David’s gift: A Utah recap

Sing it, David! (Photo: Deseret News)

Flying into Utah holds with it such expectation for me. The mountains are glorious and the anticipation intense. I can echo the first lines of Chords of Strength: “I have no idea why I am doing this, but I know I need to do this for some reason.”

“Who travels all this way to have a book signed and a song sung?” I keep asking myself. But for all my second-guessing about taking this trip, I come to the conclusion (again) that any David Archuleta trip becomes worth it as soon as he opens his mouth to sing.

In Salt Lake City, he begins to do just that before we even have a chance to digest the fact that he is standing there. He bounds onto the stage, waves a quick hello, then launches into Crush with a backing track. His voice is rich and true, hitting me with just how good this song really is … a bonified hit.

In my mind I am screaming “Yay!!! David!” taking in this song I have heard so many times, and feeling so proud of what this man has accomplished in two short years.

STOP being so amazing, already! (I spy little Jonah & his mom watching.) Photo: momjulee.

David scans the crowd very intently, giving eye contact to all, seemingly looking for familiar faces.  Not everyone watching are fans. Some in attendance are mere bystanders, people who had been sightseeing in Temple Square or on a lunch break from work and stopped to listen when they heard that Voice.

Santa Trish0400 comes prepared, however, armed with five of David’s CDs. She gifts a few to curious bystanders who are obviously impressed with David’s talent. He looks so energized, so healthy, in the powder blue striped T-shirt, his black hair a lovely mess. It strikes me how small he seems, small, but strong and powerful. With an inner strength that his audience can sense from the depth of his voice, his striking physical presence and the confidence and joy that come from using his gift as it is intended, for the benefit of all.

Then, his version of GBTBR! More epicness … epic means “heroic; majestic; impressively great:” Yes! This describes David — his voice, his smile, his unassuming gentle nature – as he bestows his gift on us.

After seeing the vids, TOfan described David’s GBTBR as “so delicately beautiful, each time I hear it, I have to stand still. I feel every note like drops of rain on my face. Blessed.” Yes!!! I stand there with my face uplifted and feel exactly that. Each word, and note and nuance, the tone and pitch of his voice captivating my soul. As most long-time David fans know, this is something we all try to explain, but I fail again.

I just know that it is what it is — being within a few feet of him singing is something I treasure, almost guiltily, because I know that so many people do not get this opportunity. My mind goes over it again and again. How did I get to be here?? Why did I get to be here? I have no answers. All I can do, really, is be thankful. He gives a perfect gift every time he sings and  I feel honoured to receive it.

We are moved into a line for the signing. The meeting of old friends, the matching up of faces to screen names, the party atmosphere as we wait is a huge part of the fun. The Deseret book store staff have everything well organized, they are very friendly and even sell water and cinnamon buns as we wait! … I begin to feel the nervous excitement … Gah, this is the part that stresses me out. I decide to not rehearse what I will say, just go with the flow, something I am always preaching, but have a bit of difficulty with when the Archuleta is near.

Everything is going smoothly, until I am at the head of the line and realize that I have lost one of my Post-its with the name that David needs to sign. (This is a mass campaign, lol, each of us come with five or six books for various fans who cannot be here!) I get flustered. Find another Post-it and pen, then, there he is…. “Hi David” say I….The rest is lost to me.

For some reason I cannot remember David meetings. My mind fails me EVERY TIME . I swear if patticake04 had not taken this vid I would not believe that I actually was there and somewhat coherent.  After our exchange I have the presence of mind to reach out to shake his hand, and in that split second I make myself take it in. With the handshake comes the smile and the twinkle of the Archugaze. Success at last! That moment is now embedded in my memory and no one can take it from me!

A good day. A very good day. (TwitPic from @Trish0400.)

Today I listened to the AOL Something Pitchy interview again and was struck by what David had to say about the book signings. He expressed how emotionally draining it can be as he puts so much energy into each meeting, keeping himself in a certain mindset. He explained how he tries to see each person and hear their name and hear what they have to say because this is their first time meeting him. You get a clear picture of how much he cares. And how, like a sponge, he soaks up every new experience — learning so quickly how to do his best at each new turn in the path he is on. He is both a giver and a gift.

We went on to Orem the next day…. And it was all icing on the perfect Utah cupcake.

A few more fun highlights:

Cupcakes in Julee’s kitchen.

An evening ski lift ride at Sundance resort.

Hearing the Mormon Tab Choir perform!!

Doing a face plant in Downtown SLC (I have the scars to prove it),

Running across a soccer field to see David Cook?? (’tis, true, I did this).

Watching as a storm came in over the mountains.

Meeting so many wonderful people I cannot keep track.

All precious moments shared because of a common bond: David and his gift.


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84 Responses to David’s gift: A Utah recap

  1. Kizzi says:

    ref – I’ve been waiting to read about your SLC/Orem adventure. You describe it so vividly and gently. Thanks, ref, for sharing this experience! 😀

    And, this says it all: “How did I get to be here?? Why did I get to be here? I have no answers. All I can do, really, is be thankful.” Ditto

  2. TOfan says:

    Thanks for painting us such a beautiful picture! … And cinnamon buns at the bookstore???…. with David??? I think that’s what I imagine heaven must be like! lol

    Bringing this over from the end of the last thread, from the lovely jackryan4DA (and fyi, BYU interviews are also under “Must See” in the sidebar!):

    As an alternative, here is a merged set of Part 1-3 of the BYU-ID intefrviews:

    Lucky Rexburg peeps – they get to hear new music (my guess: IICOB) and they get personalized signed COS – gaaaaaaaahhhhh!

    Anw, am really liking the pace and depth of David’s book promo. Feels like there is a team behind on this one.

  3. Pabuckie says:

    Refnaf — Loved how you told your story! You made me feel like I was there! Touching & beautiful is all I have to say! Thank you.

  4. YJfanofdavid says:

    Refnaf, What a fantastic recap!! Thank you for putting into words your magical Utah experience so that we get to partake in it too.

    Of all the words that have been used to describe David, what struck me the most in your post is the simple word “HEALTHY.” Perhaps that’s part of why we are so drawn to him. He radiates health – physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health of the highest order.

    Who would fly three thousand miles to hear 3 songs? That’s a rhetorical question in David’s fandom. Isn’t it? All of us WOULD if we COULD! You are one lucky person to have it come true!

    “I have no idea why I am doing this, but I know I need to do this for some reason.” Well said, Refnaf, and I think that about sums up our journey for the last two years as well. 🙂

  5. momJulee says:



    I am finally getting my blog up later today and there is a special surprise just for you!!

  6. Angelica says:


    Thanks for taking us along with you to your extreme Utah adventure. Gosh! Momjulee’s cupcakes, a ski lift ride at sunset, the Mormon Tab Choir AND David X 2!! Just gosh!

  7. Angelica says:

    Just saw your tag line while logging off and had to come back to LOL!

    David Archuleta makes the sun squint.


  8. barbs says:

    Just have to say I LOVE the tag. Going to tweet it now.

  9. djafan says:

    Oh my…I held my breath reading your wonderful recap. You made me feel like I was there with you every step of the way….thank you so much.

    “I feel every note like drops of rain on my face. Blessed.” Yes!!! I stand there with my face uplifted and feel exactly that. Each word, and note and nuance, the tone and pitch of his voice captivating my soul. As most long-time David fans know, this is something we all try to explain, but I fail again.”

    You are so right that this is so hard to explain…but I so understand and feel every single word.


  10. djafan says:

    Just noticed ” David makes the sun squint” love it!

  11. refnaf says:

    hey all… thanks for your comments… because I’ve been sick the archudaze is lasting even longer than ususall!!!!

    The BYU interview is going on my dpod immediately… this is def one I need to hear over and over.

  12. TOfan says:

    aww, thanks, glad you guys liked the tag! (He does though, doesn’t he? 😆 )

    Here’s Part 1 of the Idaho TV interview from this morning (via @iteachkidz22):

    And LocalNews8 photo gallery HERE. … and Lupe is there! 🙂

  13. Nan says:

    NNNNAAAAAAANNNNNNCCCCCYYYYYYY!!!! I’m so glad I got to meet you and I miss you so much. Why does the internet make you feel like you could just run down the street and see your new friend when you can’t? I loved your re-cap of your Utah experience. Thanks for letting me be a part of it with you. I love our picture of the 3 Nancy’s + 3 more good friends. Hope you don’t have too much of a scar on your forehead, but if you do, it will be a nice reminder of your “David booksigning” experience in Utah.
    Love Nan

    • refnaf says:

      Three nancy’s FTW!!! I do have a bit of a scar, lol, but you are right! I will not forget my trip. Maybe you can’t run down the street to visit, but you can visit right here!! (hug)

  14. Trish says:

    Hi everyone !!!

    {{{hugs}}} Refnaf <3<3<3

    Awwwww I love your Utah recap … hope you are feeling better :))) Utah was sooo EPIC !!! thanks so much for putting my memories into words 🙂 so glad you have the video … I can never remember what I say … if I can say anything LOL!

    … Good Times with Great friends !!!

    Hi !!! to TOfan KT and Lorna :))) Miss you guy!!!

  15. TOfan says:

    Trish!!!!! *waves* (I miss you & KT & Lorna too! lol)

    This was one of the pics in the Local8News gallery (scroll up for link) that made me LOL … David Archuleta, singer/songwriter/author/ … ANCHORMAN! 😆

    “And now, back to the desk for the latest Entertainment News as sung by our most popular anchor, David ‘I can pretty much do anything’ Archuleta.”

    😆 😆 😆

  16. abanana77 says:


    That recap was amazing <3333 You are so good with words, everything you said was just perfect. It really paints the picture of what it was like. "I can echo the first lines of Chords of Strength: “I have no idea why I am doing this, but I know I need to do this for some reason.”" That is so well said. And so awesome. I am so so so glad you went and had a blast. <3333

    Oh and I hope you feel better soon!

  17. Trish says:

    Oh my heck !!!!! Bwahahahaha !!!! Love that pic and caption “I can pretty much do anything’ Archuleta.” Ya know … I think he can :))) kinda looks like they were having a who can smile the biggest contest LOL

  18. TOfan says:

    TwitPics from @Juls10 from the Rexburg Book Signing:

    Lupe, Claudia & Amber are there!
    book signing 1

    I don’t want to get all weird about this but … check out all the Angel figurines behind him???? whoah!
    book signing 2

    And do you think she’s showing him an (a) tattoo; (b) scar; or (c) Tommy Hilfiger label on her sweater?
    book signing 3

  19. YJfanofdavid says:

    Tofan, LOL at your caption for the pic of David behind the anchor desk –“And now, back to the desk for the latest Entertainment.” Put him anywhere, and he looks the part!

    I am also nominating you (and Angelica) for 2010 Favorite Archu-tag-line Award! 🙂

    Refnaf, love the video of David signing for snowangelz with a Z. Many people have their favorite author autographing their book. Now, how many can say they have a youtube of the act for proof? Lucky snowangels!

  20. Abrra says:

    I saw the video when you had him sign the book and recognized your voice right away, haha! You have a keepsake almost as good as the autograph. You sure squeezed in a mini-vacation around seeing David and fan friends!


  21. peppertara says:

    Refnaf….loved reading your recap. What a wonderful experience for you! Yes, you made me feel like I was there too. All those great feelings that surface around David and hearing him sing up close and personal, another blessing! He is a gift indeed, so incredibly grateful that he shares it so divinely. How very special that you were there.
    Thanks for the great read, loved it.
    Love the videos too. Couldn’t help but feel a twinge of excitement when he mentioned that he hasn’t been to Vancouver yet, ha. My territory, am waiting patiently in the west for David. Heck, I’m waiting patiently for him to do a Canadian tour!

  22. SandyBeaches says:


    I have just now had the time to do a little reading and I am actually blown away. Even though I was almost there with you I can contain myself from the disappointment even though you heard the Tabernackle Choir, enjoyed the ski lift side trip and all else that I know you enjoyed during the days spent in Utah. Those are the short trips that people should try to go on a few times in their lifetime. So wonderful, so enjoyable to be in the company of people for a few days who have David and his music in common. This is way up there on the to-do-list for me.

    I remember after I came home from SLC following his Christmas concert, that I was going again most certain and a good number of us should try to go. You said for me to count you in, well you did go and you have shown us that we should try to spend time with friends more often. Hearing the Mormon Tabernackle Choir is something I have wanted to do since I listened to their Christmas records when I was very young.

    Wow, that was a wonderful recap, oh and the picture of all of you is priceless. {{{hugs girl}}} that was cool!


  23. SandyBeaches says:

    Please excuse my mispelling of Tabernacle…I was just taken with the story!


  24. bebereader says:

    {{{{Refref}}}}: Your recap was a pleasure to read!

    The last two and a half years have flown by! Who would have expected when we first saw David on AI, that we would be blessed with so many riches because of him? Reading your description of the fans meeting for the first time or reuniting warms the heart. In COS David talks a lot about how much his life has changed since being on AI. I believe the same holds true for his fans.

    • refnaf says:

      When I think back, bebebebe, wow it is true, we had no idea the friends we would make and the bonds we would have. It really is one of life’s amazing things!

  25. refnaf says:

    TOfan, I adore your pic captions and tags “David Archuleta makes the sun squint.” Indeed ♥

  26. refnaf says:

    Eeep, what if he does this on Sat.???
    Thank you Abrra!

  27. TOfan says:

    {{{Abrra}}} Thank you!!!! That song is MADE for him … wait a minute, aren’t they all? 😆

    Love this short vid from Jonerz’, from the MOA signing, for both the high-fives & the fact that my (still) favourite song is playing in the background!

  28. awestruck says:

    refnaf – hope you are feeling better! Wonderful recap. Proud of David for what he has accomplished in the last 2 years, oh yeah… you packed a lot into your trip and it sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  29. awestruck says:

    JR from last post…

    I agree with you that a more concentrated effort of promotion seems to be going on with COS. Great to see and it is paying off – NY Best Sellers List at @15 heh!

  30. TOfan says:

    From the blog (HERE) of one of the Miracle Children’s Network Champion kids (Alison from Georgia):

    Alison Champion

    “The kids with David Archuleta in the White House. What a nice guy! And such a wonderful voice!

    “Then we went to the White House this afternoon. Yes – we met the President!! He was very good with the kids. While we were waiting, David Archuleta and Miss America entertained the kids (and the families) with a few songs. Incredible….

    “After that, we went to the Nationals game. David sang the National Anthem, and the Champion from Idaho threw the first pitch. They both did awesome! Probably the most interesting part of the game was watching the reaction of all the young girls around when they realized that David was sitting with our group! Alison got his autograph and he patted Elizabeth on the shoulder and said goodbye as he was leaving. How cool is that!!!!! We took pictures with him at the White House earlier today. He really seemed like a nice young man!”

  31. TOfan says:

    And from the blog (HERE) of the New Mexico Champion, Evan:

    Evan Champion

    “Today was the big day – we went to the White House to meet the President! We walked over to the White House together was one big group. Once we made it through security, we walked into the White House. Once in the hallway, we were met by David Archuleta from American Idol Fame – my kids were so excited to meet him. They could name every kid show he’s been on! He was so very sweet and he greeted every family that came through.

    “… After we toured the White House, the Champion kids lined up on bleachers to meet the President. They had to wait a little while to see the President so David sang “Lean on Me” to the kids. We had an actual sing-a-long in the White House!”

  32. awestruck says:

    well the #2 has meaning again:

    Celebra Books’ Chords of Strength Hits the New York Times Bestseller List

    Celebra Books is on a roll! Hot on the heels of Celebra’s first ever New York Times bestseller (Extra Lean by Mario Lopez), David Archuleta’s Chords of Strength lands on the New York Times hardcover nonfiction list for the week of June 20th. The 19-year-old American Idol finalist and fan favorite has been an enthusiastic book promoter, keeping up a packed media schedule that included several national television appearances as well as three events in the New York area, a Mall of America signing in Minneapolis, and two bookstore events in his hometown of Salt Lake City. The events have drawn huge crowds, from 1600 people in New Jersey to over 3,000 this week in Salt Lake City! The newly-minted bestselling author has even surprised fans with impromptu performances, including a megaphone version of his hit song “Crush” at a Barnes & Noble store in Long Island.


  33. Lorna says:

    *waves* Trish, TOfan, Refnaf – miss you guys too!!! It’s been way too long!!!

    Trish, you truly are an incredible person and I really really appreciate your gift {{{hugs}}}

  34. refnaf says:

    awestruck!!! love it> “The newly-minted bestselling author”. How good does that sound???

    TOfan, thanks for the Champion Kids links… so cool to see D enjoying giving to the kids!

    I prob will be away for the weekend, not sure as I am STILL not 100%, but I am dang excited for a cellcast… New songs maybe??? New vids and mp3’s??? Wishing so much fun to the Utah peeps who are going!!!!

  35. TOfan says:

    Lorna!!!!!!! Now all we need is KT to make it a real par-tay! Maybe this will help, from (who else?) Ms. Beebee who gets an A+A+:


  36. Lorna says:

    Tweet from Jive

    @ JiveMusic: THIS JUST IN FROM DAVID ARCHULETA’S FACEBOOK! “Attention David Fans: MAJOR news coming next week! Stay tuned!” RT RT RT!!!

  37. TOfan says:

    Not confirmed but just saw this on Twitter:
    @tejanomusic10: american idol’s david archuletta to take part in a special tribute to Selena singing como la flor

    It’s for a Tejano Music Festival in San Antonio, Texas on July 10 … http://www.tejanomusic2010.com/index.php?page=official-schedule

  38. TOfan says:

    Breaking sort of news! From Jive of all places! 🙂
    @JiveMusic: THIS JUST IN FROM DAVID ARCHULETA’S FACEBOOK! “Attention David Fans: MAJOR news coming next week! Stay tuned!” RT RT RT!!!

    And via @pastelpastel from HERE:

    This July 4, America’s biggest and brightest birthday party celebrates 30 spectacular years on air.

    The multi-award winning A CAPITOL FOURTH will be hosted by Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actor Jimmy Smits, with unrivaled performances by some of the country’s best-known musicians, including multiple Grammy, CMA and ACM Award-winning country music superstar Reba McEntire; country music sensation Darius Rucker; singer David Archuleta (American Idol); actor and singer John Schneider; and renowned classical pianist Lang Lang with the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of top pops conductor Jack Everly (additional talent to be announced). A CAPITOL FOURTH will air live in HD from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol before a concert audience of hundreds of thousands, millions more at home and to our service members around the world on the American Forces Network. A CAPITOL FOURTH can also be heard live in stereo over NPR member stations nationwide.

  39. awestruck says:

    Lorna – TOfan jinx! Posting Jive’s tweet at the same time, lol

    Well, July 4th – New single??? I know David said the end of July for it to come out BUT… flip side, maybe he should sing his well known Crush (with a megaphone… on top of a table HAHA)

  40. abanana77 says:

    Oooh that Jive tweet is exciting 😀 I’m guessing the single release date! Haha I know that is the obvious guess but it fits. Maybe just maybe it’ll come a little earlier than expected and he can perform it July 4th! The fact that he’s performing July 4th and that Jive has “MAJOR news” coming next week kinda gives me hope that this is what’s happening.

    Guys. I lose track of my days alot and I just realized:
    a) July 4th is not that far away
    b) it is friday so next week is really not that far away at all.

    *so excited for tomorrow* I am actually looking forward to work on Sunday so I can download youtube videos onto my ipod. 🙂

  41. abanana77 says:

    OK also really random but yesterday my grandmother bought the Woman’s World that had COS mentioned in it and my grandfather apparently heard people on the radio talking about COS (I didn’t believe him at first but he knew stuff about his vocal paralysis and stuff that he wouldn’t have know otherwise so I guess it was for real). Kinda awesome I thought.

    • TOfan says:

      On the radio in N.B.??? That IS cool!!!

      LOLing that David can even make you look forward to working on the weekend! 😆

      • Abanana77 says:

        I know, right?!?!? On the radio in NB 🙂 I sooooo didn’t believe him at first but he knew stuff about star search and stuff so he must be telling the truth. Unless he secretly read my copy of COS while I was at work! Lol

  42. emmegirl says:

    Sounds like you guys had a wonderfully memorable time, kind of like a sister’s weekend.

    (And very beautifully dressed, I might add! Love the pic!)

    I can’t imagine greeting that many people at that many signings and still having the fortitude to address people the way he does.

    All the news, sooo exciting. Me thinks this will be his breakout year (brilliant, huh?) …. katy bar the door!

  43. TOfan says:

    emme, “his breakout year” …eeeek, don’t know if I’m ready for that! LOL

    Does anyone else find it odd that Jive is tweeting “This just in from David’s Facebook”? As if they don’t even know what the news is?
    Although David posted his last blog on his Facebook page so maybe they’re trying to drive more traffic there in anticipation of the next single & album coming out. Hmmm

    Great article in the Rexburg Standard Journal HERE — “Thousands show up for Archuleta book signing.”

    Fave bits:
    REXBURG — If you thought David Archuleta could only pack a concert hall, you should have been at Deseret Book Thursday evening.

    Fans swarmed to get their copies of Archuleta’s book “Chords of Strength” signed, in what was the largest crowd the store has ever seen.According to [Mike] Jenkins [store manager], the first person in line, showing up around 10 a.m., was from Canada, the second from San Diego.

    “They drove here just for this,” said Jenkins.

    There were old and young, male and female (though overwhelmingly female), and the camera flashes were as nonstop as the crowd. But there was one thing everyone had in common: They were all smiles. The line wasn’t rushed, and everyone seemed patient as Archuleta personalized each book set in front of him and posed for pictures.

    “Thank you for all the support you have shown and continue to show,” Archuleta said, speaking to his fans in the upper valley. “I hope you enjoy the new music that’s coming out, and reading the book. It’s all for you.”

  44. TOfan says:

    Spazzz alert!!!

    From @JaesikaN on Twitter:

    Can hear @DavidArchie practicing in the gym 100 ft away!! here in the Hart for my volleyball game @ 5!!

    @Missbianca it sounds like he’s switching an arrangement or two up a bit! but ican’t sit and listen. 😦 gotta warm up now!

    @DavidArchie come watch my volleyball game in the gym down the hall in the HART!! it starts at 5! my team is ORANGE!!!

    Listening to @davidarchie singing “to be with you” right now live while he’s practicing!! definitely calming me down!

    @Davidarchie is singing a new song right now!!! ahh!!! it’s got lots of high parts!!!!

    It starts out “I had a dream last night…!” it’s soooo good!!!! 🙂

    Maybe it’s called “Endless Ride!” i LOVE IT!!! @davidarchie is soooo amazing!! still listening to him sing!!

    @ShellDAfan it was a game so i had to go! it lasted two hours, but he’s still here even though i’m done!! He is so AWESOME!

    @Pastelpastel i am!!! no worries!!! he sounds amazing right now!! i’m only a wooden door’s width away from the gym!

    I have a hunch Lupe is singing something with him tomorrow! if not, it’s another girl!

    He’s singing ZERO GRAVITY right now!!!! AMAZING!!!!

    He’s gonna sing “Imagine”!!!! @davidarchie singing it right NOW!!!

    i keep hearing @davidarchie ‘s laugh in the microphone. haha. cute!

  45. awestruck says:

    TOfan can’t remember how long in advance we knew about the release date for Crush…

    Talk about being in the right place at the right time! @JaesikaN is soooo lucky!

  46. jackryan4DA says:

    Getting up from the stretcher that I have been since the 3-2-1 archuwaves of good news that we received, just to post this:

    PART 5, yes TOfan & awestruck- PART 5 of the BYU-ID Interview where he talks about his future plans:

    back to stretcher…

  47. awestruck says:

    JR – they are just teasing us, doling out these tidbits of archuwisdom. How relaxaed he has sounded on all parts of the BUY-ID interview, EXCEPT for when he answered the “where did you see the cutest girls? with modest is hottest” (part 4?) LOLOLOLOL and the interviewer laughed along with him…

    As for strechers, the world may be in crisis mode regarding these items… I think I’ll have to lie down on one too!

  48. Abanana77 says:

    TOfan – wow sooooo lucky of her to becthere while David was performing! And lucky for us that she is a David fan! The new song she mentions doesn’t sound like IICOB 🙂 ahhhhhhhh new music!!!!

  49. archiesfan4life says:

    refnaf – LOVED your recap! I felt like I was right there with you – how I wish. I dream of the day we can all meet in Utah for one of David’s concerts – wouldn’t that be an awesome experience!

  50. Kizzi says:

    Good mornin’ SAz –

    There is such an air of excitement, an on edge buzz at all the fan sites today. 😀

    Let’s….♫ ♪ Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music ♫ ♪ ♫

    Happy First David Concert of 2010 Day!

  51. SandyBeaches says:

    Here for just a moment, but the next tour he will most certainly be in Utah so that has to be a date we set aside for as many as possible to be there… It is a beautiful place for a huge gathering.

    All of the news is phenominal and David did all of this his way despite our worries and concerns for him… wow and BRAVO to David!!


  52. TOfan says:

    Thanks, JR!!! I’m kinda liking the way BYU is rationing out these “tidbits of archuwisdom” as awestruck put it (perfect!). 🙂

    archiesfan4life, Kizzi & SB, yes a huge concert & fanvention in Utah would be soooo amazing!!!!

    abanana, you’re right, the new song doesn’t sound like IICOB (I was hoping he’d do that one so we could finally figure out all the lyrics! LOL)

    And it turns out the person tweeting about hearing the rehearsal, @JaesikaN, is this girl from the book signing (apparently she was showing David staples in her head from a volleyball injury! Mystery solved!)

    David is very talkative today!! on Twitpic

  53. Zoe says:

    Hi Refnaf!

    AWESOME recap and so happy you could share it all with your gal pals!! How cool that you were able to travel from quite a distance to meet up on David’s home turf. On his next concert tour, David simply MUST schedule performances in the land of the SnowAngelz!! Just not in the dead of winter! 😉

    LOVE THIS: “It strikes me how small he seems, small, but strong and powerful. With an inner strength that his audience can sense from the depth of his voice, his striking physical presence and the confidence and joy that come from using his gift as it is intended, for the benefit of all.”

    and THIS!! “How did I get to be here?? Why did I get to be here? I have no answers. All I can do, really, is be thankful. He gives a perfect gift every time he sings and I feel honoured to receive it.”

    Yes indeed, Ref…a stunningly beautiful, inspirational, PERFECT GIFT every time!!

    And tonight’s concert in Rexburg – did I hear he’ll be performing 20 SONGS??? GAH!!! Those folks won’t know what hit ’em. They’ll be in an Archustupor for weeks. Lucky them!! Can’t wait to immerse myself in Youtube land tomorrow!

  54. Abanana77 says:

    Zoe – 20 songs????? Ohmygosh I am so excited!!!

  55. embe says:

    Hey snowies (yes, I came up with the nickname myself), I just got an email saying “You’ve been invited to snowangelzz.com as an author” and of course I replied to it before reading the “do not reply” -part 😀 Anyways, what do I do now then? 😀 I’m such an idiot.

  56. emmegirl says:

    Heading out to get everything done so I am firmly planted in position tonight for the cellcast and videos.

    Zoe, David’s guitarist, Dave Felice, tweeted that there will be 20 songs between David Osmond and David. He said most of the songs are David’s, that David Osmond had about a 30 min set.

  57. Zoe says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Emmegirl. It almost sounded too good to be true! Gotta still be mindful of the need to protect those masterful pipes, considering how powerfully he delivers each and every song!

    Abanana, I guess we’ll have to be content with a few less songs, but no worries….it’s ALL GOOD!!

  58. Zoe says:

    Just a little side note for all you lovers of folk rock, pop and jazz …

    Since I couldn’t scalp tix to tonight’s Rexburg concert (let alone get hubby to agree to a flight out to Idaho, LOL), I have consoled myself by getting seats to this week’s Carole King/James Taylor concert in my fair city. I heard it’s a great show and they were my absolute fav’s back in the 70s. Should be fun! Anyone else been able to see them recently?

    • TOfan says:

      Have a blast, Zoe!!! I’ve been kicking myself for not getting tix to see them when they were here in May.

      I did however get tickets to Paul McCartney’s Toronto show in August! Woooot!

  59. TOfan says:

    A couple more Rexburg book signing TwitPics from @missbianca (click to enlarge). The girl in green is @JaesikaN:

    This one's for Jaesika--the Archuglow is bright! on Twitpic

    Another book signing pic? Somehow the expression here is a pe... on Twitpic

  60. TOfan says:

    Random: I’m only now able to watch the Elevate vids (they wouldn’t load on my old computer) but I’ve had them (& the book signing songs) on repeat on my iPod. (confession: a little too addicted to “The. Way. You. Move. Ain’t. Fair. Ya Know.”)

    So just now able to appreciate the live performance (and, beebee, the lyrics “the front lobe of my left side brain” 😯 ) and what he says at the very end, “Thank you, thank you very much. I’m not Elvis though. heheh.” 😆 😆

  61. TOfan says:

    New post from Kizzi up!


  62. silverfox says:

    Refnaf..all I can say is…Thank you!!!

    I feel such a kinship with you, TOfan & SB since our little road trip from Philly to AC! It’s kind of like a dream now…

    Reading your recap made me feel I was right there with you, made me WISH I had been there with you. Then I think…WHAT? Am I nuts? Well, yes. A little I guess, because believe me, if I coulda, I woulda & shoulda been there!

    So bring on the next Tour! The way I see it, time has a way of slipping through our fingers, never to return again. Last year & all the traveling, concerts, VIPs & fan get-togethers are but a beautiful, forever in our hearts memory, but this is a new day, a new time & new horizons we will be sharing again with David on his magnificent journey. Just when I began to think it’s time to step back a little, HE goes & jump-starts my heart & soul again! How does he do that? How does this man reach out over the miles to my corner of the universe to make me look forward to, like his song lyrics, what my life has in store with HIM in it?

    SB, Kizzi..a Utah David Fanvention sounds like a winner to me!

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