Q92 Canton recap: Gotta give David Archuleta extra credit

WKDD you not.

Why do I love this picture so much? And I do. I can’t stop smiling when I look at it.

It’s from the WKDD gallery from the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, lounge event last night. I think I love it because it captures the essence of the David Archuleta we all know and love, and the one who was on full rambly view earlier in the day at the Q92 event in Canton, Ohio.

The David who walks through life thinking about what he can give, not what he can get. The David who treats every person he meets with kindness and respect.

I’m finding it more difficult than usual to put this weekend into words, but since I can’t take videos or great pictures, like so many other awesome fans (*cough*Pastel&Roberta*cough*), I want to do my best to at least describe how it felt to be there.

I was looking very forward to this weekend for many reasons. Seeing and hearing David sing, of course, but also spending time in person with so many great fans I usually only get to “talk” to online. I was also thrilled to be seeing Joannie Rochette skate … that she would be skating as David sang was beyond my wildest dreams. I had no expectations though. Didn’t know what the venues would be like, how many songs he’d sing at either event, or which songs he’d do. But as Refnaf and I drove into Youngstown, we saw a car with the license plate “SNOANGEL” … no really, we did … so I took that as a good omen for our time in Ohio, and boy was I right.

I still can’t believe we ended up at the Q92 event. As Refnaf described at the end of the last thread, even though we’d bought tickets for Skate for the Heart even before David was confirmed on the lineup, we never even considered trying to win the Q92 tickets. When YJfan told us she had a ticket but was going to keep calling into the station to try to win for us, we couldn’t get over her generosity. She told us we could listen online and try to call in ourselves (nerve-wracking to say the least), or win through Facebook, and next thing you know, Refnaf had won our tickets.

David & lovely Q92 DJ Nikolina (holding onto her mitts for dear life).

Mike helps David figure out the mic.

The DJ she spoke with over the phone, Nikolina, was so nice and friendly and excited that we’d be coming all the way from Canada, she asked us to make sure to find her when we got there. We wanted to thank her by bringing a pair of Olympic mittens for her (we knew David had already been given, ahem, a few pairs) … more about them later.

Monday was hot and sunny in Canton, so everything at Pete’s Grill was set up outside. It was like someone’s private patio. Like David would be dropping by for a backyard barbecue.

Sitting a few feet from the little stage was almost too much for my mere mortal synapses to handle. They told us he’d be out in another 20 minutes so people were getting pizza and snacks in the meantime. Pizza? SNACKS??? Like this was no big deal? Like David Arquette, I mean, Archuleta was not about to blow them away with his magnificent voice from that tiny pretend-looking stage???

Refnaf kept asking me if I was okay because I’m sure I looked even more dazed and confused than I usually do. So to calm myself down, I just kept repeating my favourite David inspirational sayings in my head, “things are gonna get better,” “hang in, hang on for the ride of your life,” and of course, “disco with the flow” … none were working though.

So I tried David’s pre-show ritual … I said a little prayer. I really did. A prayer of thanks on Canadian Thanksgiving for allowing me to be in that very spot at that very time with all those very people. And a wave of calm came over me just in time for David to bound onstage.

And once he was up there, he was so relaxed and chatty and happy, he made us feel like he’d just invited us over to hang out for a while. And that’s just what we did. Maybe because he talked about school so much, I felt like I was just sitting in a classroom while my favourite teacher regaled us with great stories. I don’t know if it was because he knew every single person there had made a concerted effort to win tickets to be there, to see only HIM, or if he had sugared cereal for breakfast, but he was more loose and confident than I’ve ever seen him. The crowd cheered every ramble, every aside and footnote. It was awesome.ย  If he’d asked us to play “Simon Says” next, no problem, we’d have done it. I swear he could repeat that PSA about how he negotiated extra credit from his teachers (see first vid, below) on Jon Stewart’s show and still bring the house down.

And oh yeah, he also sang! ๐Ÿ˜† And as always, he threw himself 100 gazillion percent into every song. Did not matter that it was a private gig at a tiny small-town pizza place, David Archuleta doesn’t phone it in. Ever. His tone on some notes literally made my ears buzz, it was the strangest feeling. A cool feeling but strange.

One happy camper. (Q92 photo)

When he said the next song would be the last one, there was a huge groan from the crowd (which there usually is), but this time he couldn’t bear to disappoint everyone (or he was just having too much fun up there and didn’t want to leave), so he agreed to do an extra song. A lot of people called out MKOP and he tinkled the intro on the keys and almost wiped out a whole row in the front. But no, not yet, he wasn’t quite ready for that yet. And to be honest, neither was I. Hearing him sing it from far away while Joannie Rochette skated the night before dissolved me into a puddle… did not want to end up on the front page of the local paper, “Canadian rushed to Canton General with MKOP-related injuries.”

So ATM it was “for the little girls in the front” and then Crush, which he didn’t even need to introduce.

TOfan, DJ Nikolina and Refnaf do the wave.

The photo/autograph portion followed and it was very fast-paced in order to get the more than 200 people through in good time. I had planned to tell David how much we enjoyed his singing at Skate for the Heart the night before and I wanted to ask him if Joannie had asked him to sing MKOP or if he’d picked it. Usually I’m able to say what I planned to say and as soon as he’s right there, I feel perfectly calm. Not this time. Refnaf told him where we were from so he wished us Happy Thanksgiving, then he signed my TOSOD CD. And as soon as he looked up at me with that wide open gaze, I said a heartfelt “Thank you, David” and then *tilt* … rien, niente, nada…like a shaken Etch-A-Sketch screen… completely blank.

We moved along and compared levels of spazzing with other fans who’d gone through the line. Then we saw Mike Krompass and went over to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving. He told us he’d never seen David talk that much on stage. He said it was hard to keep from laughing right off his stool.

Just an excuse to post this again. Cuteness.

We had a long drive ahead so we said our good-byes, and did start to walk out a few times but then somehow ended up right back looking on at the autograph/picture area, watching David be so patient and caring with each and every fan, especially the youngest ones. Mike walked by and said, “I thought you guys were leaving.” We told him we’d been trying to and he chuckled, “That’s Dave for ya.” Guess he’s seen that magnetic force in action for some time now.

Nikolina, the DJ, was close by so we introduced ourselves and thanked her for the tickets and gave her the Olympic mittens. She put them on right away even though it was hotter than a pizza oven on that patio. Nikolina thanked us and hugged us, and said her cousins live in Canada.

We thought that David might be staying afterward for an interview or something so we asked her if she could maybe take a picture of him later with the mittens. We figured that would happen after we left and she could send it to us. Nope. She marched over to the table, introduced herself to David and asked if he’d hold them for the picture right there and then. We were flabbergasted. In a good way. A great way. Hence, our brand new photo in the sidebar. David with Olympic mittens on Canadian Thanksgiving. Cheesy, I know. My kind of cheesy.


P.S. Sheesh, just noticed how long this is. Sorry, please make sure to get up and stretch midway through. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.P.S. WKDD photo from HERE. Microphone photo from Samantha’s FB HERE. Nikolina/David photo fromย HERE. Q92 happy camper photo from HERE.

P.P.S.S. Two of Pastel’s amazing videos:

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52 Responses to Q92 Canton recap: Gotta give David Archuleta extra credit

  1. Kizzi says:

    Dear TOfan. You are love. I love this write up. If I win tix to MoTab, I am selfishly sending you just to read what you will write.

    Thanks for sharing an exquisite experience so, well, exquisitely.

  2. Kizzi says:

    David dancing the bachata & dueting w/Lupe on A Puro Dolor – I’m not kidding ๐Ÿ˜€

    Go here http://www.youtube.com/user/pattirae1 to pattirae1 youtube account for more videos of the Gala and David singing. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Abrra says:

    I went thru all those gallery pics, then i stopped at the same one you posted at the top of this article. I stared at it a few sec, then went back a few pictures to confirm my suspicion because I had the same reaction. I realized it was that in THIS picture he had the BIGGEST, most sincere smile of any other picture that day. I bet he was feeling some kind of new energy from those 2 ladies who most likely became NEW fans on the spot.


  4. refnaf says:

    TOfan!!!! Thank you!!!!

    “I want to do my best to at least describe how it felt to be there.” (((hugs))) Success!!!

    I will always be there to hold you up so that you can use your story telling skills to give us the gift of a perfect recap!!! You certainly did look dazed before the show!!! I also appreciate the peeps
    ((pastel,roberta)) that get us vids. Rewatching is a big part of the deDavid process, lol.

    “โ€ฆlike a shaken Etch-A-Sketch screenโ€ฆ completely blank” Love that line, exactly the feeling I still have…

    The dj Nicolina was lovely, the entire event was one big JOY!!!

    • Kizzi says:

      ref – {{{hugs}}} What an experience you had. ๐Ÿ˜€ I saw your picture several times on the Q92 slide show. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. refnaf says:

    oh my heck, what the random, ***runs off to watch new dancing vid***

  6. embe says:

    Kizzi – darn it, I wanted to be the one to post that ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Just kidding โค I actually did post it in the previous thread, but I guess no one noticed. That's one video EVERYONE has to watch!

    TOfan – you know how I love you and how happy I am that you met David. Must be so friggin cool to see him stand there, rambling on, hypnotizing you with his voice. And Mike seems to be under his spell too ๐Ÿ˜‰ So glad they have each other while touring.

    • TOfan says:

      LOL, Embe, bringing over your comment from the end of the last thread:


      Sorry for the caps Iโ€™m so hypnotized by those swinging hips I canโ€™t stop typing oh my gawd

      Can non-catholics go to confession?

  7. ai lyn says:

    sounds like you guys had a great weekend! thanks for the funny recap. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. refnaf says:

    The danciing David is okay, lol, but that Dream Sky High> eeep I am inspired and impressed yet again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. abanana77 says:

    TOfan! Amazziiinnngggg recap!!! Loved reading every part of it! You have such a way with words, I feel like I was there!

    Random question: how many pairs of Olympic mittens do you have stored up to give away? Hahaha

    Just watched the dancing vid! Amazing, my mouth is still hanging open! Need to go watch DSH now. Might make me late for class, but it will be worth it!

  10. betsy says:

    Every single word.
    Thanks for telling it like only you can.
    “MKOP related injuries” LOL
    So glad you two went. I really am.

  11. pabuckie says:

    Thanks! Loved your story! David always makes us feel like we are sitting in his living room and he is just singing for us!

    Favorite part “The David who walks through life thinking about what he can give, not what he can get. The David who treats every person he meets with kindness and respect.”

  12. Nan says:

    Thanks TOfan for a great recap. I love your clever way of wording things.

  13. embe says:

    I GOT MY TOSOD IN THE MAIL TODAY!!!!!!!! And the lovely Abrra had put some little treats in there too โค

    I screamed so loud my dogs started running in circles… then they began sniffing the package in such detail I was afraid they'd suck the attached key chain up their noses.

    Thank you ABRRA โค I love you and your kind heart so much โค

  14. Archugeezer says:

    Awesome recap–full of tender respect for David.

    I love this fan base and everyone who writes about David, including those who can manage to hold a camera steady enough for videos. It sure helps to relieve the ache of not being there in person.

    I felt so fortunate to be at the Mentors gala, and now I keep trying to find ways to relive that evening. As indescribably satisfying as it was, it is never enough. Never enough.

    Thank you again!

  15. peppertara says:

    TOfan, what an incredibly wonderful, heart warming and magnificent recap! One can only imagine the magic you experience while taking in not only the lovely Skate from the Heart event but also David at his natural finest in chatter and song, up close and personal! Thanks for sharing it so brilliantly, gives us a strong feeling of what it must have been like for you, refnaf and others to be there. Unforgettable and magical, no doubt!
    I just love the “cheesy” David with Olympic mittens on Thanksgiving story, my kind of cheesy for sure (and David’s too I bet). I so love that picture!
    Thanks for a wonderful recap, pure love to read!
    Guess you know that you will never be the same. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Imagine that those who were at the Mentors Gala will never be the same either, in the presence of pure beauty and magic.

    The videos are fabulous, dancing David…love that beyond description. Gorgeous songs, gorgeous videos, wonderful.

    Embe, so glad TOSOD arrived for you, special day!

  16. TOfan says:

    Embe, congrats!!! It does feel good to have the actual CD in your hand! Make sure to read the liner notes! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Archugeezer, “As indescribably satisfying as it was, it is never enough. Never enough.” Perfectly put! That Mentor’s Gala must have been one special evening. I think I loved the devoted looks between David & Lupe, totally in sync, in harmony, as much as the dancing! crazy, huh?

    {{{{peppertara}}} your comments always put a huge smile on my face, really hope to meet you one of these days… I’ll “never be the same” … I believe you are right about that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Not sure who Marky is, but loved the song-by-song review of TOSOD on Marky’s blog HERE … (I love MKOP however):

  17. MunkFOD says:

    Embe! congrats ! YAY!

    love this place…there are warm feelings all over! Thanks for the great recap and pics and videos and everything! It helps me be happy!

    makes me want to move to Canada! I am not far away….Does Wisconsin count?

  18. TOfan says:

    Awesome review of the Q92 Canton show from … a Cook fan!!! Read rest HERE.

    Fave bits:
    “These are the types of songs where you can just get lost in the unique, unmistakable tone of his voice.”

    “Archie is made to appeal to the masses. Jive, get him on the radio and promote him!”


  19. silverfox says:

    TOfan, OH WOW! I am so jealous! Seeing & hearing David twice in two days! In Canton, though..it sounds & looked like a very intimate setting per the videos. David seems to love the closeness of these “private cause you have to win tickets to attend”gatherings. He just opens up and lets it all hang out. I AM jealous, but I’m also happy you & refnaf were there!

    Hi Ref! Loving your cutie-pie grandbaby avi!!

    Embe, hope you are enjoying your very own TOSOD! And hope all’s well in your corner of the world. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And speaking of TOSOD…it’s #15 on Billboard with 24000 sold the first week. My question is, does that number include all the pre-orders BEFORE Oct 5th? If so, how can that be? Only 24000 fans purchased TOSOD? That can’t be right! How does Billboard determine sales? Are sales based on after the official release of album sales only? So I’m thinking it does not include the pre-sales for the Fan Edition & iTunes Deluxe edition. Right? Please tell me David’s TOSOD sold twice or three times 24000 albums!! I’m really confused. As usual, & as you can tell. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. emmegirl says:

    TOfan, love your warmth and wit, and loved this piece, the whole enchilada! I am sooo envious of every person there…getting to experience him so at ease and comfortable, exposing more of his charming and funny and adorable self.

    SF, I have no idea what that count includes, but based on articles I have read, every year CD sales across the board sink lower and lower, breaking records for fewest sold ever. A couple months ago, (and this is going to sound bad because I cannot for the life of me remember who it was, maybe someone else will), an extremely popular singer released their album with many industry experts predicting possibly 500,000 in sales the first week. Everyone was shocked and dismayed when it came closer to 200,000. Seems every year illegal downloading becomes more and more acceptable. This economy only compounds the problem. I kinda think that once you do it, it becomes the norm for most people.

    It saddens me not only for David but for all in that industry – singer, writes, musicians, etc who work extremely hard at their craft and are not getting paid for it.

  21. TOfan says:

    I was kinda shocked at those sales numbers too, SF, but as emme points out, all the numbers are down. Even Bruno Mars, whose single is at the top of both Top 40 and Adult Contemporary radio charts, didn’t sell as well as expected.

    I keep hearing that today’s artists make their money from touring (great news for David fans! lol) but to fill seats on a tour, you need some promo/radio play.

    In Youngstown, we spoke with people who’d voted for David on Idol but had no idea he had a new album out … if Jive doesn’t have the budget or strategy to bring in new fans, at least make sure David’s original fans are kept in the loop! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Maybe this new endorsement deal Jive signed will bring some welcome publicity (and moola) his way:
    “Brand Affinity Technologies (BAT), the company reinventing endorsement and celebrity marketing, has signed a deal with RCA/JIVE Label Group, a label group of Sony Music Entertainment, to bring music stars to its Endorsement Platform.”
    Read rest HERE.

  22. johnchang says:


    The artist they were talking about is Katy Perry who had THE song of the summer “California Gurls.” Based on the popularity of CG, industry experts were predicting stellar opening numbers for the album but the real figure was kinda disappointing. Moreover she had another song in the Top 10 at the same time – Teenage Dream. That combination still didn’t generate the expected sales what more with David who doesn’t have the advantage of a big hit prior to the release of his album.

    Lets hope David’s new management team have some solid marketing ideas up their sleeves.

  23. emmegirl says:

    Thanks johnchang, you saved me!

  24. abanana77 says:

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised by the sales numbers too, I have to say. But the Bruno Mars numbers surprised me more than David’s. I mean, I know nothing about popular music, but I still know who he is and at least one song by him. Which must mean he’s BIG right now. I expected his numbers to be way higher.

    I am less concerned about the actual sales than I am the lack of push for radio play… maybe it’s because of the change in management? I don’t know. Whateves, I am going back to disco-ing with the flow ๐Ÿ˜›

  25. peppertara says:

    abanana, glad that you are going back to disco-ing with the flow, sounds good to me!

    I was a little shocked at the sales numbers too for David but I guess when you look at it from the perspective as pointed out by emmegirl and TOfan and others, David seems to be the norm these days, rather unfortunate though.
    When you look at it that way and the fact that David got almost zero radio play, limited promotion, etc. and undoubtedly a large number of illegal downloads, he did okay.
    Anyway, most of the reviews are good and still coming. Love this: โ€œArchie is made to appeal to the masses. Jive, get him on the radio and promote him!โ€ Yep, that’s what needs to be done alright.

    Hopefully with David’s new management and with “BAT” things may change some and with his tour, that should help.
    Well, David needs to do a big tour, not only across the U.S. but across Canada too, he can bring his red mittens. ๐Ÿ™‚
    TOfan, thanks for your nice comment…one day maybe, would be nice to meet you too. It’s always great to meet up with others who are part of the David “fanfest”.

  26. awestruck says:

    TOfan – as always reading your recap makes it seem like I was there, along with the videos that emerge (thanks ALL who have that talent!). TOfan, loved that a prayer helped you! Prepared you actually for chatty, exhuberent David at his finest.

    Cool that Mike had that to say about David, love those bits! I watched the videos concentrating on Mike and for the most part he managed to keep a straight face, except for when David said at one point that (paraphrased here) “he should stop talking/ making a fool of himself” as he came to a end with his rambling.

    Refnaf – thanks for propping up TOfan when need be. So happy for you both that things worked out the way they did.

    As for the album numbers – David dares to be different – the self proclaimed geek/dork that actually wants to get a message across with his pop music. Slow and steady wins the race. I believe it will happen!

  27. YJfanofdavid says:

    “Refnaf kept asking me if I was okay because Iโ€™m sure I looked even more dazed and confused than I usually do. So to calm myself down, I just kept repeating my favorite David inspirational sayings in my head, โ€œthings are gonna get better,โ€ โ€œhang in, hang on for the ride of your life,โ€ *** So I tried Davidโ€™s pre-show ritual โ€ฆ I said a little prayer. I really did. A prayer of thanks on Canadian Thanksgiving for allowing me to be in that very spot at that very time with all those very people. And a wave of calm came over me just in time for David to bound onstage.”

    THAT, my friend, is why I tried so hard to win tix for you guys (without success on my own, however). It makes it all worth it — doing insane things such as hiding in my closet calling DJ at 10:00 pm; furtively listening to radio at work and speed-dialing the station; sudden braking and pulling over in highway when the DJ said “CALL NOW!”. It was comedy of the Archuleta kind. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Snowangels +David in Youngstown and Canton = My kind of Ohio. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • TOfan says:

      ” doing insane things such as hiding in my closet calling DJ at 10:00 pm; furtively listening to radio at work and speed-dialing the station; sudden braking and pulling over in highway when the DJ said โ€œCALL NOW!โ€.” ROTFLing here, YJ … who do you want to play you in the movie version? ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

  28. MunkFOD says:


    “As for the album numbers-David dares to be different-the self proclaimed geek/dork that actually wants to get a message across with his pop music. Slow and steady wins the race. I believe it will happen.”

    EXACTLY! When I read Chords Of Strength, I was really struck with the fact that David has been prepared all his life for what he is doing right now. This might sound cheezy, but I think there is a reason for all of it and he is doing exactly what he is suppose to be doing. He feels a tremendous responsibility to use his “gift” wisely. He is doing a great job. I don’t have any worries about his future. Just going to do all I can to support this great, talented young man! He is not only a great musician but he is a great person. So thanks Awestruck for your comments!

  29. TOfan says:

    Totally off-topic but @_slowdownsugar just posted this pic on Twitter as “Gangsta Archuleta 4eva” ๐Ÿ˜† :


  30. TOfan says:

    FM97 just posted this vid that was filmed backstage at the Barndance show in York, PA ๐Ÿ™‚ :

  31. TOfan says:

    Was I the only one wondering where the mango on the piano came from? lol

    Reading through the YouTube comments, it turns out that a fan at the Meet & Greet (Morrisseys7thFriend, see comment below) gave it to David, knowing he likes them (guess that’s why it has a face drawn on it):

    FM97WLAN: there was one fan who asked us what happened to the Mango. now we know where it๏ปฟ went!

    Morrisseys7thFriend: @FM97WLAN *raises hand* Hi, haha. That was me. Technically, that was after the meet and greet lol.

    I feel so loved now that I know David likes to sing to the fruit people give him hahaha. Even if they aren’t ripe yet. In a Ustream chat he mentioned Mr. Mango and said he๏ปฟ didn’t like the mangoes in America because they’re too hard. In reality those particular mangoes my mother bought were just really really crappy. Now I feel bad. Next time I get him a mango I’ll go to the Philippines buahaha

  32. peppertara says:

    Love David at piano with Mango watching, very sweet. A good gift from a fan…even if a little ‘hard’.
    Boy I love David playing ATM on piano, the keys just seem to be an extension of his fingers.
    The ‘gangsta’ photo is so cute, yes gotta love that peace sign.
    Awestruck, have to agree about David….slow and steady, there is a heck of a lot more to come.

    Well, it’s always been the same throughout history, whenever anything new, different and very good is introduced to the world it takes a while for the masses to adapt, accept and realize it’s greatness. Along the way there are always the supporters, understanding it right from the beginning.
    Kind of how I feel about David and his fans. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. embe says:

    So I’m having a TOSOD listening party. By myself, but still. I’m having a BLAST. We have one of those home cinema-thingys with speakers all over, and the sound is so clear I can hear David’s tonsils flapping.

    Aaaanyway, I watched the deluxe dvd last night. I know all basketball players jump really high (or actually they don’t have to jump at all since they’re like 9 feet tall), but I bet they’d have nothing against one particular 5’6 half-Honduran. I mean, the guy is like Tigger in tight pants. And what the heck is up with the FLIRTING?!?!? The poor camera must get hot FLASHES. Get it? Flashes.

  34. awestruck says:

    peppertara “Well, itโ€™s always been the same throughout history, whenever anything new, different and very good is introduced to the world it takes a while for the masses to adapt, accept and realize itโ€™s greatness. Along the way there are always the supporters, understanding it right from the beginning.
    Kind of how I feel about David and his fans.”

    So right.

    And do I so love to watch that clip of David serenading the mango, lol. He was blessed with large hands for just this purpose… and large feet for a “good understanding”. At least that’s what my mother always told me!

    embe- I am laughing, crying, celebrating with you – I have not yet watched that but will be forever swayed by your comment when I do, LOL Hot ‘flashes’ You have no idea how close to home this is for me right now!!!

  35. TOfan says:

    Great comments, I will bring over to the

    new post/thread!


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