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Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.33.24 PM

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Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.38.22 PM.png

Views update on the stripped down #10YearsofCrush Crush:

FB: 5 MILLION views! / 21K comments / 95K shares / 155K likes
IG: 55.7K views / 1,260 comments
Twitter: 634K views / 28K RTs /58K likes
YouTube: 78,185 views

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.43.34 PM


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5 Responses to #movingforward #thoughts

  1. Sheila says:

    David seems to be so happy at this point in his life, good for him! Whether it’s a new therapist, trainer or a combination of many things, happy for him. 🙂

  2. missbianca says:

    David always seems to find a direction forward in his music which is very inspiring. I hope he not only keeps moving forward, but that “forward” continues to be an evolution of the stuff we love.

    I’ve never heard the song “Fear is a Liar.” One thing I learned that was helpful was to ask that voice of anxiety, “What is the worst thing that could possibly happen? Could you deal with that?”

    • GrammyJ says:

      FYI – “Fear is a Liar”is a song by Christian artist, Zach Williams. It’s played on the Christian radio station I listen to in my car. The lyrics are really good!

  3. Pepper says:

    Good for David, focused on moving forward. Yes. he does seem to be in a pretty good place. He’s already a great guy. 🙂 That’s a beautiful setting in that photo, glad he takes time to relax in such places.
    Woooo to the Hooooooo….yes! That was definitely a good week of Crush celebrations!

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