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A little somethin’ somethin’ ’bout love: Part 2

I have this (probably unhealthy) habit of forgetting to breathe when I am really focused or concentrated on something. I get really in the zone of whatever I’m doing and after about 25-30 seconds it occurs to me that I … Continue reading

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Chords of Strength: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

David Archuleta has said in a couple of interviews that one of the target audiences for his book is “kids his own age.” Well, here I am. And although, I don’t consider myself a “kid” anymore, I am about his … Continue reading

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Let’s play tag … David’s “it”

In this Archu-drought, I know a lot of people have been rewatching David’s old vlogs (I know I have). It’s great because you can watch his smiley face talk about how excited he is for stuff that is “coming up,” … Continue reading

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