Supersize me: U2 spectacle meets David’s SBM

U2 360 Tour hits Toronto (Photo: Peter Power, Globe and Mail)

U2 360 Tour with CN Tower backdrop (Photo: Peter Power, Globe and Mail)

I’ve been to a lot of concerts over the years. Many I’d thought were big deals at the time. The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Elvis Costello, CSNY, Van Morrison … David Archuleta. But nothing really prepared me for the extravaganza, the event, the happening I attended last week – U2’s 360 Tour – the first of two sold-out shows at Toronto’s Rogers Centre.

Everything about the concert was SUPERSIZED — from the $40-million, 90-foot tall SET to the blast-you-from-your-seat SOUND to the star-filled SKY (the dome was open for only the second concert in its history). Even the PHILANTHROPY was extra-large (Desmond Tutu sent a video address, as did an astronaut on the International Space Station).

But although the music was grand and the spectacle grander, I found myself getting distracted. I couldn’t help but wonder, “Will David’s concerts get this big? Do I want them to? Does he?”

In fact, I looked down – waaaay down – at the mosh pit, longingly. Yes, friends, I had mosh envy – flashbacks to the squished, sweaty pleasure of standing mere feet from David’s feet, connecting with those green eyes as he sings, dancing and celebrating with the other moshers (moshees?), singing when told to “SING IT!,” doing the ZG bounce and sharing the “joyful sound” that Bono mentioned during this show.

But then came “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”….


Opened by a drum beat alone, all 62,000 of us sang the entire first verse on our own. And unlike other concert sing-alongs I’ve been part of – every word was clear as a bell – and sounded fantastic. We were in perfect harmony. It felt magical, intimate.

Especially when Bono joined in, finished off the verse, then segued into Stand By Me. Then he stopped, pulled out his earbuds, stood back and listened to us all sing. Chills, baby, chills. (You can check it out in the youTube below.)

Of course, for me (and surely many of you), SBM is now David’s song. So when I found myself belting out “David’s song” with Bono (and, um, 62,000 others), that mega-stadium shrunk down to Crocodile Rock size and I felt connected to the music, the moment and every other person there.

Hands-down, my favourite part of the concert – and one I could see happening at a future show of David’s – even a supersized one.

With career prospects as rose-tinted as Bono’s glasses, David is destined to command similar arena-sized crowds in future. For extremely selfish reasons, however, part of me is happy that … for now … David is the best kept secret in pop music … mosh pit, here I come!

Watch 62,000 Torontonians sing Stand By Me:

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24 Responses to Supersize me: U2 spectacle meets David’s SBM

  1. conditioner says:


    You are so fortunate to have attended that concert!! 62,000 people wow!! T’was an epic event, for sure!
    I do believe that’s the way it will be for David one day, and I too selfishly hope it takes a while, so that we ‘superfans’ may have him to ourselves just a wee bit longer, VIP sessions and all!

  2. Kizzi says:

    U2 and Bono – how wonderful and yet to get that intimate feeling, chills.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. refnaf says:

    Hey tofan…. sounds like an awesome concert experience!!! amazing that even in such a large crowd, you could still feel connected. I know for sure that David has the power to do this….But I will always treasure the mosh pit vibe. Getting as close to David when he performs is something I will always want!

  4. TOfan says:

    Although I love David’s version of “One” when he did the medley on tour, Bono does own this song in his show. The reason for the Desmond Tutu address was to introduce the work of Bono’s “One” charitable foundation.

    I can imagine David going in that direction but I think he’d be less “in your face” about it in concert. Certainly works for Bono though. And The Edge is amazing, btw.

  5. happy says:

    I have no heart tonight because I have eaten my heart out reading this. Bono is my longtime love and I am a fool that I have yet to see him live. I am thrilled for you!!!! I get chills when I even see video clips of their show.

    btw- have you been able to see The Edge in his documentary It Might Get Loud? you will love it 🙂

  6. TOfan says:

    Happy, no I haven’t. And I’m embarrassed to admit that I had no clue about how pivotal The Edge is to U2 until I saw them live.

    Even Bono said something like, “And of course U2 wouldn’t be here at all without The Edge” when he introduced him. I saw what he meant, his guitar work takes on a life of its own.

    And even in such a huge venue, you could tell Bono has the gift of connecting with the crowd that David shares. Beyond saying “Hellooo Torontoooo,” he managed to work individual subway station names and local references like “TTC Kiss & Ride” into song lyrics. Quite something.

  7. Sunshine says:

    If U2 is a religion, I wrote the prayer book. It started many years ago, when they were playing small venues and Bono would introduce them by saying, ‘Hi, we’re from Dublin. Do you know where that is?’

    I knew from the first time I saw them it was the start of a relationship that would last a lifetime. Their song writing and the spectacle of their shows is unsurpassed. But that isn’t what keeps me wanting more. It is the emotion I feel when I hear Bono’s gritty, purposeful voice and the sense of one-ness they create in a soul-less stadium. My sense of anticipation in the months leading up their shows is enough to carry me through the most mundane work days. During their shows, the overpowering sense of connection I feel to the band, especially Bono, buoys me for weeks after.

    I never thought another band or performer would make me swell inside with sheer happiness. Then I heard ‘Shop Around’.

  8. Kizzi says:

    Sunshine – your comment just filled my heart with joy. Wow, thank you for that gift!

    “Shop Around” is one of my favorite AI performances. It is my hope one day David performs the complete cover of it. That would be divine.

    Off topic, I was at thop1984 youtube account getting the link for a friend and I read this comment from brod924:

    In about 30 years when Latinos have officially taken over as the majority in the U.S. This brilliant, kind, intelligent young man with a beautiful demeanor will be the face to which the world will recognize a truly united nation. He carried Latinos across a boundary that does not get crossed often by the younger Latino generation. It’s statistically and census proven that Latinos will be the ethnic majority in the US, and he will pave the way for us to succeed

    and later, this:

    I have to post one more bit, just because this is such a really big moment. It doesn’t have everything to do with the fact that he’s Latino, just to do with the progression of minorities in this country. The few that are truly accepted into real mainstream media aren’t what represents us the way we should be. But culture will change the by the change in the people, and in America, the people will be the minority and that is a very exciting notion in my mind as a minority.

    Boggles my mind and I’ll have to do some research. Not just a change agent for music and a role model but so much more is on his young shoulders. I hadn’t wrapped my mind around this aspect at this depth.

  9. TOfan says:

    Sunshine, “My sense of anticipation in the months leading up their shows is enough to carry me through the most mundane work days. During their shows, the overpowering sense of connection I feel to the band, especially Bono, buoys me for weeks after.”

    I’ve only ever felt that strongly about David’s concerts, but after seeing U2 for the first time, I definitely felt the sheer POWER of that connection with their music and Bono himself. Like David, he’s “of the people” and wants to be “with” the people. It was a real eye-opener.

    Kizzi, that is a fascinating comment, thanks. The way the Latino community has embraced and supported David is truly heartwarming, as are his words about wanting to “give back” to them … those musical roots run deep for him and will add such an exciting dimension to his work (and let’s face it, his image).

  10. TOfan says:

    David’s tweets are seriously cracking me up … even more than usual:

    “So I might be getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. It’s the only time I’ve FINALLY been able to get them out!” Never heard anyone so excited about getting invasive dental work done … almost like Christmas is FINALLY here! LOL

    “The hygienist said ‘you have nice stretchy cheeks.’ Thanks I guess lol.”
    Wait, is Priscilla Presley his hygienist?

    And I could not be more impressed that he can simultaneously:
    1) Get his teeth cleaned
    2) Tweet
    3) Correctly spell hygienist

    There’s gotta be a Teen Choice Award for THAT! 😆

  11. Kizzi says:

    LOL TOfan – he was on a roll today

    His dentist tweet made it to a USA today blog ——->

  12. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Kizzi! And of all the celebs they listed, they used David’s pic! (And all the comments are from Archies, lol.)

    The farmer’s tan freakout is hilarious, too — isn’t that only an issue if you run around shirtless? 😆

  13. silverfox says:

    Hi! Finally was able to log in!

    Just want to say I love your new fansite for David! I will be a regular lurker here! I have been hungry for a happy, calm place, after going through some stormy seas. 😀

    U2 & Bono! wow. How amazing! I would love to see them in concert.

    Hi happy & Kizzi!!

    Have a good night! Have to go! But I will be back!

  14. TOfan says:

    SF!!! {{{hugs}}} So happy to “see” you! Hope you’ll do more than lurk! You (and your beautiful prayer) are a lovely balm, esp. after those “stormy seas.” 😉

    Courtesy of Happy, a great NYT article on Bono & U2:

  15. refnaf says:

    Hey SF! It is good to see you here!!

    “If U2 is a religion, I wrote the prayer book.” lol sunshine, well put. David has been my first experience of being “bouyed up” post concert. Now seeing him is something I am not willing to do without.

    Kizzi your observation about David> “Not just a change agent for music and a role model but so much more is on his young shoulders. I hadn’t wrapped my mind around this aspect at this depth.”
    That’s a tough one to get my head around. It kinda scares me a little…He has said he just wants to sing, and I would hate for him to feel pressure to “do”. I want him to just “be” and gift us with his voice. Those comments seem to show the impact that David has already had on the latino community, by singing ONE SONG!!!! oh my….
    happy… I see a U2 concert in our future… haha
    sunshine will be there too~!

  16. Kizzi says:

    SF – {{{{{HUGS}}}} Visit often. .This is a warm and comfy place. And, I just love your insights and love of David’s music.

    refnaf – I agree. I wish for him to just “be.” There are just segments of fandom that I hadn’t realized their perspective and hopes. Funny I knew he was half Honduran but I didn’t see that as different from mainstream. And, happy does love her some Bono!

  17. Kizzi says:

    David was a surprise guest (were we surprised? 🙂 ) at Kendra’s concert last night. Sang TBWY. He is at a grand piano (incredible!!!) and he was chatty in the beginning. So relaxed. Just Be-a-u-ti-ful!

  18. refnaf says:

    Gosh, David does it gain, that was beautiful> Where does he go? The look on his face at the end of TBWY is sublime!

    Now we hve CD snippets too!! If you want a spoiler. hahah

  19. omgdja says:

    hello everyone!!!

    I finally got my password reset. I enjoy this place & will consider my 2nd home everything David. I’ve been reading a lot of your posts from the other place I used to go to… love them by the way. Very glad I found this site at Snarkies.

  20. TOfan says:

    Welcome, omgdja!

    Password resets FTW!!! 😆

  21. Kizzi says:

    Seen Davids latest vlog? – so dang cute & so dang nervous.

    and he twitpic’d himself at the dentist

    he’s journaling his wisdom teeth experience – LOL

  22. Kizzi says:

    HI Omgdja – Good to see you here at TOfan’s place. Lots of great down home hospitality here and mighty comfy.

  23. omgdja says:

    Thanks for the welcome. Tofan & Kizzi , I believe you’ve met my friends KT & Lorna … Hershey & Pittsburg concerts.

    Also, Kizzi I wanted to thank you & Mr. Kizzi for the wonderful videos both In the UK & the U.S. you shared. I always felt the genuine love & respect you have for David.

  24. Kizzi says:

    omgdja – yes, oh yes, I met KT but I can’t remember Lorna (dang memory). I LOVED KT. What an amazing woman!

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