Ann Arbor: My first David Archuleta concert

Hill Auditorium designed for glorious sound ... designed with David in mind?

It is not yet daybreak on a rainy morning as my daughter, Cathy, and I head away from Hamilton to the highways – 403 to 401 to 402 to the border.  We have travelled this route over several years to visit my son, Gary, in the Sarnia area to attend family events, happy occasions.   Gary has made the trip back and forth for the same several years but more recent ones were not the pleasant kind – three years ago it was for my husband’s (his Dad’s) funeral.  Four months after that very sad time Gary was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and his visits to and from Hamilton almost weekly were for treatment.  In late summer this year his trips ceased as he entered into palliative care in his own home.

Our family then travelled those roads constantly to be there for Gary and his wonderful wife.  Our last trip was for his funeral just this past September.   Please know that this preamble is meant simply to explain the mixed emotions – sadness, loss, grief and happiness, anticipation, excitement – that we are experiencing in travelling these “400” roads again.

We are on our way to Ann Arbor to see and hear David Archuleta, that most amazing young man whose beautiful voice, positive messages and faith have been sources of comfort to me over the past couple of years.  Now I will see him in a live performance for the very first time!

The rain has stopped and we approach the Bluewater Bridge where we will cross into Michigan.  We have arrived early as we expect there will be long lines due to Black Friday traffic.  Instead we find it is clear sailing and we are over the bridge and into Michigan in minutes.  Ah, this is definitely the start of all good things.  Now we are travelling different highways, traffic is light, GPS is our friend.  We are heading for Destination David, new memories and happy times.

We have time to shop so off to Target.  We pick up a few gifts – another good thing today.  Time to check into our hotel and then head out for Panera to perhaps meet up with some other fans.  I am shy and am hesitant to approach people to see if they are part of the David fan group so I don’t get to see everybody.  I find out later they are all downstairs and I don’t know there is a downstairs.  I meet TOfan, Refnaf and angelfanofDA(? oh, I’m not sure) in the washroom line.  After I ask if they are going to see David, they say yes and ask where I’m from and then they know who I am so that was fun.   TOfan gave me a David keychain – so very kind.  We wave Canadian flags at each other before the concert starts.

We go to ‘will call’ to get our tickets, wait for inside doors to open and then are escorted to our seventh row seats.  Gradually the musicians come on stage and begin their warm-ups.   An executive of the symphony speaks and then the Disney Radio person says a few words.  The symphony plays a medley of Christmas songs.   And we wait.  Oh, I am impatient but I know the wait will be more than worth it.

Credit: anoonan17/ArchuletaAvenue

David Archuleta is introduced and he strides out, a smile on his face and a wave to the audience.  He is small in stature but quickly becomes a giant on the stage.  It is impossible to take one’s eyes off him.  He actually does glow, yes he does.   No spotlight required.  Then he starts to sing, his voice soaring.  How is it possible for anyone to be that perfect?

The piano is out of my line of sight it being behind a bank of musicians on my side, so I’m unable to see David’s fingers flying over the keys on “1000 Miles.”  So I watch the musicians, their instruments at rest.  Their eyes are all on David; a couple of lady violinists crane their necks to see his performance; the maestro simply stands with arms folded, eyes on David, and smiles in approval and obvious admiration.

Oh my, the glorious symphony – glorious David deserves this glorious accompaniment.  This is simply beyond special.  Every song, every carol, each so heartfelt.  Standing ovations, so deserved.  I have to clutch my hands together under my chin to keep from shaking but tears do fall.  No need for me to comment on each perfectly sung song as others have already done that so well.  After all, how many more superlative adjectives are there?

After the concert, I wait outside for my daughter who is several steps behind me in the crowd.  I watch as people come through the doors and I see so many smiles in the aftermath of such a special performance.   David has made everyone feel so good.

First time seeing David live and it just happens to be at this magical concert. This is indeed an evening to remember.   My daughter and I both enjoyed it so very much.  How fortunate and blessed I am to be here to experience it.  It has meant the world to me.  Thank you, David.

P.S. Edit: Stealth Fields of Gold & WCIT youTubes … audio is incredible. (Thanks ZanessaEfgens!)

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51 Responses to Ann Arbor: My first David Archuleta concert

  1. Kizzi says:

    Stenocruiser – Thank you so much for sharing your first live David concert. How thrilling that it was with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra.

    And, making lifetime friends is a fabulous side effect.

    Just Beautiful!

  2. TOfan says:

    Stenocruiser, just beautiful, thank you. So happy that you were finally able to get to a concert … and what a show to see!! Especially since the route there was so bittersweet for you.

    I’ll never forget my first concert (Toronto A.I. show) … changed my life in many ways, including the first of many beautiful friendships formed thanks to David.

    From end of last thread:

    hey all~ Hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving~
    look what I found!
    Pat A Pan.. Bakersfield… thanks to justmellowdee

    hi dj – thanks for Pat-A-Pan; seriously beautiful!
    Here’s Fields of Gold from Bakersfield:

  3. TOfan says:

    From one of the comments following the concert review:

    “As a member of the orchestra I had a great time at the concert and I wasn’t the only one that enjoyed the change of pace. David was a joy to work with and I loved his genuine innocence. When he sat down at the piano and accompanied himself my respect for him was raised to a new level.”

    Interview where David addresses the “mission” question:

  4. happy says:

    stenocruiser- thank you for this beautiful reflection of the Ann Arbor concert. Your thoughts and feelings printed here are a gift to all of us… a glimpse into your private journal. Just as David reveals a part of himself when he sings and in so doing touches us, in your sharing of yourself here I was touched by the emotion of your experience. For me, it is this sharing that makes participating in a fan blog a meaningful experience. Thanks again. 🙂

  5. TOfan says:

    stenocruiser, hope you don’t mind, I just added a Fields of Gold audio vid to the end of your post … sound is incredible, took me back to Friday night and gave me chills … and get out those defibs, here’s the same stealth audiographer’s Ave Maria:

  6. yjfanofdavid says:

    Hi Snow Angelz!
    It was a great pleasure to share the enchanted night with you guys, TOfan and Refnaf! I have been trying to relive the performance in my head over and over again. I wish I could somehow embed his every note and every emotion so beautifully displayed in his face from that night in my DNA’s!

    Enjoyed reading your recap Steno!

  7. TOfan says:

    just read your post again, loved “Destination David” lol and this especially:

    “Oh my, the glorious symphony – glorious David deserves this glorious accompaniment. This is simply beyond special. Every song, every carol, each so heartfelt. Standing ovations, so deserved. I have to clutch my hands together under my chin to keep from shaking but tears do fall.”

    … as Happy said, like a peek into your journal… and I know just how you felt!

    yjfanofdavid! *waves*
    it was indeed an enchanted night. As much as I love the energy and excitement of moshing, lol, and his band shows, there was something to be treasured about the rapt attention of this audience as he sang and the symphony soared behind him.

    The cheering usually drowns out some of David’s big final notes but he was allowed to finish, followed by the closing strains of the music, and — esp. with Ave Maria and OHN — there was a beautiful moment of quiet awe before the thunderous applause … and as KT pointed out, what a thrill for him to see a seated audience spontaneously leap to their feet for him several times.

    Much love that night. sigh.

  8. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, thinking of you in Santa Rosa!

    Acc. to tweets, he’s doing My Hands tonight! Woot!

  9. Kizzi says:

    Review in From Santa Rosa – Idol Chatter blogger for The Press Democrat, Bill Pinella:

    O Holy Night ~ from Pouncer84


    Silent Night ~ from Pouncer84

  10. Josie says:

    Morning Angelz! I loved reading your journey steno! And I didn’t think it was possible to love & adore this young man any more than I already do! Gah. At this rate, I’ll be a complete and utter mess by the release of the next album. Sheesh!

    I read that review and I had to chuckle because he says Ave Maria was sung in Spanish…Spanish? Latin actually. But I liked what he said so I decided not to correct him 🙂 Most likely he was Archu-smacked and couldn’t think straight 🙂

    Happy Monday and hugs!

  11. Kizzi says:

    LOL Josie – He had been writing little snippets about David in his IDOL CHATTER blog for a couple of days and I think he is ARCHU-STRUCK for sh-uur-rre!

    Here is as blog written late last night from a women (who’s daughter is ill with congenital myotonic dystrophy) after she, her daughter and her hubby met David backstage at Santa Rosa (have a tissue handy):

    Also, the ‘Mary Did You Know’ lyricist blogged about CFTH (now this is fan-tas-tic):

    ”…I stumbled upon the most beautiful Christmas album I’ve heard in a long, long, long time…”

    Its a glorious day in Archu-World!

    Ciao Bella amici miei! 🙂

  12. conditioner says:

    Stenocruiser…Thank you so much for that deeply heartfelt review, I so enjoyed reading it,a very moving story. Of all concerts of David’s to see I think you chose an amazing one, I so wish I would have been able to go. Like you and TOfan, seeing David for the first time in Toronto is something I will never forget. Here’s hoping we all get to see him many many many more times…

  13. TOfan says:

    {{{{conditioner}}} *waves*

    Josie, how true. You feel you could burst apart with love … and somehow, someway he makes you love him even more …

    Kizzi, I’ve been in a Fields of Gold/Ave Maria vortex since Fri. then reading that story about Kayla, ohmyheck … too too much.

    On that note, watch at your own risk, Gengen’s up-close Santa Rosa FOG:

  14. Kizzi says:

    TOfan – Gengen’s FOG is gorgeous! Each time he sings this (at least through the video/audio recordings) he changes it, he feels it, and it is simply bea-U-ti-ful.

    I love the lights shining through the sheer curtain in the background – has a feel of gold on shimmering gold. I am enjoying all the staging of this tour and the change of outfits. Gives it an “umph” although I am always happy with just the singing anyway; however, the changes are growth and keep things fresh and makes being a fan from “way-back-when” mucho fun!

  15. Josie says:

    haha – just noticed that the author “corrected” his comment about the language in which Ave Maria was sung. Good boy. 🙂

    And I gotta say that I expected David to up the ante and bring it, but I.DID.NOT.EXPECT.THIS.

    Beebee was there last night and thankfully she’s able to wiggle her fingers & toes, but she is in an Archu-Stupor. Like all the rest of us. Just worse 🙂

  16. TOfan says:

    LOL, same guy just posted AGAIN! about David … man, has he got it bad … LOVE that!!! Here:

    Beebee & Awestruck, {{{hugs}}} lots of fluids helps … a little!

    upping the ante is right, J., I have no idea how we’re going to survive this tour… and we’ve only had 4 shows so far, yikes!

    (And a reminder that if you’re looking for tickets (or have tix to sell), check out the updates on the Christmas Tour page.)

  17. KT says:

    Good morning Angelz!!!

    Oh my…still trying to recover from AA. It was a great time seeing and spending time with the Angelz! We had a great time. My biggest regret is not meeting you Stenocruiser after reading your beautiful story. We all have 400 roads…don’t we?
    You certainly picked an excellent time to see you first show…it was magical…wasn’t it?

  18. refnaf says:

    I am still way up on cloud nine after my AA experience. what a gift to see and hear David right where he belongs. I have not watched any vids since my arrival home on Sat. night
    (rrrrrreal life) but have had mp3’s on repeat and “Riddle” just does me in.

    (((steno))) Your recap … thank you so much. I am sooo happy that your first experience of David live could be this concert…love this question you ask,
    “He is small in stature but quickly becomes a giant on the stage. It is impossible to take one’s eyes off him. He actually does glow, yes he does. No spotlight required. Then he starts to sing, his voice soaring. How is it possible for anyone to be that perfect?” He just is. Thank also for sharing your personal story, seems David has gotten so many through so much, he truly is a blessing. Glad we able to meet! (even if it was so late in the day)

    I need time to go through the reviews etc, thanks for all the links,,, hugs YJF and Josie and happy and kizzi and conditioner and all.

    I am sending huge (hugs) to awestruck!!! Can not wait to here from you and hope you are maintaining some sense of calm before your VIP!!!

  19. Angelica says:


    WOW! Your first David concert and it was Ann Arbor? Most of us had to kind of sneak up on His Royal Awesomage by going to the idol tour, then solo, then Demi. We were able to pace ourselves to his quantum growth as a performer with each new tour. But the full dose of him as he is now with no titrating up to that level beforehand! That could have been lethal! You still OK, honey? These things have a way of hitting you 3-4 days afterwards. Dr. Angelica recommends no operating of machinery or driving till you see how this effects you. If you feel faint or dizzy, lie down. And if you need to cry, let it out. I did several days after my first time.

    Very, very happy for you.

  20. yjfanofdavid says:

    Refnaf, TOfan, KT, SF, Funny Girl, Betsy, Steno and all fellow Ann Arbor witnesses, how are you guys doing with the Post-Ann-Arbor-Stress-Disorder? Days later, I am still feeling traumatized by David’s singing “Will you stay with me, will you be my love” standing in front of a sea of black-clad musicians. (lol) Dr. Angelica, help!! {hugs} to all …

  21. Josie says:

    angelz I’m sorry but I don’t know how to post this as a vid, but you must watch/hear this HYAMLC from Santa Rosa – gengen’s vids are amazing:

  22. Josie says:

    HUH? Did I do that? Well, I’ll be jiggered. I did it right!

  23. Kizzi says:

    Josie – I listened to this earlier in the day. Simply beautiful!

    And you did so good. LOL. Took me a few times to realize that all I needed to do was just copy the YouTube embed code on the video’s page and paste to the comment and viola… an embedded a video. (Goofy me was copying the URL…LOLOLOL)

  24. refnaf says:

    YJF…. my dpod goes everywhere with me…. at least I can listen while I try to get something done…
    Josie thanks for that link… whoa…I am limiting my vid consumption, but could not resist that one…

  25. stenocruiser says:

    Thanks so very much each and every one of you for your very kind comments. You have touched my heart. I wasn’t too certain about sharing some parts of my story but now I’m satisfied that I did. I first e-mailed it to TOfan simply to see if she considered it appropriate and she was kind enough to say she would post it just as it was. Imagine how flattered I was when I received a Word Press e-mail telling me I was an “author”. Then I found that my thoughts were posted as an actual article. I feel so honoured. Don’t wonderful things happen because of David?

    I am overwhelmed that so many of you have taken time to comment – I wish that I had been able to meet all those who were also fortunate to be in Ann Arbor. I’m so lucky that my daughter was willing to go to Ann Arbor because I don’t drive. Do you think she came away as a fan? Indeed she did.

    Of interest: We arrived home in time on Saturday night to attend mass. Coincidentally, our priest is from Ann Arbor – his mother still lives there. We told him where we had been the previous day and how impressed we were with the symphony. He agreed the orchestra was a fine one and when we told him the guest artist was David Archuleta, he said ‘they always get the best’. Didn’t get a chance to discuss this further due to others waiting to talk with him. Guess who is getting a CFTH CD from me?

    Dr. Angelica – thanks for your concern. Haha. I think I’m okay – in fact, I’m going to be just fine! Certainly hope David will come to Canada, especially Toronto, on his promotion tour for his next album.

    Again, thanks for being such good new friends.

  26. TOfan says:

    Josie, how could you?????? I thought we were David friends????? gahhhhhh

    I’m barely holding it together here with, as yjfanofdavid put it so well, Post-Ann-Arbor-Stress-Disorder and you post that killer HYAMLC???

    B.D. (before David) I listened only to jazz, LOVE it … so omg that jazz-infused, Contigo-swaggering number, I am Dead. Dead. Dead.

    Dr. Angelica, I don’t think even you can save me.

    Steno, keep your priest friend on standby!!!!!!!

  27. Kizzi says:

    LOL TOfan – I must say “Death becomes you” 😉

  28. omgdja says:

    Snow Angelz, well actually everyone – I am dying to meet you all. You guys are awesome.

    Stenocruiser – thanks for sharing your story.

  29. KT says:

    Paging Kizzi! What is your YT account if you don’t mind me asking. I think you subscribed to my account but want to make sure it is you!

  30. KT says:

    Hey…is that my friend up there OMGDJA!!! Where have you been?! Glad you posted as you know you lurk!

  31. Kizzi says:

    Hey KT – my YouTube is Kizzix2008 I did subscribe and I am one of your street team marketers for your Kaleidoscope videos. 🙂

    Are you going to the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore CFTH concert?

  32. KT says:

    Kizzi! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going are you?

    Thanks for being my street team marketer!

  33. pastelpastel says:

    Stenocruiser… Do you remember meeting me almost exactly a year ago? You saved us by allowing us to buy a ticket to the Buffalo KissMass Bash that you could not attend. I drove all over Hamilton to find you on the way to Buffalo (not really). We found you on FOD that MORNING and you allowed us to buy the ticket. Little did I know that you had not seen David! You were so generous to us that day!

    You have gone through so much personally but I understand completely that David is a part of balance we need in our lives. I am so sorry to hear about the personal heartbreak in your life. There is something about seeing David live that allows us to realize that there is so much goodness in the world. Sometimes it is so overwhelming that all those emotions come out at once. I get you completely.

    The next step for you is to meet David. I will come and pick you up personally if he ever comes and does a VIP in Toronto. Don’t think that I am not working on it. Thanks for your lovely story….

  34. stenocruiser says:


    Of course I remember you. And the girls who were travelling with you. So much excitement as you jumped back in your vehicle to head for Buffalo. Nobody ever came for the other tickets I had which is a shame because it seems David blew the roof off the HSBC Arena that night. It was unfortunate I couldn’t attend due to a family situation.

    I know you understand my feelings as I understand yours having had your own loss so recently. How very kind of you to offer me a ride if and when David comes north of the border. I don’t think my daughter will mind making another trip to see the most amazing singer on the Continent. I recall lurking in chat months ago when you mentioned you would try to seek out some appropriate venues (in the GTA) as tour stops for David. I wish you much success with your efforts to have him come to Canada. How wonderful that would be — I’d be first in line for VIP!

  35. TOfan says:

    hey, omgdja, welcome! (love your screen name, lol)

    {{{pastel}}} what a small David world! All this talk of VIPs in Toronto is making my head spin!

    Before going on tonight in SF, David tweeted,
    “Bah, my voice is shot. Hoping I’ll get by tonight lol. I’m excited that the fam is here though!” eek

  36. Angelica says:


    That HYAMLC. Why does he kill me after all this time? You’d think I’d be prepared by now.

    Charisma with attitude and a little swagger now, eh?

  37. Kizzi says:

    San Francisco ~ HYAMLC – The Duet is back 🙂

    …and Mom finally got Son to dance (a little). Their interaction is priceless.


    Another view of the “dancing” – starts around 2:13 – toooo cute!

  38. Josie says:

    I must say that when I first watched HYAMLC from Santa Rosa – I was NOT prepared for him to slay me. Why I didn’t prepare myself, I WILL NEVER KNOW. I’m such a dope.

    The momma in me hopes that young man takes a voice rest as well as a body rest today. He looks pooped. When I got his tweet on my phone last night I thought, well sir, it’s catching up to you! But kids these days, they think they’re invincible. David is no different with the exception he has about 100K mommas watching his every move 😉

    Did Lupe get her hair cut?

    Hugs to everyone!!

  39. Kizzi says:

    HYAMLC – from duet to jazz solo – I’m thinking we were all caught off guard cuz it was with sweet Charice first and then Mom. Who woulda thunk the 3rd edition, the solo, was going to be the jazzy/romantic David?

    Lupe had it up in SLC so I don’t know about the cut; kinda thought maybe she pulled it back and wore a “do” piece in SLC – gorgeous at any rate either way.

    I have to agree Josie, he looks pooped…maybe that’s why he singing with his eyes closed more–LOL–mini naps?? j/k Actually I was thinking it was pretty appropriate as he seems more in a”dreamy” performance mode in his Christmas songs delivery.

    Glad Mom was able to join him in San Fran. He’s off today so here’s hoping its a sleep late, lazy, relax with family and hanging out kind of a day. If she can get him to quasi-dance on stage (3rd times a charm, eh?) then maybe he’ll listen to her advice to rest. He’s an extraordinary 18 yo…Go MOMs…all 100k of them!

  40. TOfan says:

    Thanks, guys, what a great way to start the day!

    You’re right, Kizzi, he’s managed to turn HYAMLC into three completely different songs … the pretty duet, the Master Class jazz solo, and the show-stopper with Lupe. (love the ‘do … you can see where he gets his “shy offstage/charisma King on” thing).

    Still a little too not over the Santa Rosa solo … that sliding note he does at 3:37 ??!?!?!?! That’s something that usually comes out of a sax, not an 18 yr old. 😆

    Awestruck, thrilled you got to see a David/Lupe duet … can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  41. pam05 says:

    Awesome writeup stenocruiser,
    There’s nothing like going to the mother of all concerts of David’s for the first time. Wow! What an experience you had, I am still trying to wrap my brain around all that I experience that day. Today I was finally able to watch a video w/out crying lol. Oh the angst, when will I ever get to see him again? Awesome that some of you were able to make it to our State of MI and experience the essence of David 😀

  42. TOfan says:

    Hey pam05, welcome!
    LOVED Michigan. Ann Arbor was so lovely, we walked around downtown the day after the show admiring the beautiful historic buildings and the quiet campus before heading home.

    Here’s a cute pic of the ArchuBus from iloveallaccess’s Twitter:

    Happy Holidays from the @DavidArchie tour! on Twitpic

  43. KT says:

    Oh sweet justice and hooray for all that is right with the world!

    24. Christmas from the Heart – David Archuleta
    Tuesday, December 01, 2009 2:26 PM

    25. For Your Entertainment – Adam Lambert
    Tuesday, December 01, 2009 2:26 PM

  44. TOfan says:


    Precious David and Lupe moments from the amazing lens of Calgary’s own Gengen:

    David and Lupe dancing!! on Twitpic

    David and Lupe holding hands! on Twitpic

  45. TOfan says:

    Gengen does it again, SF FOG … no warning can prepare you for this:

  46. Kizzi says:

    Dang TOfan. That’s just not fair.

    Do ya’all remember when we listened to 90 second performances on AI? Once AI was over every performance was so precious? We went gaga over ‘Crazy’ and ‘Heaven’ when performed at FoxNews in Utah? We had mp3s of those screaming, fuzzy AI tour performances? And we always wanted more, more, more?

    Well, I am in OvErLoAd with this tour. Can’t listen to all the editions of these songs, let alone all of the songs from this tour…..TILT! ….or maybe that’s UNCLE….LOL 🙂

  47. SandyBeaches says:

    Hey there steno…

    I have read your article not once but twice and enjoyed the tale of your travels immensely. It is nice to be taken to the places we can’t be ourselves….

    Jump the fence and come on over to TDC. I have my..Tale of Two Concerts…I write little and dared to do so…I miss the people I have come to know. Now I will jump another fence and go to The Voice, where I will find the writings of a few more friends.


  48. stenocruiser says:

    Hi SB

    Thank you so much for your comments. Actually, I am more of a fence-sitter — I’ve been registered at TDC since Noting David but I’m a lurker extraordinaire. I do enjoy reading about everyone’s thoughts and experiences — anything David of course. I’ve said in the past I would post if I had anything interesting to say but I felt everyone else said it all so much better. Example: Your amazing Tale of Two Concerts — fascinatingly eloquent and such an enjoyable read. Kudos.

  49. emmiegirl says:

    beebee has a great recap of Santa Rosa at TDC!

    …and I am still languishing in HYAMLC from that night.

  50. awestruck says:

    Hey all!
    Just quickly popping in – need to get some sleep. Just got home from San Fran… Have not yet read all comments… but wanted to say –

    Steno – heartwarming article, thank you for sharing.

    Did read the one article Ido Chatter TOfan posted 11/30 11:53 and DISAGREE with his breakdown of the audience. Very diverse. This comment from the article cracked me up (I am archustupored even now – so am a bit giddy)

    “November 30th, 2009 10:41 am
    It absolutely a diverse crowd. May be because we were behaving like teens you got us confused;)

    by dafan”

    Reconnected with fans, met some new and didn’t do my homework because I missed meeting BEEBEE! and perhaps others. Drat.

    Managed to be calm REFNAF when meeting David… will write something up tomorrow…

    nite for now

  51. peppertara says:

    Stenocruiser, I just read your wonderful story and I can feel that immense joy you were feeling throughout this great experience you had. Your first time seeing David live was a very special one. How fabulous that you were able to experience it at a very special concert! I have only seen David in concert once and that was in Seattle this past summer but I was so thrilled to finally get to experience a live David concert! Met him at the VIP too and that was very, very special!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely experience, it was great to read about it and I am glad that you were able to make the trip to see a wonderful artist give an incredible and very special performance!

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