The mysterious case of the missing wallet: A 7-part IG podcast







So, there are a few things I love about this latest David adventure.

  1. The loveliness of the airport store ladies taking to Twitter to get David’s wallet back to him.
  2. The equally lovely fans who knew Kari would ultimately save the day.
  3. That face.
  4. How David is in such a rush to catch his flight, he proceeds to interview all the peeps involved, take names so he can thank them properly, and fill us in on such vital details as, “She tweeted me twice.”
  5. How no matter how long he spends in Utah, he still has a full-fledged southern drawl now.
  6. That giggle.
  7. The smile on the young lady with her hair up in Part 2, above. Hey, we have all smiled that smile, my friends.
  8. How he’s a celebrity in an airport but he ends up fanboying over meeting a young missionary headed to Argentina.
  9. Did I mention that face??
  10. Him singing “Contigoooo Peruuuuuu.”
  11. Wondering if the reason he was desperate to get his wallet back was because this was inside:


Just ‘cuz … from @rhiminee’s awesome Tumblr.
And not sure why Nathan’s sharing this before David, but I’LL TAKE IT!!!! 😆
Also, “don’t forget” … as if! 🙂

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5 Responses to The mysterious case of the missing wallet: A 7-part IG podcast

  1. janey79 says:

    this post is all kinds of lovely 😉 muchas gracias mi amiga!

  2. Poof says:

    Hi everyone! I was the person sad, ok whining, because I missed David’s concert in Portland OR by one day because I had to be out of town. I would like to happily report I just got tickets to see him in Pawling NY, an hour from my daughters home! I am very excited since I haven’t seen him in concert since before the mission and then just once.
    Also want everyone to know I was on the website at 10 when tickets went on sale and the best tickets were already sold out! So if you have plans to go,, get crackin!

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