Group @DavidArchie tour-postponement hug … um, I mean wave at a distance

Screen Shot 2020-03-13 at 3.32.22 PM.

I think we all knew this was coming. Most of my timeline lately has been show/tour/event/work/[fill in gathering here] cancellations and postponements.

But David’s announcement was by far the sweetest and most heartfelt I’ve seen.

“I hope you and your loved ones are all safe”… “You are all like family to me”… “Your health and safety are amongst the top priorities for me” … “You guys are amazing”… I mean, COME ON! How awesome is our guy and his team??!!

I can’t even imagine what kind of work and stress goes on behind the scenes to (a) set up the original tour and then (b) reschedule everything. #oy

But, as we all know, David’s shows are SO worth waiting for.

And has there ever been a better time for a brand new song called “OK, All Right”??!! I need this song like air right now. Purified virus-free air as only David Archuleta can provide.

And if there’s any doubt that David has his finger on the pulse of what we require, it looks like there’ll also be a song called “Just Breathe” or “Breathe”… just hearing the bit he shared in his insta stories a while back made me literally take a deep breath and relax. Proving he is actual magic.

What do you guys think of the teeny tiny instrumental snippet David shared on insta?? Does anyone else hear a Chilean percussion-type vibe?? Just me. Mkay. Seriously though, what did you guys think??

In related news… can we talk about this gif and David’s incredibly well developed … head of hair! 😉 😉 😉 #teamfluffeh

Seriously though, I plan to buy and share that baby like nobody’s business and I know you guys are thinking the same thing.

In short… stay safe, everyone… here’s a helpful tip (I shared this on Twitter but hey, reuse, recycle, am I right? 🙂 )


Have you guys had a chance to listen to David voicing the lead shepherd character, Suho, in the kids’ audio story “Song of the Horse”?? Listen HERE.

Loved the story and David’s vocalizing in it was beautiful!! (spoiler, hahaha) What did you guys think??

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11 Responses to Group @DavidArchie tour-postponement hug … um, I mean wave at a distance

  1. Pepper says:

    Thanks for saying it all so well TOfan! I was kind of expecting a tour postponement to happen over the past week, with all that’s going on. So, kind of prepared myself. Yes, David’s message was so thoughtful and heartfelt. ❤ We can still look forward to tour and those new dates to appear. Maybe he'll plan a summer tour. In any case, it will still happen and in the meantime we can enjoy his new music!
    I thought David's voicing (and his lovely singing) in "Song of the Horse" was great. Such a sweet story and I think he captured his character so well. ❤ Love the GIFs and the little snippet he shared is intriguing!
    May David and everyone stay safe and healthy!

  2. amb4da says:

    Me: David’s tour is postponed!
    BF:…oh nooooo….talk about CRUSHED! 😏r
    David’s sincere message struck me …he always writes so authentically, from the heart…I love this. He is like family. ❤️ I’m bummed, but kinda feared it coming…saw his post literally minutes after a friend texted her fears of him cancelling! Dang, it was gonna be a great spring. I was so happy we wouldn’t have to get snowed out…who knew…THIS! Of course, it’s so hard for them to schedule and now have to reschedule…I cannot imagine, getting this done again with each venue?!😳 But, mostly…everyone just stay well. Hopefully, it turns out OK All Right and better than ever. 🙏😊ps…somehow I’ve missed some of these snippets, and my old ipad is not even showing your ig posts here. I heard the recent snippet…didn’t know what to make if it…he is the king if cryptic! lol. But never heard that first one you mentioned?!…and only heard a small snippet of the voiceover work. Gotta do some digging…

  3. amb4da says:

    I guess that’s my prob…can’t even find those “stories” of Just Breath, and the npr voiceover….maybe they only last temporarily. I’m challenged with that, somehow, whenever anyone says ” just swipe up in my stories” I never know where…..anyhoo, just venting my lameness at why I’m not up to date with this…eventually I’ll find at least the npr thing…

    • amb4da says:

      Duh, found it THEN saw you even imbedded the link! His vocals sounded sublime..natch. Sweet story too. Fun to hear him do different things like this. Not gonna lie…got a little *pang* when the announcer mentioned his ” Spring tour, beginning March 30 and running through May.”…

  4. MissB says:

    You have written all my thoughts about David’s sweet postponement post. He thinks of us like family! Awwww! I had already realized I wasn’t going to be able to go to the concerts I had planned (cardiopulmonary condition) so it is not the loss for me that I’m sure it is for others. This way I hope to be able to use all those tickets!

  5. refnaf says:

    So appreciate this post TOfan!
    So glad to be a fan of this wonderful man….
    Love the little clip he gave us!!! Eeeeep
    Stay safe everyone!

  6. Gwen says:

    Absolutely perfect, you always have the exact words to say, you always lift us up and bring a smile. Kinda like someone else did with his sweet note. Although we were all saddened he still touched our hearts as only he can do. Thank you. You bet we need to buy, share, promote, listen to David’s new song. Let’s get it to #1.
    OK ALL RIGHT let’s do it. 💚

    • Thank you David for that song at this hour of our greatest concerns.

      Over these last few years I have met so many people through our travels to hear David sing and I am thinking about those times and everyone now.

      I will be passing his song along to some family members who I spent the day with as we were being told to not leave our homes and everything surreal that went with that message. It seems to be one of our darkest hours and through TOfan we have received his most meaningful, compassionate song and that’s David. 😌

      SB 🇨🇦

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