Super awesome, amazing interview!!

Run, don’t walk, to read the interview David just tweeted out, HERE.

It still slays me after all these years how candid he is about his insecurities, about the learning curve he’s on, and how he’s working through things. He just puts it out there and then he gets up every day, battles those demons and puts one foot in front of the other. Seriously, though, he really does.

I’m really glad he’s finally getting it that  promoting your music isn’t bragging  or an ego-trip (well, for some people, I’m sure it is, lol)…  it’s so cool to see that he’s finally seeing it as doing people a favour… by not DENYING them the knowledge that these incredible gems of songs are out there as bouquets of flowers for their ears.

I heard the phrase today “music is medicine” and I can’t think of anyone it applies to more perfectly.

Especially for Postcards in the Sky, what an incredible album, and I really hope this new PR person he mentions in the interview can help him spread the word far and wide.

Here are my fave bits:

.5c3e7ac582207_David Archuleta Photo credit- Robby Klein.jpg

You are preparing to head out on tour to promote your album Postcards in the Sky soon–what has you most excited to tour this record?

I toured a bit on this album last year and I’m excited to give another run to sharing these songs. I feel the messages still need to be shared with more people. It was my first official release as a fully independent artist and there was a lot that I was learning about marketing on my own. I’ve learned a lot from releasing a Christmas album, Winter in the Air, and hiring a new PR person who has been so great.

I want to get back to reminding people I did a pop album with messages to help them look at themselves and believe in them a little more. I was just talking about the Postcards album in my Instagram story yesterday and I got so many messages saying, “I didn’t know about this album,” and they were glad I mentioned it.

It has been a good lesson for me to realize I can’t just announce something once and then shy away from promoting myself because I miss the opportunity to share with so many fans who just happen to miss it in the sea of all the other posts and updates they get. I hope this will introduce the Postcards music to more people and impact them to be introspective in their lives and move forward with more hope and belief in themselves and in a greater force guiding each of us.

You just finished a tour based around your Christmas album though! How do you find the energy to tour this much?

Touring is like the perfect thing I need to keep pushing myself out of my comfort zone, and I’m receiving so much from it. I am an introverted person that doesn’t like attention, and it’s easy to stay inside and not get much done and think that I’m nobody special that will make a difference. Particularly during winter, I feel better under the covers doing nothing and can feel unmotivated, which doesn’t help me feel better about myself. A tour helps put pressure on me to work toward something, and when I get on the stage I realize that people really do want to listen to me and actually enjoy the music I create. It inspires me to think of more thoughts and stories to share in music. I see the faces of people as they smile or reflect during a song, but much more often than that, I feel the reciprocation of emotions they’re experiencing as they hear a message or melody.

I love music and performances because you give people an experience they just might remember and take with them as some motivation to get through a rough week, maybe busy with studies, work, or a family issue. It’s nice to let people have something that refreshes their mind like music and a show. It refreshes me too!

You’re also already working on a new album as well–any idea when fans might hear a taste of that?

I’ve been writing already and I’m getting back into the studio next week for 2019. My goal is to try more fresh-sounding ideas, as I wasn’t too worried about being current on Postcards in the Sky. My goal is to have an album by fall and content to hear before that. I’m hoping to try some things out, even if it’s just one song on the tour to see fans’ responses. I need to step up my game though to be ready by then. I don’t mean just technically, but emotionally, because I hesitate a lot to share things before the grand reveal of an official album or single release. “What if they don’t like it?” “What if they get bored of it before it even comes out?” I just tend to be a worry wart.

Full interview HERE.

How about you guys, what did you think???

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16 Responses to Super awesome, amazing interview!!

  1. janey79 says:

    What a marvelous time to be a fan! I’m so excited for 2019!!!

  2. MissBianca says:

    I think this is a marvelous interview, with great insights into next year. And I can’t wait!

    Do you think the PR guy can represent “Postcards” as well as he did “Winter in the Air”? This could be grand.

    David is a “worry wart.” Hey, join the club!

  3. Pepper says:

    Excellent David interview. Quite certain 2019 is going to be another terrific year, with more music, more good things coming! Yes, the PR has been great.
    “it’s so cool to see that he’s finally seeing it as doing people a favour… by not DENYING them the knowledge that these incredible gems of songs are out there as bouquets of flowers for their ears.”
    Yes, absolutely! They really are bouquets of flowers for our ears! With many roses of exquisite beauty. 🙂

  4. amb4da says:

    💙🎶🙃💕🎶💖🙆 Lovvvved this interview, and the way he beautifully articulated everything from touring, connecting, caroling, writing, Christmas, goals, Idol, marketing, promoting, new PR, (which I hadn’t known, but felt during the impressive WITA promo)….just all of it. Excellent interview!
    ps. 🙃❤️😊

  5. amb4da says:

    pps. #ConfidentDavid #SelfAwareDavid #True2himselfDavid #Rules

    • janey79 says:

      i have to say, i really like this song and it’s pop-ish roots.i wonder if David is considering something like this when he says he might experiment with new sounds? as executive producer of WITA, i think he made some bold and interesting choices. even though i don’t always agree them, it’s wonderful to see him branching out and appealing to more than one demographic. he’s still one of the few artists who offer a show that everyone from grannies to pre-teens (and younger) can enjoy.

      • TOfan says:

        Glad you like the song, Janey, the only part I like is when David’s singing, lol… and it doesn’t sound that current or radio-friendly to me, but what do I know. 😂

        He’s mentioned Post Malone and Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, which are sounds I think would work really well for him… I think he really loved seeing people up and dancing and having fun during Christmas Every Day and I bet he’d love for one of his new pop songs to grab people like that. Just a guess. 😊

        • janey79 says:

          He most def could of been (if he had wanted to be) the first Shawn Mendes. I have to admit, I rarely listen to the radio, only when my gkid is in the car. It’s an eye (ear!) opener, that’s for sure.

  6. emmegirl14 says:

    She has a lovely voice, and I really like their voices together.
    But his voice just lifts everything that he sings
    I will never ever ever tire of that voice.

  7. janey79 says:

    Two words. I’m Ready. What a ridiculous voice he has. His IG post made me think of the time he said I’m going to make them understand it. I heard I’m Ready in a whole new way last night.

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