Postcards in the Sky Live Listening Partay

You guyyyyyyssssssssssss!!!!


How incredible was this??!!!

If you haven’t seen it, go run now and watch. Seriously.

It’s like hearing all the stories you’ve ever wanted to hear about all those amazing songs, all from the man himself.

After all these years, I still can’t get over how generous and open David is with himself… with us… he just lets it all out… and when he cries, we cry… am I right?!

And to see David share the deep feelings and profound life experiences that went into these songs is remarkable to me. What other artist lays themselves bare like that? No one, that’s who.

Where others are about artifice more than art, David takes the pain, the joy, the struggles of his life and turns those into art.

And when he brought Taryn (sp?) on to “shine a light”???!! My cheeks still hurt from smiling, that was amazing!!!

What did you guys think??!!!! Please share!!

And how is everyone???!!! {{{{{{huge group hug}}}}


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17 Responses to Postcards in the Sky Live Listening Partay

  1. TaterZen says:

    How blessed are we as fans? I am still processing all that he shared with us, and how he shared it in the most open and vulnerable way. As much as I have enjoyed that album since its release, the listening party was a revelation. David is simply a remarkable human being.

    • refnaf says:

      Wow…… (((((((((hugs)))))))))) all around
      His openness is so PURE! I don’t know how else to describe it….. I’m so thankful for it tho.
      I am so glad he was able to write these important songs and also soooo happy he got through that difficult time. He is a blessing to us all, that is for sure.
      How amazing also to hear him sing backup vocals and harmonizing with himself! And inviting that sweet girl to “shine her light”
      He is the best

  2. janey79 says:

    Ditto TaterFriend, all I can add is that I’m blown away and after a second listen I’m even more impressed with PITS than ever. What an incredible album and listening to it with David allowed me to hear it as he hears it, as it’s meant to be heard (if that makes sense). God bless the music makers, God bless David, God bless his therapist.

  3. penciltopaper says:

    Deb I cry when he cries and I cry when he doesn’t cry!!! He is so special. He really took us with him on his journey that culminated in this Postcards in the Sky masterpiece. This IG live felt so complete and full and whole ❤️. The word vulnerable is exactly what describes what he did and does sharing his music and his life experience. I just happened to finally get around to watching the TedX video about the power of vulnerability a few days ago so I thought it was so neat that the sweet fan he randomly chose to “shine a light” was reading a Brené Brown book and he says he has one of her books! Ima ask him at the next VIP which book he has (that he hasn’t read yet lol)!!

  4. Pepper says:

    That was probably the first Instagram live that I actually got to see….live (or most of it that is). Agree with this post and with all the comments. He is such a joy to watch and listen too, while he shares his heart, his mind…not to mention the great music…and all that harmonizing, the best. This album is special and with David’s input on each of the songs, well….extra special. ❤

  5. TOfan says:

    I actually just now read the caption when he posted it on his feed… “This was a really, really special album for me. It has 16 songs, so it’s a long one if you dare!”

    oh my heck… like the lovely and amazing Tina says on her Tumblr… “David Archuleta is a precious porkchop who must be protected at all costs!”

    • amb4da says:

      ❤ Yeeesss! 🙂 to protected at all costs, and precious…but also…that album is so special.

  6. Spirit says:

    Wow! Thanks for posting this, Deb! I agree with refnaf’s comment about his openness being so pure. I think that his purity along with his beautiful spirit is what makes him so captivating. His openness and vulnerability certainly bring out our protective maternal instincts. Yes, he is a precious porkchop! Haha! Listening to his background information and explanations for the songs definitely brought them to a new level. I don’t believe he has ever explained Upset With Me so clearly and honestly. I wonder if the therapy has enabled him to speak about this issue or if the passage of time has helped. It clearly is an emotional song for him. I’ve always thought that the lyrics are “pain in eyes” instead of “painted eyes” as that made more sense to me. I was hoping that he would clarify that. I do have a tendency to misinterpret lyrics though. I was surprised when he mentioned the lyrics in Spotlight Down. The section that sounds like “on a rock, I won’t forget” is actually “on or off, I won’t forget”. That does make a lot more sense. Including song lyrics in the albums would definitely be helpful! It is wonderful to see David so full of joy and happiness after all of his struggles. I thought that it was interesting when he said during the last listening party that he is thriving during the quarantine period. That certainly seems to be true.

    • TOfan says:

      Me too, Spirit!! Great to see him “thriving”!!

      And would love to have lyrics for this new album… how do they even do that now when music releases are all digital or streamed??

  7. emmegirl14 says:

    Can he BE more real?!
    Thank you David, for everything.
    Looove the improv singing❤️
    Wish there would be the actual lyrics from the artist somewhere too – like they used to
    do on album covers.

  8. janey79 says:

    excited for tonight! so happy the listening party will be in real time so we can all fangirl/boy together with David! waiting is kinda like the hours before a live show when your stomach isn’t quite right and you’re kinda jiggy all over. anyone else feel the same way?

  9. amb4da says:

    Hey guys~long time no squee (been layin’ low)…but hope all are doing well, and keeping safe. Just popping in late to this post, today, because…well….(still awaiting your immanent TS post.. 😉 )…I’m in a squeeing mood today, (wonder why?) So first…regarding PITS party…I wasn’t there live but when I finally got to listen…blown away by his vulnerability. And learned new things about what drove him to write certain songs etc…loved getting that new info…because that album continues to mean a lot to me…it is the album, of all his, that I’ve taken in the deepest…and at different times it’s carried me through…still. And I still believe it is just a beautifully written and produced bit of music!
    And as for TS…love it. I think as a fellow INFP…it’s why so many of his songs, especially self-reflective ones (I know most of them are self-reflective but..)…I feel he’s speaking for me. But again, beyond relating to the messages….loving the tunes too. So I’ll leave it there, as I’m sure there will be another thread for this. (no pressure, Deb) 🙂 Happy David Day, peeps. ❤

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