Zen and the art of @DavidArchie maintenance

2151ec8c10c7f51619641b046c42fc37The sun rises. Still no new music news from D’Arch.

I practice the mindfulness exercises I learned in my “Breaking the Cycle of Pop-Star Attachment” class and focus on how cold my feet are.

Things get frosty here under the bridge and my cardboard box shelter is getting a little shabby. The 163 Forevermore Expanded Edition CDs I stacked around the bottom as a foundation are starting to lose stability. And so am I.

“Cold feet” reminds me of “one foot in front of the other, no no no nothin’s gonna break my stride” and my moment of mindfulness is broken.

“Broken”… noooooooooooo … I run out into the woods and howl to the white pines to try and restore my zen.

I force myself to stay in the present moment. Keep my hands busy. Fashion a helmet to fend off signals from those seven new planets NASA discovered from my collection of bottle caps.


Stop the madness! I cry to myself, and the cluster of sparrows collecting in a nearby mulberry bush.

Focus on the birds. Breathe in. Breathe out. Admire the pattern of their feathers. The way they share the same branch so peacefully. The lovely tone of their birdsong.

Wait, is that the tune to Say Me??? Arghhhhhhh. IS THERE NO ESCAPE?!?

Maybe it’s time for drastic action. Time to move on. To stop feeling manipulated by a flurry of social media posts followed by the inevitable drought. To find more balance in my own life.

Yes, that’s it. I’ll take a social media break myself. Thank you, David, yes, that is the answer. Sure, I’d miss the actual album release in a few days, weeks, months… and wouldn’t be able to buy any music online or share links to videos and such. But the blessed peace I’d feel, wouldn’t that make it all worth it? Maybe we should all follow David’s lead and go on a social-media detox.

Not ideal timing, but hey. So many raccoons to wrestle and snakes to play tag with.

Time to close my eyes again. Stretch toward the sky. Feel the icy breeze on my cheeks. And check IG one more time before I go.


I resist the temptation. Keep my mind in the moment.

I inhale slowly as the sun warms the tops of my ears. As I exhale, the bridge rattles with a rush of traffic and I hear a tinny car radio from the highway above.

“Life is a cabaret my friend. Life is a cabaret.”

A cab-a-ret. A cab. “Been two hours in a taxi cab.”


I kid, but this amazing song describes this whole process, just FYI. 🙂

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10 Responses to Zen and the art of @DavidArchie maintenance

  1. oliveoil says:

    Hey Tofan !! I always enjoy so much what you post on this website. It pretty much keeps me from falling off the edge, cuz , well , things get a bit frustrating at times. But then again, we signed up for this, right? I know we’re going to get new music, and new concerts ( out east maybe even ) but just gotta be PA——– , oh, you know . Anyway, what is that adorable alienlike creature pictured above ? May I say your humor is very awesome and a bit weird. LOL

  2. Grammyj says:

    Noooooo, don’t go on a social media break. You help make the waiting easier and give us something to talk about. I will say that during this David drought I have been getting some novels read. I really would like to know David’s definition of “soon” and “next month” (which he said in January). David time, I guess.

    • TOfan says:

      Just my twisted sense of humour, Grammyj, I couldn’t tear myself away now if I wanted to, lol… just found it ironic that D. is encouraging it, in a way, when he will need peeps to be online when he does release stuff, right? 🙂 … the teasers and then nothing are making me a little crazy… as you probably noticed, hahaha

      • janey79 says:

        Also ironic is the fact that the only reason I joined social media is to keep up with D news and it certainly is the main reason why I keep any of my social media accounts active at this point. My guess is that’s true for many of us.

  3. peppertara says:

    Love this post TOfan and your awesome insightful and humorous writings! I agree that is an adorable creature in the pic up top. I don’t spend a lot of time on social media, just a little most days but always checking in for new music news, ha. Think David is taking his social media break again, probably fine tuning new music details though, right?
    Love your posts here and they are always appreciated!
    On Patience:
    “Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.”
    ― Molière
    Think David is growing one heck of a large tree! The beauty of it though, is that when it is full grown, I’m sure it will have some pretty awe inspiring fruit. I love trees and I do love the sound of that Archuleta voice. So, will wait for it, even if “soon” is more like “sooooooooooooooon”. 🙂
    p.s. That Elevator vid is just one reason and one good example why we are still here.

  4. MyTwoCents says:

    I am okay with waiting as long as it takes for new music. But don’t understand why the complete silence from him and his team. If he needs to step away from social media, sure, I get that, but can’t he assign someone on Team Archie to share something, anything. Seems weird, that’s all.

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