How to double-stream #UAN

spotifyMade a fascinating discovery about Spotify… (this is likely common knowledge, right? 🙂 ) … I downloaded it for free onto my desktop from HERE (opened account via FB) and proceeded to put it on repeat (just turning off the speakers when need be) … and left the computer on overnight.

Why does this matter?

Because streaming counts toward Billboard charting, my dear friends.

I have no idea if Up All Night has any chance to doing that but, just in case….



omigosh, just made another Spotify discovery… I have the app on repeat on my computer at work (opened the account with the Facebook link), so I just figured out how to stream it at home too:

Step 1: Went to on my home computer and created a new account with an email address diff. from my FB one. #mwahaha

Step 2: Back on the home page, I opened the web player (link in the footer at the VERY bottom of the Spotify home page, see screen capture below)

Step 3: A browser page opens up where I searched for UAN and…again… hit play & repeat (see screen capture above)! turn off speakers as needed 🙂

WoooooT! Double streaming!!!

Now go! Go! Go!


Web Player Screen Capture

To find the link to the Spotify Web Player, scroll to the bottom of the home page… it will look like this:

web player link.png


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9 Responses to How to double-stream #UAN

  1. tawna21 says:

    Got it goin’!!!! Thanks for the heads up!!

  2. TOfan says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂


    • mlpb3 says:

      She may be right but hopefully not #upallnight. Glad it wasn’t the pre-concert meal…
      I loved all the “looks yummy” comments 😂 ((I live on the border, I know many of these yummy meals)

  3. peppertara says:

    Hahaha, love how David compares the size of the food to his hand. Looks pretty good! Hope they have a good time in Houston and enjoy all their dining experiences too!
    Thanks TOfan, for the Spotify info. I actually did not know you could download it on to your computer. Learned something new and have now done that. 🙂

  4. awestruck says:

    Coincidence? I just downloaded Spotify yesterday! I’ll give it a try

  5. Grammyj says:

    Spotify also pays artists a very small amount per stream so David gets a check based on the number of streams. That’s another reason to stream, stream, stream!

    • TOfan says:

      Thanks, guys! I only wish this had occurred to me sooner but better late than never!

      The lovely @taterzen pointed out to me that if it plays 14.634 times per hour, it would take only 11 fans playing UAN for one hour to earn one paid download … just imagine what we can all do together!

      When I first started streaming, UAN was at 54,303 plays, yesterday up to 69,171 and now 77,038 (that’s total, not just me, lol)… WOOOOT!

  6. Martha says:

    Got it going now! Thanks!

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