Countdown to Postcards in the Sky



It’s 37 measly days until David Archuleta unleashes Postcards in the Sky on us!!!

I need more time to relish the sweet anticipation of this!

(You’re probably saying, ‘More time??’ … #DA2014 was three, THREE years ago!)

So are you ready??!

Can you handle the anticipation??!

New songs! New videos! New shows! Oh my!

It just struck me today that it’s right around the corner, so I’m clearly not ready.

It takes me a while to process things and I haven’t had to process new, original-song album news since, well, 2010.

I was still grooving to #Orion when #Leo came out. And I’ve had that on repeat ever since.

And now I need to make room in my brain and in my heart for brand new stuff??

I clearly need to up my B12 dosage.

How about you guys??

I’m curious as to which songs you’ve been most drawn to… so here’s My Little Poll:



Another poll because, why not?

Which performance outfit is your fave?

1. Suitchuleta



2. Archuflex



3. Prepster David



4. Calm, cool and caj.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 12.21.54 PM


5. Anything he can dance in.





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16 Responses to Countdown to Postcards in the Sky

  1. Moelita says:

    I couldn’t pick a favourite . I love both Orion and Leo. I’m just hoping that the full album has at least 7 more songs. As for his outfit, I liked what he wore in his Facebook live broadcast. David usually wears t-shirts that are a size too big for him and I liked that the white t-shirt actually fit him. Can’t wait for the new tour. I’m not attending any shows but I am looking forward to videos and recaps from everyone, especially from the Philippines.

  2. angelofdja says:

    I couldn’t pick a favorite either! These gems are some of David’s best!
    I remember many of us saying, “wait til he’s 25 years old”! Well…that was a mere year or so ago and I’m happy to say 25/26 looks great and sounds great on him! We are very lucky fans!

  3. oliveoil says:

    Mo and Angel, I can’t pick a favorite either. Each one is so different and has its own personality. If I had to remove one song from my playlist I honestly could not choose one. I finally figured out why he is my favorite artist. Because his voice combined with the lyrics,melody, and emotion in his music really do make me feel warm, happy and hopeful . What could be better than that ?

  4. Pepper says:

    Great countdown post TOfan. You know, I can’t really pick a favourite song either. I’ve also been listening to Orion and Leo in their entirety because they are both just so good. As for David’s outfits, all good, “Suitchuleta”, lol…..very nice, as are all of his outfits I think. We know he likes casual and he always wears it well too.
    Rehearsal sounds good….yes I guess the first concert comes up this weekend. New tunes on tour, also sounds great.
    Really am looking forward to Postcards In The Sky and I do love the title. 🙂

  5. poof says:

    I love all the songs with the exception of Numb. That one is just okay with me.
    I guess most days I adore Someone To Love the most. It is so catchy and still beautiful. Just so happy to have new stuff 😄
    He always looks great!

  6. ray says:


  7. TOfan says:

    • missbianca says:

      Yay! Pre-concert TV PR just like the “good old days.”

      My favorite song? Well, the ones I’d heard live would have had a huge advantage but David leveled that with the FB live. It’s just all so good! Is this a good time to point out how much, much, much better the production is on these tracks than on his earlier albums? I just can’t wait until they’re all together in Postcards In The Sky!

      David always looks great, but you need to get down to the most important issue, his footwear! (SWIDT?)

  8. Pepper says:

    True, haha…..his footwear is pretty special. Nice that David will be making a TV appearance, good promo!

    Oh and I agree, nice article on Leo TOfan. 🙂

  9. refnaf says:

    Suitchaleta WFM!
    I cam on the same boat as most!! LOVE ALL THE NEW MUSIC TO THE MOON AND BACK!
    He is sounding sooo good!!!
    OTIS is my fave I think…. but IDK! Love them all

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