My Top 14* @DavidArchie surprises in 2016

14022321_1047356001984849_235288138658088838_nWhat an amazing David Year we have had, my friends. I feel grateful, blessed, positively giddy at times. I hope he’s taking a well-deserved break right now although he’s probably in a baby home somewhere hugging 3832238292 little orphans.

Mr. David Archuleta was sure full of surprises in 2016. Methinks he likes to surprise us. 🙂

And I, for one, am all for those surprises.

So, in the honour of it being New Year’s Eve, here are my Top 14 David surprises this year:

  1. David sings Elvis … and Lion King



2. David flies with The Thunderbirds. Of course he does.


3. David covers 7 Years … remember the 1st time we heard him do this?? Oh sweet Lorde.


4. David learns to rope. Definitely saw that coming, right?


5. David sings My Little Prayer for the first time…

I remember we were all, like, “Is that his own song? It sounds like him. Is that a hymn? Have you heard it before?? I never have. Why is this giant branch in my eye???”


6. David does VIPs again!!! Did NOT see that coming.


7. David sings this live for the first time:

8. David starts posting epic IG stories LIKE A BOSS!!!!!



9. David raps… ‘natch


10. David casually drops in at our fan lunch… I repeat, DROPS IN AT OUR FAN LUNCH. I still can’t believe this actually happened.


11. David slays Ave Maria… and me in the front row. I need more travel insurance.


12. David shares new music (someone hold me)

To quote Kayla (who took this video): “Be prepared to be hit in the honey nut feelios.”

And from Tina’s amazing Tumblr:

And check out her MUST-READ slash watch list of best David live performances in 2016 HERE.

13. David becomes a video-releasing MACHINE!



14. David takes over Tuacahn!







Thank you, David!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!!!!!


How about you guys?? What were your favourite David surprises this year??

*You actually thought I could limit it to 10??!?

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19 Responses to My Top 14* @DavidArchie surprises in 2016

  1. peppertara says:

    Great top 14 TOfan! I agree, all terrific highlights and surprises of the year. Very difficult to pick faves, so many and wow, what a jam packed year David has had when you look back, so many great events!!
    I love that he shared some of his gorgeous new songs. I love that he did some amazing covers in his shows. I love that he surprised folks at the fan lunch. I love that he did the VIPs. I love that he shared photos from Canada (and at Tim Hortons). 🙂
    A big thank you to David for sure (the guy works hard and gives a great deal) and thanks for the terrific New Years post.
    A very Happy New Year everyone!

  2. Grammyj says:

    I love your top 14 surprises from David too. That’s part of the reason I still follow David is that he is always surprising us. A surprise that didn’t make your list was that David went to Slovenia, Taiwan and China. Slovenia was especially fun because we had Instagrams from David, Kendra and Kari – a mini travelogue. I never would have predicted he would go to these places but not the Philippines or the East Coast. Yes, it will be fun to see what 2017 brings. David has said that he will finally release his new album so there is that.

  3. Barb Weaver says:

    Gracias TOfan! Just watched a David concert for New Year’s Eve thanks to your post! It was great meeting you in Indy and putting a face to the fan whose posts I always enjoy reading so much (and that always have me in stitches!) Happy New Year and here’s to more surprises from the man in 2017!

  4. refnaf says:

    Wow! This all happened this year!!!
    It’s all sooo good! Thanks TOfan for this list…. going to go through and savour every vid!
    A highlight for me was having my sis join us for the concert in Indy! ”Twas awesome!

    Happy New Year to all…..this is the year for new music!, and I love what we have heard so far!

  5. trace says:

    Happy New Year Tofan!
    Yes what a wonderful year for David and us! An earful and eyeful and mindful and heartful!
    We’re going to be badly spoilt again!
    Ah, and this one .. “Nee wen wo ai nee yew duo shen …” ? Bowled me over with his near-to-perfection enunciation! 😀

  6. Poof says:

    Thank you and Happy New Year TOfan.
    Really enjoyed your choices and of course, listening to them.
    Just thinking that after all these years, David does live in me. He is part of my DNA and part of my family. Thanks for your persistence, humor and wisdom. Who knows what 2017 will bring, but there will always be David Archuleta. All comfort and joy!

  7. What an incredible year!! Thanks for putting so many of my favorite moments…and music in one easy to find post! 🙂 Happy New Year all!! ♥

  8. missbianca says:

    Oh I LOVE your list!!! Yes, it was a great year of re-engagement with David. I’m bookmarking this post in case my ❤ ❤ ❤ ever needs a boost.

    May everyone have a Happy New Year and may the world get more kindness in 2017.

  9. Spirit says:

    What an amazing year David has had, and we’ve been so fortunate to have been taken along for the ride! I love this fantastic and perfect post of your favorite surprises, TOfan! I’m really looking forward to hearing David’s new album, and if I’m Ready and Say Me are examples of the type of music that will be on it, I’m going to need to invest in a lot of tissues!! Two of my highlights this year were seeing David in concert for the first time since 2010 and attending my first fan luncheon where I was able to meet so many fun and friendly David fans! When I started this journey in 2008, I could never have imagined the wonderful journey that he has taken us on!

  10. emmegirl14 says:

    Incredible year of Davidness! Great list TOfan, and it really highlights this guys’ diversity and ability to do it all!
    Had not heard I’m Ready, oh my, or Say Me, wow – killer! Ready to hear this album NOW!

    • TOfan says:

      emmegirl!!!! *waves* Aren’t they amazing?? I debated whether to post but no one has taken down that youTube yet and only the most uber David fans drop by here anyway, right? *justifies myself* lol … I just don’t want any big fan who wasn’t able to get to Tuacahn to miss out on hearing such amazingness … that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 🙂

      Aaaaand… while we wait for the traditional New Year’s “I’m fasting from social media” message from David, check this out from Tina’s amazing tumblr.

  11. TOfan says:

    I included this in my “fave surprises” post but this is the whole song and you get to see how pretty it was with everyone shining their lights… and the big smile on Cutter’s face through the whole thing 🙂 … I don’t think anyone caught on video that at the end, David hugged Gracie then ran off-stage, then ran back to give Cutter a fist-bump … of course, he did.

  12. TOfan says:

    So what do you guys think about Ed Sheeran ‘s 2 new songs? I like Ed a lot but I’m a little disappointed, tbh.

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