I’ve got nothing else better to do…

… than write my homage to the bonus track song on the Japanese edition of The Other Side Of Down by David Archuleta.  The song is titled “Nothing Else Better To Do” and it’s written by David Archuleta, Emanuel Kiriakou, Andre Merritt and Lindy Robbins.

I absolutely love this song and I’d like to show it to you through my eyes. David has mentioned several times that “Elevator” is a visual song and I think “Nothing Else Better To Do” is a sensory song.  It is a song of intense love.

“Sometimes when you talk I don’t hear a thing
Don’t take it wrong
I look at your face and bells start to ring
Then my mind’s gone
If I was a fire / You would make me burn”

We could attribute these lyrics to David’s tendency to get distracted, but what they conjure up for me is an image of someone so totally in love that he does get distracted from whatever he might have been doing when he’s around this girl.  That’s what it’s like when you first fall in love with someone.

It takes kindling to make a fire burn.  This is very visual.  The meaning of kindling in this instance is “to excite interest or feelings in.”  She is the kindling and the spark that makes his love passionate.  The fire is also representative of light.

“It doesn’t take much for you to break down / My gravity
You’ve got my heart stuck … stuck on a cloud / And I can’t speak
But if I was a book / You’d be every word”

Gravity and clouds are recurrent themes not only in David’s songs but in a lot of pop music. Just as in “Zero Gravity” and “Parachutes and Airplanes” David (or the protagonist) is high in the clouds and his heart is staying there in “NEBTD.”

He’s dumbstruck with love, but if he was a book (or wrote a book) it would be entirely about her.  She is his inspiration.

David and Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy: "I've got nothing else better to do than watching the smile light your face."

“25 hours every day
I got nothing else better to do
than watching the smile light your face
It doesn’t get better than you
All that we need is a starlit sky and you and me
Oh oh oh oh o o it’s true
I got nothing else better to do”

In the chorus, “Light” is at play again.  Her smile “lights” her face.  A “starlit” sky reiterates the “light” image.

“An island of green in blueberry ice / Wish we were there. But you make me feel I’m in paradise / Anywhere”

Remember when they asked David where he’d go to get away and he wouldn’t answer because he said then everyone would know where he was going, but that it was very nice?  Well, I think he just might have been envisioning a beautiful green island surrounded by the bluest sea the color of blueberry ice.  The location could be anywhere and that’s the point.  She makes him feel he is in paradise no matter where they are.  She is his paradise.

“If I was a song, you would make me sing”

Some fans didn’t seem to like this line, saying a “song can’t sing.”  But, a song is just words and notes on paper until the singer is inspired by something or someone to sing it.  She brings the song to life.  I actually think it’s profound.

"You’re velvet on a red cupcake.”

“You’re velvet on a red cupcake
Sound a cello and a violin make”

I really have no doubt this is a tip of the hat to his fans with the cupcake image, or else they were really hungry and one of the writers is really into red velvet cupcakes.  It is an image of strong desire.  She is the icing on his cake.

What is more beautiful than the sound a cello and violin make?  This is auditory imagery. Maybe it’s because both of my sons played cello so I love hearing the sound, but it also makes me think of heartstrings (deepest feelings/affection).

"You put the rings around the moon."

>> Rings around the moon are an actual phenomenon caused by “the refraction of moonlight from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. The shape of the ice crystals results in a focusing of the light into a ring.” That’s rather technical, but it’s a beautiful aura around the moon.  This is light imagery again.  Moonlight has always been associated with love and the rings add a dimension of rarity to it all. And every single time he’s close to her, oh oh oh oh eh eh eh.  That’s a “feeling” line.  He’s crazy about her.  It reminds me of the sensory tone of Colbie Callait’s “Bubbly.”

I like the island vibe to “Nothing Else Better To Do” and I like the maturity of the song.   It may be a song about young love, but it’s not puppy love. It’s a more mature love song.  It actually has a Jason Mraz quality to it.  If you haven’t heard Jason’s song “Bella Luna,” I suggest you give it a listen also.

That’s my interpretation of what this song means to me. Why do I think it’s a great song?Partly because it isn’t overproduced. David’s voice is clear, strong, front and centre, right where it belongs.  There are not too many “overlays.” While I think the electronic sounds of the “eh eh eh’s” in the beginning and on the word “better” towards the end are unnecessary, it’s not overdone and doesn’t bother me.

The melody is soothing and charming and I love David’s lower register.  The harmonies in this song are absolutely beautiful.  I mentioned in a comment on a fan site that I sometimes wish David was twins because it would be so incredible to hear both the melody and harmony sung live.  To me, NEBTD “ticks all the boxes” as Simon would say!

How do you all feel about the song?

bleubird19 (Attwittsend)

p.s. NEBTD video by khaity15. Hawaii photo from HERE. Moon rings photo from HERE. Cupcake photo from HERE.

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  1. TOfan says:

    bluebird/Attwittsend, love your post! I must admit, NEBTD hasn’t quite grabbed me yet but I’m sure it will after a few more listens! I definitely appreciate it much more after reading your interpretation of the lyrics.

    It’s interesting that you thought it wasn’t overproduced… I found the opposite, that the heavy production and auto-tuning (for effect alone, of course) got in the way for me. My favourite part is the very beginning, the melody there is cool and different and his lower register resonates beautifully all on its own.

    On a side note, here’s a news vid of David arriving in the Philippines … is that SF’s famous “happy face” T-shirt I see him wearing? 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • TOfan says:

      Sorry, one more … “Team Hotel” gives David a warm welcome! (JR are you there???) … love how organized the Manila fans are, “Team Hotel” “Team Airport” lol … we Canadians better start taking notes!!!

      (More updates at ArchuletaPhilippines.com)

      Also check out the four-part video interviews with David HERE. (sorry, can’t embed, am lame) … his mom’s been bugging him to date more? 😆

      * Razor TV Part 1
      * Razor TV Part 2
      * Razor TV Part 3
      * Razor TV Part 4

    • bluebird19 (Pattie) (alternate bleubird19) says:

      Hey TOfan, Thanks for the beautiful “formatting” of my article. You made it look much better than it is … LOL. I could never have done that, so thank you! I Love the new layout of your site, too. Very readable!

      Okay, I will agree that the electronic stuff does bother me, mostly on the word “better” towards the end. But, I love this song so much that I can get by that. Live it will be perfect. I love the harmonies in this song and don’t want to do without them. It could be another whole discussion about “production” of songs. There are other songs on “TOSOD” that I feel are way more “produced” than this one, but, the cd has so many great qualities in each song, that I focus on what I love about them individually. There truly isn’t a song on the cd that I don’t like … and that’s rare. I do have some favorites now and one is the most purely produced (imo) and one has too much electronic stuff, but I got totally hooked by the lyrics & melody. You can take guesses which ones I’m talking about … lol. My other favorite would be “NEBTD”.

      I think this is David’s “point B” that he talks about. He has talked about how you can’t skip from point A to point C because there are things you need to learn on the way. I was excited to hear him talk about getting more into the production end of his next cds, and I think he is wise to do that.

  2. awestruck says:

    bluebird19 – I too love this song. What an insightful writeup, thank you!

    This “Some fans didn’t seem to like this line, saying a “song can’t sing.” But, a song is just words and notes on paper until the singer is inspired by something or someone to sing it. She brings the song to life. I actually think it’s profound.” YES

    David sets the stage with the ‘island vibe’ – nothing more romantic than a setting like that. You summed it up beautifully with “I like the island vibe to “Nothing Else Better To Do” and I like the maturity of the song. It may be a song about young love, but it’s not puppy love. It’s a more mature love song. ” David always a deepness to his lyrics that is touching and profound.

    David’s lower register also gives me chills…

    thanks too for introducing me to Jason Mraz’s Bella Luna

  3. abanana77 says:

    So I had typed out (on my ipod!) a whole comment to this but then it accidentally got deleted before I posted so I am trying to recreate it. Haha

    bleubird – love this post! And love the song! I don’t think it’s overproduced, maybe a little, but not enough to really bug me. I’ve been a little addicted to the song for the past couple of days. But I find it soooo hard to compare songs that get released at different times which each other. Like I think I’ve just been listening to it a bunch because it’s newer than everything else, if that makes sense. It’s like when She’s Not You got leaked. IMO that song isn’t particularly great or anything, but it’s one of my highest playcounts on itunes just because it got leaked during the serious archu-drought and I was desperate for new music. So I played it on repeat. So I don’t know how it compares with the rest of the album, but I still like it.

    I like how you said it was “sensory” song. And it totally is! He describes her as visual things, auditory things (cello), tasting things (cupcakes). No reference to touch / smell, though. I would have liked it if he mentioned all 5. Haha

  4. embe86 says:

    bleubird: Lovely post about a lovely song. Whenever I listen to NEBTD, I immediately find myself laying in a hammock on the beach with the sun shining and David sitting beside me on the sand, singing ❤ And then the song ends and I realize I'm in class, about to kiss the teacher on the cheek. So now I only listen to it at home.

    TOfan, the second video you posted with David signing stuff, in the first seconds of the video a fan asks if they can take a photo. The security guy says "no photos", and David looks at him and asks "why not?". If anyone ever needed more reasons to love him, this would be one.

    • TOfan says:

      embe, I just watched that again to catch him looking up at that GIANT security guard and saying “Why not?” … I like your “happy place” when you listen to NEBTD! 🙂

  5. miasmom1 says:

    Love this post and LOVE, LOVE LOVE this song!! It’s interesting how divisive it’s been in the fanbase as it seems there are those who really love it and those who don’t like it at all. I definitely thought it was Jason Mrazish when I first heard it. But most of all, this song just fills me with pure joy!! While it’s true that it describes the feelings of the initial stages of love, it also reminds me of why I’m in love with my husband and I like to sing it to him. Although I have to admit that now that I watched the video with the photos of David set to the song I’ve forgotten all about my husband, LOL!!!

    • TOfan says:

      miasmom1, LOLOLOL, “now that I watched the video with the photos of David set to the song I’ve forgotten all about my husband” 😆

  6. TOfan says:

    A new vlog!!!

    More info:
    In the Philippines! Had a really great time in Singapore and it’s been great seeing a lot of the Asian fans again. I’m sorry I don’t know how to make blogs faster and make more sense. This was even my 3rd attempt lol. There’s no hope for me.
    David Archuleta Philippines Manila Singapore Skydome

  7. SandyBeaches says:

    bluebird19…Great post and I will admit that I haven’t listened to the song enough to comment.

    TOfan the site looks so festive, so red, I love red and the trees and the snow right?!! It will make beautiful framing around everything.

    Great article and lovely new face to the site.


  8. emmegirl says:

    bluebird, unbelievable job of breaking down NEBTD. I love the song and you said it all for me, only a thousand times better!

    As others, I just love the casual vibe of the song and it makes me feel good, even to the point of my stomach feeling kinda light…weird, I know.

    Random… took dozens, even hundreds of photos at the pier (red pants, shades, suspenders), the album photo shoot (a bunch of athletic stuff) and another shoot w/Matt Clayton and all we have seen is a small handful….I don’t get it.

  9. TOfan says:

    emmegirl, I was wondering about all those photos too. And about the contest for the Flip camera with random footage shot by David the week of his album release (for those who preordered the Fan Pack) … hmm, I don’t get it either.

    On a brighter note, remember that couple that David tweeted about serenading the night they got engaged? Here’s the whole sweet story!

    Jessica & Stephen

    How did he propose?
    Jessica: It was my birthday, and so he said we would be going out for dinner that night. He took me to the Riverwalk grill in Sunriver where we had a fancy dinner. Stephen told me his friends mom works there and takes pictures, so the whole night she was taking pictures of us and I didnt know why. Turns out at the end of our meal the waiter brought out dessert, and on that dessert plate was a Tiffany’s box. I opened the box and there was a ring, instantly started crying. Stephen than stood up in front of the whole restaurant and began to say how much he loved me and cared about me. Than he grabbed my hand and got on one knee and proposed. I thought that was the best part of the night..but little did we both know David Archuletta was there eating with his manager and grandpa. The restaurant was closed by this time and so we were the only ones left in there. David’s manager came over to us and asked if we had a song. We said, “No.” She asked if it would be ok if David sang a song to us. So as its just us in the restaurant. David came over and shook our hands and said congratulations and chose a song to sing to just us. He sang the most perfect, cute song, it was amazing! Later that night we found out David had tweeted about singing to us and said congrats to us again on twitter. So Stephen being sneaky, planned having all these pictures taken, so now we have the whole night to look back on in all our pictures. It was by far the best night of my life!!

    From Jessica & Stephen’s blog HERE.

  10. abanana77 says:

    TOfan – now dying to know what song he sang! Adorable, though!

    And wow was he ever spacey in that vlog. Hahaha, maybe it was because it was his third attempt and he lost his attention span during the first 2. LOVE the “There’s no hope for me.” in the more info. And his super huge cheesy grin at the very very end. He makes me smile 😀

  11. peppertara says:

    bleubird19….loved reading your description and lyric interpretation of David’s sweet song. Very well said, I love the song too. It is just plain lovely, filled with warmth (and youth) and David’s voice just adds to the happiness and glow of the song. Took me a while to get past the “velvet on a red cupcake” lyrics, haha, but I think it is very sweet. I don’t find this song overproduced, love the clarity of David’s vocals and yes….love the harmonies!
    Most fans seem to adore this song, especially the young fans I think. A few great comments out of the many, from Youtube:
    “David is scary great. Every song he releases is better than the last one, like, for example, this one. What’s next?”
    “Give this guy a Grammy for this puppy. There is not a better song than this on the Billboard top 100, including whatever is # 1.”
    “David is awesomesauce. This song is amazing, just like all the other songs he sings, and especially the ones he writes (like this!). Geez. When the rest of the universe catches on to his genuisness, world peace will occur because his music makes you feel so dang good. Thanks David! :)”
    “When will the general public catch up to all the insiders in the music business who already know that David Archuleta is, hands down, the most talented singer/performer out there right now? For starters, they can listen to this song.”
    “I love the vibe of this song and David’s voice is smooooth as silk, and this is a bonus track?? What?? Can you imagine the “gems” that are sitting on a shelf somewhere! We “The Other Side of Down – Part 2″…..STAT!!! BRING IT ON!!!”
    “Another ridiculously wonderful, beautiful, awsome David Archuleta song for the world to be deprived of! His music should be all over the radio waves through out THE WORLD!”

    David’s Vlog is a Tuesday treasure and makes me beam (as usual). Love all the interviews..the 4 part interview is pure, honest, sweet David. Love all the love he is receiving and love his talk about the kissing Grandmas! Lol. I have a feeling some of these older fans are not necessarily Grandmas…guess they would be to David though, haha.

  12. peppertara says:

    Oh and just love that story about the couple that David serenaded! Very nice to read about….imagine being serenaded by David. What a special thing for David to do, he leaves out no one when it comes to thoughtfulness.

    …And what the random?
    Did you know that David’s Xmas song HYAMLC is in the top 40 on AC (U.S.)
    Yes…strange but true (and quite wonderful). His 3 singles are not but his Xmas song is and it’s the only Xmas song in top 40. Maybe the duet is popular right now? It is still David on top 40 though with David’s gorgeous voice, kind of seasonally early and odd and nice:

    Sorry for the lengthy comments tonight…I’m done.

    • TOfan says:

      Never be sorry for “rambling,” peppertara! Love your comments! Between you & bleubird, I’m definitely going to have to give NEBTD another chance! lol

      And thanks for bringing over those great comments from YouTube, made my day! “When the rest of the universe catches on to his genuisness, world peace will occur because his music makes you feel so dang good. Ain’t that the truth! 🙂

      And I had no idea HYAMLC was in the Top 40, that is so awesome! I think we all feel in our bones that CFTH is destined to become one of those all-time classics… very cool to be here at the very beginning of a classic-to-be.

      And saw this on Snarkies and had to bring it over … RX93.1 Manila blog:

      We all know the David Archuleta image we see on TV, right? We see him as shy, easily embarrassed, even awkward sometimes, but when you meet him in person, you realize just how genuine this guy is. Cut from a very different cloth as most of the celebs we’ve met. There’s no disingenuous bone in his body. The reluctant star shtick…isn’t a shtick. From the first time he opened his mouth, to the last thing he said to us, you can see that he means it, no matter how sanitized his image may seem to you. He’s a rare kid, who still accentuates the positive, who actually thinks he’s gotten out of his comfort zone by fighting for positive messages in his music that most people find ironically off-putting.

      We did a Top Ten on him, giving him the Top Ten questions fans want David Archuleta to answer… He was very game to answer the questions, so game in fact, that we went way over our 10 minute limit. We really tried to keep it under 10 minutes, but David seemed like he was really enjoying answering the questions. His handler would make signs to wrap up the interview at least 3 times, but he kept on going. He was really light to talk to, like it was the most stress-free conversation you’ve ever had. Now I understand it when people say someone is “maagan kasama.” (easy to get along with) David Archuleta was exactly that.

      I don’t want to give away details of the interview, because we’ll be airing the full interview on RX. We’ll make sure to announce when. Delle and I still couldn’t believe that we met David Archuleta, such a wonderful person, practically beaming with light (you won’t understand it unless you meet the guy) and we wish him all the best in his career. He’s passionate about his music, but at the same time acknowledging that sometimes he can be too cheesy for his own good; he’s self-aware but not neurotic. We know that when it comes to success, deserving has little to do with it. But you root for David because he’s really one of the good guys. And it’s nice to see that every now and then, some good guys finish first.

  13. refnaf says:

    Bluebird19>> Awesome post!!! Enjoyed your break down of the lyrics and the way you describe David’s voice “David’s voice is clear, strong, front and centre, right where it belongs. The melody is soothing and charming and I love David’s lower register. The harmonies in this song are absolutely beautiful. I mentioned in a comment on a fan site that I sometimes wish David was twins because it would be so incredible to hear both the melody and harmony sung live.” lol, thanks for putting that n my head>> David as twins…. WOW. I love his live voice, but his studio stuff is awesome for that reason… layers and layers of the Voice!!
    This song has grown on me very quickly…. and the cupcake line reminds me of some special Utah peeps!!

    No time for me to read the rest of this thread. BBL!!!!

  14. TOfan says:

    Twitpic from @aliyoopah, “With @DavidArchie after chillin’ in his hotel room 🙂 He’s funny and nice.”:

    With @DavidArchie after chillin' in his hotel room :) He... on Twitpic

  15. bluebird19 (Pattie) says:

    Nice to hear there are more fans like me who love “NEBTD” (I’ll get you yet, TOfan!).
    Awestruck – Glad you enjoyed “Bella Luna”, too. Abanana – Can’t you just taste that delicious red velvet cupcake and smell it baking? LOL. embe86 – “then the song ends and I realize I’m in class, about to kiss the teacher on the cheek. So now I only listen to it at home.” <–Best line ever. Good idea to just listen at home hahaha. miasmom1 – You best not listen to "NEBTD" if David is near you! peppertara – Thanks for loving this song as much as I do and for posting the comments from other fans … also for letting us know HYAMLC is top 40! refnaf – Honestly sometimes I wonder if he "is" twins when he goes from shy to radiantly confident in the blink of an eye.

    I would like to know what he sang to the newly engaged couple, too. She said it was a cute and perfect song … hmmm. And, yes, where is that flipcamera? And, yes, emmegirl, where are all those pictures of David in the red pants. I loved those red pants … he even said he liked them. I also loved how David said "why not" and then took the group picture in spite of what security said. And he signed the cds from everyone who stayed after his promo concert last night? <—that's incredible!

  16. bluebird19 (Pattie) says:

    OMG, I just read the whole blog about Jessica and Stephen’s wedding and they had RED VELVET CUPCAKES WITH CREAM CHEESE FROSTING! Hahaha … maybe “NEBTD” is the song he sang for them. I’ve gotta know now! Anyone good at sleuthing?

  17. embe86 says:

    An interview with David, in which he says he’s a boxing fan. WHAT?!?! How come I never knew that? And am I really the only one who would never have thought David liked a sport like that? I box, too, but I don’t follow it 😛

    And the following radio interview begins hilariously. You know why? Because David is half asleep and TOTALLY out of it. Listen and you’ll see what I mean 😀


    • emmegirl says:

      Never guessed him for a boxing fan. (I used to watch alot of boxing when I was younger – Ali, Frasier, Foreman – dating myself here.) Idk embe, singing, exercise, boxing…you and David have an awful lot in common. How do you feel about mangoes, not counting coming back as one? I think it is imperative that you get to a concert next year!

      bluebird, red velvet cupcakes! She describes the song as cute and amazing, hmmm. That is a crazy coincidence, if it is in fact coincidence.

  18. embe86 says:

    Dang it!! I’m under moderation again. On second thought, I should ALWAYS be under moderation. Just ask my family.

  19. YJfanofdavid says:

    Bluebird, Thank you for a great job deconstructing NEBTOD. I loved the song after hearing the first ten notes. One of my favs from the album! You are right it’s a sensory song. It shows another side of David that I absolutely love.

  20. poof says:

    Great job Bluebird! I just love this song,,, I just float away somewhere happy, with a huge Grin on my face. Can it get much better than that?

  21. TOfan says:

    How did I miss this interview? And he talks about keeping a sort of dream journal, which was one of the Elevatorish questions I sent in many interviews ago … better late than never! 😆

    And if you think you know every note of Crush, think again… killer runs on this baby (thanks, Rabid4David)!

  22. awestruck says:

    David poured his heart and soul into the Crush – best I’ve heard him sing it! and play that piano MAN did he go for it. I’m just disappointed for this fans in Singapore and Manila that he sang so few songs for them. To go all that way for a 5 song set in Singapore and a 3 song set in Manila sheesh!

  23. peppertara says:

    Gosh, love that interview with David, random singing and dream journal? A good question to think of TOfan. I actually keep a dream journal, have for years. I do exactly what David does (when I haven’t overslept and am not jumping out of bed)! Very interesting looking back on unusual dreams and thoughts. A couple of them even have David in them, ha.
    Love that Crush performance too…David and piano…absolutely love it, always.

    awestruck.. I felt kind of bad for the fans too…David only getting to sing 5 songs and then 3 songs, definitely should have let him perform more than that! Maybe he will be back with a full blown concert for his wonderful fans there (most likely).
    Speaking of full blown concerts, hope his ‘people’ are not forgetting about Canada.
    I’m sure David isn’t forgetting. 🙂

  24. awestruck says:

    Is it just me or do David’s interviews from Asia always show more thoughtful insight – perhaps because of the attitude they have? They treat him with the maturity he deserves?
    Here’s one from MB.com from the Philippines

    • TOfan says:

      haha, *high-five*

    • emmegirl says:

      Not just you, haha. He seems more relaxed and more open, he shares more.
      As you suggested, maybe it starts with the interviewers and how they approach him. Whatever it is I am really loving everyone of them!

  25. TOfan says:

    Awesome interview with Manila Bulletin, HERE.

    Fave bits:
    Collaborating with Nashville, Tennessee songwriters like Joy Williams not only contributed to the maturity in David’s music, but also to his overall perspective.

    “Instead of them telling me this is who you are and this is who you’re gonna be, they waited enough and were patient enough for me to figure out myself so that I could tell them who I was. And I think that is so amazing. It completely changed my life, and totally changed my perspective about things and what I wanted to share with people,” he enthused….

    David also related having learned to be more forward and expressive in his views, as proven by the inclusion of “Good Place” in “TOSOD,” a song which he said almost didn’t make it on the album.

    Starting out young in the industry, David finds it challenging to grow as an artist “when everyone’s watching you.”

    • awestruck says:

      lol TOfan – the bit about Joy Williams and Nashville also struck me as to how much his writing stint in Nashville meant to David – he alluded to it in previous interviews, but elaborated in this one.

      How can a 19 year old be so sure of who he is, so strong in making sure his voice is heard? Most adults I know aren’t this secure (myself included)

  26. TOfan says:

    There’s a short Malaysian radio interview with David HERE (recorded by Larissa).

    Highlights: Next single? “Next single they’re talking about releasing is Falling Stars.”

    Fave character on Glee? “I only know their real names (laughs) … Jane Lynch is so cool …she makes me cry laughing.”

    Would you date a fan: “If they ask me out on a date it’s prob the 1st time I’ve even seen them…[laughs] … the 1st time I’d meet them is them running up to me with a sign asking me to go on a date [laughs].” 😆

    And here’sa great recap from David’s “makeup artist” in Manila HERE. “anything but typical outfits” 😆

    Awwww, and here’s a Twitpic from @FerjiPerj of the 88-yr-old grandma David hugged (to cheers from the crowd) at the Manila CD signing):
    Grannmaaaa and @davidarchie #1 on Twitpic

    • awestruck says:

      “anything but typical outfits” In that video the day in the life?? – will try to find the link – David mentioned that he had a stylist and they would pick out his ‘outfit for the day’ then he would decide if he wanted to wear it or not, lol!

  27. MunkFOD says:

    I love NEBTD! It is one of my favorites! I play it over and over! LOL! I have really enjoyed the interviews from Asia. David has let us really see inside with TOSOD and I really appreciate his courage and integrity to who he is! Thanks for the great article on NEBTD! It’s great!

  28. TOfan says:

    WOWZA, shield your eyes from the shirt & check out these SHOES!!!


    Fun interview from Manila HERE.

    Fave bits:
    He credits this respect for women to being surrounded by women. He has three sisters of whom he feels protective. “They taught me how to care and look after someone. At home, I’m like, ‘Who’s that boy?’ It’s important to have a lot of respect for girls and to value them.” And when he does pursue a girl romantically, Archuleta says, laughing, “I probably wouldn’t wanna tell people.”

    He himself is getting used to the demands of his career. “I trip all the time, but it’s not embarrassing anymore—the first few times, it was like ‘Oh, no, I’ve shown people I’m imperfect!’ After the thirtieth time, I figured people know I fall down a lot. And that’s okay.”

    • embe86 says:

      So funny that I came here just to post that first paragraph! I don’t know why, but when I read that I thought wow, that’s something David has never mentioned before, and it’s quite personal too.

      “At home, I’m like, ‘Who’s that boy?’” I SO wanna see him in `protective big brother´ -mode 😉

    • awestruck says:

      “shield your eyes from the shirt” – as in don’t look it’s not such a great choice??? watcha mean by that TOfan, lol

      Kay, those spiffy looking shoes – what kind are they?

    • emmegirl says:

      Didn’t “luv” this shirt as much but I like the idea of him trying something different, and the shoes, yes great shoes! Really likes the black shirt and ripped jeans ensemble and, I believe, these same shoes. Very nice look!

      Love those excerpts from the interview, hadn’t heard that one yet. He really has done an amazing job with the interviews on this trip.

  29. embe86 says:

    emmegirl: “Idk embe, singing, exercise, boxing…you and David have an awful lot in common. How do you feel about mangoes, not counting coming back as one? I think it is imperative that you get to a concert next year!”

    Am I pathetic for squealing a little at the the fact that you think David and I have a lot in common? *hugs you*

  30. TOfan says:

    Partial Manila press conference vid from ballerynna “My last chance to make an album as a teenager … unless I make one in the next two weeks” 😆

  31. TOfan says:

    And JackRyan4DA’s amazing collection of vids on her YouTube channel HERE.


    Aaaaand, a couple of @nareejo Twitpics from that press conference:

    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

    Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

    And from Majic 95.1’s FB (of today’s radio interview) … and they also played not only Crush but also Falling Stars and Melodies of Christmas … THAT’s how it’s done, woooot!:


  32. awestruck says:

    Majic 95.1 has the interview up – http://www.waji.com/?p=3580

    One bit, the 9th caller who won tickets to see David tomorrow didn’t recognize his voice on the phone, lol. Funny, giggly jet ftw!

    • TOfan says:

      thanks, awestruck! It’s nice to hear nice, friendly djs & so great they actually played his songs! He seemed to be struggling to make sure he didn’t sound like he was boasting … as if, David, as if! 😆 And hope someone got a picture of the cookies with his face on them! “I don’t think I’ve ever eaten myself” rotflmbo

      aww, love this Manila M&G recap! http://shennette.multiply.com/journal/item/20

  33. archiesfan4life says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted yet – I just got home and quickly checked my email and found this from my friend in Utah (the one I will soon meet face to face!!!!!)

    British Actor Michael York to Narrate Choir Christmas Program

    As if it’s not enough to have one show-stopper, David Archuleta, on stage for the Christmas program, highly acclaimed actor Michael York will narrate the December event. As is the tradition, he will read of the birth of Jesus Christ from the book of Luke in the Bible; he will also share a tender Christmas account, always a highlight of the concert. York, in his first appearance with the Choir, brings 45 years of stage, screen, and recording performance to the Conference Center.

  34. awestruck says:

    archiesfan4life – so excited for you! Thanks for posting that – I especially love “one show-stopper, David Archuleta, on stage… now off to google Michael York.

  35. awestruck says:

    DUHHH!!! THAT Michael York, LOL.

    I am such a doufus this week – left the fog lights on all night and drained my car battery, had to get it boosted, take it to the dealership, admit that I was a doufus… and it’s -20 celcius (-4 F) here right now…

    • archiesfan4life says:

      Sorry – I should have posted the rest of the article –

      British-born and educated at Oxford, York is familiar to audiences around the world. Included in his more than 60 screen credits are The Taming of the Shrew, Romeo and Juliet, Cabaret, The Three Musketeers, and Murder on the Orient Express. He is not new to musical theater, having toured the nation as King Arthur in Camelot and starred on Broadway. He has narrated many documentaries and over 90 audio books, including a new audio version of the Bible, The Word of Promise, and has performed concert versions of Shakespeare at the Kennedy Center and the Hollywood Bowl. He has been honored by his home country as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, in France with an Arts et Lettres, and in the U.S. with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    • abanana77 says:

      -20?????? Woahhh intense. I am clueless about the rest of the country sometimes, lol.

  36. embe86 says:

    Ok, THIS you HAVE to see. It’s a 15-minute-long press conference in which David says a lot of sensible, intelligent stuff, like we’d expect. BUT. When he starts talking about the TOSOD photoshoot, he becomes surprisingly assertive, even a tad (a little, little tad but still) annoyed, telling the press how he really had to fight to get the photos that HE wanted. In the video he says the album cover that the label (?) chose was a “you know you want me” -kind of look. So he DOES know he can be flirty!! HAH! I knew it! He does do it on purpose, that little *.

    • emmegirl says:

      Assertive, stubborn, feisty, endearing, and so genuine and real that you can’t believe he’s real.

  37. awestruck says:

    “BUT. When he starts talking about the TOSOD photoshoot, he becomes surprisingly assertive, even a tad (a little, little tad but still) annoyed, telling the press how he really had to fight to get the photos that HE wanted.” I noticed it too. Yeah embe sometimes that annoyance can push you to be assertive, lol!

    Kudos to David for ‘fighting’ for the photos for his album – I for one am happy. They truly fit with the messages in his songs, imo. Great questions and they all allowed him to take his rambly time answering.

    So, it appears David is taking more and more control – good for him!

  38. peppertara says:

    Hope everyone is keeping warm (if you’re in cold climate). Just had our first snowfall here and it is a little early for us westerners!
    Love the interviews and yes…David’s assertiveness, I say good for him too! Way to go David. Looking forward to more videos, pics from Ft. Wayne. Got home in time to listen to the cellcast and David sounded great (even on a cellcast). A couple of Christmas tunes too! David has now got me in the Christmas spirit, my local FM station is now playing all Christmas songs (already) and they just played David’s The First Noel on the radio, love that! Hearing David’s songs on radio just warms my heart.

    • emmegirl says:

      The First Noel? 🙂

    • abanana77 says:

      Kinda jealous of your snowfall! I really love snow! I am totally in the Christmas spirit now too, super happy David sang some Christmas songs today 😀 Went to see the Santa Claus parade here and it was super fun, refreshing to see all the people of all different ages having fun getting in the Christmas mood!

    • refnaf says:

      Wow!!! Love to hear David’s Christmas voice on the radio!!

  39. TOfan says:

    embe, lol, I almost fell off my chair (and it wasn’t even tilted!) when I heard him describe the “You know you want me!” cover … I love that he asserted his choices on the pictures and stayed true to himself and the image he wants to portray. I must say, when I bought the CD at the record store, his cover was easy to spot because almost every single other cover blended together with that come-hither look. And besides, studies show a David Archuleta ‘You know you want me’ album cover would need to come with a Surgeon General’s warning label! 😆

    peppertara, First Noel? So cool!!!! I unfortunately missed the cellcast … was helping my sister paint her kitchen, but on the bright side, I blasted TOSOD and CFTH on the stereo and got to hear my husband telling my family how amazing David sounded singing with the orchestra last year in Ann Arbor. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • emmegirl says:

      Have been wanting to paint my kitchen/family room and can’t convince my husband. You game?

      “…I blasted TOSOD and CFTH on the stereo and got to hear my husband telling my family how amazing David sounded singing with the orchestra last year in Ann Arbor.” 🙂 Can’t think of a better way to spend an evening, painting with family and blasting David! Wait, was there wine?

      The cover comments, lol, he is fascinating, to say the least.

      I have also been intrigued by his comments that this is his last year as a
      teenager and his last chance to do an album likes this, just kinda makes ya wonder what is next.

      • awestruck says:

        emmiegirl – I too was wondering the same thing about what kind of album David will make next. My suspicion, a more serious music driven album. He has indicated that TOSOD is lyric based – his ideas, his thoughts. So, by music driven I mean he will add one more layer – that of really taking addressing the direction of the music and making it more… sophisticated? And, perhaps, less pop sounding?

      • refnaf says:

        eee next album speculation>>> Spanish FTW

      • TOfan says:

        emme, yes there was most def. wine! … we’ll be right over! 😆

    • embe86 says:

      And another thing David said that really stood out for me was the “I don’t CARE about research!” -line. He said it in a tone I have never heard before.

      • refnaf says:

        hmmm, that tone becomes him..

      • emmegirl says:

        awestruck, I think so too. He has said several times when asked about the album, “it’s another pop album” like they won’t always be.

        refnaf, I would be okay with the next album being Spanish. 🙂
        Those comments at the end of that interview about going through the hard stuff for someone else, well he just boggles your mind. I thought the list of ten songs on the cambio page were interesting. Several are about real pain and loss and suffering. Nothing ordinary about this guy.

        embe, another tone in David’s voice. I don’t think there is a tone I don’t like.

      • TOfan says:

        The only other times I’ve heard that tone come out (I’m sure his family & friends hear it all the time! lol) is his last interview with Ryan Seacrest when he started talking about standing up more for himself because his decisions affect so many people and back during the Idol tour, he got pretty feisty when he told a story about a promoter who told him he wasn’t signing fast enough (not sure if it was CDs or photos) and David said something like, “You know what, this is my signature you’re making money off of here.” Feisty D. FTW!!!

  40. refnaf says:

    “I almost fell off my chair (and it wasn’t even tilted!) when I heard him describe the “You know you want me!” cover … I love that he asserted his choices on the pictures and stayed true to himself and the image he wants to portray.” <<< me too!! Wonderful to hear that David pushed (a bit) for how he wanted to present himself….That he thought so much about the image and energy presented and how it fits with the album's contents!!!
    What shook me also are his comments near the end about how sometimes the difficult stuff we go through may enable us to help someone we meet down the road who is going through the same…."sometimes we go through the hard stuff for another person" what a positive way to look at life's struggles. David you and your thinking combined with your music gifts are AMAZINGLY INSPIRING to me. Your attitude is incredible….Gah he is the best!

    • abanana77 says:

      Ugggh I know exactly what you’re thinking and not having adequate words to describe his amazingness! He still manages to surprise me with his wisdom and optimism, you’d think we’d be kinda used to it by now! He makes me want to look at he world the way he looks at the world. <3333

  41. bluebird19 (Pattie) says:

    embe86: “So he DOES know he can be flirty!! HAH! I knew it! He does do it on purpose, that little *.”

    Yes, I, too, found that statement to be very revealing. He isn’t oblivious!

    TOfan: “And besides, studies show a David Archuleta ‘You know you want me’ album cover would need to come with a Surgeon General’s warning label! :lol:”

    “Surgeon General’s warning label” … hahahaha

  42. abanana77 says:

    Hahaha wow – I just was watching the press conference vid and CFTH started playing and I thought that the had dubbed it over the video. But it was so loud compared to the video that I could barely hear what David was saying and I was getting annoyed. Then I realized it was just my itunes that had started playing. Hahahaha. Took me like 6 minutes to notice. Wow I am obviously still asleep.

  43. awestruck says:

    Interviewer GUSH over their time with David –

  44. awestruck says:

    Another interview – notice the “Parental Guidance” in the upper left corner LOLOLOL

    • TOfan says:

      bahahaha “Parental Guidance” 😆

      Also LOLing at them flashing to Charice right after he’s talking about “his kind of perfect”!

      abanana, “He makes me want to look at the world the way he looks at the world. <3333" … perfectly said, me too!!!

  45. TOfan says:

    Another great interview from Manila, HERE.

    Fave bit: “David Archuleta is the only person I have ever met who constantly expresses his feelings or describes a situation by breaking into a song… It is amazing to see a person just translate himself constantly with his love – music. That’s where I know he’s a true artist. He does not make an effort to carry a tune. He is music.”

  46. TOfan says:

    The Grove news:
    Acc. to Snarkies, Alison Sudol (A Fine Frenzy) was seen shopping in the area and just found out about David’s appearance! Hope she stays for the show! & Jane Lynch was also seen there, aka Sue on “Glee.”

    Twitvid of 1st Noel soundcheck from @MylanLove:

  47. TOfan says:

    New post, thread!


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