How awesome was this?!?

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Nighttime vibes. #imready – @bryanadams

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Did it remind anyone else of this? πŸ™‚

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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15 Responses to How awesome was this?!?

  1. emmegirl14 says:


  2. Pepper says:

    Yes, that was awesome alright, incredibly so. Reminds me how much I love David singing and at the piano. We need more. πŸ™‚

  3. Jane says:

    Love it. ❀️🎢❀️

  4. Poof says:

    Very. No comparison for me between songs. One from a man,,, other a boy.

  5. ray says:

    has our boy found his mkop,seams that way.

  6. TOfan says:

  7. Anonymous says:

    New song with Maddie P.!!!

  8. janey79 says:

    how awesome you ask? INCREDIBLY AWESOME.

    i have spent some vacation time and some solitary road tripping time recently and i must say, leaving behind the stress of work, not being too tired and focusing on other things without the daily distractions has given me an even deeper appreciation of David’s talent. not sure how that’s even possible but it is. it also dawned on me that he probably has just the right amount of fame that he’s comfortable with, enough to pay the bills and yet, can go unnoticed most of the time. it also occurred to me that it’s kinda cool that his level of musicianship and artistry is appreciated by a select chosen few, it’s kinda nice that we don’t have to share him with a stadium of people, you know what I mean?

    time and time again we get treated to what i consider the best voice and heart on the planet and we don’t have to share him with the world. i think we are incredibly lucky. i hope he feels the same.

  9. Kizzi says:

    Love it! 🀩😊

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