There is a large branch in my eye

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“En un mar de dudas una voz, algo me quiere decir. Aunque me resista no lo niego, no puedo mentir. No había notado el vacío que había en mí. Nunca pensé que ahora encontrara esa parte de mí. Y ahora entiendo porque estoy aquí.” – #nuncapensé I wrote this song a few years ago in Spanish called Nunca Pensé. Sometimes we feel we’ve lost a part of us and feel something’s missing. Maybe we’ve always had that emptiness and don’t know where to find it. But often there is a voice within that guides us to discover that part of ourselves. Where is it from? I believe that we are connected to our past. To our ancestors. They are a great part of why we are who we are—parts we like and parts we don’t like about ourselves. Regardless, so many choices have been made for us to even exist (as Mrs. Which would point out in #aWrinkleinTime). It’s incredible to be you. I have a hard time believing it’s incredible to be me sometimes because I get on my nerves so much! But I look back and thank the lives before me to bring me the life I have. Honduran, Basque, Danish, Mexican, English roots are the heritage of some of those ancestors who’ve given me my life. I’m so grateful for that. I also believe the deepest root to my heritage and each of us is as a child of God. The great creator of this universe and worlds without end chose to bring me into existence. I may not always clearly see why He would want that, but I get to exercise faith every day to discover why. So I thank my Heavenly Father for the chance to be here, see the trees and mountains, hear kids laugh and play, hear and create music, connect with people of all walks of life whether across the world or next door, to make friends and bond with family, and simply to experience each new day given to me. With each day I look for ways I can contribute to this life, and the best ways are to “do small things with great love.” There’s an unseen potential in you and me. Now let’s discover what that is by doing the small and simple things. I guarantee you that if you do you will discover something new and wonderful about you and this life God has given to us. We’ll come to know Him and His vision of us. #thoughts #thankful #life

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Feeling grateful for this human.

How lucky are we, eh?

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4 Responses to There is a large branch in my eye

  1. janey79 says:

    how lucky are we? this L.U.C.K.Y.

  2. amb4da says:

    I just loved this IG post…I can see it didn’t just hit me in the ❤️. I love his reflections that he articulates so well. Whether it’s posts like this or songs he’s written…a line or two can shift my perspective about something…always a little “a-ha” moment. I especially love his constant message of “little things done with great LOVE”…such an attainable goal for any of us to strive for. Tks again, David…for just being you. Tks Deb…for giving us a place to come celebrate “the little” and the big things in DAland. (ps. Often, as they say, the little things are the big things. 🙂 )

    • janey79 says:

      thxs amb4da, i was just about to say the same thing, ” Tks Deb…for giving us a place to come celebrate “the little” and the big things in DAland.”, but since you just did, i’ll just leave it at that except to add that snowangelz is such a joyful place and i really appreciate that.

  3. Pepper says:

    Yes. once again David has shared some beautiful words from his heart. This: “It’s incredible to be you. I have a hard time believing it’s incredible to be me sometimes because I get on my nerves so much!” Aw David, one day you won’t get on your nerves so much. We do need to love and respect ourselves and others…”warts and all”. Although I don’t think David has any!
    I’ll add my thanks to Deb for keeping a space here to share and discuss the man and his music. So true, the little things done with love can be just as meaningful and often add up to a big difference for good.
    Love all the ’embraceable’ pictures here!

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