Get tissues ready for Taterzen’s Boise/Vegas recap

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David walking like an Egyptian… because he can.


David Archuleta’s Spring Tour de Force

Sometimes I get questions about my wish to attend as many concerts as possible during one David Archuleta tour. “Isn’t the concert the same at every stop?”

Pshhh! Not even close!

Each concert is unique—performance, stage banter, fan meetups, VIPs, audience response, not to mention the singularly popular David Moment. Guarantee one will happen, and you don’t want to miss it. So, you go, and you go as often as you can,

Months ago, my concert get-up-and-go inexplicably got-up-and-went. I am now forced to choose when and where more carefully. This tour? Boise and Las Vegas.

I have a lot to share about Las Vegas and will explain why later. But first, Boise. It’s where I live. How thoughtful of David to come to me when it is getting more difficult for me to go to him.

The Boise crowd made it a party! A surprise party really, because there were many people there who were seeing David live for the first time, and the response was great! Granddaughter Emily joined us, her first David concert since her mission. I also loved seeing fans who do manage to attend concert after concert after concert. This fan base is a fun base.

David was on fire; and if you have read that about him on other tours, this was serious fire. Plus, he was having a great time while on fire; that can’t be easy.

David sang “Touch My Hand” to engage with the audience and did this by coaxing people to the stage while he was singing. He went stage left and began to beckon one girl to come to him. She had a “who me?” look that turned to sheer joy when he beckoned her again. He chose another, and then another.

By the time David moved to stage right and began a second round of beckoning, fans had it figured out. There was a rather eager response and some obvious competition to get to David. No fisticuffs erupted, but it was close.

David did himself proud in Boise. He is always on the upgrade. We should not be surprised at this, but we always are.

Oh, and “Paralyzed?” Yes, I was. I am. That song. Bona fide dealmaker.

David’s Las Vegas appearance with the Zion’s Youth Symphony & Chorus coincided with a preplanned visit to see family, and I decided to buy tickets to the concert for every family member over the age of 5. The sticker shock almost got me, but a promise is a promise and I will never complain about it again because of what happened later.

Some background:

I have been preaching the good news of David Archuleta’s voice since 2008. Family response has varied. Some became believers. Others are polite; they pay deference to my advancing age and the fact that I am The Mom. Nobody dislikes David because that is impossible.

All four of my children are into music at some level, music lovers to music pros. Two married daughters were at the concert. Middle daughter, Sara, started life with severe vision problems. Even after getting help, she leaned heavily on senses other than sight for her unique perspectives of the world. She brings them to her music.

Sara is a pianist, an organist and a vocalist. She has taught both piano and voice. She is extremely opinionated about music. (Sorry, Sara, but you know you are.)

As usual, David gave his all in that concert. I knew I would love it and I did. “Only in Sleep” was stunning perfection, an incredibly beautiful I-will-never-be-the-same-after-this perfection.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 10.50.57 AM.pngI was anxious about Sara’s opinion, but learned nothing until the next day. She sent me her thoughts; and with her permission, I will let quotes I pulled from her long email serve as a concert recap.

I’ve seen videos and heard recordings of David for the past 10 years or so. They do not give him justice, something I noticed less than a second after he began to sing. There are things only the human ear can pick up no matter how advanced the digital recording is. There is also energy the performer emotes that is difficult to translate to digital media.

I didn’t know we would be so close to the stage for the concert on Monday. I could see every detail and was both fascinated and mesmerized. I could see the science of his singing, the functions to produce his sound. I could see the muscles in his jaw move in his open mouth, and yes, his epiglottis. I wanted to run up there with a mini flashlight, shine it in his mouth and see what his soft palate was doing. He has to have incredible control over all of his singing muscles.

One thing is sure. He definitely has his own unique sound. I really haven’t heard anything like it. Ever. I got all weepy and cried through every one of his songs.

He sings because he loves to sing and connect with the audience. There are so many artists who aren’t great singers but very popular and “successful” because they are showy and flashy. They leave it up to the sound engineers to “fix it in the mix” when they record.

I think David has worked hard to strengthen his singing muscles; he really has a lot of vocal stamina. I would love to see and hear his warmups.

Now my ears have been spoiled. If I hear more recordings from David, I am going to wonder what the song sounds like live.

Nothing about him is fake. I sure got that message. He is the real deal. I had no idea my heart would be so touched. It completely caught me off guard.

I tend to silently judge other vocalists, what they’re doing wrong or what they can improve. I thought of nothing for David. I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging open during every song he sang.

With music, we can communicate on a physical plane and on a spiritual plane. I’ll bet David has healed many hearts as he connects spirit to spirit through song. His voice reaches and penetrates where words fall short.

I am convinced there are angels who help us. I think David must have his own set of angels to sustain him and lift him up. They probably even sing with him.

Pretty sure I gained another believer here. Best fan payday ever.


(as Sara said, videos & recordings don’t do David justice… but it’s all we had, it’s all we haaaaaad (sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂 )… and eternally grateful to Shelley et al for sharing!!!!!)

[Sadly, I can’t find a single Boise video but if anyone has one, or a Peri link, please add to comments!]

So instead, here’s an awesome interview from Fresno that I’d missed because I was *ahem* in Fresno, lol… thank you, JR!!!!

Photos: Team D’Arch

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13 Responses to Get tissues ready for Taterzen’s Boise/Vegas recap

  1. janey79 says:

    i tried to leave a comment but the screen is all kinds of blurry.

  2. Sheila says:

    Wow, just wow.
    The part about angels…😭😭.

  3. TOfan says:

    Not many recaps move me to tears but, oh ya, this one sure did!!! Thank you, Eileen & Sara!!!!

    “Now my ears have been spoiled. If I hear more recordings from David, I am going to wonder what the song sounds like live.”

    I feel like David’s spoiled my ears for a lot of reasons, lol… but THIS!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. refnaf says:

    Awesome recap Taterzen!!!!
    So cool to hear your daughter’s thoughts!!! “Nothing about him is fake” Amen! This says a lot! So cool to have others get why we would go to as many shows as possible on the same tour! Every thing is special each time…… love your descriptive writing!
    Twas awesome to see you again and meet your family (glad they got there safely 🙏), and that Emily could be with you at the rocking Boise show!!! Makes me even more excited for our Toronto show that I will share with sis, 2 daughters, granddaughter and friends!!! Woot to the hoo!!

  5. Pepper says:

    Taterzen, wonderful recap, always love reading your thoughts, feelings, humour and insights about your concert experiences. Sara’s thoughts were so beautiful to read! Good of her (and you) to share. So true, there is nothing like David’s live performances, he is a Master. His perfect recordings sound even more perfect when performeds live. The nuances, surprises and the electrified energy he brings are unforgettable. I think a lot of us can say our ears have been spoiled!
    Thanks for sharing so beautifully.
    Oh….and that video of “Only In Sleep”, so moving. Great interview too, thanks Deb.

  6. missbianca says:

    Thank you for your awesomeage recap. ‘Twas the best seeing you in Boise even though we did not have long for mutual fangirling. I know we were both drained and left our energy on the stage just watching David. [Side note: Y’all should see Mr and Mrs Taterzen hold court in Boise. I think they knew at least half the audience members.]

    I am so glad Sara got to experience David in person! I admit, I don’t listen to as many videos as I used to because the electricity just isn’t there. It’s wonderful to hear a Pro comment on the hard work David has done to be able to sing as he does. My favorite line, “He definitely has his own unique sound. I really haven’t heard anything like it. Ever.” Such validation for the many trips we’ve made to David’s concerts. There’s nobody like him. Anywhere.

    Oh, while I’m here I would like to ramble on about the two VERY different–but of course outstanding–concert experiences I had from this tour. First we went to Ithaca, a small standing venue filled with young, energetic fans. I was in back of the crowd, having given my spot in the front to some delightful young fans who (like most of the audience, I suspect) had never seen David live. in my wheelchair, I am very very VERY short and I only saw glimpses of David as he rocked the house. But I saw all the crowd and the energy was off the charts!

    My second concert was Boise. It was to have been Cleveland but I was in the “shoot me now” phase of a bad cold which would turn to bronchitis and then to pneumonia. Anyway, Boise was a seated theater venue. You’ve all seen pictures of the well-restored Egyptian decor. It was quite the place! We were in row H, on the stage left aisle, with a sweeping view of the stage and all that happened there. Young folks screamed and shouted and politely crowded the stage but while David gave it his all, the energy did not carry to our seats. We could see it, we could hear that great voice (and far too much bass drum), but the feeling was just not the same. I was very happy we’d made the trip but next time? Sign me up for more Ithacas!

  7. haroldcpim says:

    So glad Sara gets it he gives me goose
    Bumps every time I see him live. He touches
    People heart with his gift!!! He is special

  8. Anonymous says:

    Taterzen, thank you for your great recap, always love reading them! A
    And thanks to Sara for her incredible insight, it is a fascinating read. I admire and appreciate his gift now even more that before, thanks to you!

  9. Spirit says:

    What a wonderful concert recap and beautiful analysis of David’s vocal ability. Adding my appreciation and thank you to Taterzen and her daughter. You definitely needed to be more specific about the number of tissues needed for this, TOfan!

  10. TOfan says:

    Tonight’s VIP courtesy of The Shellster!

  11. janey79 says:

    that’s a wrap @davidarchie. you done good, bro.

  12. janey79 says:

    only in sleep, Vegas, show #2 (my new favorite song).

  13. Kizzi says:

    I loved this especially Taterzen
    ..”I’ve been preaching the good news of David Archuleta’s voice since 2008…” ☺

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