Olympia, words fail me


You guyyyyyyyys….

i am truly an emotional wreck right now.


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“Take a step, even when you fall it ain’t over yet. If you’re in the crossfire don’t forget, that you don’t have to be #invincible .” I have a tendency to give up on things. The feelings of not being good enough or simply being unmotivated have kept me laying in bed all day before. I’ve wanted to give up on school, on my career, on trying new things, and on myself a lot. It’s a battle that seems to not go away. I’ve also had to battle with an addictive personality. I’ve lost control to food, to video games, to anger, holding grudges, to pornography, fetishes, abuse and being manipulated (It’s a strong emotion that yes you can get addicted to and latch onto craving—even seeking after it) self-pity, excuse-seeking, and overall negative thinking. To social media, and yes, music. 🤯 You may not think all of these things are bad, but all of these things I have at some point lost self-control. But you know what? I keep trying. Through prayer and crying out to God, having family and close friends listen to me when I feel helpless and feel like giving up. They walk alongside me, cry with me, and help me get back on my feet when I’m lying on the ground. They’ve inspired me to become more than I thought I was. God knows we’re not perfect. He knows our bodies and minds provide us with plenty of weaknesses. But rather than letting them get the best of us, let us become stronger through them. “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.” – 2 Cor 12:10 I get discouraged. I get frustrated. I get distracted. I get lazy. I get angry. I get moody. I get suspicious of others’ intentions. I get lonely. But the more I go through it all I can look back and say “I got through it.. I fought through.” And that’s what matters. A moment of hope and inspiration also shines in the darkness. If you’ve felt like giving up, feel like a failure, feel like you’ve lost self-control, like you’re not good enough.. Know you’re not alone, and in your weakness you can be made strong. We weren’t designed to live perfectly, but we were designed to keep trying and overcome. 💪

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What. Is. This. Life.

I couldn’t Peri but took as many videos as I could tonight… it really was a very special night.

They are here:


Be sure to read the descriptions, they are the closest I’ll get to a recap rn… WAY too many emotions…
To be continued…..


EDIT: continued….

okay, i’ve had 24 hours to think about things… took David’s wise advice and spent some quality time in the beautiful Washington State nature… and here’s how I recall last night.

Stage 1: Super excitement for the VIP and show.

Stage 2: (after reading David’s insta post) super terror for the VIP and show

Stage 3: holding myself back from giving him the hugest hug in the universe at the VIP and show.

I don’t know if it was his manly scruff, or what, but when David walked out at VIP, I swear he looked 10 years older … so 26 😂 … I kid! I did think he looked and seemed older. In a good way.

He was chill and laid back and answered all the vip questions thoughtfully, as always. I asked about the Christmas album, how it would differ from CFTH (which I still love) and he said this one wouldn’t be as orchestrated but it would have some strings, and he’s recording them next week. And he’s written several original songs for it. 🙌🏼 🙌🏼🙌🏼

A couple of people asked about his songwriting… what is his process? (he said melody comes first to him) and what was the first song he ever wrote (Falling) and what instruments he played (he said piano, used to play guitar but he’s forgotten 😢).

He was asked for advice on stage fright and how to pursue a career in inspirational music. Oh and he sang a lovely happy birthday to several people.

He thought one girl put up her hand when he asked who else had a birthday and she said, “If you sing to me, it can be my birthday.” 😂

Come picture time it was fun to watch him do some crazy poses and dance moves with some of the girls. And when Ref and I went up we told him we didn’t need a picture, we were just there to support him, but he said, “You came all this way so why not get a picture,” so we basically leapt in front of the camera… when The Archuleta tells you to get a picture, you get a picture.

We took it with the well-travelled TimBits we brought him. 😂 And it’s probably my favourite vip pic… go figure.

The show itself was also one of my favourites to date. I felt so connected to each song… in the moment, “present” if that makes sense… and REALLY felt David expressing the meaning of every song… the acoustics of this place were incredible… if my little phone can take videos that sound that good you KNOW the acoustics were amazing.

A few times during the show I just sat back and marvelled at the gorgeous sound and tone of David’s voice and just soaked in every buttery note.

Love love LOVED this crowd! All ages, lots of gorgeous girls and guys. In fact one guy screamed out that David should’ve won Idol and he said thanks but that Cook was a great guy and now a Tennessee neighbour. 😍

Aiming for Hope and If I Could Only Imagine brought me to tears… and I was definitely not the only one.

And when David introduced those songs, you could literally hear a pin drop… complete and utter focus on his every word… not a rustle, not a cough…I literally think people were holding their breath, they were THAT captivated.

Other times, he was moving, he was grooving… if you can only watch one video, watch Someone to Love… he was in the ZONE! Soooooooo good. Soulful gahroovitude, as the lovely and amazing Beebs used to say. What my video didn’t capture was David, Desmond and Jay smiling and nodding and thumbs-upping each other afterwards because they knew how amazing it was.

I stood back a bit during Crush to catch the stampede towards the stage… so awesome… one girl literally almost pulled David off the stage and then proceeded to have a full on meltdown in front of me from the excitement of touching his hand…’‘‘twas awesome 😂.

i just love seeing all that love thrown his way. He deserves each and every morsel of it. (You DO, David, you DO!!!)

i just reread the insta post and I feel like the David I saw let loose on stage last night had a weight lifted off his shoulders. Or maybe not off his shoulders but from under his feet … where it was shaped like a giant pedestal.

All I know is that I couldn’t be prouder to be a fan of this very human being.

{{{{{{{❤️group hug❤️}}}}}

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18 Responses to Olympia, words fail me

  1. TOfan says:

    Wow, crickets…

    Did no one read that IG post??

    It was surreal walking into VIP last night almost right after reading it and trying to process it all (still working on that) but just wanted to say that David seemed very zen and relaxed… like maybe a burden has been lifted??

    The group of about 30-40 peeps were strangely silent when David strolled on stage adjusting his mic pack… but everyone loosened up once he said hello and started answering questions … i’ll recap more later if anyone is interested…

    In re-reading his insta post, and all the beautiful comments of support, i’m struck by how much trust and faith he had to put in us to share all that… when I first became a fan during idol, part of that was because of how real and vulnerable and human he seemed (not all slick and perfect and polished)… so the more things change, the more they remain the same….

    How about you guys?? Thoughts??

    • janey79 says:

      ” i’ll recap more later if anyone is interested…” yes, thank you – very interested! and i’m so glad you were there, the videos are spectacular, his voice and the acoustics were second to none. what a fantastic night!

      and to Kizzi, what a great sentence, “he had kept his vulnerability pleated with his strength of character and faith that seems unshakeable as well as so magnetically compelling”! yes, yes, yes.

  2. Kizzi says:

    Wow Deb. It is all just too much…I am slayed. The instagram is so amazing, complex, layered and like you said David is the same in so many ways from 2008 to today…he does not disappoint.

    I am so happy for David. He has realized his destiny and purpose…to inspire, to provide pathways of hope, to spread joy and love. Just David all the time!

    The “riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” that we saw in 2008 is still a wonder, a mystery, so spiritual and inspirational, the only change is he knows who he is and has wrapped his arms around his life and his career…he has achieved a balance that is beautiful to witness. And he has kept his vulnerability pleated with his strength of character and faith that seems unshakeable as well as so magnetically compelling. ODD Forever. LOL.

  3. Pepper says:

    Aw, an emotional and wonderful post. Been trying to get here to comment. Still so moved by David’s Instagram message. Yes, the fact that he shares his vulnerability and personal struggles with everyone is a testament to his trust, his character and his heart. How can you not be moved by that? I think it makes you admire him even more.
    Happy for you and Refnaf and your experience at the concert and what a great VIP pic! Are those Timbits I see? Perfect. Thanks so much for taking videos, I am just getting around to watching.
    Love your recaps by the way….am always interested in more. 🙂
    ….and thanks for sharing this and ditto to what Kizzi said.

  4. Sheila says:

    Words are failing me too!
    I so appreciate your videos,thank you!!
    I keep rereading his IG post, I hate that he beats himself up
    so much when we see all the good that he brings to the world.
    I honestly don’t know anyone in my life who is as truly good as he is.
    I hope he sees the positives in himself but sometimes in your
    20’s you just don’t see those things.
    Thanks Deb, always love your posts!

  5. Words didn’t fail me as you can see. I took the liberty of bringing my entirely too long comment I posted at FOD. I hope you don’t mind and please feel free to edit or delete as you see fit. This is how I felt after reading his Instagram. I should add here that I’m wondering why he felt the need to share at that particular time right before a performance. On the other hand, what strength of character it took for him to do so.

    Here from FOD are my thoughts…

    I don’t comment much anymore, actually not at all. However like many long time fans of David, even those like myself who stepped back for a time due to personal life’s issues, still check out what and how David is doing. I was fortunate to see David last year in concert but the days of following him from concert to concert like I did in the early years are no longer possible for me for various reasons. I changed and he changed as he was going in what was a more LDS-based career.
    That said, I just read David’s heartfelt “confession” if you will, about some of his deepest and darkest feelings and fears that have been plaguing and eating away at him for who knows how long. After reading his post, I was surprised he was so open but not really shocked about his revelations especially after his sister’s revelations a while back. Like Kim, and others here, it made him even more endearingly human. I believe David’s fan base thinks of him as too good to be true and that’s really a disservice to David as it puts a huge weight on his shoulders to live up to that almost impossible pedestal we put him on. I was guilty of seeing David as a perfect, larger than life, angelic-like being and telling him so, not in those words, but pretty close. Then time passed and I changed and David went way in another direction I wasn’t completely into as I said before, though his vocals and performances are still as mesmerizing as always. What a huge relief it must have been for him to open up in a public forum. I hope David feels a sense of peace. My wish is that he realizes the demons he has dealt with are by no means his alone as many people of all ages have some of the same demons they have fought with and have endured and come out stronger when they no longer harbor them with the pretense that all is well in their world. I think David knows he took a huge leap of faith by opening up to his fans and I’m glad he did. I admired him immensely before but now, my admiration has increased tenfold. I hope he continues to be his own man, fierce and courageous and lets go of the guilt.

  6. missbianca says:

    Cricket4128 here. It was a wonderful, extra-special, lovely night, and I’m “pirating” all your videos. I was afraid I’d burst into tears when I saw him, but he looked relaxed and happy. Nobody brought up anything about the Instagram post during Q&A and I was relieved there were good questions to be answered. Nothing about, “Hey, that bunch of postcards you tossed into the Instagram sky…”

    I am very sensitive to the topics of perfectionism and depression. I almost killed myself with the depression I had due to expecting more of myself than I would ever expect of any human. It hurt to read D’s post, even as I understood his desire to turn his pain into good for others. Nature and religion are for him the two paths to feeling full and I am so glad he has found them. He has never claimed to be perfect–far from it, if you’ve paid attention he has frequently said (paraphrasing here), “You say you love me but maybe you wouldn’t if you really knew me.”

  7. mlpb3 says:

    Thank you so much for your recap and videos. All I can say at this point is how much respect I have for him and also wish he wouldn’t beat himself up. It meant the world to hear you say that it appeared a weight had been lifted and hat that pedestal was too difficult for him to handle so he joined the world with the rest of us. All I’ve seen from fans is love and positivity toward him. I’m glad you witnessed it first hand.

  8. Gwen says:

    Beautifully said, brought tears. Thank you for bringing this show to us and as you so marvelously do , describe David and his performances. I too am so so very very proud to be a fan of this beautiful person who is as real as they get . So happy to hear you say he appeared to have a burden lifted from him. Thanks Deb.

  9. GrammyJ says:

    Ditto to what everyone has said. Thanks, Deb, for this recap. I too admire David for his vulnerability and honesty. It took me much longer than David to realize that we all have struggles and no one has it all together. I am so thankful he is using his platform to inspire and help others. I’m excited he will be recording his new Christmas album next week!

  10. Jani says:

    Thank you, Deb, for this beautiful post, and yes, of course, we want more. So glad you got to experience him post Instagram. Love everything you wrote and can now relax and enjoy your vids!

  11. Shirley Cook says:

    Thank you Deb for this wonderful recap and your videos! I ALMOST feel like I was there with you! This is WONDERFUL and so are YOU!!

  12. emmegirl14 says:

    Opening yourself completely is a tough deal in private, let alone public. He possesses a courage I do not. I think he tends to be hard on himself, he sets a pretty high bar. I can’t think of a single person I know who doesn’t have a list of what one could call “addictive” behaviors. While he is labeling himself he forgot one very important label …. human.

    • Kizzi says:

      Hi emmegirl! {{{{{{👋}}}}}}

      Human indeed. How wonderful of him to share his humanness with fans. He is imperfectly a human who shares who he is and what he thinks and feels. I am always inspired by his openness and shared vulnerability throughout his career. That takes a strong sense of self and powerful moral compass. Humans are imperfectly perfect after all.

      So good to see your name again. I mostly lurk and am, like everyone here, a David fan forever!

  13. Spirit says:

    As always, loved your recap, Deb! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and for the amazing videos. The sound is INCREDIBLE, and his voice is beyond perfection. I think the change-ups he did are some of my favorite ones ever! Can’t stop listening and marveling!

    I, too, was surprised at his candid Instagram post. His soul baring breaks my heart and warms my heart all at the same time. I do think it was cathartic for him, as well as helpful to others who struggle with these common issues in life. It’s wonderful to see the support, encouragement, and gratefulness expressed by so many. I’m sure it was hard to resist giving him a hug!

  14. angelofdja says:

    Thank you for sharing your awesome recap and videos Deb! David sounded better than ever! It seems it was cleansing for him to post his feelings, and from what I see from these videos his comfort level has skyrocketed! David sure has found his way and I couldn’t be happier for him! I’m proud and thankful to call myself a forever fan!

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