Team Archie CFTH gifting campaign

You, too, can be Santa!

Ho! Ho! Yo! You, too, can be Santa!

When David Archuleta’s first CD was released, the U.S. WalMart versions featured a bonus track — Works for Me.

Unfortunately for Canadians, WalMart stores in this country didn’t carry the bonus-track version. So fans on this side of the border either had to travel to the States, rely on American friends or do what I did — contact Team Archie.

They couldn’t have been more amazing. Although they didn’t require it, I made a donation to Team Archie to cover the CD they sent to me. But then I was so touched to find out that volunteers made special trips to WalMarts in the U.S. to buy the records then mail them out to “giftees” that I donated again … and again.

They do wonderful work to share David’s music legally and internationally, but their requests for CFTH are way ahead of donations right now.

Here’s a message from Team Archie:

“We are running a Gifting Campaign for David Archuleta’s music. A lot of his fans either do not possess a credit card, or have other financial limitations, or limitations based on location (many international countries do not sell his album or have itunes stores) and may end up acquiring his music for free rather than purchase them. We would much prefer that all of David’s fans receive his music legally so that he will benefit from royalties as well as sales figures. Free downloads do not count towards his commercial success, and we all want him to do well, right?!”

If you’d like to participate in this campaign, here are the links you need:

Donate album

Donate money

To be gifted the album

More gifting info

Four more days!

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74 Responses to Team Archie CFTH gifting campaign

  1. refnaf says:

    Yeah, Teamarchie, It’s great to see what they do to get David’s music aroung the world… legallly. It reflects so well on David as well. Thanks for the link TOfan!

  2. TOfan says:

    Resistance is crumbling on the snippets … need to call my sponsor … Abrra!??!!

    But for all you *cough*non-virgins*cough* I’m copying over Kizzi’s links from the end of the last thread:

    Snippet Virgins – Ignore this comment!
    To read snippets of what our European friends (like chenson) are saying about Christmas From The Heart go here ——->
    It just too much, just too much…dang, I haven’t even heard the songs in their entirety and I am crying tears of joy over the reviews from fans in Europe.

    Snippet Virgins Ignore!!!!
    Go here: Melodies of Christmas in FULL from FanScene:
    Snippet Virgins – Don’t go any further
    First 60 secs of The First Noel (its a mp3 download) ——->

  3. awestruck says:

    Hey TOfan, I remember eventually buying a legit copy of WFM… didn’t it come out on iTunes Canada as a single?

    I can be such a computor NERD at times… long story, but I will get a donation to TeamArchie!

    Kizzi from the last thread – it is only hours now, not days and I am still a snippet virgin. At this point it is a matter of pride for me NOT to listen to them.

  4. awestruck says:

    Be STRONG TOfan

  5. refnaf says:

    Hang in there TOfan
    Stay proud Awestruck! I listened to MOC once, and now feel like I cheated. I guess I can’t go qll the way, snippets only for me.

  6. Abrra says:

    By: TOfan on 10/09/2009
    at 09:04
    Posting those links is like “sniffing” the wine cork for an alcholoic. Be very careful!

    Think of it like this TOfan,you will only have to wait a few days. The experience will be of your very own choice. You can pick the time and the place. Sort of like your ‘first time”, if you get my drift. No rushed fumbling to “listen”. You can savor every note. You can hear the whole song and not cloud you mind with confusing bits of a song.


  7. TOfan says:

    Copying over these comments also (sorry, guys, I spazzed out on my posting timing!!):

    What a lovely surprise to wake up to! I cannot for the life of me, imagine NOT listening to snippets. At my age, I can’t waste a moment of opportunity 😉

    Love Melodies of Christmas. But truthfully, I can’t wait to hear some of the other songs – time is going by soooooo slowllllly.

    Wait! ABRRA! You’re waiting until Oct 29th?? And you’re listening while driving??? This sounds like a really bad idea…just sayin…

    I won’t be driving. Dawn will. If it gets to be too much, we shall pull over! I have never cried while listening to David sing. I usually have a HUGE smile on my face, or my mouth hangs agape. Sometimes I even try to BREATHE.


  8. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, you’re right, iTunes Canada did eventually offer WFM, but waaaay late … for me, anyway. 😉

    Thanks for the pep talk, everyone! Abrra, “sniffing the wine cork” LOL

    Refnaf, yes, you’ll have to wait till the 13th to “go all the way” 😆

  9. Abrra says:

    See if this brings a smile to your weary non snippet soul. I am posting a link. Not sure how to make the video work here.

    Some Christmas cheer:


  10. Kizzi says:

    LOL all ya’ all….this could be a commercial for abstinence of the music variety.

    Just say NO TOfan 🙂

    I think of those snippet teasers as an appetizer…a little taste that increases my anticipation and enjoyment for the entrée…as in recalibrating & fine tuning my auditory system for a magnificent listening experience. God gave me five incredible senses and I love using everyone of them whenever I can 😉

  11. Kizzi says:

    Warning Spoiler link below:

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Full Song – 4:36 mins ———->

  12. Josie says:

    Kizzi-LOVE that song! Thx for the link. I agree that the snippets “tide me over” and keep me going. I love reading all the comments too – just makes me even more excited!

    David is off to Nashville today! 🙂

  13. Kizzi says:

    Josie – Amazingness!

  14. djxox says:

    Good Morning and Merry Christmas to All !!!

    For those who can’t wait and those who will not give into a snippet …How about the full versions??
    More songs are still uploading..and no this is not my site….BUT, I am listening. 🙂

    [Edit: Link removed. See note below.
    Admin…..TPTB are asking for the link to THE site be removed..I guess you can rip the songs illegally without a download link.. and we would not want that for David. So if you could remove it from my comment earlier I would appreciate it..

  15. refnaf says:

    Gosh…. I don’t know what to do!!!! sniippets are one thing , but the songs?? yikes
    Who’s listening..????

    Abrra… the David elf, it made me smile really big.

  16. Kizzi says:

    DJ – OM FREAKIN G! That’s all I can say…..speechless. Thank you my friend.

    Can’t listen to them all at once. TILT!!!

  17. djxox says:

    O Come All Ye Faithful….

    I am daid……….

    I AM listening as long as I stay conscious,which may not be long if he keeps singing like THIS!!

  18. Josie says:

    Should I? djxox you are wicked. and I think I love you.

    🙂 I may not return – I have the house all to myself ALL afternoon-this might be dangerous.

    But thank you.

  19. Josie says:

    freak out in process.



  20. djxox says:

    Josie….Go for it.. It is noon and I am still in my jammies!

    Lord Have Mercy..the WAILS !!!

    *head crashes into keyboard*

    mmmm… TOfan???

  21. Josie says:

    dare i ask how you found this site?

  22. Kizzi says:

    O Holy Night – Per-fec-tion now has a new definition.

    Angelica – your warning wasn’t strong enough for Pat-A-Pan; you, my friend, are channeling the future

    Joy To The World – Lord help me have the strength to listen to that ending again…I can’t even move my fingers to type…

    Josie – is this typing from the Dead?

  23. Josie says:

    Well Kizz if it is, it’s heavenly 🙂

    Can’t move past Pat a Pan.

  24. Kizzi says:

    I don’t know if I can listen to any more – just made it through 5.

    When Ave Maria loads, I think I’ll have to have a friend with me just in case.

  25. Angelica says:

    OoooooooOOOOOOOOoooooo Why am I so happy lately? Could it be…..Snippets?? Hmmmmmm???

    But the whole songs..ahhhhhh. I am drunken with happiness and about to take on the day!!

    TOfan, I noticed that you did not bring over my petite chat from the other thread. You think she will be denied or tolerate such an indignity? For this she will keel you in your sleep. 😉

    Have a great day all! Merry Christmas!

  26. Kizzi says:

    Angelica – yes ———> drunken with happiness

    Merry Christmas to you!

  27. Kizzi says:

    Gotta go. DJ thank you so much for the link!

    I’ve only listened to 5 and I have to rework my strategy – can’t listen to them all in succession.

    These songs will level mountains, shake the stars from the sky, make angels faint and demons weep. The earth will be knocked off its axis.

    And that is probably an understatement. 🙂

  28. TOfan says:

    djxox … je t’aime … I think…

    I could resist sniffing the snippet corks but the full-bodied songs? No way, I caved and just listened to O Holy NIght here at the office …

    I had to run to the ladies room and bawl my eyes out (good thing I have a cold so the red nose & eyes were already there).

    Do I dare try Pat a Pan????

    (Angelica, sorry, that kitty scared me! LOL)

  29. TOfan says:

    I’m goin’ in ….

    Please send donations in lieu of flowers….

  30. Angelica says:

    When I commented above I had only gone to the links for Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Melodies of Christmas. Just found the link to the others and had time only to listen to Pat A Pan. I have to go for real now but I just want to say that I am overcome. Unbearably beautiful. Snippet virgins, don’t listen. Save yourselves. It’s too late for me.

  31. djxox says:

    TOfan~Was it something I said to change your mind? It must have been my French. Mon amour 😉

    Run full stride into….

    O Come All Ye Faithful….

    and What Child Is This…..well, lets just say I am floating and speechless.


  32. Abrra says:


    Et tu, Brute?


  33. djxox says:

    Ackkkk…. Ave Maria is up !!

    It has been nice knowing y’all~


  34. TOfan says:

    Sorry, Abrra!

    Snippets were pretty easy to resist for me because I knew they’d only leave me wanting more … but the full songs???? Life is way too short to live without them …

    I admire your strength, Abrra! May the force be with you!!!

    can I handle them all at once is another question?

    *breathing break*

  35. refnaf says:

    I can’t do this…. TOfan if you caved I am a goner ,,, see ya…

  36. Abrra says:


    /high 5 ^^^^^

    Stay strong sistah!


  37. refnaf says:

    I am weak… in every way. (hangs head)
    Abrra, you need to find stronger peeps to stay strong.

    thank The Lord, for David…

  38. djxox says:

    O Come All Ye Faithful~~~~

    sigh…..not for the weak


  39. Josie says:

    How come I can’t locate Ave Maria on that site? Anybody? Anybody?

    Silent Night-um..yea.

  40. refnaf says:

    josie… at the top, you neeed to click on “last 2 songs link”

    Rui Rui…. deadly

  41. Josie says:

    Thx ref-listening to Riu Riu now…can you guys imagine these songs LIVE?

    eep…hold me.

  42. TOfan says:

    Riu Riu is my new MH … oh my

    Josie, LIVE??? *orders oxygen mask*

  43. Josie says:

    Found it – I can’t seem to catch my breath.

  44. refnaf says:

    must have Christmas concert now

  45. Josie says:

    oh drat. the site is asking for a login – well, I listened to 4 songs and was in heaven – what a wonderful thing to look forward to!

  46. TOfan says:


    was it all just a dream?

  47. Josie says:

    and just when I was getting to BLAST What Child is This.

    Please let the weekend fly by so that it becomes midnight on Tuesday, October 13th.

    Thank you

  48. djxox says:

    Admin…..TPTB are asking for the link to THE site be removed..I guess you can rip the songs illegally without a download link.. and we would not want that for David. So if you could remove it from my comment earlier I would appreciate it..

    Thanks~ 😦

  49. TOfan says:

    Done, dj! And thank you.

    It was like getting a day pass into heaven for a little while … sigh ….

  50. Josie says:

    I completely understand cease and desist of this, but sheesh, we’re the die hard, true blue, gonna buy a zillion copies of CFTH, FANS. But it’s all good – at least I got to hear a few songs – darn me though. Why didn’t I listen to all of them once through and THEN go back?

    I’m still pretty happy tho.

  51. TOfan says:

    LOL, Josie, I know. I’m thinking, “Why the heck did I take a breathing break????”

    It would actually be smart to “leak” that page for a little while to more true blue fans … I know I now want to go back and place a bigger preorder! And to donate to Team Archie

    … this glorious music must be heard ’round the globe!!

  52. djxox says:

    TOfan~ thanks…. btw~you have mail

  53. TOfan says:

    FYI, another Team Archie effort I just found out about is their “Sponsor an Archie” program, whereby you can mail CDs directly to fans you are sponsoring.

    Here’s the link:

  54. refnaf says:

    whoa, that was an amazing dream…. is it possible to want that cd any more than I do right now?

    It does make it even more of a blessing to donate To Teamarchie so everyone can hear this: Christmas songs sung from a totally open heart, gah.

  55. Abrra says:

    Dawn and I stand in solidarity!!!

    I got a cc of email she sent to Vee. 😉

    “Thanks but I haven’t even heard a snippet, I am waiting for my NH trip
    with my BFF 8)”

    Dawn rocks! It will be so very AWESOMEAGE!!!


  56. TOfan says:

    Abrra, you rock, too!! I admire you both.

    That will be one amazing trip! But, please, for the love of triscuits, get yourselves a designated driver!!!

    And, Ref, “Christmas songs sung from a totally open heart” *sniff*

  57. djxox says:

    “for the love of triscuits..” I LOVE IT!! haha

    ladies, I would take that advice very seriously~

    As for moi?… I am loading up on all the inhalers I can get my hands on!!

  58. Angelica says:

    Pooh! I only got to listen to Pat A Pan and Melodies of Christmas and Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. I had a strong feeling the songs would be pulled but had an appointment to get my haircut. Oh well. Christmas will be here before you know it next week. There is something to be said for fanticipation.

  59. veeg says:

    Hello, is there enough space for a little momma from Sydney? I don’t need much space, I am too tiny you know.

    While waiting for the actual album, I made this video of the album sniffets ( sample clips of about 1 minute each song) and was able to upload to youtube. My first ever video. If you would permit me to share this with you guys. Djafan thanks for sharing this video yesterday.

    Thanks to R2rod2 for the clips and fan photos especially to Jennifer. Clips were the combined Amazon and gohastings samples.



    vee from Sydney,Australia ( can people adopt me please, I don’t eat that much, low maintenance)

  60. Kizzi says:

    Just got the 35th Birthday edition of People.

    The real photos are glorious. Great spread.

    VEE!!!!! Thank you for the video. Beautiful.

    You’ll always have an open invitation to my house & table. 🙂

  61. awestruck says:

    Hey Vee from Syndey… kinda rhymes! Little momma, I would be happy to look at your 1st video – but it will have to wait until the 13th.

    TOFan bit the dust and I do believe it is just Abrra, Dawn and I that are still holding out.

  62. refnaf says:

    Welcome vee!! Lovely vid….we are an open borders site, lol.

    Kizzi, I have not seen the mag yet….not at my gracery store yet. They did a good job?

    Angelica… petite chat scares me!!!

  63. Kizzi says:

    ref – the pictures are fabulous. I really like two full pages devoted to David. Rick gives David age and David gives Rick youth. And David has a ton of older fans who remember Rick 😉

  64. bebereader says:

    Well…I’m a SnippetHoNoMore!
    I took the plunge and have been a crying mess all day. Tears of joy. I’m not sorry I did it. Why delay joy? We have to soak it all up when we can.

    David’s music brings out the deepest emotions in me. I can’t say enough how blessed I feel to have discovered him. He fills my heart with so much love, peace and joy. His music brings out the deepest emotions in me.

    Tears of joy. I wish this joy for you, too.

  65. awestruck says:


  66. Kizzi says:

    bebe – amazingness!

  67. bebereader says:

    So David is already in Nashville. He tweeted:

    Hello Nashville! Made it safely, and had a nice time traveling.
    about 2 hours ago from txt

    Someone from Archueta Avenue saw him at the airport:
    Friday, October 9, 2009

    “Sooo….I went to the Nashville Airport just to see if I would run into(cough)anyone I know. I got there just as David’s plane landed. At first I thought of staying in the baggage claim area…but decided to go up to the gate area just in case he did not check in any luggage. I waited in the passenger waiting area and it wasn’t too long…and there he was….all alone. David was dressed very casually in jeans, tee shirt, sneakers and a hoodie. He had his 50 lbs back pack and AND A GUITAR! He was walking and texting as he made his was to the baggage claim area. Nobody was bothering him and I decided to do the same.

    When I got to the baggage claim area, David was talking to a women. I thought maybe it was someone that was meeting him there. I was on one side of the baggage carousel and he was on the other. At this point, few people went up to talk to him and take pictures. I decided to make my way over to him to talk to him..but by the time I got there…he had his luggage and was gone. (FAIL!!)

    I thought of trying to locate him again…but decided to respect his privacy and leave him alone. (FAIL AGAIN!!) The women that he was talking to was still at the baggage claim she was not his contact person.

    Sooo….that is my sad stalker story. I wish I had pix to show or at least a conversation to share with you..but I don’t. I clearly need to to attend stalker 101.

    But then again…there is always the Cheesecake Factory!!

    ~ John”

  68. betsyjaney says:

    Twin {{{HUGS}}
    I did the same. And am still soggy. I will now buy more cd’s than previously thought. To give to my family. So much joy should be shared.

  69. TOfan says:

    Vee!!! *waves down and under*

    bebereader, glad to hear I’m not the only weakest link! LOL Thanks for John’s story. Maybe not a happy ending for him but it was for me … that he respected David’s privacy might not win a pass in “stalker 101” but it does in “decent guy Ph.D.”

    Betsy, me too, I preordered even more!

    Angelica, fanticipation FTW!!!

  70. betsyjaney says:

    DavidArchie Practiced some singing and, believe it or not, guitar. ‘Twas a grand ol’ time.17 minutes ago from txt

    I love this!!
    Guess his guitar will be put to good use!

  71. djxox says:

    “Practiced some singing..” ??? He had better stop right there or he is gonna kill us all…Has he NOT HEARD his Christmas Album??? I just don’t know how much more I can take….

  72. Angelica says:

    G’day Vee! Pat A Pan was even more beautiful than I expected it to be. I want to put on a flowing Greek gown and dance in a field of flowers to it for the rest of my life on earth.

    I dropped that little cat off at TDC. They have a cat theme going and will give it a nice home. haha. For realz, the reason the little thing appeals to me is because it reminded me of my cat, Ebenezer, God rest his soul, these 9 years. He looked like that when I first got him and had to use Webster’s dictionary to help him climb into the litter box. He fit in my hand. A few years later, (he lived to 17,) he was 20 pounds of sleek black muscle with a terrible temper and a heart of gold. We adored each other but sometimes, when I pushed his buttons, he would stand on my lap and raise himself to his full height and we would duke it out. He never used his claws on me, but we got into slapping bouts with me pawing the air in defense of the rapid blows he would rain down on me. The first time my new husband saw us at this, he had tears from laughing so hard. So I guess I was missing my Ebenezer. I get a little maudlin around Christmas.

  73. Kizzi says:

    Angelica – Ebenezer sounded like he was such a character! The Duke duked! I would have loved to have seen that!

    My son took our cat of 14 years to south Florida with him when he moved in August so I am lgetting a new baby at Christmas time (born end of Sept) to have run around my feet, talk to me, hide on me and, in general, run my home life. Cats are the boss!

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