Riches in Richland: The lovely and amazing Awestruck’s recap

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Hubby said to me, after each of the shows we saw in Washington State: “This is the best concert David’s had!”

How does he keep re-inventing the same concert on tour, making it different each time, with his voice, his words, and his joy in his music and his Light?

Light because he makes me smile when I see him, cry when I hear him sing, remain attentive to his stories…

What we all know from attending a concert live or virtually is that David has found his way – and it shows!

His comfort level is apparent from his body language to his now “polished” (hubby again) rambling. His emotion within a song has reached a new level – how this happened was totally unexpected by me, I could never have imagined it possible. I think it is because he is allowing himself to share his messages/stories with the audience with complete honesty and openness.

The Richmond VIP (of about 35 people) was composed of mostly first timers, which was awesome – most of which had not seen David live before (I asked a lot of people this question, lol).

Yes, he is going to do a Christian/Faith Base/Gospel album – in answer to my question. (!!!!!) When asked about the background of Cracks of Heaven and why he doesn’t sing it in concert – David replied that it was written about the stages a person goes through when they lose someone – he did not give a personal example – and also said that there are 16 songs on the album and he couldn’t possibly sing them all…

Here are a couple of beautifulsoulxxx’s VIP videos (thank you!!!):


The concert itself.

Richland was electric! I have no new adjective with which to describe the way David sings.

The audience at this sold-out, 1,400-seat auditorium showed David some LOVE, let me tell you! Clapping, dancing, singing, cell-phone-light waving, arm/body swaying, cheering, quiet as church mice during Story Time… appreciative in all ways possible throughout the show as David wove a spell over everyone.

He brilliantly encored with Glorious and Crush. High-fiving his way back and forth across the stage until he finally left the stage – after 2 solid hours of giving ALL of himself.

I am so glad I encouraged this young gal seated in front of us to go stand right up at the stage during Crush. The joy on her face after he touched her hand was priceless. 🙂

I AM truly IN AWE of this young man.

Hubby and I took the opportunity to talk with Desmond (bass), Jay (drums) and Nick (guitar) after the show.

We told them that they were grooving along with David (at one point they were all doing the same side-to-side step together and the crowd went wild!) and that he seemed to really respond to their energy.

We thanked them for supporting David. Comments back were: “David is fun to work with,” “We are here to support David,” “We need a choreographer,” 🙂 “His voice is the purest I’ve ever worked with,” “He wants to tell his story and is happy when people take inspiration from them,” “He is honest and real”… very cool to get their perspective.

~ Awestruck

Some awesome clips here, scroll through!

Full disclosure: The picture up top isn’t from Richland, it’s Shelley’s from Mesa but I just think it’s an awesome shot! 🙂

Deb here… just had to share that I put a clip of Aiming for Hope (from Olympia) on Instagram and a friend of mine from “real life” 🙂 commented: “I remember this guy from Idol. He can really sing. Pure talent” ❤ ❤ ❤
Aaaaaaand… who’s excited for this song/video???!!! … featuring my fave of his shoes! 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 11.30.31 AM.png

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11 Responses to Riches in Richland: The lovely and amazing Awestruck’s recap

  1. GrammyJ says:

    Awestruck, thanks for the great recap! I’m glad David had another sold out show with the audience giving him lots of love. I’m happy to hear about the Christian album coming from David, and I can’t wait for the music video with Pete Hollens. It’s was fun viewing David’s and Nathan’s Instagram stories of the video shoot. They seemed to be having fun!

  2. NCGirl_Marylee says:

    Awesome recap! Always refreshing to hear thoughts from a husband’s perspective too 🙂

  3. Pepper says:

    Awestruck, what a lovely recap, thank you! So glad that you got to take in this show and the Richland concert sounds pretty amazing.. Nice that your husband enjoyed it too. Love the VIP vids, etc. and it sounds like it was a special time for all. David really is the ultimate performer now and to experience his live shows are truly wonderful and so memorable.
    Interesting that some of his shows are sold out and in larger venues. Not sure what constitutes that, whether it’s always location, faith based or something else. Sounds like a great crowd though with a great performer giving everyone a great experience. Thanks so much for sharing. ❤
    Deb, it's always nice when friends, etc. are so impressed with David. 🙂
    As for folk songs, really like them so I pre-ordered Peter's album with David (looking forward to hearing that one). Looking forward to the video too!
    Nice photos by the way….and yes, nice shoes. 🙂

  4. TOfan says:

    Awestruck, loved every word!!!! SO glad David got to close out his tour with a sold-out show and that you got to be there, thanks so much for sharing it with us!

    Really loved hearing what the band had to say, no surprises, but still really cool to hear! ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. janey79 says:

    I had the chance to chat with Mr. and Mrs. Awestruck in Yakima! I believe we met many moons ago during solo tour. I’d love to write a recap as well, but somehow words completely fail me this time around. I’m finding it impossible to convey how precious it is to see young gals and guys and not-so-young gals and guys be affected by the man on that stage – how he lights up their lives not by just singing, but by the person he is. The concert experience is a lot about hearing good music, that’s a given but let’s be honest, you can sit home and do that. What I go for is to celebrate David, with a room of like minded folks, it’s just that simple. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to show the love and have it returned 10-fold with a performance that knocks your socks off. And this time around, whether it was the symphony and chorus or Des, Nick and Jay, they were part of that celebration, everyone giving their all to ensure nothing but good vibes filled the space. Hats off to Garrin and Kari too, who make it all look easy and seamless. Without them, I know the concert experience would not be what it was for all of us lucky enough to be there.

  6. refnaf says:

    This “Hubby said to me, after each of the shows we saw in Washington State: “This is the best concert David’s had!”
    He keeps us wanting more!!
    Thanks so much for the recap!
    Was amazing seeing David and you guys in Yakima!
    Bring on Christmas tour dates already!!!

  7. awestruck says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

  8. missbianca says:

    Delightful to meet Mrs and Mr awestruck in Yakima! Knowing warm, real folks like y’all make David’s warm, real presence on stage meaningful. Thank you for the lovely recap.

    I came out of Yakima also saying, “This is the best concert David’s ever had!” Or given. Anyway, he continues to make my figurative jaw drop during every song. Or my eyes tear. Or both. Breathtaking.

    Silly story. In Seattle nearly every night is either overcast or there’s ground fog. So, not so many stars. When we were coming out of the Yakima venue, I exclaimed (fully believing it), “Look a star! … Oh wait it’s an airplane. Wait, THERE’s a star! … No! It’s another airplane. How about … how many airplanes can there be flying around Yakima?” I did a lot of star-gazing on the ride home though. I may have thrown a few cares into them.

    Last thought: Harvey could hardly stop talking about how hardworking Kari is and what a great person she is. ❤ to her!

  9. Thank you for the recap Awestruck!! I just love reading first-hand accounts of people’s experience at concerts. Makes me feel like I was there! So glad you were there at the last show, a sold-out show no less!! I am so happy I saw you and your lovely hubby (B&B!) at Yakima after how many years?? I think Janey said it so very aptly that it is the best feeling to “celebrate David, with a room of like minded folks.” That’s exactly it! I had an amazing and exciting time in WA because I got to see/hear/experience David and connect and reconnect with my fan friends!
    ~ vermeer (in case you don’t know who penciltopaper is!)

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