KL, Malaysia, videos

jsyk, I usually check out diff. vids and try to post the best ones from diff. people … but rusharr’s vids were all aMAZing, so most of these are hers! thanks so much, rusharr!!!

Stomping the Roses (rusharr) … roses flying through the air!

The Other Side of Down (rusharr)… love the air-punch at the end! lol

 A Little Too Not Over You (rusharr)

Love Don’t Hate (rusharr)

Something ‘Bout Love (guess who… rusharr!!!!) Best. SBL. Ever.

EWTRTW (& tying shoelaces 🙂 ) (rusharr)

MKOP (rusharr)

Elevator (rusharr)

Band intro & cha cha cha (or whatever it was :lol:) (booradleigh)

A Thousand Miles (rusharr)

Falling Stars (rusharr)

Touch My Hand (rusharr)

Stand By Me (rusharr) … wow, just wow

Everything and More (rusharr)

Zero Gravity partial (MeganAlexandra68)

Encore Time:

Heaven (rusharr)

Heaven (close up, aMAZing audio and video!, zerogravity111A)

Crazy (rusharr)

Epic showstopping (literally) Crush w/ D on drums 🙂 (rusharr)

Soundcheck vids:

Q&A (lormie)

Crazy (princessmia3828)

Love Don’t Hate (princessmia3828)

TMH (lormie)

STR (lormie)

EAM (lormie)

ALTNOY (lormie)

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