@DavidArchie Interfaith Concert recap

Credit: Me (doesn't the blurriness give that away?)

Credit: Me (doesn’t the blurriness give that away?)


This was on my bed in the hotel upon arrival. Is this only for Canadians??

A funny thing happened on the way to my fishing trip 🙂 … I ended up in Salt Lake City this weekend.

I can’t say it was spontaneous because Refnaf & I vowed to be at David’s first concert, wherever that was. In fact we actually thought it might take us to Chile, so, ya, a little bummed we didn’t get to go there, but I’ll get over it… somehow.

Not sure why I’m posting this because I can’t really put into words what an amazing experience this was but I feel I need to at least try.

So I’ll at least try to break out my high points:


Surprised to find out the lovely Awestruck & her hubby were going aaaaand staying in the same hotel (and their flight home on Sunday left at EXACTLY the same time as ours, what are the odds, right??)

Getting to the theatre and seeing so many wonderful peeps we hadn’t seen in three long years. Many hugs were had.

FullSizeRenderReading in the program that David’s been “busy writing songs for a new album that will be released in 2015. Now, at 23, David returns to the music and his fans, older, wiser, and will faith still on his side.” (IT WAS IN PRINT, PEOPLE, IT MUST BE TRUE!!!! 🙂

The moments before David came out (we knew when that was thanks to same program). On the flight to SLC, Refnaf and I made a pact that we would leap to our feet as soon as David walked on stage for the first time. Extra pressure since we were sitting a couple of rows from the front so could have been awkward but NO, it was aMAZing, everyone ended up standing! And although he looked sheepish about it all, of course, we made him suffer through it by staying on our feet cheering. I tell myself he secretly enjoyed it.

Seeing him standing there a grown man. Not a boy, man-child or unicorn princeling (well, actually he still is that), but a grown up. We’ve been fast-forwarded two years and BAM there he was. (In really nice new shoes, btw.) And fully grown up singing too… deep, rich lower register like a river of molten chocolate lava… self-assured, in control… no bouncing to Zero Gravity…. yet… but I have no doubt he’ll go wherever his music takes him.

The First Noel. Hearing him sing live again was like being given water after three years in the desert. I can’t honestly remember anything but thinking how PERFECT it was and how grateful I felt.

Yada yada yada. Lots of other really nice music but honestly, checking program for when David was next.

Do You Hear What I Hear. Stunning, I just kept saying “WOW! WOW! WOW!” over and over again. It was like being a fly on a wall during a jam session, watching them improv a little and work out the arrangement on the fly. Seeing David be more comfortable not singing through the whole thing but letting it flow and coming in when it felt right and doing some cool jazzy things with his voice that there’s a technical name for but I can’t for the life of me remember what that is. This is my new “This Christmas” and “O Ven,” destined to be on repeat on my iPod for a looooooooong while.

Glorious. ‘Twas glorious. David gave a little intro and FINALLY we got to hear him say something. Didn’t realize how much I’d missed that (here in the No-Vlog Era) until he did start talking.

Silent Night. Like hearing it for the first time.

Some other talented people … musicians and choirs and dancers and an aerial artiste that Princess Archie dubbed “Kenny G” (uncanny resemblance), oh, and a wardrobe malfunction (not David’s), made for a very entertaining show. But yes, checking program again for you know who.

Believe. I’ve never heard that song and it made for a powerful finale… like getting blasted with a windstorm of David’s voice backed by the choirs, incredible. This was my favourite “Believe” maybe because I hadn’t heard it before, I don’t know. Although the pacing was a little off in the beginning and David seemed to be gesturing to the conductor and orchestra to get them in the groove… like a subtle but insistent boss. (You go, D.!!!!) At the end, David gave little waves to fans on the way out and then turned to the adorable kids in the choir and punched the air saying “Good job!”

Another big highlight: Finding the lovely @rhiminee outside and glomping her!!!! 🙂 And seeing Kari there! (although waaaaaay too shy to say anything to her.)


Again with the pact, and Refnaf and I got up as soon as he came out, along with everyone else, and he looked more happy about it this time, lol.

This First Noel Made me cry, and Silent Night was literally buckets of tears for me. He totally went somewhere else for that one… straight to the manger, I suspect… and took us all with him. Stunningly beautiful. (On my feet again after Silent Night, I think I might have a problem.)

Do You Hear What I Hear took on new twists and turns. Still the highlight for me.

Glorious had no intro this time and maybe I was imaging things but David seemed a little perturbed about either that or something else. Just something different about his demeanor, but he still sounded incredible… of course.

Everything else was a beautiful blur. Props to the incredible musicianship of Kevin Olusola (even though I still can’t pronounce his name). And I loved the SLC Mass Choir so much I bought their CD, REALLY good!

Saturday night

Last. Show. 😦 This time when we all stood up he seemed resigned to having to bask in the love (victory!!! )In fact at each show he seemed more and more relaxed and open to looking out to see who was there and having fun and enjoying himself. Was great to watch that unfold.

DYHWIH. SOOOOO incredible I literally jumped up at the end and didn’t care if anyone else joined but of course everyone jumped up. Because. David. I had been hoping he’d hold the big note at the end and he did and it was magnificent and every single thing about that performance was magic and they need to release it on itunes and let it take over the world. The End. Amazingly he seemed to enjoy the Standing O this time (probably because he pretended it was for the other 2 musicians), he was literally beaming. And he had that special smile he gets when he knows he nailed it. BECAUSE HE DID!!!!!!!

Did you know David’s Aunt makes great pie? I swear he could have waxed poetic about her pies for another couple of hours and I know we all would’ve been okay with that. (Have missed that Ramblin’ Man *sigh*)

(Sidenote: Met so many fans that aren’t online in our teeny tiny microcosm of a super-fan community… we may actually be in the minority of his fans, lol.)

At the end of the show, someone @therealnewangel called out “Encore” and the MC said “The only encore would be if I sing” … drats, David totally looked up for doing an encore. Oh well. Because they brought out all the performers at the end to take their bows, David was forced to stand there and soak in all the love… again, mwahaha. And he made a point of waving and saying hi to everyone who waved to him. (*cough*I might have done that*cough)

Watching the way he did that helped put things in perspective for me. He seems happiest when we’re at a safe distance, lol.

In fact, as a fan, sometimes I feel like a stray dog who’s followed him home and he’s appreciative of the loyalty and may even throw over a bone out of kindness but ultimately wants to wave goodbye, go home, shut the door and do his own thing.

I’m good with that. Just call me Spot.


Sorry if this blog is nuts, I am out of practice, lol… and a HUUUUUUUGE thank you to everyone who took videos. You guys ROCK!!!!!!

Like this one, for instance, from the lovely Muldur:

And this one (complete with Pie Monologue) from the lovely Shelley:

Credit: Again, me. Again, blurry. (It's now my style.)

Credit: Again, me. Again, blurry. (It’s now my style.)


oh, and from the lovely and amazing Abrra:


“Proud of you! Good job little one.”

No idea who this guys is but ROFLOLOLOL

From Shaycarl’s IG: “Day 2 on set of this #ShareTheGift shoot with @davidarchie and my receding hair line.”

"I had an incredible time shooting a video with The Piano Guys and David Archuleta! I seriously cannot wait to show you all!! #sharethegift #soexcited"

“I had an incredible time shooting a video with The Piano Guys and David Archuleta! I seriously cannot wait to show you all!! #sharethegift #soexcited”

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62 Responses to @DavidArchie Interfaith Concert recap

  1. GrammyJ says:

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for writing this great recap for all of us ODD fans that couldn’t go. I love to hear that David the fabulous singer is back! Plus it’s wonderful that right in the program it states that David is putting out new music in 2015. Can’t wait!

  2. Nan says:

    Deb, you are wonderful! You captured the events just perfectly. It was great spending time with you. Love ya!

  3. roxfox says:

    So happy you and N were able to come!! *happy and sad tears*

  4. newangel2 says:

    I want credit as the first one to yell “ENCORE”!!! I was wild and crazy, baby! It didn’t work but I think he was considering it for half a second. It was so good to see you guys and DAVID in the flesh. He sounded great, looked great, was great. Lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovelllly daaaay.

  5. djafan says:

    Ahhhhhh!!!! So glad you two went!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! This is epic recap!!!!

  6. collegemom says:

    I love living vicariously through you guys!! Thanks!

  7. ray says:

    glad you are back, thanks,

  8. justvisiting says:

    Very happy you got to go and experience the awesomeness of David back on stage! Happy to see this new post from you — thank you for sharing the events of the last few days! Crazy good!!!

    ps. thanks for sharing the snippet re new music that was printed in the program! Also good to know David has lots of other fans who showed up there! =)

  9. awestruck says:

    Coincidence? Serendipity? TOfan – hubby and I were so lucky to be able to go to SLC… but to meet up with you and RefNaf – well it was icing on the cake!
    Well, seeing David again stunned me – like it was the first time I had ever seen him. Even more so, his impact is even more powerful than before – what with his stunningly Gloriously rich lower register – most notably Heard in Glorious and DYHWIH – sung with such conviction, confidence and control AND the ‘refinement’ of his laser vision – Saturday night I felt as if he was boring holes right through me – as he seemed to lock eyes with me for a moment during Silent Night (sigh I know he really couldn’t see me or my eyes, LOL, but he seemed to be singing with such passion and intensity and was really trying toconnect with the audience that it felt like he was singing just to me)
    We talked to many fans outside of our ‘super fan minority’ who were – if not quite as passionate as we are – an enthusiastic friendly bunch (and there were a LOT of them)!
    Do You Hear What I Hear – never before had I heard such an arrangement of this song – Jazz inflections TOfan, could well be – to me it was ‘ethereal’. Quite stunning. Yes, should def be in the ITunes library. This brings me to Kevin Olusola – U (vowel sound as in boot) – so – la. I have always be intriguingly mystified with his beat-boxing (acapella group Penatonix) capabilities – how DOES one make all those sounds with your voice alone? – but, his cello skills are incomparable. A truly mesmerizing result of artistic collaboration on this song.
    Believe – from The Polar Express – also the first time I had heard this song – was joyously sung by David with a huge compliment of ‘choir’ behind him. His voice continues to be one that stands out, rises above and quite literally melts my bones.
    TOfan, does Spot have a friend? I so very much agree with your last 3 paragraphs – before the ps.
    I literally had to re-start my computer – when I got to the video entitled ‘And this one (complete with Pie Monologue) from the lovely Shelley’. I was laughing so hard remembering the happy, at ease, no sign of discomfort, pie monologue by David that when I clicked on the vid to watch it – it Froze up!
    Thanks TOfan for this!

  10. refnaf says:

    Gosh ((((((TOfan)))))) You manage to recap everything with such grace AND humour!!!
    This trip was a mountain top experience for me…. SO WORTH IT!!! I will never hesitate to go see him whenever, wherever, and however I am able!

    I love your stray dog analogy. For me taking a step back (in being soooo invested in EVERYTHING he does) feels so right. Whatever he is doing will come to us when he is ready. I want for him to have a clear separation of work and private life. We are part of his “work” life> I will join you Tofan, as a stray puppy who will wag my tail joyfully when ever he puts out music and performs!!,

    All your highlights are mine as well…. How do you get into my brain?? So glad you can express in writing what I can not J

    I need to thank all the peeps who take pics and vids! You guys are a blessing to the fandom! ((((hug)))) Another thing I am not able to do!!!!!

    ((((hugs)))) all around! David is the best!!!!

  11. refnaf says:

    Yikes!!! Also thank you Abrra For the mp3’s ! You are an angel!!

  12. karenkid says:

    Aww, what wonderful memories this post evokes. So happy you were there to share it with us. Hope everyone has a very happy holiday season!

  13. princessarchuleta says:

    Love, love, loooooove this recap! Your writing flows as smoothly as Kenny G flying through the air. ;)))) It was such a pleasure to meet you this weekend and share a few giggles. Xoxo

  14. tawna21 says:

    Dang!!! I missed you guys!!!! BUT. I didn’t miss David. Witnessed him and his perfection (even a couple of goof-ups, but that just means he’s real). Yes, this was too good to be believable… pinched myself a couple of times. Did your heart just jump when he walked out that first time? To actually be seeing him in the flesh?! Wow! Let’s ring in 2015 ASAP!!!!!

  15. I am sooo happy you got to go! Couldn’t we possibly find a way to drag West Virginia just a little closer to Utah? haha

  16. peppertara says:

    Wonderful, fabulous post TOfan. So glad that you (and Refnaf, Awestruck and others) were able to go to the concert! A nice detour on the way to go fishing, ha. Such a terrific recap and description of your experiences. What a beautiful concert, so grateful for all videos, pics that fans took. Just from the videos, David sounds incredible. Love the songs he performed and yes….DYHWIH is simply stunning. Loved them all, incredibly good. I was familiar with Believe as JG sang and recorded it very nicely and had had the thought that David would sing this very nicely too….and he did. Fantastic with the choirs. Your description gives us a glimpse of the wonderful live experience after so long.
    Thankful too, to Abbra for the MP3s, so nice.
    I had held the thought all along that I would love to be at David’s first concert. However, with this one it just wasn’t to be, timing was off as well as other things. Oh well, so very happy for all that made the trip and experienced the return of marvelous Mr Archuleta on stage, in all his glory.
    How very special!
    Oh….and there will be a DVD and CD made available from the concert, wonderful!

  17. Spirit says:

    Welcome back, TOfan! Loved this post! Thanks for taking us all along for the ride!

  18. missbianca says:

    *wiping some sort of unexpected moisture out of my eyes* Oh Deb, I miss you when you’re not here. Nobody captures it like you do. Brava to you and Refnaf for starting the standing-O’s of the series.

    So many wonderful people at the concert. I wish…ah well, flakes over the snowbank. One day, one day!

  19. Oh Deb, I still have a little afterglow from the concert, you know what I mean?. It is still so real and I don’t want to let it fade. Thanks for your recap, I enjoyed every word. When you described how when he first came out and was standing there right in front of us and then sang, “The First Noel,” and likening it to being given water after three years in the desert, I totally know what you mean.

    It was sort of surreal for me. My heart was kind of pitter pattering when they announced him and then there he was! Right in front of us! Right in front of me! He was the same… but different, all grown up looking! And then he sang, and it was the same…but different, deeper richer low tones. Then as the song(s) progressed and built, and got higher and more intense, and he put his head back, and sang those, what can only be described as glory notes, it was the same! Not different…the same! And tears came to my eyes because David was back, and right there, and singing his heart again. And you just don’t want it to end…

    Saturday night he was perfection. DYHWIH!!! Yes, It should be recorded and played on every Christmas radio station around the world. And Yes, he did have that little special smile at the end. He knew he nailed it. He nailed every song that night and got a well deserved, standing ovation, for each one. That had to feel good.

    Deb, it was great to see you and Nancy again, and so many wonderful friends, and get to talk, and laugh, (and gush a little.) Lets do it again soon! I love you guys.

    David has brought so many blessings to my life.

    • TOfan says:

      “And tears came to my eyes because David was back, and right there, and singing his heart again. And you just don’t want it to end…” <= THIS!!! *sniff* 'Twas so great to see you guys, too, def. icing on a wonderful cake!!!

  20. TOfan says:

    That little ninja’s at it again!

    Anyone know who this Peter Hollens guy is????

  21. Oh Canadians what have you done? Well seriously I am so pleased that you stood for David exactly when you did. That was longtime fans at their best.

    I have watched the videos carefully looking at his eyes as he scanned the audience. I was thinking that when he saw those he knows who came from great distances he would have been amazed. All of you left him with reassuring thoughts.

    Really, a moose on your bed?

    I remember my first trip to hear David. My pact with myself was to go wherever David first sang with a choir and orchestra. So that was Abravenal Hall a few years ago. I remember Refnaf saying she wouldn’t miss anymore big concerts!

    It was so good to hear your story!

    SB 🍁

  22. Refnaf,

    I will be there too as what you have said is most important to so many. An excellent quote.

    “Whatever he is doing will come to us when he is ready. I want for him to have a clear separation of work and private life. We are part of his “work” life.”

    SB 🍁

  23. archugeezer says:

    I’m late to say so, but I love this SnowAngelized recap!

    I confess to some lingering sadness for not being in SLC with y’all. David’s concerts are always filled with goodness and glomping. Who would not be sad to miss that? Thank goodness for the concert videos and online spazzing—enjoyed every comment here.

    Thanks, too, for that “ninja David” photo. Next up, we get to see/hear him perform in the world record nativity project on December 12th. I loved what one of the major participants, Peter Hollins, said about David in a Deseret News article yesterday: “I was just recording with David in his studio like two hours ago. That is one of the most talented, gracious, humble dudes ever.”

    Yep, he got that right.

  24. TOfan says:

    Sorry, guys, I’m in a spamming mood today, lol:

    my reply was: “Basically me at a VIP”

    oh, the actual David IG caption:
    “I couldn’t resist. The tiny tots were too cute 👶👦👶. Baby courtesy to @katiletters and @evynnehollens #nativityvideo #Christmas”

  25. TOfan says:

    Here’s the one video I took, lol … no zoom on my iPod but the sound is pretty good! 🙂

    • tawna21 says:

      WoW! TOfan!! I love this video!!! It’s good to see the other musicians along with David. And, the sound really is very good! Thank you for sharing it!!!

  26. peppertara says:

    I love your video too TOfan, the sound is wonderful and the ‘fans eye” view is rather special You can take it all in…like a magical, musical creation up there on stage. Sooo..nice!

  27. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Tawna & Pepp, I only really took it for myself then thought, hey, might as well post it….

    Other little moments keep coming back to me about the show… David artfully pausing after he mentioned his mission to give us a chance to applaud, lol … “snow” falling during the Believe finale and then David smiling his crinkly-eyed smile as he watched the littlest kids in the choir collect it in their hands like it was real… David’s fancy new shoes… the way he motioned the conductor to wait a sec so he could do an intro to Silent Night.

    Sorry, just get these flashes of memories, lol. *sigh*

  28. marin says:

    watch at your own risk, David’s in it but it is truly painful.

  29. GrammyJ says:

    Wish David would have jumped on the trampoline with them and sung Zero Gravity lol!

  30. GrammyJ says:

    Here’s a behind the scene video of the Largest Nativity taping made by Pete Hollen’s wife. You can see David a few times but the Hollen’s baby is featured and is the cutest! He even plays baby Jesus.

  31. TOfan says:

    aww, nice, GrammyJ, thanks!

    David in the Hollywood Reporter!!!! & the lovely muldur’s video!!! … if you play the video on their page, it shows up in their stats… just sayin’ 🙂 🙂 🙂


  32. missbianca says:

    You know what I’m thinking we’re needing? A behind-the-scenes (not really) for either the Nativity thing or the Interfaith concert. Though they may have all been one long event in the mind of the Ramblin’ Man….

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