Speech From the Heart

David never does anything halfway and his speech at this week’s Utah Women’s Conference was no exception. Nervous at the start, he settled in quickly as his confidence grew.   What a joy to witness (thank you pattycake!). Through his archadorable self-described “rambling,” David shared more of himself to us … AGAIN. This young man never stops giving.

Highlights for me:
● David’s self-awareness: “A David Archuleta speech for me is like an oxymoron.”
● How he faces his fears: getting started by taking that first little step is the most difficult but allows you to have “greater growth in life”
● The importance of following your dreams: Dreams are “the desire to accomplish something that seems difficult”

● His take on taking risks: You may get hurt, but accomplishing the risky and hard things in life is what helps us / makes us grow and learn. “If everything were easy in life we wouldn’t be able to enjoy life as much. The hard things in life make us appreciate the great things in life so much more.”
● How he keeps things in perspective: look where you came from and look at where you are now.
● He tries not to lie to himself because lying to yourself can lead to lying to others.
● The importance of giving time to yourself

DA women's confer. Utah Oct.26-09

● Exercise  and Journal Writing are examples that give you time for yourself, help you to keep your perspective, allow you to reflect on what’s important in life
● How he stays optimistic / positive in his thinking: By turning negative thoughts to positive ones – “this is hard” becomes “what a great opportunity to learn”
● David can be random in his thought processes: Circ du Symphony…
● Always try your best
● David has faced and conquered / or is conquering a great many of his fears
● Helping people makes you “think less about yourself and more about others” which, in turn, makes “you feel better about yourself”

One of the things that has been proven to me is that having a strong value of yourself- taking care of yourself is the starting point to giving / sharing / loving / supporting others.

Here is my example:
I used to believe it was selfish to think of yourself first by looking after yourself. However, because of my battle with chronic pain, I have come to accept this as the foundation for being able to deal with – not only life’s day to day challenges, but being able to set attainable goals for the future. Dealing with the mental issue surrounding the life altering physical pain became paramount.

For me, this led to volunteer work. Brandy (my Shiba Inu) and I are a PALS team – Pet Access League Society – and we visit a senior’s residence as well as the Children’s Hospital). It provides me with a specific, limited time frame that I can handle, a ‘job’ with no pressure except to know that I ‘have to’ put a smile on my face as I let Brandy work her magic and I do the talking! It has actually given me a feeling of empowerment. I forget all about my issues and it persuades me to focus on others.

By bringing a moment or two of joy to others, I receive a deeply satisfying feeling of contentment. The return is tenfold.

Listening to David’s speech has led me to reflect on the things in my life I want to continue to do, what ideas I have re-captured and, what attempts I will make in the future.
Thank you, David

I would like to propose to all of you to also reflect. What did you learn / re-learn from David’s speech? How will you apply this knowledge in your daily life? [Download an mp3 of the speech here. (Thanks to Newangel, Archuleta Avenue, SnarkyArchies.]

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51 Responses to Speech From the Heart

  1. pastelpastel says:

    That was a great summary Awestruck. I loved hearing about your PALS work..sounds like you are indeed bringing smiles to faces all over.

    I thought David’s speech, just like many of his songs, start off gentle and slow and built to this crescendo of power. An uninhibited David is a force to be reckoned with!

    My “ah ha” moment was discovering David’s self-talk. He talked alot about how he instructs/directs himself (I think he used examples of “now David..” discussions half a dozen times). I know when I confront myself in a very direct way its very difficult to lie or avoid the obvious haha! I thought that was very revealing and actually extremely mature.

    And David’s self revelations during the course of the speech are always a joy “That’s what I’m going to work on – making decisions”. Pure joy!

  2. refnaf says:

    Love, love , love your take on David’s speech. I still have not found the time to watch the entire thing, but I have read most of it and I love what he hays to say… being more decisive is one thing I am going to work on,,,
    Awestruck, I too am learning to deal with pain, and taking time to do what I need to do is the best therapy. Thanks for sharing your story, and the fact that you are doing something for others inspires me to do more. The pet program is something I was involved in years ago!!! (Ditto) and enjoyed very much..perhaps it is time to get it going again!
    I must go pack!!! Talk to you all from the road!

  3. TOfan says:

    Awesome post, Awestruck. Like Refnaf, I still haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole thing. But what I have heard made me smile but also made me think.

    I agree with what Abrra said in the last thread that this talk revealed so much more about David that a year’s worth of blog info and sound-bite interview answers.

    It becomes much easier to understand how he’s able to remain so calm under pressure. And I think my “aha” moment came when he spoke about not lying to himself … some of us live our whole lives without mastering that one, lol.

    Thanks also for sharing your experience volunteering … I hope you get to tell David about that in person someday. Something tells me he’d find it both “Cool!” and “Awesome!” 🙂 I know I did.

  4. awestruck says:

    Pastel – “An uninhibited David is a force to be reckoned with!” To be sure! Remember his ad lib doing Let it Be with Brooke and Michael Johns?

    Thanks for bringing up David’s self talk in this way. You are right – it is a very powerful tool in discouraging avoidance in one’s self.

    refnaf – TOfan, thanks for taking the time to comment in the midst of getting ready for your road trip!

  5. Kizzi says:

    Awestruck – What a wonderful review. From the heart for sure.

    And so true: “..By bringing a moment or two of joy to others, I receive a deeply satisfying feeling of contentment. The return is tenfold.

    Listening to David’s speech has led me to reflect on the things in my life I want to continue to do, what ideas I have re-captured and, what attempts I will make in the future.
    I find it quite “giddy-fying.”

    I made up that word because I can’t find one that quite describes this enigmatic reaction of surprise-laced euphoria that I find myself in at times since I became a David fan. Its like being surprised by something peaceful and wonderful that I’ve known all along,

    Meeting up with TOfan and Refnaf and others in a couple of hours.

    Ciao Bella!

  6. Josie says:

    awestruck – thank you! I hadn’t had a chance to watch these recordings and enjoyed them more thoroughly after reading your review.

    He really floors me with his wisdom. He brings such happiness to so many of us!

    Can’t wait to see many of you tonight!

    Hugs and safe travels!

  7. ninaf says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!! Is this where everyone went?? I guess I’m late to the party, but all my favorite bloggers, posters, commentators, are now here. HI EVERYONE!! (waves)

    Awestruck – wonderful post – you picked up on all the great points David made. I have to admit as shocked and surprised I was that they asked David to speak at a woman’s conference, deep down, I knew he could pull it off, and he did…….beautifully.

  8. Angelica says:



    Yes, many of us crossed over the border to Canada, though some of us still comment on TDC. It is lovely here in Canada. So crisp and refreshing!

    I watched all the videos last night and have to say, his skills in public speaking have grown enormously since AI. He is clearly nervous and random at times, but what he accomplished in this talk,and to such a huge audience is impressive. There is plenty of helpful advice and wisdom here to ponder. And what amazes me, is that for 50 minutes, (a life time in public speaking) he is sometimes unsure and shy, but never boring. He is often witty, always engaging, and holds the audience captive throughout the entire talk. I certainly can not say that about hundreds of adults I have heard speak publically. I think it comes from his ability to be vulnerable. Whether he is singing or speaking, he is still The Voice.

  9. awestruck says:

    Kizzi – “giddy-fying” indeed. Isn’t there a saying “What’s old becomes new again” – maybe I just made that up.

    Josie – re his wisdom – he is definitely an ‘old soul’ Remember Paula commenting on his older soul after he performed Shop Around?

    ninaf (hi) – he difinitely was into it by the end wasn’t he. From his latest blog: “I was a little nervous to speak when I was trying to figure out what I should say, but the more I thought about it the more I surprisingly got excited to speak. I really had a great time getting to talk about what was on my mind”

    Angelica – “I think it comes from his ability to be vulnerable.” I believe that to engage an audience you also have to connect with them. These go hand in hand for me. What is just astounding to me is wondering what an 18 yr old young man would have ‘in common’ with a large room full of older women in order to do so!?! But, he transcends age and gender by simply sharing his experiences.

    WooHoo concert time in Manchester!

  10. silverfox says:


    David was awesome! Dawn tweeted video snippets the whole time. Wow, david was so good, hurt back & all!

    See you tomorrow, refnaf, TOfan, and everyone else who will be in Providence!

    Have an early flight tomorrow!

  11. awestruck says:

    Be safe SF

  12. Josie says:

    It was a most wonderful evening! David made Noni’s night as well as all the gals from here 🙂

    SF I sure wish I’d gotten to meet you – we had a great time tonight.

    It was like meeting up with old friends and we all picked up where we left off. Hugs my friends!

  13. awestruck says:

    Josie – so, David touched your Noni’s hand and they brought out a chair for her! Wonderful. Must have made her night. Just watched WFY and it sure sounded like David’s voice was awesomage tonight. I didn’t realize how much I have missed hearing his concert vid’s.

  14. Kizzi says:

    Hi Awestruck {{{waves}}}

    Last night was wonderful. The VIP had 80 attendees and we listened to David rehearse a couple of songs and then answer some questions. He spoke of his upcoming book and said he was very involved in telling his experiences and his feelings behind those experiences. He spoke a couple of minutes about it and was very engaged. Appeared to me he was extremely enthusiastic about his upcoming book. Said looking back and digging deep into his experiences made him think hard.

    Excellent concert. His voice was full and lush as it can only be coming off a rest. I think it was up there in terms of hearing him sing live. He wanted so much to do his usual energetic stage performance but you could see him check himself. However, his movements were very sharp and well defined…crisp. It appeared that he was loving being back on tour.

    The audience was so enthusiastic and engaged during his set. Signs galore, lights waving, people on their feet. Just a great, great, did I say great? crowd.

    All I could think was that he has matured to a new level in performing. In command of the audience and the stage at a much, much higher magnitude. And the joy that emanates from him when he performs is simply stunning and seemed more so last night than ever before.

    And, after the concert 14 of us met up and enjoyed each others company and memories and love of David’s artistry til late into the evening.

    I met Josie & Noni. I saw David touch Noni’s hand. He made a beeline for her as she was standing at the right of the stage and touched her hand so gently and sweetly. He had the kindest expression on his face and that smile that says “i love what I am doing.” I ♥ Josie & Noni.

    And to all the others I met last night {{{Hugs}}} and I ♥ you!

  15. TOfan says:

    Still abuzz from the concert last night. Awestruck, it appears that David’s confidence has grown leaps and bounds since giving that speech and yet he manages to remain just David, charmingly awkward and unaffected.

    It was painful to watch him do the sound check with a huge ice pack on his pack but when someone in the VIP mentioned it was her birthday and could he sign her CD, he said “sure” … of course. Then proceeded to try to bend down and grab her CD while not bending his back, it looked as though every twist and turn was agonizing.

    You’d never know it once the TMH heartbeat started and that curtain dropped. He stomped, he ran, he bounced, buoyed by the energy of a great loving crowd. Awesomeage.

    It was so wonderful to see Kizzi, Josie, Abrra, Dawn, djxox, River and everyone last night and I think I was as thrilled to meet and talk with Noni as I was with David! She is a treasure! And so generous to let us touch the hand that touched David’s hand. {{{hugs to all}}}

    Here’s one of djxox’s amazing videos!

  16. refnaf says:

    Hearing David live…. this is what I travel all these miles for! His voice, the Voice, just superb. The a capella ending of My Hands , wow,
    Meeting up with peeps last night certainly adds so much to the ride….**waves*** and ((((hugs))))

  17. awestruck says:

    Thanks to you guys Kizzi, TOfan and refnaf for your rundowns, heartwarming to me. In the couple of vid’s I watched he seemed so happy to be back on stage performing and calmer? in the sense that he felt more comfortable? Maybe this is his new level of confidence.

    Yes, to the ending of My Hands, loved it.

    So excited by news of his book!

    Collective question to you all – Did the crowd seem more aware of / there for David? I’m wondering if he gained new fans since the last Demi/David concert.

  18. awestruck says:

    Way cool –

    OWL and Billboard Launch Landmark Concert Series

    Superstars Alicia Keys, R. Kelly, Usher and David Archuleta Among Top Artists Slated to Perform as Part of Billboardlive.com’s Stellar Lineup; R.Kelly Live Concert From Nokia in Dallas at 8 PM CT October 29

    NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – October 29, 2009) – Our World Live (OWL) and Billboard have entered into a strategic alliance to bring music fans billboardlive.com, a new internet concert series that allows unprecedented access to the biggest names in entertainment. Music and television industry veterans Tzvi Small and Ron Weisner serve as executive producers for the series.

    A free online live performance show that is a must-see event for music fans, has been long absent from the entertainment landscape. Launching October 29 and airing Thursdays live online from a different city, billboardlive.com will be the first live web concert series streamed in High Definition, allowing for a pristine viewing and listening experience.

    Billboardlive.com utilizes OWL’s state-of-the-art technology, powered by Microsoft Silverlight to provide fans with five-camera angles, where the viewer becomes the director for the ultimate interactive viewing experience. Instead of being confined to traditional static concert footage, fans will have the ability for the first time ever to view the concert from five different angles of their choosing. In addition to the larger, full-screen view, fans will see four smaller screens at the bottom of their computer. They can replace the main image at any time with any of those views for a different experience with just the click of their mouse. Each show will also highlight a specific Billboard chart of the week. At the same time they can Twitter and send live messages to their Facebook friends directly from the concert 5 camera player.

    “The focus is all about musicianship. Most shows give artists three minutes to do their latest hit; billboardlive.com gives artists an opportunity to show what they do best without any restrictions. There’s a lot more than their current hit that people want to see,” says highly respected music industry veteran Ron Weisner, who is executive producer of billboardcom.live, along with OWL CEO Michael Williams and noted television producer Tzvi Small.

    Through OWL’s strategic alliances with Microsoft and the internationally divisions/distributors, billboardlive.com has a potential worldwide audience of millions of viewers per weekly episode.

    “OWL has had a dream that some day technology would reunite live performances with their fans everywhere,” Williams says. “Through OWL’s hard work and determination, along with our alliance with Microsoft, HSP and Billboard, our long awaited dream will now become reality.”

    Additionally, billboardlive.com fills the giant void that currently exists in exposing new talent. While billboardlive.com will feature the biggest names, it will also highlight developing artists sometimes performing with the headliner or in their own sets. Billboardlive.com puts the act of musical discovery back into fans’ hands.

    Scheduled to perform on the series: R. Kelly, Alicia Keys, Usher and David Archuleta.

    “Top-notch artists doing live concerts in this extraordinary innovative way is a fantastic opportunity for music fans,” says Billboard publisher Howard Appelbaum. “It feeds into what our larger strategy is: bringing great unique content and letting people behind the velvet rope of the music industry.”

    In addition to the live concert, billboardlive.com will be including other exclusive elements, including rehearsal and behind-the-scenes footage, as well as interviews with the featured performer.

    Fans can easily access the series by simply going to http://www.billboardlive.com and downloading Microsoft Silverlight and the OWL video player onto their computer at no charge.

    Other alliances include Microsoft’s MSN Music and Windows Media.com, which will push the series worldwide.

    For OWL, bringing the future of entertainment to the music fans of today provides a means to enjoy their favorite artists in a whole new way. “Every number of years, there’s a new technology that comes along and dictates how the content reaches people,” Weisner says. “Billboardlive.com is the next giant step up.”

  19. refnaf says:

    helloo from the road!!!
    David was in fine form again tonight…

    awestruck, the crowd was certainly “there” for David, the screams during the opening heartbeat, David behind the screen, and when he does his small wave…whoa, thunderous appplause and screams.

    VIP, was basically sitting in on a soundcheck, not quite the “acoustic” mini set we had anticipated…
    the intimacy was lacking. We were allowed cameras during the vip as a concession, but that did not quite make for the VIP experience that has been the norm in the past….
    TTYS, night!

  20. refnaf says:

    Great news about the billboard live streaming….That should be excellent promo!

  21. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, great news about Billboardlive … live performance is where David shines brightest so this format will showcase his strengths and introduce him to a much wider — and broader– audience. A win-win-win FTW!!!

    And if that Billboard audience heard even one song from David’s live show tonight in Providence, they’d storm Billboard’s phone lines and online servers demanding to hear more.

    David was a three-alarm fire tonight. Even before he started, you could feel the energy building in the arena … the floor vibrating with stomps and cheers as the TMH heartbeat thudded. By the time the curtain dropped, the screams were deafening, with fans in their teens and twenties all around me cheering, everyone on their feet and many standing on their chairs.

    And, as we know, the more pumped the crowd is, the more David steps up his performance level and tonight was no exception. He fed off the loving energy of the audience more than I’ve ever seen, adding new twists and flourishes to ALTNOY and even to the whistling of YEDL … asking the crowd to whistle along and complimenting one section on their talents.

    I love My Hands anytime I hear it but tonight was different. His energy, intensity and full rich vocals and killer ending gave my goosebumps goosebumps. It was electrifying.

    As energized and thrilling as MH was, Somebody Out There was so heartfelt and tender, I couldn’t hold back the tears. Everyone was standing but I needed to sit that one out. Very powerful.

    You’d never know David had had back trouble the way he bounded across the stage for most of the show, more relaxed and assured than I’ve ever seen him.

    It’s fitting that he’s working on a book right now, folks, because he’s clearly starting a whole new chapter in his career … I just hope I can keep up with the assigned readings….

  22. djxox says:

    Hi All !! What a BLAST we had ! …Will catch up soon,but for now~

    TMH ~Souncheck…

    ALTNOY Soundcheck…

  23. djxox says:

    hmm… try that again~

    Touch My Hand ~ Soundcheck

  24. djxox says:

    Your Eyes Don’t Lie ~ Providence

  25. djxox says:

    and a lilttle Zero Gravity!!!

  26. djxox says:

    David and his Band.. Hi Band!! lol

  27. djxox says:

    Apologize ~Providence Crowd showing David some LOOOOVE!!!!

  28. djxox says:

    and I’ll end my spamming and get some sleep with a lil Crush~Providence

  29. djxox says:

    For You TOFan~~ {{Hugs}}

    Somebody Out There~ Providence

  30. Kizzi says:

    DJ {{{HUGS}}} It was so absolutely wonderful to see you Thursday! Your videos, as always, are clear and the audio is gorgeous. Snarky’s is commenting about the great videos you have put up & they are featured on FOD! Hmmm…when do I get to see you again? Mashantucket?

    Ref & TOfan – Wow. Great recap of Providence. I can see from DJ’s videos that he is continuing that upward swing in performance magnitude. His smile and expressions during his performances are now all about enjoyment and the good kind of confidence. Seeing this learning curve is the cherry on top of the seemingly bottomless David Archuleta Sundae!

    Thanks Ref & TOfan for a wonderful 24 hours in Manchester. I enjoyed meeting Conditioner and Sunshine and all the other blogging community concert goers. Sharing the intensity of our mutual fan experiences is as exciting and enjoyable as listening to David sing.

    I look forward to your Atlantic City report on Sunday. Then I’ll see you both in Mashantucket!

    Conditioner & Sunshine – {{{{Waves}}}}}

    Awestruck – The Billboard & Owl concert series sounds like great marketing. Can’t wait to see the how, what, when and why of it?

  31. awestruck says:

    refnaf – TOfan I can’t believe I missed you guys last night by 15 minutes… had to go pick my Dad up from the airport. You are too good to us. Am only now listening to/watching the vid’s. THANKS djxox! It sure does sound like he is in archufab form and the crowd is definitely showing him some love.

    Interesting about VIP – is ILAA involved? Wonder what it will be for his Christmas tour – I’ll check their website.

    Just watched SOT – Wow, the emotion. No words. David connects with any song he sings, but it really comes through with those songs he has had a part in writing. I am glad he is under no time restriction for his next pop album.

  32. awestruck says:

  33. awestruck says:

    Kizzi – just went to the Billboard website – http://live.billboard.com/Concert/View/200205 – can’t seem to find a listing of upcoming internet concerts. But, will keep checking.

  34. TOfan says:

    djxox, thanks for those amazing vids, you are all kinds of awesomeage!!!

    hugs & waves to Kiz, awestruck, River, abrra, Dawn, Josie, noni, gee, everybody!!!

    Updates still to come … stay tuned gang!

  35. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – Just watched the My Hands video from Providence. Absolutely PoWeRfUl. The a capella ending was one of his best.

    I have to say around 2.55 – 2.59 he has an expression on his face that is so much about being in the zone, confident and comfortable and happy.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Seriously, his best yet:

  36. refnaf says:

    dj…. the vids the vids!!! you are the best… Will you marry me???

    we arrived in AC, and the good times continue to roll! Never dreamed I’d be road trippin’ with SF and SB…as you can all see from the vids, The Voice is in top form, and I love him…

    Hugs to everyone, and know not what else to say at the moment… al for now is that this is all such a great experience, and I say again, Thank you David!

  37. TOfan says:

    I’m still processing all the amazingness that is David and his music from the past few days but just wanted to let the stealth team on Projet Pat-A-Pan know that in the Providence VIP, I was able to tell David what a wonderful job he did with the French verse of the song. Absolument parfait (translation: awesomeage)

    Refnaf, Conditioner, Sunshine and I went up as a group for the photo and after some others started singing O Canada in our honour, David took over and sang a little O Canada riff right beside me that will ring in my ears … and my heart … for, well, ever. Wow, just wow.

    More details to come when I feel more coherent, lol.

  38. Angelica says:

    What a wonderful time you guys have had! So happy you got to spend that time together and with David.

    TOfan, Speaking of Pat-A-Pan…

    I sent Kurt Bestor the video on twitter this evening and got a reply!

    @OhAngelica Nicely done Angelica! Was very impressed with how nicely your images fit the tune. Thanks!
    about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck

  39. TOfan says:

    Angelica!!!! How cool is that?!

    Can you hear Refnaf and I cheering from here in Atlantic City? It is a beautiful video and we just watched David’s Providence interview today where he talks about how much he likes Pat-A-Pan. Guy’s got good taste! 😆

    Spending Halloween night here among wedding parties of zombies, 80-year-old Playboy bunnies and scantily clad maidens that would exhaust David’s supply of Sharpies, is surreal, to say the least. Ah, the places David’s music takes us.

  40. Kizzi says:

    Angelica – What a wonderful compliment. It is such a beautiful video.

    LOL – TOfan. Sounds like Halloween in Atlantic City is all that…and MORE! 🙂

  41. Kizzi says:

    Just a little blurb talking about todays 4pm concert in AC at the Trump Taj Mahal


    I like that they treated David and Demi as equals…. almost 😉 that is. Teen sensations indeed!

  42. Kizzi says:

    Ah, my friends….Bring Back Da Beat did a review of David’s CFTH…

    with comments like:

    “…but have no fear! I promise you he sings them not only in such a way that you’ll forget you were ever tired of them, but with such (how do you put his voice into words again?) next-to-Godliness that I simply cannot deny the fact that it is the best I’ve ever heard the songs sung…”

    “..despite having already reached what should be a lifetime limit of singing THAT beautifully for THAT long, David continues on…”

    “..his cool vibe going with the extra-smooth “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” but throws ya for a loop with “Pat-A-Pan.” As I’ve seen a number of you say… oh, to hear him do this live! He sings some incredible harmonies here, though they can be found throughout the album & are no small part in the reason I find this album so special…”

    “..So, if you don’t think Christmas music could possibly be as blissful as I’ve described above, think again….”

    Yes, Yes and most DeFiNiTeLy YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!

    Oh, the link 🙂


  43. awestruck says:

    The VP Creative Director of Edge Health confirmed that David will be performing on the Fox Special, “Kaleidoscope.”

    David will be on a Fox Special on Thanksgiving Day! “Kaleidoscope” will be taped in Washington D.C. on November 16th, and will air on November 26th at 4 p.m. ET on FOX.

    To find out more about Kaleidoscope http://www.womenandcancer.com/index.html

  44. awestruck says:

    David Foster TOfan David Foster…

    I am never ever getting another flu shot in my life. Bad reaction. Stumbles to go back to lie down.

  45. janey79 says:

    love your blog guys!

    thought you might enjoy this…

  46. janey79 says:

    stay tuned until the end :)))

  47. Kizzi says:

    Janey – thanks so much – TOfan, Refnaf, Conditioner and Sunshine and O Canada! Fantastic!

  48. Angelica says:

    Omgosh! How precious, Janey! Thanks for that video at the VIP! Can’t wait to see the photo. Who is who in the group of SnowAngelz!

  49. Kizzi says:

    Good Morning!

    Safe travels SnowAngelz’s

    Can’t wait to hear your recaps and reviews.

    I love the video that Janey posted. Did you see at the very end where David turns the sign toward him and reads it.

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 <—— 4 smiling SnowAngelz

  50. djxox says:

    my..oh..my… 😯

    Just how does one recover from two days of ArchuHeaven?? Relive it by watching My Hands~Providence??? ohmygosh 🙂

    Don’t know which is more lethal…MH-Prov. 3:52-3:56 or his “SING IT!” 😯 I love bossy David… *head crashes into keyboard*

    ~Lets just say the “stance” has taken on a life of its own…ummm… 😉

    *head crashes again*

    What a blast we had. It was great to see you all again and to meet so many more!! A special thank you to Kizzi for hosting the partay-in-the-penthouse! Kizzi you ROCK! Will see you at Foxwoods!

    Thank you all for your kind words about the vids. Just wish security peeps did not have to be so mean. But they allowed pics so it was all good.

    TOfan you have mail. 🙂

    and ref… YES YES YES !! haha 😉

    real life calls now..actually screaming at me…but just wanted to pop in to thank everyone and say

    *waves to all*

  51. Kizzi says:

    DJ – Hugs, Love & Kisses

    Your MH Video from Providence is magnificent! Thanks so much for taking the time to video and upload to YouTube. I don’t think anyone knows what a labor of time and patience that truly is unless they have done it.

    And Foxwoods will be fabulous. An after the concert par-tay is a lock. Can’t wait to see you then.

    {{{ Major Hugs}}}

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