Run, David, Run! See David Run!

@JeffreyLin TwitPic of the cheerleading volleyballers. Run, David, run! Look, they're calling for backup!!!

. hmmm, I sense a theme…


um, maybe David needs to watch this!

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23 Responses to Run, David, Run! See David Run!

  1. TOfan says:

    Didn’t this happen to him before with a bunch of girls on a running track? Picturing this scene is srsly cracking me up … he’d better step up those workouts! 😆

    From end of previous thread, from SandyBeaches:

    Although mention has been made of Hillary Lindsay co-writing the song “Jesus Take the Wheel” (sung by Carrie Underwood), not enough mention has been made of Canadian writer Gordie Sampson.

    The following article mentions Gordie Sampson as being the inspiration for the writing of the song…

    “It’s been a year of surprises for Canadian songwriter Gordie Sampson, whose massive country hit “Jesus Take the Wheel” has opened the door to a string of superstar collaborations and a shot at one of music’s most sought-after prizes.

    After conquering the charts with the monster single – partly inspired by a Cape Breton road crash – the affable Nova Scotian says his upcoming trip to the Grammys is a surreal turn in his exploding career.

    Although he’d found modest success writing album tracks for various artists, the song was his first to be released to U.S. radio.

    “The first single I had was `Jesus Take the Wheel’ and it was just such a bang to happen as the first single,” Sampson says by phone from his home just outside Sydney, N.S.

    “It’s kind of like the hockey player, the new guy on the team, that gets the right pass and scores the goal and everybody in the crowd stands up and goes, `Hey, who’s that?’”

    The soaring inspirational tune, co-written with U.S. songwriters Hillary Lindsey and Brett James and sung by American Idol winner Carrie Underwood, topped the Billboard charts for six weeks and turned Sampson into one of Nashville’s hottest newcomers.”

    Yes, I am a flag waver at times…Our province is small but powerful in the field of music. You just have to love Sarah McLachlan & Ann Murray.


  2. beebee says:

    Dang, I only just now saw the “Now running away from all the cheerleaders and volleyball players! Ahh!!” tweet! LOL! Love seeing the Hard Day’s Night vid. 🙂

    Reminds me of this:


  3. TOfan says:

    beebee, brilliant AND prophetic! yikes!

    As funny as the cheerleader chase was, I admit to being relieved when I saw David’s tweet about catching Cook on Idol … and thought, phew, he made it out alive! 😆

    @AnnieDAFG also posted this on Twitter (thanks to the lovely Janey for pointing it out to me!):

    the bachelor

  4. refnaf says:

    (((SB))) Thanks for the songwriter info!
    Flag waving FTW!

    beebee! That poster shows David sooo happy!!I remember watching the live streaming of that day and being thrilled for him getting so much crowd love. The tweets this boy sends ALWAYS make me smile> (((David))), these latest cheerleader ones remind me of this clip..

    The way he says “Oh my gosh, the Murray High cheerleaders are here too”… lol, he is lovin’ it!!!

  5. TOfan says:

    Cheerleadergate Update: More hilarious details in @JeffreyLin’s tweets to fans:

    @rhed31 no sorry.. They stampeded ahead of me & caught him. I had to get my luggage

    @ZMoose12 no kidding… They were singing David Archuletta’s songs tryin to get his attention

    @janey79 the womens V-ball squad were college kids so they had more self control. the H.S. cheerleaders…didn’t lol

    @pabuckie no this was a small Jet Blue flight. no first class

    RT @Palrice8: @JeffreyLin Was @DavidArchie wearing green? lol << heh actually he was. he had a black beanie & a blue/green striped jacket

    And from Eman:

    @EmanuelKiriakou We’re taking a break from recording and playing volleyball now..some cheerleaders are here too…

    @EmanuelKiriakou: Jeez it took me 4EVER 2 get these damn cheerleaders out of/studio..David David he’s our man if he can’t sing it NO 1 CAN


  6. Lisa says:

    love the David homecoming clip!!! What a great day for him, tons of love. just leaving you all a bit of happy happy joy joy …

  7. emmegirl says:

    I come home from work and catchup on my DA homework, (grinning the entire time), and suddenly my evening is alot nicer!

    *my husband appreciates the mood change too! 🙂

    TOfan, from someone who was opposed to twitter in the beginning, I sure love reading tweets about or from him!!

  8. TOfan says:

    Lisa, thanks! Very happy, joy joy! lol

    Emme, “DA homework” … know exactly what you mean! 😆

    Here’s David’s new vlog … am hitting repeat just to hear him pronounce “Torrrro” and “tobawwwwsco” LOLOLOL

  9. refnaf says:

    beanie FTW and the gap??? is back????

  10. TOfan says:

    omigosh, you’re right, Ref … yes, smurf beanie FTW!

    Also loved that he set us straight on those ‘cheerleaders in the studio’ rumours and flashed Eman the “Michael Bublé” look!


  11. TOfan says:

    @EmanuelKiriakou: Just fin @davidarchie’s vocal 4 a new song.It’s 1 of my all time fav songs I’ve ever written.David sounds incred on it.

    Is he trying to kill us all????? (Would love to flash him the Michael Bublé look myself!)

  12. refnaf says:

    *** glare*** give us a single already…

  13. beebee says:


    :::YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE:::: Hear ye, Hear ye, I move that we OUTLAW unnecessarily ADORABLE V-logs… on the grounds that they are far, FAAAAAR too reckless and treacherous. (The NERVE. Sheesh.)

    Emme, DA homework: YES, It must be done, but it’s… HARD. REALLY, REALLY HARD… lol. There is a black hole of “un-doery”… when you think you can’t be any more “undone” by the guy…he ups and undoes you some MORE. And it n.e.v.e.r…e.n.d.s… It’s a wonder I can even type.

    And then, refnaf, you bring out that PUH-RICELESS video. One of my all time FAVES.

    How am I even still alive?

    (hm. maybe I’m NOT =:O lol)

    TOfan, QUESTION: how did you post the photos in comments? I don’t know how to do that.

  14. refnaf says:

    Morning!!! I hear ya beebee, crazy that this guy can make a simple vlog that I need to watch over and over again…. I think it is his infectious joy and his “in the moment” reactions and his unpretentious, glowy self!!!
    Who else is so precious???

    Lisa, lovely pic!!!

    Off to do more “homework” emmegirl… thanks to snarky’s for this> what an amazing interview, worth a rewatch.

  15. TOfan says:

    LOLOLOL, I’ll see your “!$#^%^&^*%^86!!@!!#$^(&(&*)*)%*^*^$%!$@#^$&%&%&$$&%%U%&%^^(&(#@$$^#U%^%*%&$^$%&U*I^(&(^&$%*^(&(^#…ggggggGUH!”

    … and raise you a “₤‼‰Ω∑‼‰é®Φ‼‰ΨλξώжэыҸת؟‼‰ΨλξώжэыҸΨλ ξώжэыҸΨλξώжэыҸΨλξώжэыҸΨλξώжэыҸ!!!!”

    You’re so right, those vlogs def. exceed the recommended Surgeon General guidelines for maximum daily doses of adorkability (adoriosity?)!

    I can’t stop chuckling over “tobawwwwsco” … I swear, it’s like my instant “happy place” word now (it’s at 0.50 just fyi :lol:).

    Ref, thanks, LOVE that interview! (Will have to wait till after work to watch it tho’, dang it.)

  16. refnaf says:

    lol, TOfan: who knows what you are saying in a foreign language!!! @$$%&#$!*&^%%$#&%%&$

  17. yjfanofdavid says:

    lol Tofan. When I was in Japan I bought a six- pack of those mini “tobawwwsco” sauce. It’s my little souvenir from the trip. Can’t believe it shows up in David’s vlog! haha.
    “Ordering my Rosetta Stone for the @&^ese.”

  18. TOfan says:

    lol, glad to hear you’re well-stocked in mini-tobawwsco! This pic def. warrants a !!!%??$~!:

    (From @DizzyLizzy88’s Twitter)

  19. TOfan says:

    Oh and this from Eman:

    Say hello to my little friend!!  Toro the Bull!!  He's my stu... on Twitpic

    And this from @NatiArchie:

    vlog pics

  20. refnaf says:

    Morning snowangelz!
    Nice pics^^

    Packing my bags, I will soon be listening to David on my Dpod on the Nile!!!
    Hubby and I are off on a very exciting adventure to Egypt.> I will be off line for a bit, so have fun and “see” you all when I get back!

  21. TOfan says:

    Bon voyage, Ref!!!!!

    Don’t forget your dPod charger! oh, and sunscreen.

    Have always wanted to see the Great Pyramids. Wonder which David song would be most appropriate for that visit? A Little Too Not Over Tutankhamen?


  22. yjfanofdavid says:

    Refnaf, How amazing — to have David provide sound track for your journey to the Nile and the Great Pyramids! Somehow when you hear his voice in your ears, experiences feel more intense and colors appear more vivid…

    Have a wonderful trip!

  23. TOfan says:

    new post up!

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