BYU Spectacular recap from the lovely and amazing Taterzen

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.51.10 PM.pngDavid Archuleta and the Spectacular Spectacular

I am amused by the fact that the online Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a “spectacular” as being “something that is spectacular.”

The word is also related to “being a spectacle,” but that was totally my personal category over the weekend, of which I will say but a little. Be glad.

Semantics aside, just know that if you witness something spectacular done spectacularly, you are indeed at a spectacular. I saw it, and he did it, and I am beyond grateful I was there in person.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.52.50 PM.png

I would go to all of David’s concerts if I could, and I have gone to many; but I can no longer go without some help. Even then, it takes determination and courage. These days, I tend to buy “just in case” tickets and generally end up selling them. Not this time!

It was very last minute, but everything fell into place for the weekend: a willing husband had free time; our Chicago daughter and two of our granddaughters would be in Provo; fortuitous timing for a business appointment in Salt Lake City; a visit to a beloved aunt who just turned 103; dinner out with four of hubby’s five siblings and their spouses; and more, so much more. See? It was meant to be. A customized blessing. If I could jump, it would be for joy.

On to the show…

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.53.33 PMIn order for me to manage walking, it was imperative for us to park as close as possible to the Marriott Center, so we went quite early to snag a spot. The lot was relatively empty, but we just stayed in the car, feet up, chatting, reading, relaxing… As I think about it now, we must have looked like a couple of confused senior citizens who had lost their way.

When the doors to the venue finally opened, we went in, made a gingerly descent down the stairs, found our seats and sat down. The first thing I noticed was David’s “Numb” video playing on the gigantic scoreboard display over the arena. People were paying attention; and if you have ever wondered if David would look good on the big screen, the answer is somewhere between an inadvertent squeal and a resounding “Yes!”

Any review of the concert would have to include the word “fun.” BYU’s performance groups were having a blast. They were talented, prepared, and BYU smiley. The 90-minute program had the right variety at the right pace.

I enjoyed Colbie Caillat, her down to earth personality, her appreciation for a new experience, and her music. A genuine artist sharing good stuff.

I know many of you watched the concerts by means of various Periscopes (bless those people!) and you continue to watch (repeatedly) any videos that pop up. I can’t add much description to what you have seen and heard.

Being there was definitely an upgraded experience, but it doesn’t take away the stunning effect felt by every fan, wherever they were watching, when David sang “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” And judging by what I saw at the concert, there are new fans who were equally stunned. How could anyone forget it?

My own reaction was utter speechlessness, a rare occurrence. I was not devoid of feeling, but I sure couldn’t describe it, not adequately anyway. How many times has David performed something and we tend to think, “Wow, he may have peaked with that one,” and then he just goes out and does it again?

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.54.56 PM

One of my favorite things to do at a concert like this is to observe the audience, especially if David’s live performances seem to be new to some of them. He is always much more than they expect him to be. This concert was no different.

The man who sat behind us the first night knew about David, knew he was popular in Utah and wondered out loud if David was “always invited to these sorts of things.” When David finished slaying everyone there with the Elton John number, this guy had to be one of the first on his feet for the standing O. He was cheering and whistling and still talking about it during the final number.

A similar something happened the second night to a couple behind us who had come for Colbie Caillat, and only Colbie. I couldn’t tell if they even knew who David was, or if they had ever been near BYU before. I can only assume from their repeated expressions of “Wow! Wow!” after David sang that they know who he is now.

I just love it when these things happen. I feel like Mama Bear, knowing everyone is safe and everything is exactly how it should be.

I wanted to give some advice to the group of beautiful and chatty coeds sitting to our right on Friday night: Ladies, you can’t actually make David Archuleta love you. You can only stalk him and hope for the best.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 5.55.44 PMJust one more personal post-concert goodie here: One of my Las Vegas daughters called me on Saturday to see how I was managing the travel and if I had enjoyed the concert. I promised to send her a link of David singing “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” when I got home, and I did. She reported later to say that she had seen it (and loved it). She watched with her son, Eli, explaining to him that this was Grandma’s favorite singer. At age 3, Eli is the youngest of our eighteen grandchildren. He watched the video all the way through and then insisted on watching it again.

Eli had to give me his own report via Facetime:

“Grandma, I saw your boy singing and it was really good so I wanted to see it again and Mom let me. He had a big stage and those little stages on the side. I liked those little stages for him.”

This fan journey and the “little stages” of David’s career have been more interesting and rewarding than I ever imagined they would be. David Archuleta and his music simply make me happy. I can’t think of another way to say it. I wish him success in all facets of his life; he has certainly added goodness to mine.


(Photos: Rebekah Baker Photography. More here.)


Relive the magic with these videoooooooooooooos!
(big thanks to Muldur, Shelley, Shirley & Robert!)

Night 1


Night 2

Love this POV!

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14 Responses to BYU Spectacular recap from the lovely and amazing Taterzen

  1. TOfan says:

    I just love seeing the show through your eyes, Tates! I especially love hearing how other “normal” people reacted to the songs and David’s incredible talent.. And he was def. on FIYAH for these shows! Thank you!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. refnaf says:

    I’m so happy and thankful that you were able to get to this show!!
    Seeing him do these particular songs must have been such a highlight!
    Thanks for describing it so well!
    So sweet when peeps that don’t know what they are in for get gobsmacked!
    Hope the stars align again for you to get to a Christmas show! (((((hug))))

  3. MissBianca says:

    TZ, I’m so happy you got to go to all of these family and fan-ily events when the planets aligned. I felt the same way in February when David concerts and family events in New England made for an unforgettable trip. I will add that I am impressed at your courage and strength walking down those stairs (and up, I presume).

    DLTSGDOM is a gorgeous rendition of the song causing the rending of many hearts, including mine. I thought I heard a bit of Nashville in there; did I imagine it? And David is always into message songs, but I cannot figure out the message he is giving us here. Maybe it’s, “I can still make you cry any time I want to.” Pardon me, screen blurring.

  4. angelofdja says:

    Thank you very much for your recap Taterzen! What a great time it is to be a David fan! I feel so blessed on this journey as David, that VOICE & his music continue to make me happy too!
    My youngest grandson will be 2 at Christmas time; he has had me stop on the YouTube video of David & Nathan’s “Perfect” so many times! He sways & “sings” along! Warms my heart! ❤️

  5. Sheila says:

    Thanks so much for the recap, what a great experience!
    Love what you wrote about the ‘little stages’❤️

  6. roxfox says:

    ❤️🖤❤️🖤 that’s all. 😁

  7. Pepper says:

    Love the recap, always enjoy your recaps Taterzen. Happy that you were able to attend, some spectacular shows alright! David has a way of creating these unforgettable and outstanding moments. Someone said it before….the sun will never go down on David. He just illuminated everything with his performance of that song. Love watching the videos again, all his songs were so good.
    Love the feedback from your little grandson too! Thank you for sharing.

  8. dangitdavid says:

    “I can still make you cry if I want to”….best line ever when describing David!! You hit the nail on the head Miss Bianca!! He never ceases to amaze me…it’s so true that we just get settled into thinking he can’t possibly get any better…and then Wham!! He puts us in our place with a resounding “see what I just did there”. 😘😏😘😏 We should know better by now!! Will forever love the stories of how he blows new fans away with that voice….but really, have they been living under a rock for the last 10 years?? Welcome to the world of David my friends 😃❤️

  9. janey79 says:

    Taterzen thanks for the lovely recap! David was magnificent and truly the star of the show. I just have one burning question for you, do you ever address your wonderful grandchildren as tater tots?

    • TaterZen says:

      Why, yes janey, I have been known to do that, haha. It is a good collective designation for a large collection of grandchildren, although some of them are now tater teens.

      Thanks to all of you for your comments! I am still replaying the adventure in my head.

      • janey79 says:

        another question, upon replaying the adventure, does the experience grow fonder as time goes by? for me, the best shows just get better and better and the 2 shows i find at the bottom of the heap are a distant and fading memory. i often don’t remember the details of the actual performances but i can recall clearly (of the best shows) how they made me feel. it’s that sense of pure joy that i find so addictive and keeps me going back for more. what adds to that is seeing others (often first timers!) living the joy as well.

        ahhhh, David, what you do to me.

        • TaterZen says:

          Yes, I think it does. I can’t go as often now, so maybe that has something to do with it. David just gets better and better and we have watched him do it, so there’s that. I am always surprised when there are still obvious “first timers” who are so surprised at what he can do, but I love watching their reactions.

    • TOfan says:


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