Gengen translates Sin Chew Daily’s David Archuleta interview: “I’m not Justin”

Calgary's lovely Gengen translates this interview with David Archuleta in "Sin Chew Daily," a Chinese-language newspaper in Malaysia

I posted this twitpic from @OneDavidNet at the end of the last thread and the wonderful Janey from FanScene asked Calgary’s lovely Gengen to translate it for us! Thanks, guys!!! (And I highly recommend you take a wander over to the One David website … it gives you a glimpse of all the news and buzz and hype for David going on in Asia — TOSOD singles topping the radio charts, concert appearances, press coverage, the works! — that David SOOOO deserves to be getting here in Canada and the U.S. (and definitely will) — but it’s cool to see it all happening there already!)

Sin Chew Daily article:

“I’m not Justin. I Prefer Private Love!”

David Archuleta recently left Jive. In spite of the fact that several record companies have shown great interest in him, but he is in no hurry to be tied down again. He says he needs some quality alone time.

After American Idol Season 7, David has been working hard ever since, never has had the time to slow down and ponder upon his direction. “I need some time to think what I really want,” says David. In the past, he worked under people’s orders. “I felt confused,” he says. Now without a contract, he finally feels he can cut himself some slack. He can go back to write music when there is no pressure.

Posting this again, just 'cuz 🙂 ... David Archuleta at the Sunway Amphitheatre, Malaysia, April 2009. (Source:

When asked if he has already begun creating his own music, David says to compose a song completely on his own is quite difficult for him. But he has a lot of ideas for songs, which makes him very excited. He also mentions he will not issue the fourth album this year. If he does publish, it will be singles. He would like to try “natural” music*, but not necessarily country. Pop is still his love and he’s even tried to write a Latin/Spanish song recently. As to his future direction, David says, “I still love pop. I actually don’t like my voice. I will focus more on the singing part in the future concerts.”** He also expresses his gratitude toward the unwavering support from his fans.

Looking forward to the screaming of Malay fans
How does David feel about Justin Bieber? David says that he met Justin the week before and that Justin is very talented, has a good voice and very successful in his singing career. Justin has been very open about his love life recently. When asked if he will be open about his love life too, David says he prefers not to, because he wants to keep that part of his life private. He wishes his fans pay attention to his stage performance only. He also says he’s not seeing anyone for the time being and is still waiting for “the” one.

In 2009, David visited Malaysia the first time, shortly after he finished American Idol. He came to Malaysia to promote his first album. This time he will sing at Staidum Negara at 8:00 p.m. on July 26. This will be a full concert. He is very excited about the concert, looking forward to it, and expects to hear a lot of screaming from his Malay fans. Last time he sang only three songs. In the coming concert, he will of course sing more songs, some new and some old.

~janey comment: Much thanks to all involved in the publishing of this article, to OneDavidNet in twitpicing the scan, to SnowAngelz for posting the link and finally to the lovelyyyy Gengen for the translation. This was truly an international effort, sooo cool how everyone came together to make this happen <3. Original translation on David Archuleta FanScene HERE.

* “Natural music” is the translated term. What do you guys think David actually said? “Organic”? “Roots music”? “Indie” or “alt-folk” like The Civil Wars and Mumford & Sons? Please discuss, lol.

** I hope I’m reading this wrong … from this translated quote it sounds as though David only wants his voice to be in the forefront during live performances. One thing that really struck me about Adele’s amazing album is how the producer wisely chose to make sure her voice is front and centre on every song. Not hidden behind  effects or instrumentals. As much as I love TOSOD, I really wish David’s voice was given the same priority so that, as emmegirl so eloquently put it in the last thread: “His voice kinda tears your heart out in this one.”

P.S. This is a very cool video (from mamureck) combining David’s RITS vlog with Christian Valk’s piano accompaniment. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!:

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8 Responses to Gengen translates Sin Chew Daily’s David Archuleta interview: “I’m not Justin”

  1. Heidijoy says:

    Thank You Tofan,Gengen,Janey, One David net, for the translation and sharing this interview. wow! Great Ribbon in the Sky with Christian accompanying. David is growing up and so wise to take his time and enjoy some freedom. Having his voice front and center sounds fantastic.

    David is setting boundaries and becoming quite assertive. I LOVE it and him.

    Happy Father’s Day!! Sending postive vibes to David and all of you @ Snow Angelz

  2. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Heidijoy! Love this!

    and this!

  3. Heidijoy says:

    Love the excitement in Asia. can’t wait to hear all the excitement from SOF and Asia.

  4. OneDavid says:

    Thanks for giving OneDavid the thumbs up! It’s really awesome to see David’s fans fm all around the world doing what we can to support our guy!

  5. peppertara says:

    Love all the excitement in Asia too, David will have such a great time and his fans on this tour will be in David heaven. haha. Thanks TOfan, Janey and One David and thanks to Gengen for the translation of that article. Natural music…..whatever the translation of that is, sounds more up David’s alley (and mine)!
    I think you are right TOfan, more of David’s voice front and center, more of the music that David really connects to, is comfortable with and loves to express. It would be a crime to cover up that voice anyway, let it flow! What they have allowed Adele to do with her lovely voice and sound is a good sign of the times. David just needs the right music with complete freedom of expression and his voice will take care of the rest. I have no doubt that he will find it and is in the process of that now. Pretty sure it will all add up to something great. Hey, if he releases a single at some point, I’ll take it!

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there and all the “Dad figures.”

  6. refnaf says:

    Awesome job working together guys> miss you ((((gengen)))).
    Just saw this interview posted on twitter, which gives more reallly good info from David as to his plans!!!!!

    I need to reread> I think I saw David, Christmas and Tour all in one sentence again AND he wants to give his fans some new music!!!!

  7. TOfan says:

    Awesome interview, Ref, gave it its own post!

    New thread!


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