Happy Birthday to @DavidArchie’s mom, Lupe!!!

Love this vid! And one of the commenters on the youTube thought Lupe was D’s sister, nice b-day gift! 😆

Hope Lupe has an amazing b-day! Everybody dance now!!!!






P.S. Gifs from the amazing @SamLouiseG HERE.

P.P.S. @rsfrancisco888 (aka Volta!) twitpic’d these NA-family photos:

P.P.P.S. How did I miss this??? David’s visit to ChildFund Philippines (& he sings a bit of Bridge Over Troubled Water)

& Twitpic’d by @kariontour:

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday to @DavidArchie’s mom, Lupe!!!

  1. peppertara says:

    Aw, yes…hope Mama Lupe had a wonderful day! Love all the D dance moves and the video with David’s Mom is a favorite to watch!
    Great photos and what a treat that we get photos and video from David’s time with Childfund, so sweet! Would absolutely love to hear the whole song of BOTW! Sounds fabulous. He has such a good heart. ❤

  2. peppertara says:

    Oh and love the ‘Just cuz’ pic at the top, haha. You have the best sidebar pics.

  3. Bee Laugan says:

    DA fans all over the world….! Forevermore is now #1 at MYXph.com. Please continue voting every single breath of the day. There’s no stopping now. To vote: Go to myxph.com and log in then vote. Show some love to DA. He’s seeing/reading all these. Keep on voting. Vote! Vote! Vote!.

    Bee Laugan

  4. I came back from a brief internet break to find that I missed Lupe’s birthday and this fun post!! Happy birthday, Lupe!! How I wish my “29” looked as good as your “29”!!

    Thanks for the great post, TOFan.

  5. TOfan says:

    new post/thread!


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