Find a guy who can do it all

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 3.04.27 PM


Yes, I know I also tweeted this out… but just going to leave it here too… because I can. 🙂 (Happy New Year, btw!!!)

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12 Responses to Find a guy who can do it all

  1. Sheila says:

    This is awesome!!

  2. amb4da says:


  3. janey79 says:

    this is far too enjoyable.

  4. TOfan says:


    Thoughts?????? Flails????

  5. janey79 says:

    i can’t breeeeeeathe.

  6. Pepper says:

    Cute post! Those song samples and “Just Breathe” sounds gorgeous. This new music should be pretty incredible, oh ya. 🙂

  7. refnaf says:

    This is so good!!!
    And I’m definitely loving Breathe and I’m on team #fluffy!!!
    Love HIM!!

  8. MissB says:

    i love your version of the 4 SM looks even better than D’s! Which was brilliant.
    More snippets soon, hope, hope! #TeamWowThatIsFLUFFY

  9. TOfan says:

    If you missed David’s insta live last night, this lovely person uploaded to YouTube… it was like just hanging with David for an hour hearing some cool backstories to songs interspersed with random singing of everything from Angels to Stomping the Roses 😍😍😍.

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