The Thing and The Thang

I just hafta say one thing.

Well, two things.

No. One “thing” and one “thang.”

The Thing

I’ve concluded that David Archuleta’s ALMA Awards performance of Contigo en la Distancia just has to be, to date, the Archuleta Hope Diamond, IMHO. It, quite seriously, struck me dumb. It IS a class of/on its own. JMHO. I still can’t and won’t choose favorites with David. Way, WAY too much to love out there to be narrowing things down. However, allow me to me reiterate: Contigo en la Distancia left me dumbstruck.


The Thang

That said, I have to state — as I am wont to do periodically — that, IMO, to try to contain David within the confines of the Ballad Boy Box is just … well, a monstrous, dark & gnarly, green & slim y … SIN of the highest order (or would that be lowest?). When I (still!) hear comparisons to Josh Groban, I find it — I’m not kidding — downright nauseating. (Almost as sickening as when one *gag* N. Judd *gag* gushed about David on Star Search with comparisons to *gag* Wayne *gag* frackin’ *gag* Newton*… ew … ew … ew … ewwwww) I jez can’t take it. *bangs head on table*

*composes self*

With all due respect to the talented and lovely Mr. Groban (I do recognize and acknowledge both his talent and what appears to be a perfectly lovely persona), David has more heart and soul and sass and chops and musical intuition and guh-roovitude in the furthest right eyelash of his upper left eyelid at any given nanosecond than Mr. Groban could ever even imagine wishing or hoping to have in his entire being in a hundred lifetimes.

Photo: Calgary dahling Gengen

This soulfulness is embedded in one way or another in every song David sings. Sometimes small, intuitive, perfectly weighted and deftly delivered nuances, and other times, as we all know, he jez let’s it allllll hang out and BRANGS IT BABY — full-on soulful, jazzy, bluesy, Archu_Sass’n’Soul. I think what gets to me is any suggestion that he should in any way abandon or damp down such a THANG in favor of ballads, and only ballads. The very notion makes me positively ill. Mercifully, of late, I am not only feeling even more reassured that he could no more divest himself of that part of his musicality than he could, say, …smack a kitten, but I am also getting the feeling that he might just be coming upon another evolutionary spurt where this scrumptious aspect of his ever-lovin’ *mighty-fine-itude* may be even more deliciously and confidently revealed and expanded. *clings to defibrillator* Brrraaang it, David! I’m a’ready!

I know when I run on about this it must seem as if I’m more enamored with the overt Soul-Man David than I am the pure Ballad David, but really, that is SO not the case. Nooooo. (REALLY! *crosses heart* lol) I just fret about the baby being thrown out with the bathwater — which, from my vantage point, happens far too frequently in oh so many ways. I fret about under-appreciation and under-recognition of, imo, his outrageous, thoroughly organic, innate soulful genius. So… meh, I blither. Occasionally. lol

But make no mistake, I see so many facets to David Archuleta’s musical soul — not just Ballad Boy, and not just Soul Man. And I salivate in anticipation, as he takes his sweet time and plays with each and every one of those facets …”like a shiny new toy” (to quote Joner —thank you, Joner! lol).

David has so much musicality in him, I just can’t bear the notion of anybody limiting or pigeonholing him. Only David is allowed to do that. (Maybe.)

Allllrighty. I feel MUCH bettah now, thank you. heh.







Thing (or possibly a hybrid ThingThang in this particular case…lol)


OH, I could just go on and on, folks… there is, oh, so much more where this came from. Just remember, when it comes to David Archuleta, it’s best just to sit back and take it in…. pigeonholing is neither desirable, applicable, nor, frankly, even an option.


Reprinted with gracious permission from beebee’s most lovely Planet Hunkerdown.


Photo: PopEater

Photo: MomJulee


These tweets from MTV’s Jim Cantiello after the Hope for Haiti Telethon filled David’s fans with hope:

@jambajim The show’s over but the work still continues. Clipping press i/vs all nite long. OMG @DavidArchie sang backstage for our producers. Dawwwww!

@jambajim Don’t worry @DavidArchie fans. I’ll make sure MTV News posts the impromptu perf on our site Monday. It’s beautiful. Not saying what song.

Jim had tweeted earlier that David’s team reached out to him because David wanted  to volunteer to help in some way at the telethon and he helped make that happen.

As a fun, yet meaningful, way to thank Jim for his continuing ArchSupport (he was previously the recipient of a cupcake birthday surprise *cough*cb/BeckyFOD/Janey/momJulee*cough*), a mini “Cupcakes for Jim” campaign began via Twitter!

Instead of real cupcakes this time, we’ll be sending Jim “virtual cupcakes” (photos via Twitter and/or post) with a donation to the Haiti relief effort on behalf of Jim and David. If you’d like to contribute with a small donation , please donate via the CrushMS PayPal account by THIS MONDAY, January 25, 10 a.m. ET. ! The email for that PayPal is (PayPal allows you to donate $2.50 or more quickly and easily.)

MomJulee will then send Jim a “virtual cupcake” pic and make the donation to Hope for Haiti, which benefits several organizations including the Red Cross and others. Please visit Hope for Haiti Now for more information. (Please note: This is more of a fun shout-out to Jim, so it shouldn’t replace your main donation to the effort.)

P.S. Here’s how PayPal works:
1. Go to
2. Click on the “SIGN UP” button to register (follow the prompts) or the “LOG IN” button if you’re already registered with PayPal.
3. Once you’re signed in/registered, click “SEND MONEY” on the top menu bar
4. Fill in the email address
5. Fill in the amount of your donation
6. Select “Personal/Gift” below that
7. Then “Continue” and follow prompts to complete the donation
8. A confirmation email will be sent to you and the amount you donated will be debited from the credit card (or bank account) you used to register your PayPal account at “Sign In.”

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81 Responses to The Thing and The Thang

  1. FG says:

    OHMYHECKFIRE beeeebeeeee! I love you so much I could just spread you on toast! I love the way you “get” David. He really is all that ain’t he? GRRRRRR I find myself growling alot these days.

  2. FG says:

    And Gengen continues her reign of terror with that pic LOLOL. Gosh could he BE anymore attractive? I think not.

    Beebee – I just re-read the article and every word you utter is just too funny and so true and just amazing!

  3. Becky says:

    Beebee! This is HILARIOUS yet at the same time SO TRUE! Awesome, awesome article and thanks SnowAngels for reposting! 🙂

  4. pam05 says:

    Beebee~ Hilarious and soooooooooo true lol, I agree 100% Bring it on David 😀

  5. Kizzi says:

    BeeBee {{{{HUGS}}}} Ohmyohmyohmy – HyStErIcAl!

    And I just went to Planet Hunkerdown! WoW. More beebee-liciousness at a click of the mouse.

    Ah, beebee your ability to express our collective OTT emotional responses to David’s music and artistry….it just….it just….it just leaves me, as always, without enough words to say what I think and feel.

    You add beautiful, bold, enriching colors and a gorgeous warm loving heart and coziness and the warmth of bright soul piercing sunshine (on a white sandy beach with turquoise blue rolling waves) to the world of David fandom. I just soak it all in.

    Thanks beebee.

    And thanks TOfan for posting this.

    Mornin’ SnowAngelz! Love ya’ all…from the top of your lovely heads to the tip of your polished little toes and everywhere in between. 😀 (my 4 year old granddaughter just told me that last night on the phone and I just have to repeat it to the people important to me today…one of my missions of the day… b/c it made me glow inside and out.)

  6. awestruck says:

    Oh my Oh my Oh my Beebee!!!

    No word to describe how CELD also made me dumbstruck, awestruck, gobsmacked… Of the comparisons, let me just say that the CELD / Crazy is probably the most dramatic, BUT I will be more than willing to study in detail the others… my what FUN you have brought us!

    This just absoulutely cracked me up LOLOL

    “David has more heart and soul and sass and chops and musical intuition and guh-roovitude in the furthest right eyelash of his upper left eyelid (at any given nanosecond than Mr. Groban could ever even imagine wishing or hoping to have in his entire being in a hundred lifetimes.)”

    Fear NOT imho David’s soul of GOLD is bright, shiny, and unbreakable and his innate, intense, thing, thangy sense of musicality will ALWAYS shine through. It is so much a part of his being that it can’t be stopped and will continue to reveal itself. Lucky us… until we all get a wee bit older and our hearts weaken…

    Kizzi – WISE words out of the mouths of babes, that’s what makes it SOOOO special!

  7. munkmusic says:

    Beebee! Oh My Gosh! This is epic! I love it! LOL! I am tweeting this article for sure!

  8. TOfan says:

    From Dannie,
    (posted today at end of Border Crossings thread)

    you guys are hilarious! i just moved from manila to vancouver recently and therefore felt that a “change in allegiances” (kidding, i love archuleta philippines) was needed to complement the pronounced change in climate. been looking for a canadian archies fansite for a while. hope a david concert comes by sometime, cuz i sure won’t be getting my US visa anytime soon!

  9. Annie says:

    AMEN! *bows to BeeBee*

  10. TOfan says:


    gobsmacked (in the best way!) by your own gah-roovitude!!!!

    “Contigo en la Distancia just has to be, to date, the Archuleta Hope Diamond” … I was just thinking how absolutely PERFECT Contigo is in every way when I came across your post … but you capture the soulful amazingness of David’s “Thing” and “Thang” LOL much better than I ever could!

    I, too, grit my teeth whenever anyone tries to dismiss David as just another Groban, Buble or, gasp, JoBro … roll them all together and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get RICKY Archuleta!

    Can’t wait to rewatch your beebee librareeeeeeee!


  11. awestruck says:

    Hey Dannie – welcome to Canada!

    Also cool to see other previously silent posters!

  12. SandyBeaches says:

    Beebee…The article is refreshing and…and…and…have we run out of descriptive words yet for David’s world?

    I just came to focus on one new thought to me this morning during the pleaurable moments of this read…David has shown facets of music that we are experienceing that have not been fully recognized yet, not named yet…How grand is that? I am going to do a search on the facets of music that might take me to something beyond : bluesy, soulful, jazzy…

    “I just can’t bear the notion of anybody limiting or pigeonholing him. Only David is allowed to do that (maybe)”…I love that as well, thank you for mentioning it.

    Thank you SnowAngelz for bringing this featured article to us…I will continue on my work day with fantastic earbuds that bring David and Ave Maria to me over and over again…


  13. janey says:

    Hilarious and lovelyyyy all at the same time.

    luvs my beebers.yes, i do <333

  14. karenkid says:

    Hear, hear. You state the case very well. 🙂

  15. emmegirl says:

    Standing O!!!

    Beebee-speak, I love it and love you and you are so right-on and Jive, do you get it – the “thing” and the “thang”, the “bringing it” and and the “brang it.” David is not to be pigeon-holed,
    genre-ed, niche-d, classified, categorized or otherwise!

    (and can I just add another Crazy that makes me craaazy!!)

  16. Angelica says:


    Love this and you! I bow to your wit and wisdom. Hilariously true! It infuriates me when people compare David to Groban or Buble. Not that there’s anything wrong with their styles, but he is so MUCH MORE. As you say, he has THING and THANG and both working together in one gorgeous young man is HOT DANG!!!!!

  17. refnaf says:

    Beebee! You are marvellous, girl. The way you describe the “Thing and Thang” makes me giddy. This is why David amazes over and over again and again…no other artist can do what he does, IMO.

    “This soulfulness is embedded in one way or another in every song David sings. Sometimes small, intuitive, perfectly weighted and deftly delivered nuances, and other times, as we all know, he jez let’s it allllll hang out and BRANGS IT BABY — full-on soulful, jazzy, bluesy, Archu_Sass’n’Soul”

    I rewatch those vids, too many times to be good for my productivity, yikes.

    Welcome to Canada Danny
    Lovely to see all you other hoverers (lol. lurkers) here too…join us any time….

  18. pastel says:

    BB…are you my twin? The BB and the PastelPastel?

    I fell in love with The Thang. Come on…who didn’t during Shop Around? No way, no how do we throw away that thang baby with the bathwater.

    But the Thing, the Contigo Thing, the Fields of Gold Thing, the O Holy Night Thing has me cemented as a fan and devotee of life.

    So well said BB..

  19. Amy (in VA) says:

    I’m so glad there are folks out there that can explain this stuff in a way that makes total sense to me! haha! Thing vs. Thang! That’s it! We ALL know David cannot be pigeonholed into a specific genre….he’s just too versatile and talented. If he were to only do ballads, it would kill me – to never hear him grove on WFM or ZG or DLG? Paleeeze, people! haha! Thank you for accurately, and yet hysterically, saying what many of us feel about David. He’s just not that simple…..a sophisticated artist, who knows himself and knows that he can’t be limited. Yay, for us!

  20. daizdfan says:

    Oh yes! Thank you for this!

  21. dh Donna says:

    Speaking of Soul Man, do you think we might be treated to a rendition of ‘Soul Man’ performed by Sam Moore and David at the Jordin Sparks Experience on 2/3? the NEW Sam and Dave(id)! (or maybe ‘I Thank You’?)

  22. beebee says:

    Aw, thanks. It was nice to get it off my chest. Sometimes a girl just has to RANT, y’know?

    Oh, Emmie, now THAT’s a nice specimen. 🙂 Really, we have so MANY to choose from.

  23. cb says:

    Oh how I adore this article beebee! I never want to see him boxed in or limited, (like AI tried to do towards the end) he has such amazing instincts and feeling.
    I also love how he brings “thang” to his “thing” and ” “thing” to his “thang” Who does that as well as David? No one!!!

  24. TOfan says:

    Pastel, The Thang was def. in full force for Shop Around … practically shook my TV off its stand!!!

    dh Donna, a duet with Sam Moore??? Be still my <333! 😆
    & emmegirl, thanks! If my boss would only go out for lunch already, I could watch it!

    anytime you feel like ranting, we feel like screaming "Amen!" so go right ahead! LOL

    Saw this over at FOD and it made me smile:
    From Nebraska's

    “Where is the voice? Four episodes into “American Idol” season nine, and I still haven’t found my David Archuleta. (That’s right, I’m an Archie. Always and forever.) Thirty-one more hopefuls were sent to Hollywood from the Orlando round. Not a one gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling of harmonious joy. *Sigh…”

  25. Roxfox says:

    Ain’t it the gospel truth?!! Well written and indeed one of my sources of frustrations when I’m lovingly teased about being a devoted fan is they truly have no idea of this thing or thang, this ying and yang 🙂 It’s a motivation and hope for me someday they might and some will 🙂 It’s an uplifting journey to take with him and others like you 🙂

  26. SandyBeaches says:

    cb…I was looking for you and so pleased to see you here today…It has been awhile…We are being offered such wonderful articles and comments to read during the long winter days and nights…

    My guess is that David is working his magic and will have surprises including the upcoming appearances that will amaze us all over again…Hey, maybe we should be doing some magic to surprises him!


  27. Joanie MN/sutty says:

    OHhh I love this Bee Bee!! So true! No one should ever compartmentalize David! Like the Ying without the Yang there must NEVER be the “David Archuleta Thing” without the “David Archuleta Thannng!!” I’m thinking in his song writing, he’ll show us more of that “thang!” His Thang has always been a part of him: nice piece of evidence in David’s voice as he sang “Don’t Tell Me” when he was 12!!
    Thank Bee Bee! You’ve said it perfectly!! 🙂

  28. Lisa says:

    excellent…so glad you got my 2 fave David soul utubes….CRAZY and the WORKS FOR ME merry go round… soul David FTW!!! Shop around was also amazing. Thanks again.

  29. bridget says:

    OMG! You read my heart and my soul! David forever 🙂

  30. TOfan says:

    A big welcome to all newcomers to SAz! Ms. beebee I think you’re onto something … or should I say some thang?


  31. munkmusic says:

    Did you hear the GREAT NEWS? David is participating in the telethon for relief in Haiti! It has been announced and he is packing up! YES! What a great opportunity for him and I am sure he is thrilled!

  32. beebee says:

    omyHECK, Sutty… I am BONKERS for “Don’t Tell Me” It makes mah HAID FALL OFF! (Big surprise there. :p)

    Lisa, you’re welcome! Let’s thank David! And YES, “Shop Around” was my first “What Just Happened” moment with David. I adore it more than words can express. But then… that’s the case for SO MANY of his performances. Is it possible to be TOO LUCKY? *Thud!*

  33. TOfan says:

    munkmusic, that is great news!

    Here’s more INFO.
    And HERE.

    Telethon will air this Friday at 8:00 p.m. ET, in Canada on CTV, CBC, Global Television and MuchMusic.

    should he bring both The Thing & Thang to the telethon … or will that set off another earthquake???


  34. beebee says:

    munkmusic! YAY! I am beyond thrilled at the relief for Haiti telethon! Oh I am WAY over-excited NOW! I may implode.

    LOL TOFan… I do b’lieve he has both thing and thang in tow at all times. Thank GAWD. (Hazardous… but worth the risk. lol)

  35. Patty-Ann says:

    Bebe – So glad I found your article — truly amazing and did you get inside my brain somehow! LOL! Everything you said is what I feel!! Your article has me in hysterics! I too always loved that soulful side of David — that is just so much a part of him and who he is — and let no one take that away from him! Ha!
    Love, love, love every minute of this article!! So proud of David being asked to participate in the telethon!

  36. Patty-Ann says:

    Joanie– always loved “Don’t Tell Me’ — soooo SASSY!

  37. beebee says:

    Patty-Ann!! (pabuckie! 🙂 ) So glad the ThingThang thing (heh) hit home for you. I just felt the need to get it out. 🙂 This happens occasionally. lol

  38. Lorna says:

    Hugs to my Canadian concert buddies. Sorry I’ve been so remiss in posting.

    Refnaf, belated congrats are in order.

    Beebee, I love an article when the writer is in your head and can put on paper what you never can. So glad I’m not the only one who dislikes comparisons to Josh Groban.

    I’ve truly enjoyed the many, many great articles posted here and love the site.


  39. awestruck says:

    AHHH Shop Around… my first exposure to David and definitely a ‘what was that’ moment!

  40. SandyBeaches says:

    David has two fantastic songs to sing at the concert…

    Hey, somebody out there please hear that…


  41. TOfan says:

    Am I seeing things? Lorna???? LOL

    big {{{megahugs}}} … you finally made it!!! Come on back soon & often! 🙂

    And just a heads up that momjulee has reopened her lovely Peace. Love. David. blog, so the link is back on the blogroll (right-hand column, above). Woooot!

  42. Linahandbasket says:

    I’m CRAZY for this thang:

  43. Tawna21 says:

    my goodness beebee–you can really tell it like it is!!

    that sums up what’s been going on in my head for quite some time–you just had the talent to put it into words–amazing {{{{hugs by the hundreds}}}}

    off to set the DVR for Fri.

  44. TOfan says:

    Rumours are buzzing about David possibly singing POTC at the telethon … don’t want to get hopes up … bahhhhh, didn’t work, hopes are uppppp!!!! 🙂

    And fyi, “Canada For Haiti” will air nationally on CBC, CTV and Global TV at 7 p.m. ET, leading into the MTV telethon at 8. (No David at the Cdn telethon, but there will be The Tragically Hip, Sarah McLachlan, Nelly Furtado and, um, William Shatner 🙂 )

    been merry-go-rounding all morning, thank you!!! def. works 4 me. 😆

  45. Cathy says:

    beebee: Thanks for the words about David! He is such an interesting singer because he can and does sing just about any song and makes it sound amazing!! Examples for me were when he sang “The Riddle”, “Prayers of the Children” & “Fields of Gold” during his Christmas concerts. Then at the Sun Bowl half time he sings “Don’t Stop Believing” and rocked it!!

  46. Abrra says:

    Great ,fun read!
    “This soulfulness is embedded in one way or another in every song David sings.”

    This is why we say “when David sings a song, he OWNS it!” he brings a special note or phrase to life and changes everything.

    Thanks for the article!


  47. beebee says:

    Cathy, The CFTH Tour was amazing… he is just… I tell you once he wraps his mind (heart & soul) around a song, he knows EXACTLY what to do with it and makes it his own. I swear he “GETS” E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.! And I guess he just doesn’t sing what doesn’t work for him. (Perfectly sensible.) I have wondered if he doesn’t perform “Let Me Go” because he just doesn’t love it enough. I actually do love that song and would love for him to perform it live (but only if he wants…which apparently he doesn’t. heh. 🙂 )

    TOfan, Oh YES, that ole merry go round STILL works for MOI! I still sometimes just drag my blankie in there and CAMP OUT. :p

    ooooo I hope those rumors are true!

  48. beebee says:

    lol {{{{Abrra}}} I think we just said the same thing. 🙂

    btw I did see that tweet rumor about David possibly singing POTC at the telethon *crosses fingers*

  49. TOfan says:

    beebee, STOP that! (reading my mind, that is) … I was seriously just about to comment about Let Me Go … could totally see him doing his Thang on that baby! LOL

  50. beebee says:

    kikikiki TOfan… we jez want him to slap that thang on that song. Are we SO WRONG??

  51. refnaf says:

    hahahah beebee, TOfan… not wrong at ALL.

    ((Lorna)) thanks for the congrats, the new family is doing great!

    Looks like David won’t be doin his thang tonight, all I want now is just a little glimpse of David taking calls…. that would be sweet.

  52. refnaf says:

    TOfan… just noticed the updated archucalendar…

    “David answering pledge line & remembering not to accidentally on purpose put the phone on the front lawn. 🙂 )”


  53. emmegirl says:

    beebee & TOfan, you guys are just scary!!!! I have loved Let Me Go from the get-go!! I keep holding out some kind of hope that he will do it on his next tour…probably not gonna happen, (guess I’ll have to go ‘cry me another one’)…but would looooove to see him do this one LIVE!

  54. awestruck says:

    emmiegirl – and others who have mentioned Let Me Go… I thought I read somewhere that this song’s melody resembled very closely another song? (by the same writer?) Wish I could remember exactly

    Cool news from Jim Cantiello’s twitter: David sang – impromptu – for his producers and he will be posting it to MTV News on Monday – would not say which song… posted at Snarkies

  55. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, here are Jim’s tweets:

    @jambajim The show’s over but the work still continues. Clipping press i/vs all nite long. OMG @DavidArchie sang backstage for our producers. Dawwwww!

    @jambajim Don’t worry @DavidArchie fans. I’ll make sure MTV News posts the impromptu perf on our site Monday. It’s beautiful. Not saying what song. 🙂

    As a way to thank Jim, momjulee is organizing a donation to the Haiti relief effort (in David’s name … and Jim’s) … fans who’d like to participate can send their contribution through to (deadline: Sunday midnight).

  56. awestruck says:

    Thanks TOfan – tried to copy/paste with no luck…

    To donate and have the Canadian govn’t match your contribution go to – this was on the bottom of the screen during the Hope for Haiti telecast

  57. refnaf says:

    mmmmmm … wonder what he sang, does it seem bizarre to any of you, seeing David with all these huge stars?? He’s right in there and that is so great, some of his sparkle will rub off on them I think, lol.

    ((TOfan))0 you are so wise!! virtual cupcakes FTW!

  58. Angelica says:

    TOfan, what an ingenious and thoughtful idea! I posted it on The Voice and gave credit where due. I think he sang Prayer of the Children. Someone tweeted yesterday whose mom worked? for the telethon that that was listed by his name. Maybe in case someone broke a leg or something and he had to stand in. Anyway, wasn’t it great of jambajim to record whatever he sang for us?

    So yeah, Refnaf…virtual cupcakes FTW!

  59. Angelica says:

    WOW. I missed a whole thread. Just read the post by Conditioner about Kurt Bestor and his heart-breaking story behind POTC. Thanks for giving us the background on a beautiful song born out of the ashes of war.

  60. rapture says:

    He beebee! loved your article. And now I have another blog to add to my list. Did some poking around at Planet Hunderdown earlier!

    TOfan, I sent you an e-mail. I’m a bit “challenged” with my new paypal account and have no idea what “…can send their contribution through to means or how to go about it.

    Please, anyone…help?

  61. TOfan says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, Rapture. I’ve added some “how to’s” for PayPal at the end of beebee’s post.

    And just a reminder that this is just a fun “thank you” shout-out to Jim, so the amount doesn’t need to be much … I know so many have given so generously already …

    And awestruck, thanks for the reminder that the federal government is matching, dollar for dollar, all Canadian donations to the relief effort … visit for details.

    … cannot wait till Monday! I’m thinking he must have wowed them with POTC. What do you guys think?

  62. TOfan says:

    Great behind-the-scenes at the telethon story at

    Fave bits:
    “Most people showed up early and many celebrities, including Chevy Chase, Olivia Wilde and David Archuleta, stayed after the telethon was over so they could keep answering phone calls.”

    “And Leonardo DiCaprio drank white wine while Archuleta rejoiced when he found papaya on the fruit platter. “


  63. KT says:

    I have always loved reading the musings of beebee!!!! Even when you are “ranting”, I am smiling. And gosh there is a web site where you might post semi-regularly! Fantastic!

    My memory could be way off but isn’t it here:

    that you first coined the phrase: “hunkerdown”?

    lol…I am still laughing…”thing…thang”! Beebee you are one funny lady!

    *rubbing eyes*…it that…could it be…why I think it is Toddle Pip Squeak above…HELLO! Wonders will never cease!

    TOfan, from what I read you were very much part of the inspiration for the cupcake charity effort so great job! It was brilliant when Julee, Becky, Janey sent cupcakes for jambajim’s BD and this is a perfect follow up.

    I tell you, with the collective brilliance of this fan base, David has the perfect PR team!!!

  64. angelofdja says:

    Beebee! Your writings have always brought me some deep belly laughing, tear inducing, hilarious, spot-on, hunkered-down David moments of joy that I look forward to reading wherever and whenever you post! Thanks so much for putting to awesome words what I feel about and for “our” David! 🙂

  65. janey says:

    KT. yes she was!!!

  66. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – great idea “virtual cupcakes” for Charity. Love it.

    KT – Thanks for the hunkerdown etiology.

    Beebee – you are amazing!

    David vlogged last night – he is just chatting with his friends and it comes across warm, natural, at ease with the world:

    His info -All right, I’m sorry for that amazingly annoying clicking noise! I didn’t hear it while I was making the video. But it’s too long to redo the whole thing.- Sorry that this is so long! But I just felt like I needed to talk a little more about helping Haiti. It’ll make up for the lack of blogging right? haha. I’ll try and teach myself how to shorten them in the future. But Thanks everyone who’s been donating and helping Haiti! I had a great time in Central America and can’t wait to go back! Can’t wait to start more writing sessions next week, and thanks on behalf of me and my sister for all the Japanese culture items! haha

    AND, just for another walk down memory lane, remember his 1st vlog??:

  67. Kizzi says:

    And talking about memory lane. His first vlog had “Think of Me” studio version playing in the background – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that song:

    Pretty prophetic, eh, SnowAngelzz ♫ ♪”…There will never be a day, When I won´t think of you…” ♫ ♪♫

  68. Kizzi says:

    LOL – David tweeted x 3 about his latest vlog:

    Me too! I couldn’t hear it when I was making it! lol RT @Likewhoaxox OMG that clicking noise in @davidarchie’s vlog is DRIVING ME INSANE

    Man I just uploaded it and it already has ratings?? You need to watch it first before you can have an opinion about it! lol.

    A new video blog! Sorry it’s so long… haha I’m going to practice shortening them! —–>

  69. Abrra says:

    I HAD to make a MGR from that blog ending!


  70. refnaf says:

    Really, how does he keep amazing me!! No mention in the entire vlog of all the celebrities he must have met!
    Not even a “Oh yeah and it was cool to meet…” He is so not focused on the entire idea iof fame, for himself, and I think for others. They are all people “who came ot help out”.
    He treats everyone the same!
    How refreshing!
    He seems so relaxed, and love that he wants to take sis to Japan, that sounds like fun…

  71. TOfan says:

    Thanks, Kizzi! I must have just missed him posting that last night, lol.

    And Think of Me is one of my all-time favourites of his. So funny you should mention it … I hadn’t heard it in ages when it started playing randomly on my iPod on Friday when I was waiting for the subway. I spontaneously burst into tears … oh my heck.

    Abrra {{{hugs}}}

    So true, he gets right to the heart of the matter … and when he said “it hurts your heart” to see the devastation and suffering in Haiti, I thought that was such a perfect description of how we all feel.

  72. TOfan says:

    Soul-stirring Riu Riu Chiu mashup from YouCanCallMeTina… file under “Thing” and “Thang” 😆 :

  73. beebee says:

    OMYHECK, KT… The St. Louis Apologize *THUD!* There is something about that performance, and THAT VID of that performance that just KILLS ME! I think when I first used the term hunkerdown everybody (at Rickey’s) kept referring to “when he bends down to reach for a note” and “that bending-knees, leaning over thing he does”. I mentioned that there was a name for that thing (thang).

    TOfan, I jez love the virtual cupcake idea! 🙂 Just sent m’cupcakes! (Is it MONDAY YET?)

  74. beebee says:

    OH KIZZI… The AI Live “Think of Me” just tears me to pieces! So does “When You Believe.” I almost can’t watch them—or have to be really careful about when I chose to— because I pretty much fall apart when I do.

    Sometimes I just sit and watch all of those HQ AI David vids I downloaded from X-Factor—a very risky activity for me. But so far… I live to tell.

    Abrra… looooooove the MGR! Dang him. lol

    TOFan… YIKES! Love that mash-up! That is MOZ DEF a Thing/Thang HYBRID. 🙂

  75. Abrra says:


    I have all those HQ vids uploaded to the video/chat site. I call it hands-free video LOL!

    In case you didn’t know, I made a whole new site for TheVoice.


  76. TOfan says:


    With 12+ more hours left to donate (the deadline is Mon., Jan. 25, 10 a.m.), over $1,400 has already been raised for the Haiti relief effort. (See end of beebee’s post above for details.)

    David has THE most incredibly generous fans in the galaxy!!!!! {{{{hugs}}}}

  77. awestruck says:

    TOfan – you come up with a great idea and look at David’s fans respond woot!

    Abrra – I admire your tenacity in creating those CD’s… I have been all day trying to make a few songs happen (download and edit beginning and end) with no luck.

    beebee – I too love Think Of Me, When You Believe (makes me cry too TOfan – even after I’ve heard them a bagillion times. Shop Around remains a favorite too.

  78. janey says:

    update 8pm pst…


  79. refnaf says:

    cupcakes FTW (((janey)))

  80. peppertara says:

    Aw…the virtual cupcake thing is a very sweet idea! Just donated a little to add to the sweetness of it all. Love David and his fans too, just the best. Way to go fans!
    The Thing, Thang post is wonderful! Just loved it, thanks for posting it and thanks to Beebee for the great interpretation (and humor) about something almost indescribable!
    Sometimes I think that David will create his own genre of music, or several genres (maybe he already has) and nobody, try as they may, will be able to duplicate it. Nor can anyone duplicate what he projects in his sweet vlogs!

  81. TOfan says:

    New post, peeps! 🙂

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