Let the Tour begin!

Things are lookin' up ... (Photo: Calgary's lovely Gengen*)

To launch the CFTH tour, a medley of impressions, vids and reviews:

From Kizzi:
Good Morning Snow Angelz – Last night’s concert was, yet again another quantum leap for David fans. Some of the new elements & style of last night’s performance have always been a part of what I felt & visualized when I listened and watched David sing in the past. Dreams do come true!

From the obvious growing confidence during his performances of some of his album songs…

to the two new covers “The Riddle” (and David at the baby grand–what a brilliant combination) and “Fields of Gold” (can’t even begin to describe this one–needs multiple listening to fully appreciate), and throwing in “Prayer of the Children” as icing…

to the tuxedo, black tie and purple shirt…

to Mom & Son duet (Hugs & Kisses & Dancing :) )…

to all the Christmas songs from the upbeat Melodies of Christmas and my personal favorite, Ave Maria (the choir and Kurt at the piano), Pad Thai-A-Pan, and Riu Riu Chewbacca, ending with a simply stunning rendition of O Holy Night.

A gift to his fans…and WHAT a gift. Appears to me, Mr. David Archuleta is finding his groove…Pop, soulful, folksy, reverent…I am beyond amazed at all the elements and style of his first Christmas concert.

This exceeded all expectations and I had some pretty high ones.

From BetsyJaney:
This beautiful close-up version of Ave Maria has me insane this morning. SB said he went into a trance – like he was praying. It is very evident here. There are no words for this.

(Photo: Gengen strikes again*)

Salt Lake Tribune Concert Review

Murray teen shows growth during holiday concert

Regardless of David Archuleta’s performance Tuesday night at Abravanel Hall, the tweens and teenagers in the audience would still have shrieked and squealed in delight every time the 18-year-old Murray pop singer sang a note.

Luckily for the rest of us, Archuleta launched his holiday tour in his home state with a rousing, accomplished performance that further illustrated how far he has come since he finished second in the 2008 season of “American Idol.”

Archuleta, who turns 19 at the end of December, ably balanced a show that showcased his pop talent as well as a strong display of covering other’s material — most notably a collection of Christmas standards that closed the show.

While the show was advertised as Archuleta performing selections from his recently released album, “Christmas From the Heart,” the singer began his set with songs taken mostly from his 2008 debut self-titled album. With more confidence and stage presence than he has shown yet, he flexed his vocals through “Crush” and “A Little Too Not Over You” as well as performing his up-tempo rave-up “Zero Gravity.” Archuleta was backed by four musicians, but played piano as he covered Five For Fighting’s ballad “The Riddle,” showing an inkling of a direction his career could take him.

Illustrating a talent for building a solid, thematic set, Archuleta then performed two songs that served as a transition between his opening set and his closing set of Christmas tunes. The highlight was when he was accompanied only by an acoustic guitar, singing a rendition of Sting’s “Fields of Gold” that changed the vocal melody to make the song his soulful own. It was then time for the main show to start.

The curtains pulled back to reveal about a dozen string players along with two guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. With dramatic on-stage lighting illuminating three conical Christmas trees and four ornamental baubles hanging from the rafters, Archuleta came out in a jet-black suit and immediately got going with “Melodies of Christmas,” a new song he said he helped write.

The show was not short on surprises. After starting was seemed to be a somnambulant rendition of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” his mother Lupe joined him to duet, turning a sluggish retread into a poignant refrain. And during a stirring, reverent version of “Ave Maria,” Archuleta was joined on stage by a white-robed children’s choir as well as on piano, local composer Kurt Bestor, who produced and conducted many songs on Archuleta’s holiday album.

Whether singing in English, Latin (as on “Ave Maria”) or French (as on Bestor’s galloping arrangement of “Pat-a-Pan”), Archuleta showed not only a command of the material but an ability to connect with the audience with self-deprecating humor and sheepish but endearing half-waves to the crowd, which nearly sold out the symphony hall.

What was most impressive about the concert was that Archuleta and his team relied not on slick, overly produced Christmas music that would dull the experience, but on a real string section and a lean, stripped-down soft-rock sound that shows an authenticity to the teen, who is turning into a man in front of our eyes.

(*Rest of Gengen’s amazing photos are here.)

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51 Responses to Let the Tour begin!

  1. TOfan says:

    From djxox (end of last thread /snarkymawg vids):

    Fields of Gold

    Prayer of the Children Prayer of the Children~ he is LOVE

    I may not survive this tour..

  2. TOfan says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the moment I realized (during the not-at-all-crappy cellcast) that David was singing HYAMLC with Lupe.

    My heart swelled for both of them and my eyes welled with tears. How many concerts has Lupe attended in that very hall and pictured her David up on that stage sharing his musical gifts with everyone from home?

    What must she have been feeling looking out at that hall packed to the rafters … every person there bursting with love for David?

    A dream realized. With her standing by his side, singing with him, as she’s done many times before. Only this was different. The magnitude of the music. The deafening roar from the sold-out crowd. The power and confidence of her boy, now a man.


    Update: Even Perez Hilton posted the duet with Lupe! And I braved reading the comments there and they were largely … nice? Wow.

  3. yjfanofdavid says:

    TOfan, Almost nice like this one? lol

    “I’m getting soft, crap. This made me cry. What the hell? I think I need to get this album, I can’t dislike him anymore.”

  4. KT says:


    I couldn’t agree more with your entire post and especially with: “This exceeded all expectations and I had some pretty high ones”.

    There were simply so many moments packed into one show…no doubt it was really hard from those in attendance to grasp let alone us listening to the semi- crappy cellcast.

    But there is something that has not been lost on me this week. We have been served with such extremes.

    In one case we have someone who seeks to unite and in the other extreme we have someone who seeks to divide.

    One who cherishes and respects children and includes them on stage and another who claims not to be a babysitter.

    One who dresses to honor revered songs and another who dresses to draw attention.

    One who honors women especially his mother and the most Sacred Mother and another who drags a woman across the stage by her ankle.

    One who defers all attention to others and another who calculates every action to draw attention to himself.

    One who claims that his music is offered as gift and to touch people’s hearts and another who says it is for “my entertainment”

    One who ends his performance with a prayer and another with an obscene hand gesture.

    Well…I know where “my entertainment” dollars are going and that is a place where I get so much more than entertainment…

    Hmm…let me go ponder the greater plan at work here…

  5. Kizzi says:

    LOL TOfan – I didn’t read the article and just went to comments and I was like “….WHAA, where’s my comment??!!” THEN, I read the article. Awww, thanks for putting my comment in it…and *smacks self on forehead to remind self to read thoroughly before reacts* LOLOLOLOLOL

    I have to say the Mom & Son Duet was so FaNtAsTiC as a fan to hear and see. It has so many elements – family, love, Christmas, dancing, kissing, hugging, friendship, melting with love eye contact (Mom and Son that is ;D ), oh, and I almost forgot, great vocals but it did take me a couple of listens to really hear the vocals.

    And I just have to wonder if a little of it was what Christmas at Lupe’s family home is/was like every year. Just from David’s description in his MTV interviews with Jim Cantiello.

    What a treat to glimpse the beauty & joy & love of David’s relationship with Lupe. I mean, seriously, I now have to wonder if his tour poster that has the hint of wings & light behind him isn’t a figment of my rather overactive imagination…ok, I’m a little woowoo this morning. My ODD is OTT….and, shhhhhhhh….I am allowing myself that little luxury for the moment 😉

    Scroll down a little and see the poster at —–> http://www.disneydreaming.com/2009/10/20/david-archuleta-christmas-from-the-heart-concert-tour-poster/

    • Camarie says:

      the cat to the mouse, in their dark little house, In that stlabe so long ago, I am wondering why that bright star in the sky Is shining upon us down below. CHORUS: And the night skies rang, as the angels sang, When Love came down to the earth; And the night skies rang, as the angels sang, When the Baby King had his birth. Said the mouse to the cat, as in wonder they sat, And they saw Mary’s face filled with joy, Perhaps that star we can see is to tell you and me, Of the coming of this precious little boy. Sleepy shepherds they saw as they crept through the door And they brought little gifts to the child. As they gazed with love on the child from above, Mary turned to the shepherds and smiled. So they happily sat, little mouse, little cat, As they heard Mary singing to her son, As she cradles with care, little Jesus so fair, This baby, the Lord’s chosen one.

  6. Kizzi says:

    Oh, so my analytical self just kicked in and I think it is BRILLIANT to the Nth Degree to have Lupe sing with David. Great PR and focus for David and his family in the limelight. 😉

  7. TOfan says:

    yjfanofdavid, bahaha, missed that one, LOVE it!! (As Awestruck says, ‘another one bites the dust’!)

    Kizzi, lol … yes the duet was a brilliant move, surely conceived of by David and motivated by pure love.

    High-five, Standing O, and “Can I get a witness?” (as HG would say!), esp:

    “One who honors women especially his mother and the most Sacred Mother and another who drags a woman across the stage by her ankle.”

  8. Josie says:

    My apologies for my lack of the english language this moring, but all I have to say is ‘adlgakjlreqwn copadfgiu’ aslidufg[eopr


  9. KT says:

    TOfan, lol!

    Josie, I completely understand and didn’t even need a translator!

  10. Kizzi says:

    KT – great comments. Of course, this is an apple and oranges comparison. And there is THE APPLE and the rest are, of course, just little ole’ oranges with variations in color, skin, size, seeds/less and taste/less.

    Josie – “ad92kd,-1,c,c,gbvxzz” *takes deep breath* “3iekd,mapeighqpq[c,e” to you too. 🙂

  11. TOfan says:

    Josie, LOLOLOL couldn’t have said it better myself! 😆

    Buzz building for the David/Lupe duet:

    “Concert-goers in Salt Lake City got a surprise treat Tuesday night — “American Idol” finalist David Archuleta sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” with his mom Lupe. Video below.

    “Guess we know where Little Archie got his singing talent from. His mom can sing too! Lupe joined her son onstage, looking gorgeous in a white gown, and they turned the old standard “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” into a beautiful and poignant duet.”

    also here: http://bit.ly/8ZMpXo and JustJared Jr.: http://bit.ly/516tgg

    … and here (HollywoodGossip.com): http://bit.ly/4QlXpH

    ohmyheck that clip is like AMA anti-venom! 😆

  12. Josie says:

    And doesn’t it seem like we’ve been here before? He keeps slaying the masses every couple of months…and just when I thought I was recovering….

    OHN was outta this world (as they all were…)

  13. happy says:

    this time I’m dead for real.

  14. happy says:

    kizzi- 🙂

  15. Kizzi says:

    happy (ness): your dead…naw…maybe in suspended animation where I am at…readjusting my world view as the space-time continuum yet again changed…I am really looking forward to Monclair, mon amie!! We can be dead together.

    Josie – I think this is the addiction part for me…what is next…how does he up the ante…like when our children are growing and changing and become young adults…and we just get hit with a quantum leap…and….what just happened emotions…the AWE and JOY of it all! Yes, this is my addiction.

    David has been saying he is going to show who he is through his music, his personality, what he is all about…well, I think we got a dose of that last night and he just has to build up our tolerance one show at a time…the David of the future is happening now…he is conquering his Goliath one concert at time. How can you not just burst with joy for him!

    Yup, ODD is OTT today…and I am enjoying this luxury.

  16. Josie says:

    Kizzi-I’m with you. My ODD is OTT and I’ve had the nicest day all to myself. I’ve actually accomplished a few things (miraculously) while watching (indulging really) in these beautiful videos.

    I’m probably kinda dead and don’t know it.

    Happy – come back! Sending an emergency set of paddles STAT!

  17. TOfan says:

    yes, Happy, come back! (and pass Josie’s paddles if and when you revive! lol)

    “he just has to build up our tolerance one show at a time…the David of the future is happening now” …

    …why does the phrase “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” come to mind? 😆

    You’re right, Josie, just when we thought we could coast for a bit … that he’d take it slow and bunt for a while … WHAM! … he hits it out of the park … AGAIN. It’s so exciting to watch I almost can’t stand it. almost.

  18. happy says:

    I can’t come back…I’m dead. (plus the fact that I am in charge of tomorrow’s menu,….so no time for blogging…. haha)

    “hey, happy, where are you? you are supposed to be chopping celery!…you better not be blogging!

    me? blogging? while I am chopping vegetables?..never!…bwhahahahaha……..”

    a blessed and happy Thanksgiving to you all…..
    may God’s Peace reside in your soul.

  19. refnaf says:

    Well, I have not had the chance to view all the vids yet, had to work (meh) So I need a few hours to myself, to really get into them….talk to you all in a bit… priorities you know…

  20. awestruck says:

    I am still in an emotional never-never land. You may well be joining me there Refnaf. The duet with Lupe really had me in tears, such love between the two so obvious.

    Happy Happy Thanksgiving Happy!

  21. refnaf says:

    oh gosh, Ave Marie… and now WCIS… he is … the best… a conduit for all good and peaceful things,,,….

  22. refnaf says:

    uuuhhh, not sure I can add any thing coherent to what has been said…his face at the end of OHN, the prayer, gosh, I really can not thank him enough for what he gives.

  23. TOfan says:

    Josie, this tweet is for Noni (I remember she wanted to ask David about this!):

    @nopaewetirovafr Haha Morgan asked about David’s wheatgrass shot. He liked it. lol

    Got an email from SandyBeaches (don’t think she’d mind me sharing this part 🙂 ) — I was just relieved to hear she was still breathing!:

    “There is no easy way to describe David last night…he took us to another world. gengen was in the front row and captured on film David praying after O HOLY NIGHT …Richard entertained us at a three hour brunch…awesome as well…

    “The topic of conversation was on just how to describe last night and even Richard was speechless…David transformed himself, and everyone, moving from pop into classical effortlessly…”


    Happy Thanksgiving {{{Happy}}}!

  24. awestruck says:

    Don’t forget Kaleidoscope tomorrow

  25. silverfox says:

    Just checking in to make sure you all are still alive! I’m still checking out all the videos from last night. I can’t stop. David was magnificent!


    I’m all choked up right now after seeing more videos from last night.

    Last night’s concert will be VERY hard to beat..not only by David himself, but by ANYONE. It was a masterful performance, Vocally & Visually!

    Happy Thanksgiving Kizzi, happy, KT, and everyone else this side of the Canadian border!

  26. refnaf says:

    happy Thanksgiving to all of you honorary Canadians. Have a great day, and I really need to (((((hug)))) you all.

  27. Josie says:

    TEARS…still – listening to his 2nd performance & I’m just sitting here wondering why I’m so lucky to be this young man’s fan, but more importantly, friends with some of the most special people I’ve met in my life. Then I realize it’s not luck-everything happens for a reason and this was ‘spose ta happen.

    On this, our Thanksgiving in the US, I am thankful for so many things, including you all. May your day be filled with peace and love of your family and friends.

    I am proud to call you all FRIEND.


  28. Kizzi says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the “honorary Canadians” and Have a Blessed Day to all my Canadian Friends!

    Up early to cook and have a little break while the veggies are roasting and the breads baking to watch a few videos from last night’s SLC2 performance. Don’t know about anyone else but I can’t watch them all in a row.

    I just finished O Holy Night after Ave Maria.

    So today I have so much to be grateful for. My life is blessed and even when curve balls come my way I have such a fabulous family and close friends and co-workers, not to mention I have the best boss in the world, that I get through those “rough” times with the love, help and understanding of all the wonderful people in my life. I count all of you as close friends…we share Soul DNA, no doubt about it!

    And right at this moment I am so very thankful for the SLC2 video I just viewed of Ave Marie. That song has so much personal meaning for me throughout my life and hearing David sing it first on the CFTH album and then live x 2 is a treasure beyond compare. As he is singing it, part of my brain is saying, “what is happening, here, this isn’t possible,” my senses are fully engaged and then some, and my emotions are soaring to high places. I go to a meditative state in that song and all I have to do is listen.

    I am also as thankful for the SLC2 video performance last night of O Holy Night…inspirational, soaring, and David’s reverence especially for the seconds after he finished singing shall remain in my memory forever. I’ve seen this song performed live for decades and even though I wasn’t at the live performance, David’s message and emotions were conveyed through the recorded performance.

    I’m now impatiently waiting for the grand babies to wake up so I can bask in their sweet conversation, hugs, snuggling and love.

  29. awestruck says:

    Happy American Thanksgiving SF, Josie, Kizzi and to all! We ARE truly blessed.

    Kizzi – “we share Soul DNA” you are SOOO right, love that phrase. I too cannot listen to David’s performances in a row. Too much emotion for me at once otherwise. I still have not listened to OHN – I think I will leave that to hear ‘live’ for the first time in Santa Rosa.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.

  30. TOfan says:

    Wishing everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving today (and everyone else too!) a wonderful, wonderful day and weekend filled with family, love and David’s music!

    Josie, your words brought tears to my eyes … so lovely and so true.

    kizzi, Soul DNA FTW!!!

    My home computer is having “issues” so I can only watch vids here at work (kinda dangerous with these SLC babies) … took a chance on OHN this morning and, well, I might as well go home, no concentration happening today. lol

    yes, kizzi, the reverence, the reverence … soul searing … pure beauty … pure love.

    ♥♥♥ to all

  31. TOfan says:

    From emmiegirl on The Lone Arranger thread:

    Have really been enjoying your site. Happy, great article! Your son sounds great! Kids often cut right to the chase, don’t they!

    I hope there is the dream producer in his future, but also hopeful that in a short period of time David will have more control over his own music. And I trust his judgment and instincts, green as they are. He has such innate musical sense!

    I love the album and its simplicity and beauty; the incredible depth with which he sings. I was expecting more of the “wow” stuff too; that said, I cannot stop listening to it.

    He wanted to keep it reverent, not make it about what he can do with the songs, but what the songs can do for us; make it about their meaning, not him. Pretty remarkable.

    refnaf, on the “breaths” thing, I too think he just sings with his heart and the pauses and placement of the breaths are part of the story he is telling. He’s not a trained classical singer, just one who has a voice like one. For me, it is a non-issue.

    TOfan, one of the best quotes I have ever heard regarding David, “too good for the room!”

    And last night’s performance, more than I even hoped for!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  32. TOfan says:

    Tour buzz builds:

    Detroit News interview: http://bit.ly/6hgEuQ

    Fave bit:
    “(My siblings and I) would go Christmas caroling, we’d go to hospitals and retirement homes together, sometimes we’d just go around the neighborhood and sing,” says Archuleta, on the phone last week. “Anything that was around for me to sing at.”

    OC Weekly: http://bit.ly/6u4Nfw

    Fave bit:
    Remember: Safety first! Bring a friend so you can swoon in shifts. 😆

  33. stenocruiser says:

    Tomorrow, tomorrow, I luv ya tomorrow — that’s when I’ll actually see and hear David live! For the first time! And with a symphony orchestra! And get to meet other fans too! So blessed!

  34. KT says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes to all!!!!!!!

    I won’t have time to watch all the vids today but thank you Kizzi for pointing out those two very special ones.

    I truly understand the decision to call it “Chistmas from the Heart”…

  35. TOfan says:

    Fasten your seatbelts, folks …

    Gengen’s WCIT video, from the front row!

  36. awestruck says:

    emmiegirl – “He wanted to keep it reverent, not make it about what he can do with the songs, but what the songs can do for us; make it about their meaning, not him. Pretty remarkable.” So very true, especially for someone at 18 years of age.

    stenocruiser – Ann Arbor – Enjoy and please send us a recap of your thoughts!

  37. emmiegirl says:

    kizzi, looove how you write! And that Fields of Gold is deceptive. You are dead on about its affects after several plays. Killer!

    “Appears to me, Mr. David Archuleta is finding his groove…Pop, soulful, folksy, reverent…I am beyond amazed at all the elements and style of his first Christmas concert.”

    ……yep, and I am craaazzy about it! And why is it my hunger to hear his version of anything is never satiated.

    and SF’s – THIS!—“Last night’s concert will be VERY hard to beat..not only by David himself, but by ANYONE. It was a masterful performance, Vocally & Visually!” …and spiritually and emotionally and everything in between.

  38. TOfan says:

    Great review/promo in the Grand Rapids Press: http://bit.ly/939f4C

    (The writer even includes three (!) SLC vids … hmm, early onset ODD, perhaps?)

    emmiegirl, “my hunger to hear his version of anything is never satisfied” — so true! I could sit and listen to him sing every song ever written.

    Gettin’ all shaky just thinking about Ann Arbor. gulp.

  39. TOfan says:

    Kaleidoscope buzz on Twitter:

    @Michaelhairston: I just watched/listened to American Idol David Archuleta sing Silent Night and it actually brought tears to my eyes …

    @jtsoundman: David Archuleta is incredibly talented. Holy crap!

  40. emmiegirl says:

    TOfan – now THAT’S what we’re talking about! If they would just get him out there, he does the rest!

    …and yeah, wishing it was tomorrow already!

  41. refnaf says:

    So i’m speechless… again,
    tomorrow … can’t wait for tomorrow

  42. Kizzi says:

    TOfan, Ref & SF: I am so excited for ya’all tonite at the Ann Arbor Concert. Can’t wait to hear your stories. It is an experience in a string of experiences of a lifetime! I am thinking of you, wishing you safe travels and good weather and all things great and wonderful!

    Emmegirl – {{{Hugs}}} You are so right about Fields of Gold. Over at TDC Russell has put SnarkyMawgs soundtrack to YouCanCallMeTina’s video. That visual with the clearer soundtrack is incredible. David’s facial expressions as he sings says it all. I can’t wait to hear this live.

    Speaking of facial expressions here are two extrordinary Videos from SLC:

    David and Mom – SLC First Night HYSAMLC – the last part of the song. We can see Lupe’s and David’s facial expressions when she is choked with emotions – so beautiful:

    And then a video in profile view and close up of David singing on the 2nd night at SLC, O Holy Night. His reverence and pause as the song ends, just glorious and we did catch its essence quite accurately from the other videos that aren’t close up.

    Another day of waiting—and this time for you lucky Ann Arbor concert goers reviews and impressions. A full Orchestra…Disney arranging the scores….just absolutely freakin’ FAN-TAS-TIC!

    Life is GOOD! Ciao Bella My Friends!

  43. awestruck says:

    I will not listen to OHN (whimper). Two more sleeps till Santa Rosa.

    I just listened to FOG again and am awed by the love for the song that just oozes out of David’s facial expressions and, of course, his voice.

    Stenocruiser, refnaf, TOfan, SF… and all who will be at Ann Arbor (thanks KT, I have no trouble with the spelling now!) ENJOY tonight, revel in David’s voice with the symphony orchestra in an acoustically designed hall. Oh My Heck, what a performance it will be.

  44. Abrra says:

    Have a wonderful time tonight all you snowangelz! I can’t wait until so many of us can witness this experience at our shows.


    David Archuleta 24/7 video/chat go here and bookmark the link http://bit.ly/6jULZS especially if you have had issues finding us.

  45. emmiegirl says:

    Can’t quit watching snarkymawg’s PAP on the 2nd night – you love that he just went for it, guitar or not.

    But what I really,really love is the last 50 sec. He gets into it a little more than the previous night and just does his thing! I could listen to those last 50 sec over and over for the rest of my life! For me, there is just something about it!!!

  46. Kizzi says:

    Emmiegirl – I just watched that video a few minutes ago. He did a great ending on KT’s Kaleidoscope video of Pat-A-Pan too. Gotta love the Archuleta Ad-Lib’s.

  47. Kizzi says:

    So cute and sweet – David and his Mother’s duet (fan video–SnarkyMawg) is on his official site. Now has over 78,000 plays. 🙂

  48. emmiegirl says:

    gads kizzi, see what he does to us! Watching the SLC vids made me already forget the Kaleidoscope PAP, and I am gah-gah over it!

    …and tonight, there will be more!

  49. Kizzi says:

    LOL Emmiegirl – I know EXACTLY what you mean. Can’t wait for the stories from tonight 🙂

  50. Kizzi says:

    New thread ——>

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