Introverts unite


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5 Responses to Introverts unite

  1. I think that is where the fans went! Honestly you just don’t know. I am not an introvert but then sgain maybe I am part time. I just know that from my home ( well honestly at this hour from my comfortable bed), I wish that this is all that the problem has been! Or maybe it has all been a a bad dream? Well, I might be an introvert in some regards but if this is all a long, bad dream then I hope I wake up soon!!

    I need some new music! 🍷🍰…no, no, new music! 🎼

    SB 🍁

  2. missbianca says:

    *peeks out from behind a rock* Yep, that about sums up for me every large social gathering I’ve ever been to. *returns to rock*

  3. peppertara says:

    Haha, love it. I have always been more of an introvert myself, although not quite as much as when I was younger. Yep, those big social gatherings just make me want to get home! (Unless in an audience at a DA concert, different story). πŸ™‚
    I do understand David’s feelings. So glad he loves to sing though, yep….more music, new music, really looking forward to that!

  4. missbianca says:

    Peppertara, I don’t think it’s a social event while everyone is looking the same direction. πŸ˜€

  5. TaterZen says:

    I need that t-shirt, although I would probably wear print side in. πŸ™‚

    Side Note: TOfan gets back from her mission next week!

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