OK, All Right is finally heeeeeere!

Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 2.10.03 PM

Sooooooooo, how much do you love it???!!! (Yes, the picture, but mostly the song! lol)


What do you guys think?? What’s your favourite part??

Mine is the pause and the “hmm” after “I see you with your new man and it’s cool” hahaha! lol … oh and also his VOICE throughout the whole thing, new shades and tones and textures we haven’t heard before… HE IS ACTUALLY MAGIC!!!!!

I love the whole vibe of it, how it makes me want to dance and sing along, how it’s so relatable … “Sometimes I wake up in… the wrong side of my head”??? “Some nights the TV’s on … just so I don’t feel alone” … “Which Office episode should I choose?”… get out of my brain, Archuleta!!!!!

I also love how he acknowledges these anxieties in the song but it’s so happy and upbeat that you feel not only is he “OK, all right” with himself, but you can be too… we all can be OK, all right with who we are.

CANNOT WAIT for everyone to sing along with this in concert!!!

Could there possibly be a better song for these crazy crazy times??!!

In case you haven’t heard, Billboard premiered the song today, along with a great interview with David!

Whole Billboard article HERE.

Loved this part:

Archuleta is also ready to let go of his inhibitions by simply having fun with the music he creates — something he’s been longing to do since the beginning.

“When I first started [singing], all I knew was that I liked to sing, it made me feel good, and it made me feel understood,” Archuleta says. “I’ve realized I still feel more fulfilled when I connect to why I started singing in the first place. I can have peace, I can have fun, but I can be honest — and have the combination of all that, rather than just go after the catchiest, poppiest, trendiest thing. I just feel more relaxed, and back into who I am.”

Really though… what do you guys think???!!!


And some great interviews!!!

American Songwriter interview here: https://americansongwriter.com/david-archuleta-ok-all-right-interview/

Pop Wrapped interview here: https://popwrapped.com/david-archuleta-returns-with-ok-all-right/

Idolator interview here: *spoiler* HE TALKS ABOUT RELEASING NEW SONG & VIDEO IN APRIL!!! https://www.idolator.com/7908520/interview-david-archuleta-talks-ok-all-right-confessional-new-album?utm_medium=share-btn&utm_content=share-btn&utm_campain=share-btn&utm_source=share-tw&chrome=1

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30 Responses to OK, All Right is finally heeeeeere!

  1. Janey H. says:

    What do I think? I THINK I LOVE IT and can’t wait to hear it live with y’all.

  2. Sheila says:

    I still haven’t listened because I’m working so saving it for later! I’m so happy people are loving it!
    Deb, I love that part of the interview too, so good to hear him say that!!!

  3. Harold weinstein says:

    Love the song – he really reveals himself in it.
    The beat and tempo are great.

  4. refnaf says:

    Love it!!!
    Ear worm with very relatable lyrics!!
    I wanna know the bad words he uses!😞

  5. MissB says:

    “It’s fine, I’m fine, okay, all right. It’s fine, I’m fine, okay, all right. It’s fine, I’m fine, okay, all right. It’s fine, I’m fine, okay, all right. …”
    I would like to hear more about this song!

    • TOfan says:

      Did you read the Billboard article I linked to, Ms. B.? Gives you more background! Cool to hear about!

  6. Pepper says:

    What a great song! Everything you said Deb is spot on. Good to have some ‘upbeat tempo’ in our lives these days. We need that. Have to say the lyrics to this song are so natural, fun and relatable. This song may get me moving more with my exercising! Bonus. OK, All Right.

  7. Could the timing be any more appropriate? 😙
    Thank you David!! 100x
    If the Prime Minister would just lighten up with a smile and have a different tone of voice occasionally to help the encouragement! I know it’s bad but…Then comes along David! 😊

    SB 🥂 cheers and stay well!

  8. amb4da says:

    Agree with y’all…as usual. 🙂
    My immediate text to DA pals…”hm”, to which both of them started laughing…I think everyone “got that”…yes, very David. So real…he’s disarming. I can’t put it into words….but his simple, human, authenticity is so understated, yet genius…proved by the way it hits us all at the core immediately. As with a simple “hm” after that line before it….we all can relate.
    It is an earworm. It is different…love that he’s so experimental, and evolutional with his arsenal of musicality…coming up with new sounds all the time…different vibes that reflect where he’s at, be it reflecting, or joyful/playful etc.
    Only thing I missed, not a criticism just my own thoughts…a) wanted it to go on longer! (yes, to the comment above for working out, if nothing else…30 minutes of it!) b) Not the usual song with a traditional bridge…there isn’t one, right?? or did I hear wrong. I, as I know many of you too, ALWAYS LOVE his bridges…but this is just different, and I love this too. I just love his constant creating music…in all his many colors…he is a true artist, with the skills, gifts to continue to grow and express. Stay well, all. Praying so hard for those that are not currently well. Peace. xo

  9. TOfan says:

    The video is heeeeeere!!!

    What’s your favourite part?? (I love when they push his thumbs up and his face into a smile! lol)

  10. amb4da says:

    I LOVE THIS VIDEO!! Perfection! No…listen…I know I say that about everything….but I LOVVVVE this video. 🙂
    I think…for now…that is all. lol. oh except…It’s fine, I’m fine, OK, All Right! (even during this when I’m not, maybe I am…just like the song…yea, no, yea, no, YEA! maybe…hopefully…yea.)


  11. TOfan says:

    And a bunch of new interviews!!! This is like Christmas!! The American Songwriter one is particularly touching… David says “I legit don’t think I’m good at what I do” and he wonders if he’ll ever find love… *SOBSSSSSS*

    American Songwriter: https://americansongwriter.com/david-archuleta-ok-all-right-interview/

    Pop Wrapped: https://popwrapped.com/david-archuleta-returns-with-ok-all-right/

    Atwood Magazine: https://atwoodmagazine.com/dakr-david-archuleta-interview-2020-ok-all-right-music/

    And the Idolator one says another new song and video IN APRIL!!!! WHAT????!!!!

    Idolator: https://www.idolator.com/7908520/interview-david-archuleta-talks-ok-all-right-confessional-new-album?utm_medium=share-btn&utm_content=share-btn&utm_campain=share-btn&utm_source=share-tw&chrome=1

    • MissB says:

      A couple of these interviews were just what I wanted to learn. I really had to watch the video to understand the song (wasn’t his acting great?!). IFIFOAR (that doesn’t work at all) is so quick and boppy I was forever going “wait, did he say…”. Now, it’s fine, I’m fine and wishing David a huge success.

  12. amb4da says:

    Dear David,
    You are LEGIT…Good, amazing, wonderful, inspiring, gifted…at what you do!

    Wish I had 1/16 of that musical talent, dude. But grateful, YOU have it, and are feeling good and free, these days, to still share it with us all.


    • amb4da says:

      but ps. I am NOT making light of the things he’s also sharing of “not being put on the pedestal” … I’m seeming like I’m doing. I also know and relate to his real life struggles. My heart goes out to all of it… just instinctively first wanted to tell him (like he’s listening, lol) he IS legit to me. ok disclaimer vented. done.

  13. TOfan says:

    In case anyone missed David’s Insta Live today:

  14. Pepper says:

    Thanks for putting everything together here TOfan. What a great video. 100% enjoyable, fun, sweet, full of goodness and yes, it smacks of confidence to me and of course good music. Good job David! Just listening to those great interviews and watched his Instagram. All so good! Such young talented directors….along with the young talented star in the video. 🙂
    Stay safe everyone. ❤

  15. emmegirl14 says:

    ok, I love love this song! Love it! It’s different and fresh and fun and makes you feel “gooder”!
    The voice, perfection…. what else can you say. But yes, too short!! It ok, alright, I know how to repeat,
    Kudos to all involved with the video… the props, the idea, everything, just so clever.
    And Mr. There Is Nothing I Can’t Do is awesome. His mannerisms, gestures, dancing, you name it, spot on! I particularly love when he is looking in the mirror his facial gestures on the “alrights”.
    Oh, and the little wink at the end of that segment, He really is is brilliant with these kind of subtleties!
    Thank you David, it rocks!

  16. janey79 says:

    i could go on for days about how incredibly ridiculously fantastic the directors are. i wonder about the process. do they have a storyboard timed out to each lyric? do they improvise when something doesn’t work? and what they get out of David as actor (yes, he’s improved and it seems Nathan had something to do with that) is beyond my expectations. the entire project is wonderful from beginning to end. hurry april!

    • Harold weinsteon says:

      Yes your right he is amazing. We need April ok, alright

    • emmegirl14 says:

      Yes Janey, what great guys! So glad David met and collaborated with them!
      Ok alright getting a lot of playing time at my place!

    • TOfan says:

      You’re so right, Janey!! It’s brilliantly edited… I’m so glad he worked with these guys on the next video too!!

      • janey79 says:

        Merry Christmas Happy Holidays makes me happy and Ok All Right does the same thing. There’s a certain something that I can’t yet articulate (but that won’t stop me from trying haha!) and I just can’t put my finger on it but it somehow checks all the boxes for me. It doesn’t miss on any level.

      • janey79 says:

        i think an analysis of the rain/umbrella scene is in order. it’s not like i don’t have time, lol.

  17. MissB says:

    Sending a socially distanced HUG across the border…

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