.@DavidArchie’s amazingly awesome @Reddit #AMA


In case you missed David Archuleta’s amazing #AskMeAnything session on Reddit, check out some of his answers below… (for the questions, go to THIS PAGE).












“As a redditor myself”??? SOOOOOO many questions, lol.

How awesome was this?? Insights into what he’s been going through and working through… into his new music… so much kind and thoughtful advice and guidance to others. I’m not biased at all when I say he. is. just. the. absolute. best.


Thanks so much for doing this, David!!!

What did you guys think?? Which answer struck you the most?

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11 Responses to .@DavidArchie’s amazingly awesome @Reddit #AMA

  1. No bias here Deb! He is THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! His kind and thoughtful answers really show who he is, who he’s always been, the David that we have loved all through these years! The answer that made me teary was his explaining what it feels like to be a singer (A #3 posted) by talking about his 9-yo self.❤️ Aaannd who knew he’s been a long-time redditor??!! Am I really the first to comment?? This is the perk of having time off yippee!!

  2. MissBianca says:

    It was GREAT! I especially loved the snark and generally the wit in what I assume were real-time answers. I had a tough time following during the event since I was on my phone with the teeny weenie screen but with the link you posted, I can go back and read it all. The questions he didn’t get to could be VIP Q&A fodder.

  3. Pepper says:

    Thanks for bringing this here. I didn’t get on when it was happening but checked it out later. Lots of good questions and great responses from David. I think he would make a terrific social worker / therapist but glad he chose music. He would make a great singing therapist too! Think he already is one. 🙂

  4. refnaf says:

    This was awesome in every way!!!!!
    Such great answers (and questions)
    I was happy to see his answer on the “continuing music when he has a family” question! So decisive and confident! CAN NOT quite wrap my head around getting new music this year!! I am still enthralled with PiTS!
    I am a very happy fan!!!

    • MissBianca says:

      Oh, I SO agree with you about PiTS! It still has so much to say to me. Of course I loved WiTA, especially David’s own songs on it. I heard David say–er, saw him type that there would be covers and stuff, but it would be hard for me to see any PiTS song taken off the playlist. Could the new stuff be even more beautiful and catchy? His growth has been incredible already.

    • TOfan says:

      enthralled is the perfect word!! 😍

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