Happy Thanksgiving!

Credit: The über-talented jenleighbarry.

Credit: The über-talented jenleighbarry.

Monday, Oct. 12th, is Canadian Thanksgiving. So, when it was announced that Oct. 13th was the official release date for David Archuleta’s Christmas From the Heart CD, the timing seemed too good to be true.

I was thankful when the first CD was released, don’t get me wrong. But there’s something about David singing Christmas songs that just seems so … perfect.

The thought of seeing all those shiny new CFTH CDs on the record-store rack on Tuesday, makes my heart sing. And the prospect of blasting the whole thing for the first time until the speakers shake … well, I get a little shaky thinking about that, too.

This holiday weekend, I’m also most grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met, new places I’ve been and experiences I’ve shared with fellow fans of David. It’s one cool, crazy group and I love being part of it.

MapleLeavesThank you, David

Here at SnowAngelz, we thought what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to express our gratitude to @DavidArchie for his music, his Voice, his very David-ness.

TwoFlagsYou are all welcome to include your own messages in the comments (either here or on the “Thank You, David” page (see new Tab up top) and the SnowAngelz team will collect everyone’s thank yous throughout October and deliver them to David at the Manchester, NH, show on the 29th.

And thank you to all of you! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

SnowAngelz thank yous

David, thank you for being the person you are and sharing your amazing talent with anyone who will stop to listen.  You reach out to and connect with people in such positive ways – aside from your singing, your blogs/vblogs/tweets– and impact them to change the way they think and act.  Perhaps hard for you to understand, but embraced by those you touch.   My wish for you is that you continue to be happy in whatever you choose to do.

Being thankful for David is something I am inspired to be every day. David, thank you for your tweets, which keep me amazed at your positive outlook, David, thank you for your vlogs, that make me smile and giggle EVERY TIME I watch.. David, thank you for your heart, which you bare in all your interactions with your fans.  David, thank you for the grace you display in all your dealings with the media. David, thank you for the gift of your VOICE, which soothes, calms, inspires and connects me to the Eternal…and leads me to be thankful for all of  life.

Thank you, David, for sharing your musical gifts with us. Your voice and your songs bring joy into my life every single day. They take me to a place of pure love and light and lift my soul. Thank you also for your amazing live shows … they are thrilling and exciting and insane amounts of fun. But thank you most of all for always being truly you.
Peace and love to you and your family,
Deb, Toronto

Dear David, Since it is Thanksgiving here in Canada, I am going over in my mind the many things and people I have to be thankful for. As I review this year (the past 2 actually), I realize that some of the brightest highlights took place in venues, both large and small, where I had the pleasure of hearing your amazing voice, and feeling the warmth and kindness of spirit you exude. For this David, I am so thankful.  I have met some of the kindest and warmest people over this past two years, through the love of your music and spirit, people I hope to call friends for an eternity. The power of your immense talent coupled with your warm, sincere, humble, happy, and generous personality, is changing the lives of many, and is something I know we are all thankful for in a big way!!
May God bless you and keep you safe always,
With Affection,
Deanna (conditioner)

David, it’s Thanksgiving time in Canada. I’ll be giving plenty of thanks this weekend for my blessings.  But I’d like to extend a warm Canadian thank-you to YOU.  How do I do this adequately?  How about the Top 10 “MERCI BEAUCOUP‘s from a Canadian fan?  Here goes, David – thanks for:
#10: Two CD’s and a fanbundle within one year…how lucky are we!
#9:  Being inclusive of all your fans…big, small, young, old(ish), domestic and international…you appreciate us all
#8:  Including Pat-a-Pan and speaking in French (très magnifique) on your Christmas CD
#7:  Loving Cheesecake Factory gift certificates (and SU2C donations haha)
#6:  “Bubbly” Re-invented, an indescribable “Angels” in Pittsburgh, and “Desperate” deconstructed in Rockford.  Merveilleux!
#5:  Signing back a painting from a Canadian artist for auction before stuffing it back into a FEDEX box (an EXTRA MERCI for that!)
#4:  Blogs, vlogs, VIPs and @DavidArchie tweets
#3:  Your tour stop in Canada (wait, is that planned yet?…well, it should be!)
#2:  Staying true to yourself and your values. And trusting your gut.
AND THE #1 thanks is for:  Sharing the extraordinary gift of your artistry and musical interpretation with all of us.  And for taking us along on this musical journey with you. We are all better people because of it.  From the bottom of our Canuck hearts, merci.

Dear David –  You make me laugh. You make me sing. You make me dance. Wow.  Thank you.
Val (sunshine) 




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94 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. abanana77 says:

    David, I really want to thank you for everything you do for us fans. You’re SOOO good to us all the time (sometimes I think too good and I hope you don’t sacrifice too much of your time for us, although we really appreciate it). Also, I want to thank you for being such a good role model – you’ve inspired me to be a better person, rekindle my relationship with God and have more confidence in myself. Seriously you’ve made a huge impact on my life and I can’t thank you enough. Canada loves you and Happy Thanksgiving (even though it’s not thanksgiving for you yet)!!!!!
    Anna (Ottawa, Canada)

  2. SandyBeaches says:

    Dear David…I am travelling to Manchester soon for your concert and filling in time somewhere in between until Atlantic City…but, I have to be in Manchester to shake your hand and thank you for you wonderful, inspirational music that is soaring around the world at this very moment in time…

    You are adding much pleasure to our Thanksgiving Holiday…


  3. TOfan says:

    FYI, rest assured regular comments won’t be printed out and brought to the Manchester show, only the “thank yous,” so … how do I put this? … at ease! 😉

    Copied over from end of last thread:

    DavidArchie Practiced some singing and, believe it or not, guitar. ‘Twas a grand ol’ time.17 minutes ago from txt
    I love this!!
Guess his guitar will be put to good use!

    “Practiced some singing..” ??? He had better stop right there or he is gonna kill us all…Has he NOT HEARD his Christmas Album??? I just don’t know how much more I can take….

  4. TOfan says:

    From prev. thread:

    G’day Vee! Pat A Pan was even more beautiful than I expected it to be. I want to put on a flowing Greek gown and dance in a field of flowers to it for the rest of my life on earth.
    I dropped that little cat off at TDC. They have a cat theme going and will give it a nice home. haha. For realz, the reason the little thing appeals to me is because it reminded me of my cat, Ebenezer, God rest his soul, these 9 years. He looked like that when I first got him and had to use Webster’s dictionary to help him climb into the litter box. He fit in my hand. A few years later, (he lived to 17,) he was 20 pounds of sleek black muscle with a terrible temper and a heart of gold. We adored each other but sometimes, when I pushed his buttons, he would stand on my lap and raise himself to his full height and we would duke it out. He never used his claws on me, but we got into slapping bouts with me pawing the air in defense of the rapid blows he would rain down on me. The first time my new husband saw us at this, he had tears from laughing so hard. So I guess I was missing my Ebenezer. I get a little maudlin around Christmas.

    Angelica – Ebenezer sounded like he was such a character! The Duke duked! I would have loved to have seen that!

    My son took our cat of 14 years to south Florida with him when he moved in August so I am getting a new baby at Christmas time (born end of Sept) to have run around my feet, talk to me, hide on me and, in general, run my home life. Cats are the boss!

  5. awestruck says:

    I finally figured out why my ‘thank you to David’ sounds so discordant to me. It is a bit aloof. Yet, David has touched my very soul and evoked such emotion in me as well as inspired me to make such important changes in my life … I obviously can’t describe it in words.

  6. TOfan says:

    awestruck, I had the same trouble … evokes such deep feelings, beyond words, really.

    Love your last line especially, though!

  7. awestruck says:


    Absolutely magnificent artwork by jenleighbarry!

  8. TOfan says:

    betsy & dj, that guitar “practice” sounds like just a small part of the musical “education” David’s no doubt getting (without being officially enrolled anywhere).

    Will be a great tool for songwriting!

  9. awestruck says:

    A problem with snippets?

    Some non Archie fans on MJ’s are making comments that they won’t buy CFTH based on what they are hearing from the snippets.

    If you are interested:

  10. Kizzi says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to All!

    And, Awestruck, maybe they won’t buy from the snippets but once songs start on the radio during the holidays, they may change their mind. 🙂

  11. awestruck says:

    Kizzi – here’s hoping!

  12. Abrra says:

    By: awestruck on 10/10/2009
    at 13:31

    You read the words of those people?
    They are the same ones who pull wings of flies. You know what I am saying?

    Stay clear of the haters.


  13. Angelica says:

    David’s latest tweet:

    My sister sent this to me. “David this is jazzy should i get a kitten for my birthday its for a good cause and its up to you” huh? Lol
    5 minutes ago from txt

    What do you think he’ll say? I think Kizzi will not be the only one with a new kitten this year. 🙂

  14. veeg says:

    Happy Thanksgiving day to you all Canadians.

    Got this one from TDC and because we all are part of TDC family so it will applicable to us too.

    Hi,my dear TDC friends.
    I am the one who uploaded david album on post#10

    I am sure you all will buy david’s album legally, so if any one want to hear now, shoot me an email
    at ericheroster@gmail.com
    and you will hear the most amazing voice .

    luv all guys

    Lover-The First Noel ( suggestion used a headset)

  15. SandyBeaches says:

    Angelica…Pat a Pan…Can we join you in dancing in that field of flowers? We will all get our Greek gowns out of our closets and meet you there…

    What extrordinary songs…What will the world think of them?


  16. TOfan says:

    Angelica, I think you’re on to something, David’s latest tweet:

    “We now have 2 cats…. How random and unexpected.”


  17. Angelica says:


    Welcome to the Elysian Fields! Come join in the dance of eternal life and joy!

    I am determined to do a video of that song.

  18. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Vee!

    Abrra, good advice … snippets or no snippets they’d find fault with something/anything he does.

    Angelica, a Pat a Pan vid?? Yesss!!!!!! Can’t wait!

  19. awestruck says:

    Abrra (at 17:35) thanks for that info. I do not often read comments on MJ’s and only recognized a few names – definite fans. Haters aside, I just wonder if those that don’t know David will actually give the CD a chance after just hearing the snippets. I’m not going to loose any sleep over it though. What will be will be.

  20. Abrra says:

    By: awestruck on 10/10/2009
    at 22:22

    The ones who listened were not fans going in. They do that so they can bash him with knowledge of hearing the snippets. The new fans he will garner from folks who get the CD as a gift is where the focus needs to be. I bet we will see many new faces in the new year on the fan sites. Who can listen to him sing like that and not be curious about the rest of his catalog?

    Abrra snippet-free and loving it

  21. awestruck says:

    Abrra – I will be handing out CD’s like crazy to people who may have heard of him (via me), but havn’t listened to him. I may even make it an early Christmas for some!

    awestruck snippet-free and the anticipation builds!

  22. Kizzi says:

    Top O’ The Morning to you Northern Neighbors from way down here in sunny northern Florida where temps will top out at 88F today with some afternoon thunderstorms coming in off the Gulf.

    Let’s see, weather.com says Toronto’s high is 48F and Calgary is 23F and light snow….brrrr

    ALBUM Spoiler Alert****

    Here are some scanned pictures from CFTH album liner———> http://bit.ly/3wPECR
    I’m really lovin’ the tangled Christmas lights one!!!

    36 hours and counting til we can download the album!

  23. Angelica says:


    LOL! You are bad! Actually, here in sunny Mississippi we are experiencing a cold spell. Temps are in the upper 60’s and I have the heat on and an electric blanket to get under in my easy chair. Brrrrrrrrr!

  24. awestruck says:

    Angelica lol, but I get to out BRRRR you. Calgary is cold 17F and cloudy Kizzi… nice and crisp as we sometimes say!

    They still do not have the 35th People mag out here yet. GRRRR

  25. TOfan says:

    Kizzi & Angelica, enjoy the relative warmth!

    Yes, true to our name, we’re told snow is on the way here … and in loyal Canadian fashion, Refnaf is off camping this weekend! LOL

    It’s currently 9 C here, but on the bright side, the sun is shining and the fall reds, yellows and oranges are beautiful!

    David’s at the Grand Ole Opry, y’all! He tweets:

    Happy 84th birthday to the Grand Ole Opry! Delilah from the Delilah radio show is here! Haha

    At the Grand Ole Opry! My first time here! Diamond Rio is about to perform right now

  26. silverfox says:

    How do I thank David? I’ve tried so many times. Then he goes and does something else that blows me away. And it’s another thing to be grateful to him for. He is so special, wonderful and inspiring. He is The Voice. How can a mere mortal be so perfect..or is he just a mere mortal? Sometimes I wonder…
    All I can say over & over is…Thank you David for just being you, always. No pretenses ever. Just the wonderful, precious, beautiful man you are.

    Now I have a question…how is it possible that not one photo of David at The Grand Ole Opry has surfaced on the net? Surely there was someone backstage with a camera. Someone who had the foresight to realize every photo of David is treasured by his fans? David was seen shaking hands and mingling with other celebs, so please, there has to be at least one photo of David backstage at the Opry, right?

  27. awestruck says:

    silverfox – yes I’d love to see a pic or two. And wasn’t it Grand that his Christmas CD got a shout out!

  28. bebereader says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian Archie friends!

  29. Abrra says:


    I have had “images” of him in that white shirt and jeans LOL Also, when I read about him in the airport, walking all casual with his guitar in hand I got all “bubbly”. Oh my heck what an image that is to behold. He is the smexiest man alive!

    Abrra in need of a wardrobe intervention

    • silverfox says:

      I know exactly what you mean. Which is why we need photos. I would love to see David dressed casually in a white “dress” shirt & jeans at the Opry. Why, why, why no photos? Does not make sense to me. 😆

  30. KT says:

    Happy Thanksgiving you lovely Canadian Archies. I am so happy about the timing of your Thanksgiving celebration. You will need the day to rest up based upon what I have heard so far…oh my!

  31. betsyjaney says:

    How did I forget this?
    Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!
    (and me so close that we use Canadian coins all day long!)

  32. bebereader says:

    I don’t understand why the vision of a white shirt and guitar is driving us all insane?
    I have no idea why, but it just is.
    Insanity is underrated. haha

  33. silverfox says:

    Good night & sweet dreams, Canadian Snow Angelz! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you all!

  34. TOfan says:

    I think David just tweet/texted by mistake again:
    “Lulu what are the names of the band members in Relient K?”

    too funny … either that or he’s on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Lulu’s his “phone/text a friend” 😆

    Happy Cdn Thanksgiving to you guys, too!

  35. djafan says:

    I too haven’t been able to get the image of David at the airport…with a guitar! Then a white shirt and jeans at the Opry!

    He’s trying to kill me!

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

  36. Kizzi says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

    15 hours 50 minutes 36 seconds til digital album release!!! The countdown is on!

  37. yjfanofdavid says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to our snowangels!
    For those of us who have heard the album — only 14 hours before we can properly gush!!

  38. TOfan says:

    Good news! Christmas Tour Dates announced!

    11/24 Salt Lake City, UT Abravanel Hall
    11/25 Salt Lake City, UT Abravanel Hall
    11/27 Ann Arbor, MI Ann Arbor Symphony/Hill Auditorium
    11/29 Santa Rosa, CA Wells Fargo Performing Arts Center
    11/28 Bakersfield, CA Rabobank Theater
    11/30 San Francisco, CA Warfield Theatre
    12/2 Anaheim, CA The Grove
    12/4 Rexburg, ID Hart Auditorium – BYU University, ID
    12/6 Beaver Creek, CO Vilar Performing Arts Center
    12/8 Kansas City, MO Midland Theater
    12/9 St. Paul, MN Fitzgerald Auditorium
    12/11 Waukegan, IL Genesee Theater
    12/12 Cleveland, OH Playhouse Square
    12/13 Montclair, NJ The Wellmont Theater
    12/15 Baltimore, MD Lyric Theater
    12/17 Mashantucket, CT MGM Foxwoods Casino
    12/18 Stroudsburg, PA The Sherman Theater
    12/19 Boston, Ma House of Blues
    12/20 Westbury, NY Capitol One Bank Theatre at Westbury

    Bad news? No Canadian dates … yet.

  39. TOfan says:

    idf tombstone

    Saw this on IDF, LOL.

    Step away from the snippets, 12 short hours to go!

  40. Kizzi says:

    OMG TOFan. I am just imagining hearing David sing a couple of his CFTH songs live. THUDSVILLE citizenship is now permanent. 🙂

  41. Angelica says:

    No southern tour dates? Whaahahahaaa!

  42. Kizzi says:

    Waaaaa is right, Angelica. We must combine efforts with our fellow Canadians and expand those latitudes north and south for the Christmas tour. 😉

    Album spoiler alert******
    Snippets from the album liner———>




    *sniff, sniff* his note to the fans *sniff, sniff*

  43. Kizzi says:

    Christmas Concert Tour VIP Fan Package through I Love All Access——> http://bit.ly/gfMMx

    Password according to Snarky’s is ‘Heart.’ VIP sales not open yet according to Snarky’s.

  44. abanana77 says:

    Bummed about the no Canadian tour dates. I really wanted to hear him sing Christmas songs live.

    Oh well. It’s probably better there isn’t one because I have exams all through December anyways…

  45. TOfan says:

    Waaaaa, is right, Angelica & abanana77 … the closest venue to T.O. is Cleveland, OH (4 hr/45 min drive) … if anyone’s counting.

    I guess there’s a very slim possibility they could still add dates in Nov.

    *eyeing turkey wishbone*

  46. Kizzi says:

    CFTH now available to stream on AOL Music:


    Great quality sound!

  47. Angelica says:


    4 hours 45 minutes? That IS a nearby venue in my world. That’s about as close as he’s ever come to me, so I would be there. The nearest was 3 and a half hours and the furthest I’ve driven was 9 hours. Also flew what would have been a 12 hour drive. And I have been to 5 concerts this year!

  48. TOfan says:

    You’re right, Angelica, I shouldn’t complain … many David fans aren’t even on the same continent.

    Where the heck are you, btw?

  49. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – help!???

    It didn’t embed the video…what’d I do wrroooong?

    Christmas Tour & Album – new vlog from Nashville

  50. Angelica says:


    The outer edge of the universe. Mississippi. 😆

  51. refnaf says:

    TOUR DATES!!!!! With VIP!!! Nothing North or South??? Oh well, this is lovely to come home to, and perhaps more dates will come? I am warming up from my camping trip…. bbbbrrrr, but fun to have the kids together and a turkey dinner out side…
    We are counting by hours now,,,, oh my heck, anticipation is kinda invigorating

  52. Kizzi says:

    Oopsy, it did embed *blushes*

    “So….ta, ta….” LOL, I don’t use the word precious often, but that was PrEcIoUs! Ok, Ok, I’ve been around grandchildren too long and precious ones at that…just highly sensitized to all things precious at the moment 🙂

  53. refnaf says:

    and a vlog…. oh my …. he misses tour, so do we David..
    He is precious Kizzi, and I NEED a Christmas concert, it is just non-negotiable. MR. refnaf and I were sharing our priorites for this next year as we were giving thanks and close to the top of my list was seeing David in concert as many times as possible. What I am so thankful for today is that he is okay with that. I adore Mr. refnaf, he and Mr. Kizzi are from the same mold (and Mr. TOfan as well) We are blessed…
    Angelica , I’m assuming that it is much more appropriate camping weather where you are, lol.

  54. awestruck says:

    Ok Ok Ok It hasn’t really bothered me to not listen to the snippets. HOWEVER, AOL full length versions – with great quality sound Kizzi? Should I cave in to this temptation and have a listen?

    Re tour dates… SLC (2 concerts) or San Fran area (3 concerts) are considerations HMMM – runs to check piggy bank.

  55. refnaf says:

    Awestruck, I am all for listening…. do it!!! I am so weak, I already read the liner notes as well. gah. Tour> where, when, how ??? Needs some deliberation.

  56. Kizzi says:

    We’ll have to decide which tours fast; VIP packages for Beaver Creek, Colorado and Santa Rosa, California go on sale on Wednesday. They’ll be selling like hot cakes!

    And, I’m telling you…..I AM GOING…and you, and you, and you, you’re going tooooooooo! 😉

  57. djxox says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian Snow Angelz ~

    refnaf~ camping in the “bbbrrr” weather?? Are you NUTS??

    “So….ta, ta….” He is PRICELESS!! Could he be any more adorable?? He is starting to scare me…LOL

    and the tour dates??…..ummmm… ACCKKK !!!

    Westbury Music Fair !!! or what ever they are calling it now…Small theater in-the-round..I have been praying for him to come there since he started touring…Dreams DO come true…

    and the MGM Grand at Foxwoods….SAHWEEET!!!!

  58. Kizzi says:

    Tweet from Jive:

    “XMAS w/David Archuleta is almost here! New album CHRISTMAS FROM THE HEART out tmrw! Call David @ 801-386-8196 to hear his brand new msg!”

    You gotta call. He is flying so high I do believe he is orbiting the earth at light speed! “Tomorrow, tomorrow….” lol

  59. TOfan says:

    Kizzi, I couldn’t get through on that number … guess excitement is building! 😉 Awestruck, go for it!!!

    Angelica, Mississippi is my favourite state to spell! LOL

    djxox, details please on Westbury & Foxwoods venues … how small is small? *wondering how much I can get for my fridge-magnet collection on eBay*

  60. djxox says:

    “….anyway..bye..” click… LOL

    like I said…..too much…

  61. yjfanofdavid says:

    Refnaf, Please consider coming to Cleveland. The Palace Theater, where he will be performing, is gorgeous beyond words. It is the most prestigious theater in this part of the country, between NY and Chicago. It primarily features hit Broadway shows. I always dream of David performing there one day, years from now, when he is finally in the big league. I can’t believe that day is already here!! Jive certaintly has a lot of faith in him! I am so thrilled.

  62. Angelica says:

    After reading the liner notes and listening (5X) to his over the moon excited voice message, I am now floating on a cloud of love for this sweet young man. He is without a doubt precious, inside-out, back-forth, up-down, turn around, precious, precious, world without end, amen.

    And I haven’t even seen the vlog yet.

  63. Kizzi says:

    Reuters release on CFTH – this is what some news outlets will carry:

    HitFix features CFTH – http://www.hitfix.com/blogs/2008-12-6-the-beat-goes-on/posts/christmas-in-october-this-week-s-holiday-releases-from-dylan-diamond-and-sugerland

    Washington Post Blog review – likes David’s voice, doesn’t like Idol, doesn’t like certain songs…still overall a good review 🙂 – http://www.expressnightout.com/content/2009/10/david-archuleta-christmas-from-the-heart.php

  64. TOfan says:

    yjfanofdavid, I just looked up the Palace Theater … it is beautiful … and the name of the street it’s on (Euclid) is the same as the one my mom grew up on … spooky.

  65. TOfan says:

    David’s hyper-ific voicemail message, for those who can’t get through:

    (Prepare to ROTFLYAO)

  66. djxox says:

    Capital One Theatre at Westbury… has 3-D venue view and info..maybe 30 rows deep


    Frank Sinatra/Bob Hope’s ol’ place….

  67. betsyjaney says:

    What a day! The adorable vlog, adorable voice message, aol versions – it’s almost too much. And to top it off, David is coming to Ann Arbor!!! Thirty-ish minutes from my house!!!
    I am flailing all over.
    It is such a gorgeous theater right in the heart of the University of Michigan.
    I need to go plot.

  68. djxox says:

    MGM Grand at Foxwoods~ From what I hear, not a bad seat in the house…

    MGM Grand at Foxwoods brings entertainment to a whole new level. Our impressive yet intimate 4,000-seat MGM Grand Theater showcases the world’s most talented performers, the hottest concerts, thrilling sporting events and popular off-Broadway shows.


  69. yjfanofdavid says:

    TOfan, The Palace Theater is part of the Playhouse Square, which is the largest theater block outside of Broadway and consists of five large theaters. Palace is the biggest of the five and most gorgeous too. Your mom grew up in a street called Euclid? I guess that is a sign and it means you have to come!

    • Angelica says:

      YJ, Are you going to Cleveland? I have checked airfare and hotel and am on the ledge. Is it necessary to be insane to be a David fan, or does it just help?

  70. Kizzi says:

    A twitpic of David & Delilah & Rio at Grand Ole Opry this weekend


    Posted by the Diamond Rio Band

    So sweet!

  71. TOfan says:

    Thanks dj & yjfod … my head is spinning from all this excitement … as betsy says: need to go plot! lol

  72. refnaf says:

    yjf… that venue, gosh…..djx, The Westbury and Foswoods look lovely too… but that date comes a bit close to grandbaby’s due date,,,, gah…. We do need to plot….and what about Christmas in SLC???((((awestruck)))) All I know is that I am going somewhere!
    Kizzi thanks for the pic links…

  73. betsyjaney says:

    Those of you who have heard the songs – I am curious.
    He has so many songs that are so beautiful here. And we have heard OHN from him before. But I cannot get past it. I just CANNOT. I break down every time. I am crying now.
    I won’t talk anymore about it – just……

    It’s so beautiful that I feel it, physically.

  74. djxox says:

    betsy~ {{{{HUGS}} }

  75. djxox says:

    and passing the Kleenex……..

  76. betsyjaney says:

    thanks, dj –
    *sobs even more because of understanding friends*

  77. Kizzi says:

    Betsy – OHN is one of my very favorites from the album. It chokes me up everytime and my spirit soars!

  78. Kizzi says:

    DJ – I think the MGM Grand in Foxwood is doable for me. Are you thinking of going?

  79. awestruck says:

    refnaf – 1st time Grandmum??? SLC, maybe Santa Rosa… thinking, plotting

  80. Kizzi says:

    Hubby went to Target. Reports that David’s new CD will be between Dylan’s and Arethra Franklin’s and Dion’s is next to Franklin’s. Nice company.

  81. TOfan says:

    Awww, Betsy, I had the same reaction to OHN (and I was at work!!!) … even if you do get past it, keep the tissue box handy for AM, WCIT & SN … just keep it handy, period!

  82. Kizzi says:

    Latest from the Twitter Critter:

    “Wow idk why but all of a sudden I got exhausted and keep drifting in and out of consciousness lol. Stay up David.” 4 minutes ago

    hmmmm…..what goes up must come down, David. Those highs you’ve been on today just taking their natural toll…sweet sleep and you’re as good as new.

    Gah, what a sweetheart!

  83. betsyjaney says:

    Thanks Tofan – glad I am not the only one.
    I have listened to all of the songs several times, but I always go back to OHN.
    My favorite, I guess!

    btw – isn’t Ann Arbor closer to Toronto than Ohio? If you take the Blue Water Bridge through Sarnia, or am I way off?
    I am no good at judging distances.

  84. djxox says:

    Kizzi~ YES! Foxwoods for me, and River will be coming with me..Thinking about Montclair and LI is a must. Will Mr K be joining you? Are you thinking of VIP?

  85. Kizzi says:

    Yes VIP. I will do Foxwood. Let’s be sure to meet up. Are you going to Manchester later this month – I’m going to do a party at the Radisson down the street from the venue. So please come and that goes for anyone going to Manchester. We can have an after the concert wine-down 🙂

    Mr K is thinking California, San Fran and Anaheim (we have relatives there so we can visit and go to concert )

  86. djxox says:

    Kizzi~ Yes, we must meet up at Foxwoods, and Manchester is a date !! Will be VIP there as well, and a wine-down sounds like fun, which reminds me, *note to self* …. book a room !!

  87. djxox says:

    LOL.. “The Twitter Critter”.. THAT is funny !

    He keeps drifting in and out of consciousness…. Really?? Maybe he has finally started LISTENING to his Christmas album because I have been doing the same since the songs leaked. Can’t stop listening.. I have fallen and I can’t get up !!!

    Is est satus ut sanus multus amo Sarcalogos!

  88. SandyBeaches says:

    I guess that we could have expected all the excitement but as usual there is more excitement then we could imagine…

    I am afraid that I will wake up some morning and tickets will have been on sale…

    When we all get our feet on the ground it would be nice to know what city we are all hoping to go to and perhaps we can have some get togethers…so we must talk and be ready for ticket sales day…and I mean the probable early sale…

    This may be a very different Christmas…


  89. TOfan says:

    betsy, I think you’re right, Ann Arbor is a bit closer, but not on a weekend, drats, would be great to meet you!

    dj, you speak Latin too!?! See you guys in Manchester with 3 of my fellow kooky Canucks!

    SB, I have the same fear of waking up to sell-outs … yikes!

  90. djxox says:


    David! Vultus quis vos no mihi operor!!


  91. refnaf says:

    so I stayed up and downloaded from itunes… it was up just before midnight, and I am going to sleep with this beautiful music…. night.

  92. Abrra says:

    We have added all of the Christmas from the Heart song selections to the 24/7 video/chat site. I created 4 “sets” of the 13 songs and placed them in the rotation along with the regular videos we show. You will have several chances to hear the new CD. Thanks to Marlie for making the original “set” and putting it up. You can go there 24/7 and David will be there singing his heart out for only you!


    Abrra ( who visits chat with no sound)

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