My day with David

Source: Tumblr/davidarchieperfect

You know the feeling you get when you realize you’ve been having an affair without noticing it? Well, you probably don’t know since it sounds ridiculous, but I swear to the Archuleta that it happened to me today.

I realized I’ve spent every day with this gorgeous guy, who makes me laugh, cry, smile (nowadays often simultaneously) and furrow my eyebrows in an attempt to understand how the heck anyone can produce sounds so beautiful that actual honey starts dripping out of my ears. And the guy is not my fiance. Oh no. But it’s not my fault. Really. Just read on and see how this guy has snuck into my life without me being able to stop him.

I wake up, get angry with the dude who invented mornings, and go downstairs. As I make a little porridge and yell at anyone who tries to talk to me before noon, I turn on the computer and read today’s news online. The bookmarks for all of David’s fansites are under the one of Iltalehti-magazine, so obviously it’s convenient to click on one (or five) of them, just to quickly see what’s new. After about two hours I realize I’m still in my pyjamas watching a vlog. I go upstairs to change, and spend a moment admiring the posters of David I have in my walk-in closet.

"You talkin' to me?" (Source: Tumblr/ilovechudavidarchie)

My phone rings, and it’s the tune for general callers (Something ’bout Love) so it could be anyone. As it turns out, it’s a person selling magazines. Of course I politely refuse to buy anything.

Alrighty then, time to hit the gym. Today I decide to walk, so I attach earpieces to my cellphone and listen to David-remixes all the way to the gym. Ironically while listening to “Zero Gravity” I’ve never felt so heavy, as the baby kicks and punches me repeatedly to my bladder and I have to tell myself I don’t have to pee for another two kilometres.

When I get home, I remember I have to rip off the wallpaper in the baby’s room, ’cause my dad promised to help me paint the walls. I put on TOSOD ’cause obviously the job gets done much faster when listening to good music. As David sings “Baby I can’t complain,” I kick the pile of shredded wallpaper on the floor and give up. David, you can “not complain” all you want, but I ain’t scratching the walls for one more minute. Cue a phone call to daddy.

Embe & Embe Jr. "get lost in the clo-u-u-u-ds"

Proud of all the work I’ve done, I lie down on the couch and put headphones on my stomach. I press ‘play’ and soon the baby is jamming to a techno-remix of “Think Of Me”. She l-o-v-e-s it. Or she’s trying to kick the headphones off. Either way, I spend a ridiculously long time staring at my jumping belly thinking “that’s sooo freaky.”

Finally, Pete’s home. He eats the portions of Obelix, so I drive to the supermarket. As it happens, I have a live recording of David’s A.I. performances in the car stereo. And like always, when he sings that one particular part in “In This Moment,” I can’t help but rewind and listen to that sound again. As I press rewind for the 11th time, I’m so focused on listening for the exact, lovely spot that I almost run over a shopping cart.

Now you see? You SEE??? I’m completely blameless. Every place is a secret rendezvous for me and David, but I’M not the one insinuating themselves close to me. Now, with a baby on the way, we really have to stop seeing each other like this, David. I mean it. It’s OVER. Right after I watch the Ramblin’ man vlog one more time….

~ embe

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29 Responses to My day with David

  1. TOfan says:

    embe, you crack me up. And replace “In This Moment” with GGTT and your day sounds much like mine except (a) I’m not pregnant, (b) I’m not in Finland, and (c) I have no idea what Obelix or Iltalehti look like 😆 (you & embe jr. look beautiful btw!!! 🙂 )

    So much ArchuExcitement since I’ve been away and no time to catch up, grrrr. Does anyone know what David sang at that Foster Children event? (so weird being so out of the loop, I need DA Coles Notes, lol)

    • abanana77 says:

      I don’t think we know what he sang… but i am also kinda out of the loop right now so that might not be accurate. lol

    • refnaf says:

      Yay for TOfan being back!!!
      There was no definate word on what he sang but hints of “Dream Sky High” .Sunny Hilden accompanied him and tweeted that he made everyone cry including the songwriter.

    • embe says:

      Iltalehti is one of the daily tabloids here in Finland (we only have two :D) – it’s literally “evening paper”.

      And here’s Obelix for ya:

      Haven’t you heard of Asterix&Obelix? And their dog Idefix?

  2. abanana77 says:

    Embe, love this post! Your day sounds beautifully full of Davidness ❤ I'm staying at my grandparents now and they have to be some of the last people on earth without internet. It's totally thrown off my bedtime/morning routines because I always check up on david news right before I fall asleep and right when I wake up. Hahaha I have become super dependent on it I've realized (worse than last summer even), it's pretty bad lol. We are totally addicted.

  3. Miasmom says:

    Embe, you look gorgeous!!! Just wanted to point out that it’s my day off, I slept in until 9:00, and it’s now 11:17 here. Yes, I am still in my pajamas at the computer catching up on David news. But I will be heading out to run with the dog soon, and listening to David music the whole time of course!

    • embe says:

      What a relief to see someone else with the same ‘date with David in my pyjamas’ dilemma. Well, pyjamas are less weird than, for example an evening gown. If you spend 2 hours watching David-videos and the latest news in a Versace dress, you’ve got a problem.

  4. refnaf says:

    Oh, Embe!!! You are blameless….adore your post!!

    “And like always, when he sings that one particular part in “In This Moment,” I can’t help but rewind and listen to that sound again. As I press rewind for the 11th time, I’m so focused on listening for the exact, lovely spot that I almost run over a shopping cart”. Hahaha <<>>I confess that I really CAN NOT tolerate a day when I can’t at the very least hear his recorded voice and see a pic of his smiling face….TOTAL ODD AFTER THREE YEARS! embe you are not alone!

    Wanted to share this cool vid of David’s range, seen it before but it is honey inducing>

    Ande Embe you and baby look fabulous!!! (((bear hug)))

    • embe says:

      Huge hugs to you, my Facebook friend 🙂 And thanks for that video! As a singer, I love seeing stuff like that.

  5. refnaf says:

    So…. TOfan why can I not embed!!!!! rrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. peppertara says:

    embe….love your humorous, fun and ‘revealing’ post, haha. Sounds like you and baby are enjoying the gift of ‘the voice’ together, sweet!
    A great start for your little one and David’s voice…yes, it can produce the flow of honey from your ears! Actually it can produce anything sweet, good and delicious. 🙂
    As for addictions….easy for me to be addicted to honey, Canadian maple syrup and undoubtedly Mr. Archuleta and his voice. 🙂

    • embe says:

      Imagine if the baby is enjoying David now through an underwater cellcast (LITERALLY), how much is she gonna love his voice once she gets out! And I think she’ll also develop a huge crush on him in a few years time 😛

  7. peppertara says:

    Oh and love the video of David’s singing range and….
    Happy Birthday Refnaf, just noticed it must be your Birthday!

  8. jackryan4DA says:

    Happy birthday Refnaf!

    EMBE – your baby will be in for some fabulous time with a witty, gorgeous and funny mom like you. Always take care!

  9. betsy says:

    You are too funny, Embe and not alone!
    I know the feeling.
    Just last week I was talking about that In this Moment moment, and a dear friend made this MGR.
    Enjoy. Abrra made it. ♥

    Happy birthday, Refnaf!

    • embe says:

      Oh thank you so much!!!!! That note is one of my pregnancy cravings ❤ I can't believe a human being can make such a sound. And Abrra is such an angel 🙂

  10. refnaf says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes angelzz!!!! Had a great day with daughter and gb!!!

    Betsy, love Abrra’s MGR !!!!

  11. TOfan says:

    Ref, in honour of your b-day, a Pinecone vlog!!!!!

    • TOfan says:

      Is it just me or does he always look stoned in his vlogs? 😆 😆 😆

      More info:
      A pinecone a little friend of mine painted.. haha. Wanted to talk about going back to Utah for the weekend to see my mom perform.

      Mom Mother’s Day Pinecone pine cone David Archuleta Trader Joe’s almond butter raw honey jam foster families

      • betsy says:

        I agree! the food, lol.

        “If you’re ever in the mood to paint something, you can paint a pinecone.”
        It never stops.
        We are so lucky.

  12. emmegirl says:

    embe, I laughed out loud through the entire thing. Thank you for writing this, I feel a little less crazy now, lol.

    “That note is one of my pregnancy cravings <3"…it amazes me how we all take a select note or notes he sings and replay them over and over. I have never felt compelled to do that with any other singer… just him.

  13. peppertara says:

    Aw, another sweet, funny and ‘pinecony’ vlog from David, with grocery list and all.
    Gotta love him!
    Lol…..TOfan, I think David just has a ‘natural high’ look in his vlogs…..on life, music, family and various random things, haha. Or it could be that he is somewhat tired in some of his vlogs. Or it could be that he positions the camera pretty close (just his face) and it gives a different look to him.
    In any case, David’s kind of high is my kind of high. 🙂
    Want to hear about all the upcoming things he is mapping out!

  14. SandyBeaches says:

    Embe, I have been enjoying your story this morning. I believe that most of us spend personal time with David that can span hours. We first check out the sites for news from the night, click on to a video that someone has posted and then while we make our way we listen to songs of choice for the moment. We might come across his book that brings on a smile when we make an attempt to dust all around it. They are private moments without trying. I laughed when I read that you have a similar walk-in closet to mine.

    Your little baby will be loving David!


  15. TOfan says:

    New post/thread!


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