moment as you begin the process of widening your field of vision. See if you can set up a journey of this kind, Capricorn. People will have confidence in you now, so all sorts of possibilities are at your disposal.”


  24. SandyBeaches says:

    Hello Zami!

    You dropped by “The Voice” and I see that you liked the article “In the Bleak Mid Winter”. I read your own post last evening and it is exciting to hear from you and read your story. Our family was in Paris in October 2009 and enjoyed it so very much.

    We would love for you to come by our site and say ‘hi’. If you want to write in French, I am certain that we can translate it, maybe not perfectly.


  25. TOfan says:

    Hey, SB! *waves*

    um, just happened to be checking out some old David videos 🙂 and came across this one … seems so fitting considering what he’s off doing. *sniff*

    • abanana77 says:

      This is one of my all time favourite David videos <3333 So glad he sang this again now that he's older. And extremely thankful for the ninja vids 😀

  26. TOfan says:

    Totally random, but B96 Radio in Chicago (Showbiz Shelly’s station, just sayin’) posted David’s vlog on their blog site:

    No idea if that has any significance whatsoever but just wanted to share, lol.

  27. refnaf says:

    Love coming here and finding VIDS!!!! I am quite busy right now, and viewing a quick vid here is awesome, so thanks guys!

    That dream sky high>> perfect!

    I saw twitterers speculating that perhaps Chicago will be the next concert gig…. WFM 🙂 . I need to start making summer holiday plans….. and a tour needs to fit in . ***selfish but loyal fan***

    • MunkFOD says:

      We were dreaming. Just saw that radio station had posted David vlog and we went crazy! Then Melinda tweeted them to keep playing his music… So yeah….we went nuts dreaming! Hoping when David gets back from India and the dust has settled a little that we will hear plans…. So hoping I can see David perform sometime in 2011. 😀

  28. TOfan says:

    Waaaaaay off-topic but this blog post has me LOLing like there’s no tomorrow:

    Are David Archuleta Hairstyles Popular?
    David Archuleta is one of American Idols sweethearts. He is a young attractive man with a great voice but are David Archuleta hairstyles popular? When someone becomes popular with the younger crowds their hairstyles usually become very popular and people start copying them. Is that the case with David Archuleta? David Archuleta quickly become one of the favorites on American Idol because everyone loved the different hairstyles he had every week.

    Every week of competitions Archuleta came out with a different hairstyle but always with the same haircut. The haircut that he has is very versatile. He never had to cut his hair but was able to create new styles that had the crowds going crazy for Archuleta. The shy 17 year old became a star overnight thanks to American Idol, his amazing voice, and his awesome hairstyles.

    Boys and young men around the country were going into hair shops and asking for the Archuleta haircut. The great thing about the haircut is that you can wear it several ways and they are all easy to copy. A little hair gel and anything is possible with this haircut.

    Archuleta wore his hair in frisky spikes, or smooth and sophisticated depending on how he felt at the time. This is a great haircut for any guy to have. Archuleta has already showed everyone the many ways you can wear this haircut and everyone of them looked fabulous. You can spike the front, spike the middle, wear a type of Mohawk, or even wear it spiked all over.

    Archuleta’s hairstyles will be one of the things that people remember about this young man for years to come. That and his amazing singing ability. This young man could belt out a tune and have the young girls swooning. So thank you David Archuleta for the knowledge of your hairstyles.



  29. betsy says:

    I, too, have been loling like no tomorrow.

    “So thank you David Archuleta for the knowledge of your hairstyles.”

  30. lct says:

    Zami, I just read your write up! Am so excited there are more of us David fans here in Europe! I am American but have lived in Germany for many many years and sometimes feel lonely in my ODD! Like you, I am so grateful for the internet! I have been fortunate in that I have attended a few of David’s concerts – his AI tour in Arizona, Demi concert in Houston, McFly tour in London and recently his San Antonio tribute to Selena in San Antonio. I wanted to go to Utah but was not selected for tickets! 😦 Are you on twitter?

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