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Like all of you, I have been trying to be very David-like in waiting patiently for this next CD and the first single from it.  The tweets are driving me crazy.  Songwriter after arranger after producer tweet their ongoing or newfound admiration of David Archuleta’s abilities. Some even tease us with potential song title puzzles (I can’t WAIT to meet you Emanuel Kiriakou so we can “chat”).

But more importantly, with one successful CD under his belt (yes, I said successful) David will likely have more influence over the final result of this effort, and the first single.  I found Jim Cantiello’s November MTV interview with David to be very telling on this topic.

According to David:

“I’m hoping that at least some of the songs I’ve written this time around will be able to make it on to the record.  I don’t think songs have to be like these super-#1-smash-hit-sounding songs, because I think it’s more important that it’s like, ‘Hey! This is coming out of me. This is something I connect with. This is something that I like to sing.

“[I’ll] still look for the radio-friendly music and stuff. I want the stories to be more relatable to what I wanna talk about. It’s, like, fun music! But you can tell that it’s my story. And I like that.”

In describing his work in Nashville with Joy Williams, Matt Wertz and producer Robert Marvin:

“In other songwriting sessions I might have had, I was feeling so much pressure. ‘Oh, we have to get something done, this isn’t good as it should be.’ But I wasn’t worried about any of that while I’ve been writing so far.”

David feels liberated enough to tell his story?  What kind of magic dust is in Nashville anyway?  And what is this story?  A hint of what we might expect is Matt Wertz’ co-written effort called “Best Behaviour” (and yes, there is a “u” in Behaviour according to the Youtube poster! Canadian spelling FTW).   If you haven’t heard the song, here it is…….

Listen carefully to the words, but if you can’t make out all the lyrics, don’t worry.   Our lovely west-coaster BeeBee did the honours in writing out the lyrics. (Click HERE to take a look.)

So, what does a 19-year old sort of pleasant looking young man who is kinda popular and meets all sorts of people, some of whom he might want to get to know better, write about?

It’s like you’re on a stage, but you got no part to play.

You just keep on acting on your best behaviour.

Oh, he’s writing about that part of the business, that part of fame.  Or is he? For sake of argument, let’s say he is. In interviews, David’s definition of a celebrity seems to be a person who’s merely more recognizable than others, end of story. So why treat them any differently? With this in mind, imagine how frustrating it would be for David to keep meeting people who do treat him differently, who are playing “a part,” trying to impress him.

Something Jeanette McCurdy said in a chat interview has always stuck with me.  To paraphrase, she said that more than being star-struck when you meet David, you are “person-struck” — because he’s the genuine article and a genuinely wonderful person.

I know exactly what she means. I’ve only spoken with David on a few occasions and I feel incredibly lucky to have done so, but each time, the piercing connection with his eyes, the way he really LISTENS to you, always blows me away.  He’s genuine.  He gives us something real. David is about total honesty.  No pretense.  This is partly what makes him so endearing, even when his quotes or tweets might not always be phrased perfectly.

If you’re not you, then how can I be me?

I am THRILLED that David is showing what “me” really means lately.  I have admired his responses in recent interviews where he has been assertive, showing a side of himself we don’t always see.  I was especially taken with the recent Ryan Seacrest interview, where David admitted that he’s trying to be more assertive so as not to be taken advantage of, since that would affect others as well as himself. That’s David dropping his guard to articulate what’s important.  So no surprise he’d be drawn to others who were trying to be  just as honest.

Oh, don’t you think it’s time you dropped your guard?

It’s all lights & camera, action, but all I see’s a fraction of who you really are

Why don’t you throw your script away?

How can someone in David’s position find THE ONE when he can’t figure out who THE ONE really is??  And even if this song isn’t about THE ONE, it also reflects impressions of many people he comes in contact with.  But I think it’s about THE ONE or The One, or finding The First One. Or the Second One.  You get the idea.

Give me something real, not fake

I love this vid of a sweet-young-thing Caitlin, so calm and collected, being herself in meeting David.  Caitlin. Is. Real. David. Is. Real. Back.

As well as the lyrics of Best Behaviour, I LOVE the melody too.  I imagine a scaled-back arrangement, with acoustic guitar front and centre.  I would love David to have a song or two like this on the sophomore CD.  Definitely a good direction for him, I’d say.  This is a song he can sing with his heart and have fun with.  As we know, something special happens when he sings his own songs, such as Don’t Let Go or Somebody Out There.  They are a part of him, after all.  And we are in awe when he does.

Best Behaviour is a great start.

This is real.  This is songwriting.  This is David.


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54 Responses to SINGLE-minded

  1. beebee says:

    Aw, Pastel, LOVE this! 🙂

    David Archuleta is the realest deal in the whole wide world.

    And I am now re-falling-in-love with Best Behavior! (American spelling…lol … solly… ) I really do adore that song!

    “gimme something real, not fake”

    I want mooooaaaaaarrrrrrr…

    Oh how happy it would make me to see David perform it. GUH!

    I think David’s comment (tweet) after he attended a Matt Wertz/John Ondrasik concert recently bodes extremely well FOR US. 🙂 As I recall, he said it was one of the best concerts he’d ever seen. *sigh*

    This archu_anticipation is killin’ me. (IN a good way…)

  2. TOfan says:

    Great post! With the avalanche of songwriter tweets lately, I’d actually forgotten about oh so lovely Best Behaviour *blushes*

    You’re so right, the thought of David’s real-dealness being translated into a whole CD of songs that are as honest and true as he is … and as unique and charming and pleasing to the ear … blows my mind.

    beebee, your comment made me go looking for that tweet about Matt’s and Five for Fighting’s show! lol “That was seriously one of the best concerts I’ve been to! What a great show.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Trish says:

    Pastel !!!!! 🙂

    I absolutely flippin’ LOVED your post !!! You need to do more 🙂 No pressure …. lots of pressure 🙂

    Thought this was so cute: “So, what does a 19-year old sort of pleasant looking young man who is kinda popular and meets all sorts of people, some of whom he might want to get to know better, write about?”

    I really really like what I am hearing from David lately in interviews and such … am happy for him !! Also I had not heard the song Best Behavior (I mean Behaviour) where was I ??? anyway I like it and agree would love hearing David sing it.

    Thanks so much EXCELLENT post !!!!

  4. mormonarchuletafan says:

    Does anyone else but me worry that the songs he will be singing about to tell his story will be about food, pets, ortho appointments and yeah, food? JUST KIDDING!!

    Anxious to see the results of what he really holds in his brain!

    • awestruck says:

      bwaahahahaha – here’s hoping he does do a really off the wall silly song!

    • pastelpastel says:

      So true. Thanks heavens Best Behaviour indicates songwriting is more than just about not getting texts on your phone! And how many more aliases do you have Mom lol?

      • mormonarchuletafan says:

        It’s terrible! I can’t stop them! They are created in cyberspace without my knowledge or approval!

      • TOfan says:

        I was just about to ask momJ the same question! LOL And didn’t he already do a food song? Your Fries Don’t Lie? 😆

  5. Josie says:

    Pastel ♥ What a great post! It brought me back to the many fun times when I was blessed enough to meet David and see up close, his genuine honesty and the compassion he shows to each person waiting to “see” him. *sigh* It’s good to remember.

    I am patiently impatient for the next CD. (is that a thing)? The only thing I fret about is his indecisive tendencies and need for perfection. DOESN’T HE KNOW HE COULD SING ZIPPITY DOO DA AND WE’D BE DANCIN IN THE STREETS?

    Well, I know beebeecava would be…and MomJ…and TOfan….and well the whole gang 🙂

  6. beebee says:

    lol {{{josie}}} you got THAT right…


  7. abanana77 says:

    LOVE this post <333
    I had actually kinda forgotten about Best Behaviour too! 😀 I would loveee for his next album to go this direction. But then I'm not going to try to give him musical advice since I don't know anything. I just hope that in the end David is happy about the songs that make his next album and that it properly portrays who he is to the extent he wants it too.

  8. Jeffr says:

    Very thoughtful post Pastel. May you meet and speak with David, the genuine article, many many more times. 🙂

  9. awestruck says:

    pastel – great article and thank you for re-introducing ‘Best Behavior’ to me again (I too had forgotten about it, hangblushes along with TOfan). I love the lyrics (thanks beebee!) and the whole vibe of the song. Yes, yes, yes to songs like this on his sophomore album. Would this be single material? Or does he also need to go for something more pop driven as well? Go for it David, I love variety!

    The sense that I have gotten up to now from this “19-year old sort of pleasant looking young man who is kinda popular and meets all sorts of people” LOL kinda guy is one of caution. He assimilates, takes his time, proceeds with care… he does not leap into anything. YET, from your article – which brings things together for me – it really seems that he has abandoned this approach, a possible example judging by his tweets/blogs – letting himself go and allowing the ‘in the moment’ writing sessions to go where they may instead of worrying about where he thinks they should go, and how fast.

    I suppose this may have always been the case with his music – this lightening speed growth? Not so much so in the non-music areas of his life (interviews etc.), though it seems he has made significant and substantial changes here as well in the last 6 months or so.

    He is a chameleon!

  10. refnaf says:

    gosh, we can start a club of all of us who have forgotten “Best Behaviour”/ Love the vibe of that song and love this post pastel.
    Anticipation is in overdrive…. isn’t today the day the single was rumoured to come out?
    About the meeting David part> I have had that blessing, but kinda go numb and can barely recall what I or he said…. I keep saying next time I will just absorb every second, but am not very confident that that is possible,lol

  11. awestruck says:

    refnaf – me too, lol. I wish I could be like that young girl in the video – so calm and natural when in David’s presence.

  12. pastelpastel says:

    thanks for you comments everyone. Deb made me do it. Seriously lol!

  13. TOfan says:

    So pastel, do you happen to know why it’s okay for us to hear this song before the CD is put together but not all the other gems locked away in Nashville/LA/NYC studios??? *pouts*

    Loved these comments on the Best Behaviour youTube:
    cadthu I’ve had this song stuck in my head for over a week -it’s that good! David needs to record this and have it on his next cd. (I hope Jive doesn’t pull another Zero Gravity on us!)

    csifreak191 Woow, nice Matt! I would never think metaphorical lyrics could sound this good, haha. Nice job on both your parts! I really want David to record this though, sorry, man. 😉

    retroviolet Nice song Matt! I hope David records it because we love his sassy side. We’re also insatiable. We want all of his songs. Mwah haha.

  14. zerogravity1/karin says:

    Great post Pastel!!! I love everything about David and Matt working together. I met Matt last month in Atlanta and he IS as real as you can get. I can see why David adores him! They are both just so creative, talented, wonderful and fun all rolled into a ball of AWESOMENESS!

    It doesn’t get any more R.E.A.L than that!

    Love & Hugs!

    • pastelpastel says:

      I want to meet Matt too. And a whole host of other songwriters. Esp Kinna and Joy!

    • TOfan says:

      You met Matt??? Wow, he does seem like a great down-to-earth guy. I love how he introduces the song, giving credit to David for coming up with the concept. Classy.

  15. abanana77 says:

    Also I forgot to say this earlier, but LOVE the picture you chose to go with this post. Can he play guitar live please? I believe he can do it. Haha

    • TOfan says:

      I love that picture too!!! (and hadn’t seen it before) Looks like he’s REALLY playing the guitar there. Head down, focused. Just noodling around working out the chords for another amazing song. *deep breath*

  16. Angelica says:


    Nicely thought out article. I kinda hope he goes deep and also puts the fun stuff on the album too.

    I think he’s deep. Just a hunch.

  17. bridget says:

    FOD sent me over here–awesome article! I think you are my long lost soul-mate! 🙂

  18. Roxfox says:

    Love you & your comments Mary Lou. If only I could snapshot those eye-piercing listening nano-seconds into my brain & heart. And we’ll hope the theme of this next album is not food, like the last one was hands..JK He truly is a pioneer in his field…wheat or not 😉

  19. lisa says:

    love the pic of david w/ the guitar can’t wait for the day he brings it on stage and PLAYS it!! Come on David we know you can!!

  20. awestruck says:

    Lisa – It would be fabulous to see and hear David play guitar and sing…. maybe for his new single? I can’t figure out if it will be pop like Crush or acoustic and laid back, or R&B like WFM??? Hopefully I won’t have to speculate for too long.

  21. awestruck says:

    Some Brit Week photos, one on page 4 and lots on page 5

    I say, is that a standing ‘o’ by Nigel Lythgoe and someone else on page 5???

  22. lisa says:

    Hey AWESTRUCK!!! great find and yes i think that is NL….Mr chooses “Longer” but won”t let david sing it his way…but finally appreciates David now!!! SWEET
    and btw love your avi!!

  23. refnaf says:

    nice to see new pics, thanks awestruck!
    So, that is definatly NL on his feet for D… no denying the power of the Archulator. lol and haha

  24. TOfan says:

    ooo, great pics, awestruck!

    & Lisa, “Mr. chooses ‘Longer’ but won’t let David sing it his way…but finally appreciates David now!!!” bahahaha ROTFL 😆 It is sweeeet!

  25. Abrra says:

    Nicely done Pastel! Waiting for this Cd and HIS new songs! Oh my, is he ever Mr. Cool in that video? Once he locked eyes with that sweet girl at :25 it could have been FATAL!

    Where is our “way-back” machine? I need to lose about 40 years. 😉


  26. TOfan says:

    Abrra, LOL!

    pastel, can’t wait for your “chat” with Eman, here’s his latest tweet:

    Crossed the mountain today with @davidarchie. He took everything up 10 notches as usual! We’re on the final stretch. Stay tuned!


  27. jackryan4DA says:


    Love your post! And I can imagine David rawking with a song like Matt’s. Woo-hoo! Can’t wait for his album. I once twitted him (not that I expect him to reply LOL) that at the rate he is working on that album, it would seem like he is prepping for a double album – wouldn’t that be something?

    And I can’t wait for you guys to attend his tour. That means vids, vids, vids 🙂

    Last: about the Caitlin vid — whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy can’t I have that kind of moment? On the other hand, I don’t think I could be that calm. I’ll be tongue-tied from the thudding of my heart, as if it was smashing my rib cage. My hats off to Caitlin (applause, applause)

    Looking forward for more articles from you Pastel 🙂

  28. Kizzi says:

    Pastel – Unique insights and your descriptions were calming yet so exciting!

    I love this: He’s genuine. He gives us something real. David is about total honesty. No pretense.

    Thanks so much for this gift of your perspective. 😀

    Hi SAz! Off to the Windy City today – nearer to Canada, O Canada 🙂

  29. TOfan says:

    JR4DA, lol, I tweeted him the same thing! Double-album FTW!!! 🙂

    {{{Kizzi}}} so close & yet so far! (altho’ it’s also very windy here today!)

    And that uber-tease Eman is at it again, he tweeted:
    These @davidarchie songs that I wrote with @claudekelly and @hodgesmusic have taken on a life of their own! They will be what they will be..

    To which David Hodges added:

    These @davidarchie songs have taken on a life of their own! They will be what they will be.. (via @EmanuelKiriakou) – They will be HITS!


  30. refnaf says:

    It is getting nerve wracking the waiting….do you remember when the first album snippets came out? That was so crazy, I loved them and hated them at the same time….If anything leaked now I would devour them…..

    JR> so with you in admiration for Caitlin, my composure goes out the window when D is in the same space as me, TOfan can vouch for me on that, I become a zombie.

  31. awestruck says:

    JR / TOfan double CD????? If not there would be a LOT of song ideas/songs wasted, imho!

    refnaf – I didn’t listen to the snippets for the first album but now, I’m with you FEED ME!

    As for being a zombie in the presence of David, well, can I join the club?

  32. abanana77 says:

    OK I am getting impatient. Haha. I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but I can be patient for a really long time as long as I know how long I have to wait for. Like if I’m waiting for someone to pick me up somewhere and if I know they’re going to like 1/2 hour late, I will have no issues waiting that half hour. But if they’re just late without warning, I get so impatient (yes, I am like the last person on earth without a cell phone). This is kinda the same. If we could just KNOW how much longer it would be so much more bearable.

    And I don’t know if listen to long leaks… Last time I listened to the short clips of TMH, My Hands and ALTNOY but I kinda regretted it and when whole songs got released, I didn’t listen. And I didn’t listen to any Christmas leaks either. But I LOVE to read about other people’s opinions of the songs and read the lyrics and stuff.

  33. awestruck says:

    abanana – I can relate! Give me a time line and I will be MUCH better at waiting.

    I also do not have a cell phone btw…

  34. refnaf says:

    abanana, it would be sooo much easier if we had a date to count down to. I have a love/hate relationship with snippets but at this point it would be LOVE!
    Being this invested in an artist is a love/hate thing as well. Waiting for David’s music (the only artist I have ever “waited on”) has it’s ups and downs. I wish the album would just appear, grrrr.

    I could extend the love/hate thing to all aspects of being invested in David. I really love the fan relationships and peeps I’ve met, the experiences I have had, the new things I have learned…but some of the things that happen in Archuworld not so much.

    David> we appreciate your hard work, please HURRY UP (selfish fan)

  35. abanana77 says:

    Haha refnaf, I feel like as much as we hate the forever waiting, when the CD does come out (as it eventually will) we will appreciate it all that much more.

    And yeah, David is the only artist I’ve ever “waited on” too. What about him has so much control over us? LOL

  36. TOfan says:

    abanana, yes, a timeline would be most helpful! I was trying to remember how much advance warning they gave us for the release of Crush, but it’s all a blur! lol

    As a momentary distraction, here’s an interesting article (from Seattle_D on Twitter) about why Crystal WON’T win Idol (I’m not watching this year but from what I’ve seen, Crystal does seem the best of a mediocre bunch):

    Liked this bit from Peggy’s comment:
    That leaves Casey, Aaron and Lee. Aaron has not shown any growth, sings the same songs others killed in previous seasons and just comes across as being way too young. He is personality-less, unlike Archie who had a better voice and sweeter disposition and still lost.


  37. TOfan says:

    aww, Jim Cantiello can’t resist a David shout-out in his latest Idol recap:

    [Sioban’s] performance had as much attitude as David Archuleta at a “Make a Wish” fundraiser. (As in, zilch.)

    You can’t fool us, Jim, your ODD is showing!

    Rest of the recap HERE.

  38. refnaf says:

    So David is working with our Canadian bud Mike Komprass!! Another song like Zero Gravity would WFM. He posted a pic on his facebook but I do not know how to post it here:(

  39. refnaf says:

    here is the pic (if it works)
    David Mike

  40. refnaf says:

    Yay!!!! **pats self on back**

  41. refnaf says:

    He looks kinda happy….I also heard a new rumoured single release date
    …. May 17!!! Start counting down peeps.

  42. awestruck says:

    refnaf MAY 17 th ????? Please let it be so.

    cool pic too!

  43. abanana77 says:

    How reliable is this rumoured release date? Either way I am pumped!!!

  44. TOfan says:

    May 17???? Wow!!!!

    I was sure it was going to be when I was away on vacation next week, lol.

    From the sounds of all the activity at Eman’s studio lately, I hope it’s one of the songs he wrote with David (& David Hodges) … the Crush/My Hands guys *crosses fingers*

  45. beebee says:

    Refnaf! I LIKE that rumor! =:O

    but…Agent Banana, yo, I’m with you…lol… how do we know?

    I can’t think about it. *head caves in*

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